i hate you sometimes fml

Also I was just debating with a guy who was telling me how all feminists hate men, and I was explaining about how feminism is actually about dismantling a patriarchal hegemony that’s harmful to all genders, and then he said - and I quote - ‘white males are the new 1940’s black people of the world’

so then I called him an idiot and he said 'Um, that’s a low blow, but since I have balls then I suppose you know where to aim your kicks’, to which I replied 'Son, believe you and me, my kicks are aimed squarely at your bigotry, not your balls. Your balls ain’t all that' 

and then I turned off notifications, washed my brain out and tried to forget that I wasted half an hour forming reasoned arguments against a poor oppressed middle class white man who literally thinks he’s Martin Luther King