i hate you two so much

So the S2 trailer dropped a little bit ago, and while everyone’s freaking out about Shinsou, I’m over like…


OH MY GODDESS PLEASE STEP ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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What he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And listen, I hate Endeavor as a person as much as the next muthafucka…

But I can’t lie…

His body is IMMACULATE and I can’t wait to see it on screen.


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Jen just issued an apology about the Hawaii incident in her Facebook. Damage has probably already been done and people are still going to hate her regardless, but I'm glad she apologized at least

Well to be honest, it didn’t read as sincere to me.

I think I audibly sighed when I read “From Jen, to the internet” it just comes off as annoyed.

The people who hate her will always take whatever she says as negative. I see it in the reblogs of people who don’t outright say they hate her but everything is always negative. But they’ve already formed that opinion…so, they’ll never change it.

I am not entirely sure how this entire thing slipped through all these fingers. Jen has people, she has a well respected publicist, two actually, a third if you count that dude but he’s not with her as much, and it’s a crazy thought that that story was passed by all of them and okay’d and okay’d at rehearsals for Graham and then pushed into the media as this funny story and then not addressed when it got super ugly and then again Jen’s insincere apology was okay’d as well?


Not sure what’s going on with Jen lately but I’ve never seen this much negative press around her before.


So you guys are mad that Tony Stark will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Okay, you don’t like the character and it’s fine, I get it, nobody’s gonna judge you for that, but uuuhhhh Tony Stark in every marvel movie? Sorry?? But?? No??

 Here’s the list of MCU films:

Tony was in Iron Man trilogy (wow incredible), in two Avengers movie (wOW tONY STARk in AVENGERS MOVIE shocking) and in Civil War, and I don’t think I need to explain you that Civil War was not about him, and there were literally every superhero in this movie (with a different screen timing, sure, but Tony was an important part of the conflict), and the film was about Steve in the first place. 

So, um, Thor who? Doctor Strange what? Guardians of the Galaxy? Both Captain America movies? Ant-Man? Never heard of those guys.

Firstly, Tony was not in every Marvel movie. Just because you ignore everything that is not Avengers-related doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Secondly, his appearance in Homecoming can be logically explained because he upgraded Peter’s costume, he found Peter, introduced him to other Avengers and now he’s some kind of mentor for him. I don’t think Jon Watts was sitting in his chair and thinking about how nice it would be if Iron Man was on the background of his movie about Peter Parker. I mean, what do you expect now? That Tony will be the main character? That he will be appearing on screen every five minutes just to suffer and make jokes? What? Come on, this is a film about Peter Parker, and the reasonable appearance of Tony doesn’t change it. But here we are, getting mad and arguing with each other. Cool.

;;also i just wanted to say thank you so much to @starkinhisveins & @winterfellswolfqueen . because they litterally are precious human beings tbh. they told me to go to the DR, and— i hate the DR ;-; but fksgjdkg. With their support I did.  & i just want everyone to know that these two are such a keeper. So beautiful and loving <3 

I will chersish these two forever in my life <3 they are worth everything :’) 

Well today sucked

Awful morning call with vendor and zero direction per my five warring bosses

On the same project, huge business being lost because we’re behind so yay. Texting with the acct mgr about THAT dumpster fire.

Two women told me I look “pale” and “tired”. Asked me if I was sick. Sigh. Just pregnant and not able to tell you!

My bikini wax was terrible and if I didn’t hate shaving so much I’d give it up for the duration of my pregnancy. My girl at the salon is so sweet tho. Bless her.

The bright spot was basically that donut back at 9am from tech support guy. Bless his soul.

Ask Ham Delayed

I hate to do this to y'all,
But I’m gonna have to put off ask ham this weekend.

Finals and the end of the semester is fast approaching and I literally have no time to even think properly if it’s not about Geometry or Macbeth.

I’m really sorry and im going to try and get at least two more parts to Stronger out this weekend.

Thank you all so much for your patience❤

And if your finals are coming up or its the end of the semester for you, send me an ask :)

We can stress together

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'Yes, shipping a girl with a character whose sexuality i refuse to accept is perfectly good!' Here, fixed that. And I can do that thing too, look: Did. Komaeda. Nagito. Ever. Fucking. Express. Even. A. Bit. Of. Physical. Or. Romantic. Attraction. Towards. Females? Using Junko as your argument is pretty pathetic, the fact that he both loved and hated her after being brainwashed into loving her shows just how damn much he actually hated her.

Uh, more like ruined it. I’m growing tired of you, 001, you just keep repeating that Komaeda’s gay and I just keep repeating that his sexuality isn’t confirmed; we’re not getting to any point here, are we?

So what if he didn’t show any canon attraction to females? I’m being delusional just for shipping two goddamned fictional characters together? Really, what do you want me to reply? I don’t know how to take your asks anymore, you’re draining me out mentally and it’s 1:30am, so please just say what you want me to exactly get out of this.

There were two things I especially hated about Justice League vs Teen Titans above all else. Hated it more than the boring voice acting and bland art style.

1. Wonder Woman complaining about men always rescuing women in action movies, and then in the end, gets rescued by Superman and remarks “Just like in the movies!” Like, are you fucking serious? It’s Wonder Woman, she shouldn’t need to be saved by Superman so that they can validate some shitty romance.


2. Damian taking a story about Raven, and making it pretty much all about him and his Grandpa. Raven pretty much loses all agency and will to do anything by the time Trigon enters the heroes’ world, and the climax isn’t about her standing up against Trigon. It’s about Damian standing up to Ras Al Ghul while Raven mopes around about how everything is fucked.

Two of DC’s most powerful female characters made into useless damsels.

I used to hate Jane Foster

I did. When I first saw Thor, I loved the movie. It was great. Except Jane. I couldn’t stand Jane. She was too much of what I thought of as a ‘damsel in distress’, even though, thinking back on it now, I don’t think she was ever actually in distress in the first movie (at least, no more than any other mere mortal in that little New Mexico town was).

Jane just wasn’t what I thought of as a 'strong’ female character. She was no Peggy or Sharon Carter or Maria Hill. She didn’t defeat the villain like Pepper Potts did in IM3. And she certainly wasn’t Natasha Romanov (no one is like Natasha Romanov). She was like Betty Ross; there only to be a love interest for the main character.

And then I was watching Thor: The Dark World, and I was hit with a realization.

Of course she’s not a 'strong’ character like Peggy Carter or Natasha Romanov.

She’s a scientist.

Before Thor came along and disrupted her life, she was a scientist studying out space and wormholes and whatever else (i’m not a scientist i have no idea). Natasha was made and bred into this world of spy and intrigue. Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter and Maria Hill are all women in military positions–Peggy with the Army (I think?) and Sharon and Maria with SHIELD. And Pepper, as amazing as she is, really only defeated Aldrich Killian because she was injected with Extremis. Jane Foster wasn’t made for this world of aliens and gods and superheroes. Jane doesn’t have what any of the other female Marvel characters have, which is the skills necessary to keep up with these types of characters.

You know what she does have? She has her science, and she has a neverending scientific curiosity.

When Jane is zapped into an alternate space, the first thing she does is investigate the weird cube thing there. She goes and sticks her finger in it, and she doesn’t start freaking out until the Aether sinks into her skin.

When she’s traveling the Bifrost, she looks about her in wonder and awe, because yes, she’s traveling in space, but this is also the culmination of her life’s work, absolutely proof that she was right, and you can just bet her brain was whirring as she added all that into place.

When she’s on the healing table in Asgard, she knows exactly what it is. You can hear the sneer in the Asgardian healer’s voice, can almost hear her thinking Oh this puny mortal thinks she’s so smart, but what does she know?, but Jane knows exactly what this device is. Asgardian science is so advanced it looks like magic to Midgardians but Jane still knows what it is.

She slaps Loki. This is a being who invaded her world twice, who helped wipe a New Mexico town off the map and brought an army into New York. This is an alien on par with Thor, who could probably break her neck with a flick of his wrist. And she storms up and slaps him. That’s brave. A little reckless and foolhardy, for the above-mentioned reasons, but brave. She’s not a cowering damsel by any means.

The only real time she’s anywhere close to being a damsel is when Loki hands her over to Malakith, which was actually just part of the plan, so it hardly even counts.

Even during the final battle, Jane isn’t a damsel or sitting helpless. She’s an asset. She’s the one who manages to reconfigure Erik’s devices to induce the anomalies caused by the Convergence. She’s the one who stands in a bell tower as aliens fight outside and causes things to disappear to help Thor stall Malakith so he can’t destroy the world.

Jane Foster isn’t strong, not in the way Maria or Natasha or Peggy or Sharon are, because she wasn’t made for that. But that doesn’t make her weak. She is a scientist, and she uses her brains to help out in the ways she can. She isn’t physically strong, but she’s well-rounded in the ways that truly strong characters are.

I’ve been brainwashed into thinking the only strong female characters are the ones with sharp edges who can kill you just by looking at you. That’s not what a strong female character is. Jane Foster is strong, in her own way, and I’m done hating her. We need more female characters like her, not the type to save the day with her brawn, but with her brain.

I used to hate Jane Foster. I don’t any more.


Ian and Mickey waking up next to each other


Oh Yeon Joo: “Kang Chul’s story in the cartoon had a happy ending, but the ending of Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo’s story is unclear yet. However…”
Kang Chul: “… the two will no longer be at the risk of death. Though it may be boring and ordinary, I hope their story will continue for 50 years, just like other ordinary couples.”