i hate you so much michelle

The last that Michelle heard of Harry Hart was the day he informed her that her husband died. So, when he re-entered her life through her son, there was no containing the swell of panic in her chest. She knew the feeling well, it was the same one that would rise periodically when Eggsy joined the military, typically resulting in some frantic phone call begging him to return. Eventually, he did.

Eggsy told his mother nothing of Harry. Not over the course of his Kingsman training and not after his death. In the months that he was gone, he mourned in silence. He smiled when necessary, even laughed, but he quickly came to realize that ‘normal’ time spent with his family included the utilization of his training if only so that he could conceal his grief.

All of that was over now, and he was happy. Happier than he’d ever been. Harry was back, and the feelings he harbored in…relatively poor secrecy were realized. He’d always had difficulty not staring a little too long or indulging in the way he touched him–however brief or platonic. In the moments that he was alone, he could have felt the graze of Harry’s fingers across his chin or the reassuring weight of a hand on his shoulder. 


Now, he knew him so much better, and, while he knew the conversation would be difficult, he had no intention of letting him go. Eggsy was determined that his mother see reason, even if the way that she fidgeted when he initially brought up the memory of the man with the snow globe led him to believe that it might be more of a fight than he prepared himself for.


Michelle lowered the plate she’d been drying. Her mind raced, and it manifested in her hands as she occupied them with dishes from the dinner they shared only a few moments ago, “Eggsy, I forbid it.”

Forbid it?” He looked offended, angry, “Mum, Harry is a good man. He’s kept me safe, given me a life.”

“Eggsy, he’s dangerous.” It wasn’t that she was trying to come between Eggsy and his happiness, but the fear she felt when she recalled the day she found out her husband died was a barb that manifested on her tongue. Maybe it was because he delivered the news, but she associated Harry with loss, and she couldn’t lose her son as well.

“He ain’t dangerous. Not to me. He’s the safest thing I’ve ever known. He would protect me.”

The statement caused her jaw to drop as she turned her gaze over her shoulder. If Eggsy felt safe, it surely meant something, right? She hadn’t, exactly been doing a great job of that herself. Still, Lee died, and she couldn’t contain her fear, “Like he protected your father.”

Eggsy felt the sting of the statement at his very core, “He changed my life tryin’ to make up for it. This house?” He gestured around himself, at the beautiful kitchen they stood in, “It was his. That plate? His.” He gestured at his suit–no, at himself. He was changed in the best way that he could have imagined, and he owed it all to Harry, “His.” 

Michelle’s resolve was slipping, she could feel it, but she wasn’t entirely convinced, “And your father?”

“Mum, if you knew him…” Eggsy sighed heavily, his head bowing, “Dad was brave, and he saved Harry because Harry is worth savin’. It ain’t fair to blame him for that.”

“Eggsy….” Her son’s name emerged as a whisper–he had a point.

“Harry is important to me, and I’m proud of what dad did for him. I’d do it, too.” 

Michelle instantly looked terrified, “Eggsy!”

“Mum! Look, I love you, I do, but this ain’t gonna change no matter how you feel. I put up with Dean for years. He hurt me, hurt you, and he ruined our lives. We were nowhere, nothin’, and we’re here now because of Harry. I put up with Dean because you loved him. Harry? Harry ain’t Dean. He’d never hurt me. I trust him. Mum…Harry is the safest thing I know. It’s your turn now–no matter how much you don’t like it.”

There was a certain measure of defeat written across her face when Michelle looked up Eggsy again. She hadn’t protected him, not as well as she should’ve, and she knew it. Did this man, the one bearing news of her husband’s death, really make her son feel so safe? “Are you sure, Eggsy?”

Without hesitation, he nodded, “I’m sure. I’ve never been so sure. Mum, please be nice to him. Don’t hate him, don’t blame him. He cares about me, I know it. I’m safe, I’m happy.”

Finally, with a certain measure of reluctance, Michelle nodded, “I hope you know what you’re doin’, Eggsy.”

“I do. I do.”

Saeyoung + children angst

A few quick little angst dabbles for Saeyoung as a continuation of my ‘MC dies at childbirth’-hc’s. Formatting is diffrent because I’m on mobile - Michelle


- He never blamed them for anything
- Does anything for his prince and princess
- But can’t help but feeling sad for your daughter to look so much like you
- Doesn’t spend as much time with her as he does with his boy
- One day, when the twins are 7 years old, he asks if she could help him wash his baby car
- She says that he really doesn’t want her help
- Confused Saeyoung
- Then she says: “It’s okay, I know you hate me, daddy”
- His heart breaks and he asks why she thinks that
- And then she explains that he never really looks at her, gets sad when he does just like when he sees your picture, that he barely talks to her, does all kinds of cool and fun stuff with her little brother
- But most of all because there was this one time when she was looking at pictures of you in a photo album and started yelling at her
- Saying that she could just 'look in the mirror and see the person he loved so much, couldn’t live without and was taking away from him’
- He kicked himself for saying that
- In a way he treated her the same way his mother treated Saeran and it made him sick
- His little girl looked so heart broken in front of him
- They both started to cry
- He promised her to be the best daddy for her that he can be

Inaugural Gowns From Edith Roosevelt to Michelle Obama: A Fashion Analysis

I feel very scared, and very sad about the impending Trump presidency. I don’t know how to respond to it, or what I should be saying. This, and motherhood, are my only realities right now, and it is a very sad situation. Mostly sad for the state of this blog, which is becoming fucking boring and repetitive.

I thought a lot about a post I could write that would respond to tomorrow’s inauguration. In truth, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it because when the baby is not awake, I have an hour to myself before I have to go to sleep. I chose a blog post over a shower tonight, and I’m honestly not sure that’s the right decision. 

I was going to do a fashion analysis of Michelle Obama’s best looks, but Jesus, I’d need someone to pay me money to do that kind of image research. I was going to do a fashion analysis of Melania Trump next because there are far fewer pictures of her. Also, I don’t hold anything against her, she’s just a girl from Slovakia looking for a rich husband – which girl from Slovakia couldn’t say the same? I know she’s from Slovenia, what’s the difference. 

When I sat down tonight, and thought, what is the laziest possible option on the eve of an impending national nightmare, I thought, “Oh, I could do a fashion analysis of inaugural gowns.” So here they are, chronologically since Edith Roosevelt, the wife of Teddy. 

Theodore Roosevelt doesn’t look so fat here, but I think he got super fat later.

This was his second wife, she was hot.

Oh maybe it was Taft who was the fattie.

Helen Taft looks like she got attacked by birds in her inaugural gown. Either that or her husband sat on her.

Oh the latter, definitely the latter.

Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration looks like Trump’s current day cabinet picks plus the gigolo they hired to take care of Sonny Perdue at the afterparty.

The one in the military uniform, duh.

Yo, who knew Woodrow Wilson was a cradle robber? His wife Edith was very young when he married her. I can’t find a picture of her until Kennedy’s inauguration.


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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our group. We have grown so large and are now growing even bigger than to the amazing David Haydn-Jones who tweeted this message out that nearly brought me to tears.
This group started with a simply message: no more hate for each other or the cast and crew of supernatural. And it has grown into so much more. David summed up what our group stands for perfectly and I could not be more proud of every single one of my admins; Brianna, Valerie, Ashley,Gwen,Michelle, and Amber. I am also proud of our group members as well because it can’t be the group it’s meant to be if everyone is not on the same page .
Thank you everyone for all your love and support and here is to another year!

Slow Burn - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned.

Part 1

“Your brother? Well, this is a first.” You laugh. “I’ve never had my date try to set me up with someone else.”

“Yeah, this is a first for me too.” He says chuckling. “But I think you two would hit it off, so why not?”

This could either go very good or very bad.

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“Boy Meets Girl…” it’s now on Netflix. They actually had a scene where gorgeous trans actress Michelle Hendley, after falling in love with someone, emerges from the water naked and asks him “do you still think I’m beautiful?”

I just about cried. They actually showed a trans body on camera. The unedited very-clearly-trans pre-surgical body of a trans woman. As someone who spends so much time hating myself because I’m not cis, afraid that I’m not “female enough,” and thus afraid that nobody could ever love me or ever find me beautiful, this seriously might be the most amazing 10 seconds of film I have ever seen in my entire life.

Reverse psychology
  • Michele: I hate Emil and his stupid easy going attitude.
  • Sara: Y'know, they say when you hate someone, you actually secretly love them.
  • Michele: Then I LOVE Emil. I LOVE him and his stupid easy going attitude SO MUCH.
  • Sara, tucking away her tape recorder: Much better.
Signs as Famous People Last Words
  • Aries: "France, the army, the head of the army, Joséphine."-Napoléon Bonaparte, French military and political leader.
  • Taurus: "I told you I was ill."-Spikes Milligan
  • Gemini: "Don't die like I did."-George Beast.
  • Cancer: "Money can't buy life."-Bob Marley, musician.
  • Leo: "I finally get to see Marilyn."-Joe DiMaggio, baseball player.
  • Virgo: "Last words are for fools who haven't said enough." -Karl Marx, philosopher.
  • Libra: "Pardon me. I didn't do it on purpose."-Marie Antoinette, queen of France said because she had accidentally stepped on the foot of her executioner.
  • Scorpio: "You will not find me alive at sunrise."-Michel de Nostradamus, French apothecary and alleged soothsayer.
  • Sagittarius: "I am not the least afraid to die."-Charles Darwin, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory.
  • Capricorn: "If this is dying, then I don't think much of it."-Lytton Strachey
  • Aquarius: "Relax - This won't hurt."-Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Pisces: "I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."-Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist.

I genuinely from the bottom of my heart feel so heartbroken for the people who have so much hate and ignorance in their hearts that they can’t see the pure loveliness of this First Family. The Obamas are truly a gift that just radiate class, warmth, hope, and humility as well as hard work and strength. What a presidency we were lucky to witness. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss them.

In lieu of the answer to the question “can I pull off a crop top?”
being “If (and only if) you have a flat stomach” from The Oprah Magazine’s creative director and also because I like numbers.

“These women need to stop glorifying unhealthy obesity”

1. The body acceptance and radical self love that I practice when wearing a crop top has nothing to do with glorifying obesity or thin-shaming. It’s about loving my body RIGHT NOW, as I am.
2. Also, the fuck is ‘glorifying obesity’?
3. Oh, you are my doctor?
5. I like my belly button.
6. This is a new revelation.
7. My belly button does not interrupt your life
8. Why do you hate so much my belly button?
9. When I was in high school, I fantasized about taking a knife
to my stomach so I could be normal-sized.
10. I have always been normal-sized.
11. Denise Jolly. Tess Holliday. Sonya Renee. Lindy West. Michelle Allison. Gabi Fresh. Kim Selling.
12. One night I found a website that just had photos of girls with stomach rolls and back rolls and they were smiling and so happy and I cried because I was uncomfortable and envious of their joy.
13. Swimsuits are scary for everyone.
14. I have performed a poem about how to love your body almost every night for 6 years. Sometimes I have to fake it.
15. I have never seen a legitimate sex scene in a feature film with a woman over a size 16 that was not used as a comedic tool. Ever.
16. I used to drink a fifth of tequila and smoke a pack of cigarettes every night.
17. Interestingly, no one criticized my health then.
18. Everyone is terrified of their naked body.
19. Including men.
20. We are all complex. Everyone is breaking and healing and hating all at the same time. You are not exempt. I am not exempt.
21. Photoshop is the devil incarnate.
22. You cannot love what you hope your body to be, without loving it for what it is.
23. My body is what it is what it is.
24. The mirror is what it is what it is.
25. I have found myself at the mercy of my own reflection, wondering if my size diminishes my femininity.
Answer: It does not. I am adorable as fuck.
26. Do you know how miserable it feels to maintain a body that has been deemed unworthy by society? In the same breath, do you know what a joy it is to take care of something that you love?
27. Therefore, celebrating your body is a revolutionary act.
28. I feel my own self breathe. I feel my organs when I breathe and when I shower, I feel my skin on my skin. I know that it is mine. I listen to what my body asks for.
I put on a shirt that shows my stomach. I wing my eyeliner up and I ride my bike into the sunset and I will pick wildflowers with my love and later I will eat brussels sprouts and maybe a martini with lots of olives in it and I will do all this because it makes me feel good and because I am worthy of love and cute clothes and happiness.
29. Feeling worthy has taken so long.

30. I am my own holy revolution, welcome to the church of my thunder thighs, I am awake and alive, I’ve come to wear all of the crop tops that the glittering world has to offer, I’ve come to dance the shame out of my childhood, I’ve come to win back my joy. You may not snatch it from me like a purse.
I win whether I have a mouth full of pretzels or a mouth full of kale; you have not been granted the privilege to know how I consume my world and what makes me most delight in my skin.

I will glorify the shit out of my body.

—  Mary Lambert
yoi as things I've said
  • yuuri: i don't think a lot of things through until they happen and sometimes everything manages to turn out okay
  • viktor: i should never be left alone when foreign food is involved
  • yuri: it's hard to breathe with so much stupid in the air
  • phichit: i can't hear you over the sound of your dumb internet searches
  • georgi: i sound like a 30 year-old cat wife
  • leo: you have to own it before you can sell it
  • guang hong: there's no age limit on stuffed animals that sing
  • christophe: really horny people are french horns
  • michele: hey look the Italian Gentleman is back and this time he's carrying the Sacred Hat
  • emil: i may not be the strongest flower, but goddamnit i will give you allergies, fuck you
  • seung-gil: i hate comfort
  • jj: even my shadow looks like a douche
Go- part 5

I need better titles. 

Hi lovelies! I just have a few things to say before you guys continue to read part ✋🏻(see what I did there?😏 I’m so stupid😅) anywaysssss…

First, thank you guys so much. You guys are messaging me telling me that you love my diary series and that makes me really happy and makes my day. Some of you guys even send me some legitimate stuff👌🏻 some also make me laugh. 😂

Second, I think I’m going to start posting on Fridays for now on. Same with requests(which I have started writing). With school being almost over and the finals and everything, I won’t be able to write during the weekdays.

Third, I think there’s no third. So, continue with this part.

Also, let me know if you like it! and it’s kind of short. whoops. sorry.

You woke up with a migraine and a fit of coughing and runny nose. Not the best way to wake up to. Another way that’s not best way to wake up to, is the person you love so damn much, but hate at the same time, laying practically on top of you.

You groaned and shut your eyes tight while massaging your temples. Soon, you were having a coughing fit which woke Harry up.

“Baby,” he groaned. He buried his face in the crook of your neck and placed a sloppy kiss there.

“Harry, please get off of me.” You said softly, yet hoarsely.

He sighed and rolled off of you like you asked. He sat up and turned his body so his feet were dangling of the bed, his back facing you.

“Harry,” you started and sighed. You pushed yourself up and leaned against the headboard, feeling weak. “Why di-”

“Please,” he turned around and grabbed the pillow he slept on and set it in his lap. “Just let me explain.” He whispered.

You shook your head and sighed. You didn’t want to hear his explanation. Whatever it was, it still won’t fix the already broken relationship.

You wish you could fix this relationship, but you can’t. You wish you could turn back time and not live in this moment. You knew what you had got yourself into, but you didn’t think it’d go this far. You didn’t think he’d break a promise that meant so much to you.

“Look,” Harry cleared his throat and leaned against the headboard, leaving a gap between you two. “I’m sorry for what I did. ”

“Sorry is not enough.” You said quietly, playing with the shirt you were wearing. You looked up and noticed that you weren’t in Harry’s room. You were in Louis’ room, but he wasn’t there.

“I know it’s not, baby,” he turned his head to look at you. He sighed when you didn’t look at him. He wanted you to look at him. To see how sorry he actually is.

“Please don’t call me that, please. ” you said.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” he grabbed your hand and ran his thumb over your knuckles, trying to intertwine your fingers with his but you wouldn’t let him. He sighed and just continued to run your knuckles. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I was drunk. I know that’s know excuse, but that’s the truth. ”

“You knew damn well what you were doing,” you hissed. “You knew damn well who you were breaking.” Your voice cracking at the end.

He knew that you knew that he knew what he was doing. He just didn’t want to admit it. Yes, he was drunk, yes you guys were on a break, but he knows you. He knows that won’t help.

“Okay, maybe I did, bu-”

“Why can’t you stop lying to me?” You asked, finally looking at him. He chewed on his bottom lip and furrowed his brows.

“I-I don’t know. ” he whispered.

It was silent for awhile. No one saying anything. You didn’t want to end the relationship, but you had to. You didn’t have to, but you wanted to. You didn’t want to stay with him anymore. You don’t know if he would do it again. You know he’s not the type to do the same mistake twice.

“So is this it?” He asked, voice cracking. You looked at him and your heart nearly broke. Tears welled up in his eyes and his bottom lip quivered.

You grabbed his hand and intertwined your fingers with his and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Yeah, I guess.” You whispered.

He nodded and squeezed his eyes shut. You sighed and crawled towards him and climbed on his lap and wrapped your arms around him. One hand on playing with his curls, while the other was holding his hand. He wrapped his arm around your waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck, tears streaming down his cheeks and landing in your shoulder.

“I can forgive you, Harry,” you mumbled and pressed a kiss on top of his head. “But I can’t rust you. I can’t be with you anymore. I’m sorry. ”

“Don’t apologize for something you didn’t do.” He mumbled. He pulled away and you wiped away his tears. “I’m the one who fucked up this relationship. Even though we were on a break. I’m sorry. I am. I really am terribly sorry for the pain that I have caused you. I never meant to hurt you, Y/N. ”

You nodded. “I know. ”

He nodded and squeezed your waist one last time before he let you go. You climbed of his lap and stood up. You looked down and squeezed your eyes shut, trying to fight the tears.

“Hello!” Louis’ cheerful voice yelled through the hotel room.

You looked up and gave him a small smile. Harry sniffles and rubbed his nose. He got of the bed and walked up to you.

He wrapped his arms around your shoulders while yours wrapped around his torso. “This is what I love most about you.” He whispered.

“What?” You whispered.

“Even if someone did something shitty to you, you still care for them and comfort them no matter what. ”

You squeezed him and kissed his collarbone. “I’ll always care for you. ”

“I love you,” he pulled away and kissed your forehead. It pained you to hear him say that. If he really did love you, he wouldn’t have done what he did.

You just nodded.

“Please say it back,” he begged. “Even if you don’t mean it. ”

Louis just stood there awkwardly, bouncing on his heel. It pained him to see the once perfect couple, not so.. Perfect. Not together again.

“I love you,” you whimpered. “I always will. ”

He kissed your nose and turned around and walked out the door. Out of your life. Probably not forever, but for now.

Louis knew what was bound to happen. So he quickly walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you and squeezed you tightly.

You finally let the tears stream down your face and the sobs to escape. “I let him go, Lou.” You cried. “I let him go. ”

“Hey, hey, hey. You did the right thing okay?” He whispered and kissed the top of your head. “You might not see that now, but you did. Maybe you’ll actually forgive him and trust him once again and you guys will be back together and finally have sex and-”

You pushed Louis away from you and glared at him through your tears.

“He told me. ”

• •

Harry didn’t know what to do. He hated himself for hurting you so bad. He didn’t want you out of his life. He needed you with him, but sadly, he can’t have you because of his mistake.

He had called down Michelle, who was truly pissed of at Harry, to talk to her. He needed someone to talk to and he chose Michelle.

“Did you really love her?” She asked him. She was just curious. She knew that you loved him. She saw it in your eyes when you takes about him or when you looked at him.

Harry’s head snapped up to look at her and his fingers stopped playing with the rim of his coffee cup.

“Course I did.” He said.

“Really?” Michelle asked. “Or did you just want her company cause you didn’t want to feel alone anymore? Did you just want her in your life so you could feel better about your miserable life?”

He clenched his jaw and his grip tightened on his cup. “I did love her. I still do, Michelle. ”

“No, no you don’t. ” she shook her head. “You don’t hurt the people you love Harry.”

“I know,” he sighed and ran a hand over his face. “God, I know. ”

“She’s so fucking fragile Harry,” Michelle whispered. “That I think you finally broke her. She’s dated guys before you, but never have I seen her this devastated about a guy. ”

“She hates me, doesn’t she?”

“I don’t think she hates you. I just think she lost respect for you. ” she shrugged and took a sip of her tea.

“Has she told you about her ex, Jackson?” Michelle asked, breaking the silence that surrounded them.

Harry’s brows furrowed. He shook his head.

“Then it’s not my place to tell. But I will tell you something,” Michelle leaned foams sighed. “Y/N is the kind of girl who is always smiling and loves to laugh. If you are falling down, she will be there to pick you up. She is the one to always apologize, even if it’s not her fault. ” she laughed.

Harry let out a small laugh. “Yeah, she apologized to me once when I hit the wall. ”

Michelle shook her head at her best friend. “Yeah, that’s her. But, even if she feels like the scum of the earth, she will never let you know. She’s the girl who is afraid of love, because she has already lost so much. ”

“But, she got over her fear of love and learned to love you. She didn’t want to love again, Harry. But, she did, for you. ”

Hearing this made Harry feel ten times worse then what he already felt.

“I can’t really hate you, because your Niall’s best mate, but I don’t like you right now. ” Michelle said, pointing a finger at him. He gave her a small smile.

“As long as you don’t hate me, that’s okay. ”

“Aright. ” Michelle stood up and nodded her head towards the elevator. “You have a show to get to and I have a boyfriend is horny. So let’s go. ”

Harry cringed and shook his head. “I did not want to know That, Michelle. ”

Michelle laughed and wrapped an arm around his waist. Harry threw an arm over her shoulder and sighed.

“Just give her time styles. ”

“I’d wait for her for eternity. I don’t care how cliché that sounded. ”

• •

You were at the stadium with the boys and Michelle. Michelle was with Niall, obviously. Liam went to the bathroom and Harry was sat on a couch looking depressed as ever. A permanent frown on his face. You didn’t like it, but you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Louis?” You said quietly and turned to face your best friend. He raised his brows, signaling that he heard you. He was busy making himself a cup of tea while you held a cup of steaming coffee.

“You can go talk to Harry, you don’t have to watch out for me. I think he needs his best mate right now.” You said, nodding towards Harry.

Louis sighed and took a sip of his tea and hissed when he burnt his tongue. Typical Louis.

“I know. I will. I just want to make sure you’re fine. ”

“I’m okay, Louis.  I promise. I mean, yeah it hurts, but I’ll be fine. ” you nodded.

“Okay, okay,” he raised his hand and nodded. “I’ll talk to him after the show. ”

“I also need to tell you something.” You said, not knowing how he’ll take the news. It’s not a bad news, buts not good either.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“I’m going home tomorrow. ”

• •

I’m trying to make them long, but I can’t. 😩😢

I’ll try making part 6 longer. I know I said part five would be better, but honestly, it’s not. 😂 I hate getting sick and I hate school and I want to be an adult.

Well, it’s two in the morning, and I’m tired, so goodnight my lovelies. I’ll post part 6 on Friday. I’ll also have the requests posted in Friday.


All's Fair In Love & War [Prologue]

Summary= When Lucy finally joined Fairy Hills High, she never imagined she’d end up wrapped in prank war with the boys rival school , Fairy Tail. Or, that she’d end up falling for that pyromaniac boy who has this habit of kissing her whenever they’re in trouble. [Nalu AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1453.

I know I already have other on-going stories, but I decided to write what I want whenever I want or feel inspired to, so I have no regrets in posting this. I am really excited about it and its plotline, and hopefully it will not be that long :) Hope you enjoy! And I know this is short, but it’s only the prologue!

When her father told her that she was going to be to another school, Lucy really expected some fancy, private one with a high level of education. After all, her father longed for her to be a fancy lady some day, just like her mother.

And yes, she was happy about the change. To be honest, she never liked her old one.

Since it was a girls only school, it was full of envy and gossips and nasty comments on how other girl tied up her hair or how much of red lipstick she’d put on that morning at six am. It was an overwhelming part of the students, which left the nice ones in the shadows, waiting to be their next target.

Not a study mood at all, and not even the library was safe anymore. Even if she used to spend her free time there, walking around and feeling the rough texture of old books against her fingertips, and smelling that drug scent of a new book. Oh, how she loved going there. It was truly sad when more girls started to go there, and not for a good reason.

But something that she’d miss from there was the nice Math teacher that had enough patience to explain the same exercise to her like three times before she could do it alone. Where would she find such a sweet person? God bless Mrs. Audrey.

And she’d also miss throwing herself over the bed on her room after a really long, tiring day of school.

Because her father wanted to sent her to a boarding school.

“I’m so going to miss you!” Michelle cried into her shoulder, squeezing life out of Lucy. The blonde smiled and patted her cousin’s head.

“There, there, it’s not like I’m going to leave to another country or something,” Lucy reasoned, but the girl kept crying.

“But… but I’ll still miss you!” Michelle continued her soap opera, sniffing her nose.

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You Walk In On Another Member And Their Girlfriend

Hey everyone, so I’ve been getting quite a lot of requests for Cheater Calum part 5 and I thought I’d just let anyone who may be reading this know that it’s coming, and it’s coming very, very soon. Thank you for reading my crappy writing and please enjoy the (slight) smut in this preference! :-)

Masterlist | Request

Anton: (Calvin)

“Can you go see if Calum and Fiona are ready?” Ashton asks as he nudges your shoulder. You groan and pull yourself up from your comfortable position leaning against his warm body. “You’re so lazy, Irwin!” You moan and drag yourself towards the door of your shared hotel room. You’re currently visiting your boyfriend Ashton on tour along with the other guys’ girlfriends. Calum and Fiona have a history of being notoriously late for everything and it usually comes down to one of you guys having to remind them to get ready before any event or neither of them show.

“You love me though.” He smirks and you roll your eyes. “Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.” You hear his familiar giggle as you close the door to your room. You fish around in your pocket for a moment before finding the key for Calum and Fiona’s room. Luckily for you it’s just down the corridor so you don’t have to walk far.

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I absolutely love how Michelle her response to all the hate about the ‘sexual’ art she made, is a gorgeous drawing featuring partial nudity in a classy way.

Not only is the art outstandingly amazing, It’s also saying; “Hey you know what? You don’t have to enjoy my art, as long as I enjoy it myself”

And honestly my respect for her increased, cause to get bullied so much and receive so many death treats over art you made with good intentions, and get back on her feet again after so much shit.

That is a great step, and you know what? Maturity also means choosing not to give attention to people who are only there to give you a bad time.


Possible runway looks for Monday’s new episode. Since MAX is in this in the trailer and Michelle is in green, too (GASP), I figure the rest of these are just as likely. So there can be a green runway, I’d like to think. Thoughts?

All looks are pulled from the super trailer, so it’s nothing new. But still.

allamericankindofguy  asked:

Why do you guys shill so hard for Hillary when she stabbed sellout Sanders in the back?

Honestly, Hillary Clinton represents almost everything I hate about politics, but Donald Trump represents everything I hate about people. What Hillary Clinton did in the primary, how she exerted influence on media narratives, all of the things that were slanted in her favor, none of that surprises me. It’s just politics as usual. I don’t like her that much, but I don’t really think she’s that out of the ordinary. Give Obama 30 more years in the political scene and pretend Michele has a 30 year career that we have to hold him accountable for, he starts to look a lot like Hillary. I supported Bernie because he’s an anomaly. He’s  been in the game for decades and held his convictions. He’s an ideological guy and I like that about him, Hillary Clinton is safe and center Democratic politics. I don’t like it, but it’s not that out of the ordinary. 

“Those who like sausage shouldn’t watch it be made and the same is true of legislation.” 

Hillary Clinton is making sausage. Donald Trump isn’t making sausage, he’s an impulsive billionaire man-child who had the media prowess to hijack the Republican nomination because the American right has been high off paranoia and xenophobia for over a decade. He’s literally taking a shit all over the sausage assembly line and trying to say it’s pork. Not only is he a reprehensible human being with no discernable ethical code or underlying sense of morality, but he’s also vindictive and it’s pretty apparent he doesn’t learn much from his mistakes. On top of all that despite what he might say in his rhetoric his policy proposals are literally handing the country to the furthest right elements of the Republican coalition, ideas so crazy they don’t get time of day with the broader party so they attached themselves to Trump in a hail mary all or nothing sort of fashion. 

In a normal year with a Mitt Romney or a Jeb Bush on top of the Republican ticket, maybe I wouldn’t be “shilling” so hard. Maybe I could find it in me to vote 3rd party. Not this year though, there is far too much on the line for far too many people.