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Why do you have such antipathy for the EU? Given all the material out there there's a wide range in quality between all the books and comics, and some of them are really quite good. Why do you write it all off and hate every bit of it so much?

Several main reasons, anon, two of which are contained right there in your ask:

  1. The wide range of material out there is actually part of it. I’m always leery of any fandom that expects people to consume vast amounts of media (and, more often than not, spend the money necessary to do so) in order to participate in the fandom. It’s an accessibility issue, and a storytelling issue. If a movie doesn’t make sense without referring to secondary sources, then that’s a failure of storytelling. (This is part of why I think ROTS is the weakest of the prequels, but I digress.) Not everyone has the time, energy, money, or inclination to put in the work of learning all that vast amount of EU material. And not everyone wants to be constrained by it, either. Which leads me to…
  2. The canon policing in this fandom would have turned me off of the EU completely if the content of the EU itself hadn’t already done so. I’ve long ago lost count of the number of messages, comments, and asks, some of them mostly polite and others downright nasty, that I’ve received correcting my understanding of canon (by which, of course, they really mean the EU). I’ve seen new writers told to stop writing because they don’t have sufficient knowledge of “canon.”
  3. On a more personal note, I absolutely detest being told that I should try to like something I’ve repeatedly said I have no interest in. “Just give it a try!” and “There are some good things, you shouldn’t judge it all by the bad!” etc etc etc - those are things I hear all the time, and I’m not just talking about fandom here. Those kind of arguments are something I never respond well to, whether the thing people are talking about is the Star Wars EU or the concept of dating.
  4. Of course, what underlies all of this is that I just plain don’t like the EU. And I can only assume, based on the number of asks I get from well-intentioned and very informative people about various elements of the EU (always either beginning or ending with “I know you don’t like the EU but…”), that people think I’m not familiar with the EU. Plot twist, friends: I am quite familiar with the EU. I’ve actually read large portions of the old EU, and I spend enough time in fandom that I’ve picked up even more. I’ve been on Wookieepedia. There’s nothing y’all are telling me that I don’t already know. I just don’t care.
  5. The old EU is full of things like this. It’s full of mangled characterization and things that don’t really fit well with what we actually see in the movies. (Things like Vader being second in command of the Empire, for example.) It’s full of things like Lando Calrissian - a man who, in the movies, was a capable and responsible leader caught between his duty to his people and his loyalty to a friend, who somehow managed to pull together out of a shitty situation and do his level best to save both, who became a general and led the decisive Rebel victory - being reduced to a suave conman and gambler. And look, I could go on, but tbh I don’t want to expend any more energy on this.

If you like the EU, great! Have fun with it, write awesome fics, make art, write meta, go to town. Enjoy it.

Just stop trying to tell me I have to like it, too.

Anti J.K. Rowling

I rather lose followers for hating on this bitch than pretend to like her and keep followers. J.K. Rowling is a homophobe and couldn’t make two characters who are clearly in love canon because of her homosexual hating ass. She came out and confirmed Dumbledore was gay which was ten fucking years later but yet she can’t actually show gayness in her own prints. That’s disgusting. I never hated an author so much. If I see anyone defending her, I’ll fight you and I am not even kidding. Everyone should be calling her ass out because she is straight up ignorant. She built a gay love story only to shit on it at the end with hetero ugliness. She dragged us along so she can say no homo at the end. You can overlook the Scorbus thing and think it’s not a big deal but you would just be as stupid as the writers of this play (no offense). In fact, I don’t think stupid is even the word to call these jerks. There is no diversity in Harry Potter with LGBT representation because they rather cater to straight couples. I am never forgiving J.K. Rowling for not making Scorbus canon. She has serious mental issues. I will never sugarcoat what she writers because this was unacceptable. She picks favorite. She neglects her other fans and plays the victim. There is an LGBT audience in Harry Potter and she treats them like a disease.

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You've probably talked about this before, but why don't you like POTO? A link to a post where you've talked about this before would also be great! (I'm just so curious :p)

I just dont like it

I don’t like the music style. It’s a melodramatic, sexist story with an over the top score. 

I find it to be creepy. You have the Phantom who is pretty much a fuckboy in a fedora like “no one will ever love me because im ugly.” It’s rapey

The characters are pretty two dimensional. 

I hate James Barbour

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lol just bandwagoning (?) with the other anon, thoughts on arzaylea? and/or her relationship w luke?

[ if yall aren’t catching up on arz stuff, here’s two kinda unupdated arz masterposts: :) and :( ]

i always try to keep away from the drama. its so hard because there’s not much you can do when they’re both very problematic and her sc stories, leaked vids & pictures, and tweets are very cryptic. so yeah. 

i don’t hate her. because i don’t know her. she may have done some awful stuff but i still don’t know her personally, and plus this has happened before with bryana before people started warming up to her and now a lot of the fandom is sad because brashton is over.

but i don’t like her either. she did some naaaasty stuff in the past and continues to work her malicious af ways in the present. she’s rude to fans, she had that cheating issue, that ex issue, blah blah. i have no part in her personal life but because she’s very open (and a lot of other people are too) we’re learning a lot about her and i’m sorry to say i have a lot of negative material to choose from.

as for her relationship with luke, i’m not going to tell her to fuck off or that he’s mine because luke’s not my property and as much as i want him to date some other girl (*cough* @lukes2k16 *cough*) i still don’t know what their status is behind the curtains. they could actually be happy, you know? it sucks to see fans telling her to fuck off because luke’s theirs. i want what’s best for luke and if this is it, then i’m just gonna have to get used to it.

i don’t know if their relationship is fake / pr stunt but if it is i honestly don’t know how to react. they are actually pretty happy in the videos she leaked and pictures and stuff (minus the tongue selfies, pls delete) but we don’t know if they’re putting it on for publicity.

as far as we’ve come, i don’t know what to feel fully. i won’t hate on her but i won’t tweet stuff like omg @/arzaylea u n luke r CUTE like GOALS plssss either, so yeah. 


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Hi please can I have an EXO & BTS ship? I tend to always have extremely sarcastic replies/comments on hand, but I’m equally socially awkward & overly-nice. I’m also an ambivert.I’m really short for my age 4’11 to be exact.I’m a perfectionist when it comes to grades, piano & writing. I tend to have a very high patience level & I'm supposedly the responsible one from my friends group.I'm a sucker for Skinship & I really appreciate if someone does even the littlest things for me Thank you so much~

Hey babe! you’re blog is great btw!

Exo: Minseok

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- You’re guy’s dynamic would be really unique and interesting! both of you would have sarcastic quips thrown at each other 24/7, yet as you two are being savage (lol) you’d be in each others arms and being all cutesy at the same time,, the other members cant tell if you two hate or adore each other lmao

- You both are perfectionists,, once you two move in with each other the house would be spotless and perfectly decorated, but at the same time you’d butt heads if he would stop eating to maintain his abs!! eat ya damn fool!! so you’d pin him down and feed him because he hadn’t eaten all day!! pinning him is always sort of funny b/c you know he could easily throw you off, but he pretends to struggle lmao

- you guys would always be about doing stuff for each other to show your love, considering your conversations were usually quick-witted, sharp, and more humorous rather than amorous. sometimes he’d wash the sheets for you after a rough day, so when you finally get to go to sleep its the best sleep you’ve had in weeks!! and sometimes you’d make him a filling and healthy meal, so he gets to eat but feels good about it too! poor bby~ 

BTS: Yoongi

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- Perfectionists, ah yes, both of you were kind of crazy when you guys helped each other out,, sometimes he’d call for you to come to the studio,, he needs you to play the piano for him, and when you guys started working together it almost becomes an argument,, but then you guys find the perfect melody and you’re both hysterically crying/laughing and rolling on the floor

- both of you have the sarcasm down. oh my god. no one would ever know you two are dating until they see you two give each other a quick peck before one of you leaves the other,, yoongi isn’t much for skinship and always teases you a lil bit because of it, of course once you ask nicely (or blackmail him) he’ll oblige hehehe

- Sort of a sitcom type relationship,, the “i love you so much it hurts but at the same time you make me scream” type of relationship! god forgive you two actually get in an argument! but thankfully you never do, thanks to you being patient, and both of you will talk it out and compromise lol!! vv interesting relationship,, the members think its rlly cute though,, b/c even though he’s a lil stiff, you broke him down and softened him up a lil

hope you liked it! sorry if you don’t ://

credit to the gif makers!


jadorehale replied to your post “i always forget how much i hate s1 scott”

he was soooooo annoying and whiny lmaoo. And his obsession with Allison started to get annoying fast. “His username is Allison. His password is also Allison.” ughhhhh

I was a casual viewer during the first two seasons so I didn’t mind Scott. But every time I watch season 1 I remember why I grew to hate him. Especially when he almost hits Stiles because Stiles told him to stay away from Allison. And Scott never once says “I’m sorry, you were right I should’ve stayed away.” Nope, instead he keeps going after her. 

Accepted Seokjin Requests...
  • Hi can I request a jin is a chefs and fall in love with a girl Who is his restaurant rival
  • Could you please write something with Seokjin where you’re the oldest in your girl group and you’ve been practicing your dancing so much that you’re starting to be unhealthy (exhaustion/over excursion), so he talks to you about it? And you explain that it’s because you only want to be a good role model for your girls :( basically kinda angsty with a SUPA fluffy ending :’) thank you!!!
  • Hmm I don’t know if this went through but I just wanted to request a scenario with Jin where you two are in a drama together and people create a rumour you’re datibg and start getting hate but you never really met until this drama and you’ve only gotten closer from filming. Then you have a press conference or something and are once again told to clear the rumours but Jin suddenly confesses or something. Sorry about sending this again if you got it twice. Keep up the awesome work ❤
  • Can I request a seokjin smut? I don’t know about the plot but can it include dirty talk, and body worship?
  • Jin smut/fluff where it’s your first time ever and he’s super anxious about hurting you and it goes great (kill me now) and then the morning after he’s all touchy feely and in a great mood but then he gets *ahem* turned on again bc you’re cooking breakfast only in his shirt? So it’s great morning/kitchen sex with you bent over a counter- I’ve gone too far. Save me.
  • starlighttaek8 -> Hi! I am a huge fan! So Suga is my bias (in BTS that is) but Jin is my bias ruiner and I am dying for a Jin scenario of the reader who wants to sleep in but Jin wants her to wake up so they can go on a date! Super fluffy please!!
  • Can you please write a scenario where you’re on your period and Jin comforts you? Just a veeeery fluffy kinda thing. Thank you!
  • Can you do a Royalty AU with Jin where you are arranged to marry each other and you decide you want nothing to do with it, but once you meet him you start to love him? Thank you :)
  • Can you please do a scenario with Jin where you’re the libero for your volleyball team and end up getting seriously injured, so the mama in him comes out 😚 thank you!!

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Thanks for your two last text posts. I agree so much you have no idea how good it feels to read it. Hate in fandoms has made want to leave tumblr on so many occasions (the whole AoU & Joss debacle was the strongest one for sure) but I want this space to enjoy what I love. Anyway just wanted to say you're awesome, I love how you're always positive and lovely and it's people like you that make this fandom amazing ❤️

Aww, you are so welcome!!  I try really hard to be positive-it’s not always easy around here-and I’ve for sure had my moments where I’ve slipped-but when I have it’s always been out of frustration.

Hearing things like this is what keep me around-knowing that there really are fans who don’t participate in all the negativity make it worth it to stick around so thank you too!!


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hey hey hey can i just say ilysm youre so squishy and lovable and kind and your blog is just amaze ahhh ♡ so um my thing is that i've had this internet friend for over a year now and i love her but it has been really rough lately and we've been mad at each other and her other friends have resorted to hating me and attacking me and it makes me really sad :( we've apologized to each other but i feel like we'll never be the same. what do you think i should do? ://

oh thank you so much dear :’) you’re lovely! ♡ ily2

as for your friend, my advice would be for you two to talk it out. maybe explain that you want to be close again (she might feel the same way!). if her friends are rude to you, that is really not ok. i’m sorry they’re doing that :( i hope you’re able to patch things up darlin ♡


I cleaned up the little comic from the other day, I was really taken aback by how much everyone liked it! 

And I wanted to add a little part two ft. Taiwanese Keith, because I only have a few days left in Taipei and the idea of Keith speaking rapid Mandarin when he’s flustered or nervous is really, really 可愛

(translation: Lance, you were already really cute before, but these scars make you so much hotter, I want to kiss them…bastard, I hate you!)

謝謝幫我翻譯, @sugarleegogo!!


Ethan/Vanessa parallels :: major season finale life-altering decisions