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Pairing: Yato/Hiyori

Rating: K+

Title: Jealous

Yato decided that bringing Hiyori along was definitely the worst idea he had ever come up with.

They hadn’t been standing in his client’s lawn for more than five seconds and already he could tell that he would not be enjoying the job.  The client himself wasn’t the problem—he was a kindly old man who smiled often and spoke in a thin, silvery voice. Upon meeting them, he had immediately offered them snacks and kept bowing profusely, thanking them for coming over at such short notice and at a very small sum too. The man was kind and Yato liked him a lot.

His grandson on the other hand, was one of the most irritating, little pricks Yato had ever encountered.  The moment the boy had been introduced to Hiyori, he wouldn’t stop staring at her or attempting to “accidentally” brush his arms against hers. It wouldn’t have bothered him as much if it weren’t for the fact that the boy’s attempts at flirting with her were extremely aggressive. He even insisted on helping the two of them decorate the lawn, even though his presence was clearly not needed.

Yato had been hired to set up the old man’s lawn for a party he was having. He hired a couple of people to do it but he wasn’t able to raise enough money to pay them and the deal fell through. The party would be a surprise for his wife who would be coming out of the hospital in a few hours and he would hate for it to be cancelled. While Yato and Hiyori dealt with the preparations, Mokomichi-san (the old man who hired them) would go and pick up his wife.

Yato would have brought Yukine along, as he usually did, but they had a massive argument the night before and Yukine had refused to come with him, no matter how hard he had pleaded or apologized. In the end, he had no choice but to ask Hiyori to help him out. God though he may be, setting up a venue for a party in just a few hours is something that even he couldn’t do alone.

“You know, I never really got your name,” the boy said as the three of them gathered boxes of party supplies from the house. He was around Hiyori’s age and about a full head taller than her, with close cropped black hair and leering, beady eyes.

“Oh, it’s Hiyori. Iki Hiyori,” she replied, completely oblivious to the seething look on Yato’s face.

“You never got my name too,” Yato said, irate at being excluded from the conversation.

“Mokomichi Tatsuo,” the boy said, ignoring Yato’s previous comment. He held his hand out and gave her a flirty smile that she didn’t seem to catch. “You don’t go to Funabashi, do you?”

“No. I go to another school,” Hiyori said. The three of them set the boxes down and started sorting through the piles of streamers and deflated balloons.

“I thought so,” Tatsuo said as he playfully nudged her shoulder. “If you schooled there, I definitely would’ve remembered someone as pretty as you.”

To his horror, Hiyori looked more flattered than embarrassed and the corners of her lips actually pulled into a bemused smile.

“Ah, thanks—‘’

“I don’t go to Funabashi either!” Yato obnoxiously interjected, eager to divert Hiyori’s attention away from Tatsuo. He glared at the boy, his eyes narrowing into catlike slits.

Tatsuo’s brows ticked upward. “Why would you? You must already be in college, right? You’re like, really old.”

“I’m not that old!” Yato irritably retorted.

“Okay!” Hiyori loudly interrupted, coming in between the two boys. She pulled Yato away from Tatsuo and whispered, “Yato, what are you doing? Calm down, okay?”

“I want to go,” he abruptly told her.

Her nose scrunched up in confusion. “What?”

“I want to go!” he whined, his voice becoming petulant.

“But…but…we can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Because! We already agreed to help Mokomichi-san,” Hiyori said. She raised a brow at him. “And besides, don’t you need the five yen?”

“Who cares about the five yen? I want to go now!” he said, his demeanour increasingly morphing into that of a five-year-old.

“Yato, we can’t. This is for his sick wife, remember? This party needs to happen. We can’t just up and leave him. Who’s going to set everything up in such short notice?” she demanded.

He sent a resentful glare in Tatsuo’s direction. “He has his shitty grandson for that.”

“Yato, not so loud—‘’

Hiyorrriii. I don’t like him.”

“Why not? He seems like a nice person.”

“He isn’t! He’s sketchy. I don’t like him.”

“That’s no excuse. We still need to finish the job.”


“We’re finishing the job,” Hiyori sternly said.

“Fine!” Yato responded, lips pursed into a pout.  He opened his mouth to say something else but before he could, Tatsuo interrupted, saying, “Hiyori-chan! Would you mind helping me unpack all these streamers?”

“He called you Hiyori-chan,” Yato hissed in outrage. “Hiyori-chan. What the hell?  He doesn’t even know you that well.”

“Yato,” she said, looking tired. “Stop it. You’re overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting!”

“Yato, come on.”

She gave him a gentle smile and immediately, he could feel all of his irritation ebbing away.

“This is for that poor man’s wife. Let’s just get through this and when we’re finished, we can go out for food okay?”

He nodded, feeling so much better.


And just like that, he was irritated once again.

The two of them turned to look at Tatsuo, who was shooting Hiyori an oily smile, “I’d hate to interrupt you from your discussion but we really need to start unpacking these streamers.”

“Okay, Tatsuo-san,” Hiyori smiled as she moved towards him. Yato started to follow her but then, Tatsuo added, “Oh, but ugh…um…”

“Yato,” Yato sullenly supplied.

“Yeah. Ya-to,” Tatsuo continued, purposefully splitting up the syllables of Yato’s name in an annoying fashion. “D’you think you could go and get the party lights and fix the wiring up?”

Yato immediately bristled.

“Why can’t you get it?”

“Because I’m helping Hiyori-chan.”


Before Yato could finish, Tatsuo moved towards him and whispered, “And also, if I remember correctly, my obisan hired you which means you’re working for him. And I’m his grandson so technically you’re also working for me. So you kind of have to do what I say.”

Yato’s shoulders immediately tensed.

He was about seconds away from unleashing divine punishment on the little shit but then he remembered how desperate the old man had been and how lovingly he spoke of his wife. It wasn’t his fault that his grandson was a total prick.

“Fine. I’ll get the party lights,” he glowered. He glared at Tatsuo for a moment before turning on his heel and storming off.

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Let me Plead the Fifth

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Not-quite-Natan

Word count: 1,516

TW: Mild swearing

Summary: “i just broke like three laws, some guys face, and then your window in an effort to hide from the police, oh hey you’re home, i promise i’ll pay for the damage just please don’t call the cops i promise it was justified” Prompt 

AN: Longer than my first piece for sure, but probably more out of character, since Nat and Satan are such dynamic characters and are harder to write. Maybe I’ll type up a sequel if this gets enough likes. The ending isn’t much of an ending. Who knows? Maybe this’ll become a series.

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Autumn Leaves - Part 6

So here’s part six. I honestly have no idea how many parts this will have but I’ll just keep going with it until I get it to where I want it to go. Thanks again for reading/liking/reblogging you are all great and enjoy!

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“I- It’s not, it’s not what it looks like” Rae stuttered her eyes wide with shock.

“Yeah I fell and Rae helped me up and, and…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me but you two fuckers are lucky that it was me who just walked in here and not our Chlo. I wouldn’t expect this from you Rae I mean your Chloe’s best mate, him" Chop said pointing to a shocked and disappointed Finn "maybe, but not you”. Well that was something Chop hadn’t expected to happen tonight although he wasn’t completely surprised. He had an inkling Finn had a bit of a thing for Rae by the way he’d gotten all weird yesterday and the look of disappointment on his face from presumably being interrupted confirmed this.

“What! You’ve got it all wrong nothing happened or was going to we were just chatting. I wouldn’t got for Finn and especially not after he’s been with Chlo and upset her because the last thing I’d want to do is hurt her” Rae lied. Recently she’d been thinking about Finn more and more and she knew she had got him all wrong but she just didn’t want to admit it. He was of course extremely gorgeous too and Rae wouldn’t have minded just putting her lips to his right there and then and getting to taste a bit of the ultimate slice that is Finn Nelson. That could never ever happen though not now he and Chloe had had a thing and Chloe so clearly still liked him and would do for quite some time.

Finn snapped his head to look at Rae after hearing what she’d just said. ‘I’d never go for Finn’. What would be so bad about going out with him he thought. A minuet ago it had seemed she was about to kiss him if he hadn’t kissed her first and now she’s saying she would never be with him. He really didn’t understand this girl. He probably shouldn’t have tried to kiss her the same day he’d ended things with Chloe though because from what he’d gathered she was pretty cut up about it. That wasn’t what he wanted but he couldn’t let things go on any longer, couldn’t lie and then upset Chloe even more one day. He knew Rae was a really great friend too and he knew she would never betray Chloe so nothing could happen between the two of them. He’d just have to push his feelings aside, it was just a crush after all, he’s had them before and they’d passed and this would too.

“Well whatever ‘that’ was let’s just forget about it yeah? Chop suggested.

"Sounds good mate, why don’t we head to the kitchen and get a couple more drinks, I’m not nearly as drunk as I should be by now” Finn said cheerfully, patting Chop on the shoulder.

“That’s more like it, let’s make this a proper party. Raemundo you coming?”

“As much as I’d love to Chop I think i’ll go find Chloe and see how she’s doing” Rae said.

“Alright well you know where we are” Chop said grinning before walking off with Finn in tow.


After pushing her way through the mass of drunken and almost lifeless bodies Rae found herself at the stairs and decided it was best to start up there. Barney’s house was really fucking big.

After checking three or so rooms, being greeted by ‘fuck off’ mostly, she decided to try the fourth room at the other ending of the landing. Just as she was making her way there something caught her eye. It was Archie. Kissing some guy. It stopped Rae in her tracks. She didn’t care that care that Archie was gay, it was his business and he was still the same person, it just shocked her. She wasn’t sure what to do. Should she just ignore it, maybe he didn’t want everyone knowing. She decided just to walk past as though she hadn’t seen anything but just as she was walking past Archie looked up and seen him, his face was a picture of complete terror. Like he’d just seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

“Rae” Archie breathed out.

“Do you wanna go outside for a chat Arch” Rae said sympathetically. She could find Chloe in a while but right now she knew Archie needed her.

“Ehhh, y-yeah” He stuttered. His eyes were glazed over with a threat of tears spilling out of them at any moment. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was always unsure of his sexuality but kissing that guy tonight had proved to him he was gay and he didn’t think he’d been so relieved about anything in his entire life. That thought soon faded away though when he seen Rae. Now everyone would find out. He’d be known as gay Archie, he’d be called names like faggot and poof. As much as he’d hate all that though he was most worried of what Finn and Chop would think of him. It had always been the 3 of them, ever since they were little kids. They would do absolutely everything together. He didn’t want them to treat him differently. He didn’t want them to act different around him, like they were worried he liked them as anything more than a friend. He didn’t want them feel like he’d lied to them and that they didn’t really know him at all. He was still him. He just liked guys.


Once they were outside they found a wall to sat on and Archie took a deep breath preparing himself for what was to come.

“Look Rae about what you saw, you can’t tell-”

“Arch I would never tell anyone ever unless you wanted me to. You being gay, if you are that is, has nothing to do with me. I just want you to know that if you are gay, you can talk to me. I’m not about to go treating you any differently because your still the same kind, caring, considerate, loyal and might I add boring bastard at times, that you were when I first met you. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met anyone quite like you and I known you al that long but I love to bits”. Rae looked Archie and see nothing but relief and a small smile on his face as he looked at her.

Archie engulfed Rae into a hug and lay his head on her shoulder ”I really fucking love you Rachel Earl”.

“Oh Arch” Rae said gently rocking him as he wept.

A few in minuets later Archie pulled out of the hug. “I think I’ve always known” he said thoughtfully. “I’ve done stuff with girls but it just never felt right. Then tonight when I kissed Adam, it just felt so right. I was so fucking relieved it’s like I’ve spent my whole life unsure of who I am and tonight I finally figured it out. I’m so glad it was you that seen that happen. You we’re just the person I needed tonight Rae. How am I ever meant to tell Chop and Finn” he asked, his eyes searching her face as if it held all the answers.

“Look we will worry about that in the morning but tonight you should just go and enjoy yourself. Celebrate finding out who Archie really is” Rae said.

“Your right, thanks so much I don’t know what I’d do without you I’m so glad I met you” he said before kissing her cheek.

“Hey don’t you get all soppy on me now. Finn and Chop are in the kitchen . Go join them and get pissed” Rae said laughing slightly.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“I’ll join you in a bit, I need to go find Chlo first”.


After Archie left her she made her way back up the stairs and headed for the room she was about to check when she seen Arch.

She stood at the door to listen for any noise and she thought she could hear voices but it was very faint. She slowly pushed the door open and drew in a sharp intake of breathe at what she saw.

“Chlo? Rae said her voice shaking.

"Rae? What are you doing here? Chloe asked almost angrily, confusing Rae.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing, taking that shit? Rae asked firmly pointing to the lines of a white substance Rae presumed was cocaine that Chloe had clearly sniffed up her nose as she kept wiping it self consciously.

"I’ts just a bit of fun, Ian let me have some you should try some” she slurred swaying slightly.

Rae looked over at he bed to see a sleazy looking man watching them looking lustily at Chloe. She then turned to look at her friend and found that she wasn’t there anymore. Her eyes were dark, almost like they were dead they had no life in them.

“That’s not fun Chloe, fun is going to a gig or getting drunk at the pub and having a food fight after it. That” she said pointing to the drug “isn’t fun!”

“Oh give it a rest Rae what are you my mum, why do you care anyway”

“Of course I care your my best mate Chloe” Rae couldn’t believe Chloe had done this. It was like she was having a breakdown

“Oh is that why I saw you kissing Finn then ” Chloe asked shrugging her shoulders.

“What are you talking about I’ve never kissed Finn I wouldn’t do that to you.” Rae didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“I seen you two earlier  getting all cosy, he was going to kiss you, so don’t tell me you care about me when you’d do that” Chloe said looking away.

“No you’ve got it all wrong we was just talking and he fell and I helped him up and we ended up close nothing happened and it wouldn’t have because I don’t like Finn that way and I couldn’t do that to you” Rae said hoping Chloe would believe her. She couldn’t bare to lose her best friend.

“Whatever” Chloe said. Rae noticed the colour had drained from her face and she seemed like she was trying to focus on something, anything. She then began to stumble around a bit before she collapsed with a thud to the ground.

“CHLOE!” Rae screamed before dropping to her knees beside her friend. “HELP SOMEONE HELP!”

People began rushing in to the room and within minuets the gang had cane uo to see what was all the cause for the commotion. They peered there heads through the crowd in the room to find an unconscious Chloe and a crying Rae who’s face was clouded with concern and fear.


“Omg what happened” Izzy cried also bending down next to Rae.

“She, she took something and then she- just down she went” Rae said her voice cracking.

“Holy shit” Archie said bringing his hands up to his mouth.

Finn looked down at Rae crying and he did the only going he felt he could do in this situation. He took her in her arms and let her cry on him. He tried up soothe her as best he could but he knew it was no use. He was just as worried as Rae was.

“What the fuck we going to do” Chop asked, sounding fragile as he looked down at his friend in horror.