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Owen Shaw - Drive Part 2

Owen Shaw - Drive Part 2

Chapter 3

Reader POV

I was gathering more information on our next target as Shaw and Letty, yet once again worked on something together. This was really starting to get annoying and turning childish. I could see Shaw looking at me from the corner of my eye. I looked over at him, he smile at me as he moved closer to Letty. I shook my head at him and his smile got bigger as he moved even closer to her. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him, and went back to my work. Now that was just a dick move, Shaw.

I let out a sigh as I grabbed my headphones to put on. I wanted to drown out everything around me with my music. I was about to turned the music when I heard one of the cells ringing. I nudged Joe to answer it for me. He grabbed it and I saw a strange look on his face when he answer it. He quickly got up  and went over to Shaw to hand him the phone.

Once the phone called end, Shaw put the phone down and turned to Letty. “I want you, Joe and Ivory to go over to Firuz. Toretto’s team is over there, take care of it.” Shaw said, they got up and left as he turned towards me. “Now that we’re alone, got anything to say to me?”

I kept my eyes on him as put my headphones on and turned on the music. A smile formed on my face as he frown at me. I turned back around and went back to my work. Out of the corner of my eye I could till he throw something across the room and he got up, went over to Vegh. They started working on layouts on the next place we were hitting as we waited for the others to returned.

About an hour later..

“We lost Ivory” Letty said, as her and Joe walked up to us. We turned and looked over at them.

“He’s gone.”

“Thanks” Shaw said, as he went back to the blue prints. I knew he was cold, but damn.

“That’s it?” Letty said, as she looked at him with disbelief

“If ivory’s dead, he made a mistake. If you make a mistake, you pay the price.” Shaw said, with a straight face as he looked at Letty.

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“That’s a great eulogy, Shaw. Are you going to give the same speech for the rest of us when we go out?” Letty said walking off.

Would he do that to the rest of us? To me? I turned to Shaw and I saw him walking off after Letty. I got up to follow him and Joe stopped me, by grabbing my arm. I looked up at him and he sigh as he nodded his head. He let me go and I went to catch up to Shaw. When I did, I saw Letty was working on her car as Shaw walked up to her. I moved off to the side, so they won’t notice me as I listen in.

“You’re the last one I’d have pegged to be sentimental.” Shaw said, placing his hand on the hood of the car. “I like you, Letty. I dare say I even feel a certain warmth towards you.”

I started feeling pain in my heart as I listen to the words Shaw said to Letty. He started moving closer to her as he kept talking to her.

When I found you in the hospital, and you couldn’t remember anything,” Shaw said, reaching out and slowing moving her hair behind her face. “ I said to myself, “This girl has a gift.“

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She’s a blank page.” And that made me feel somewhat protective toward you. If something happened to you, for instance, I think I might find that slightly harder to bare.” Shaw said, causing my heart to break at the thought of him, not caring that I would die out there. That he would rather protect Letty, than me, someone that has been protecting him.

“What I’m saying is, I would hate to see you make a mistake.” Shaw said as he stood right next to Letty, their bodies almost touching.

“I’m going to get some air.” Letting said as she closed up her the hood of her car and getting in the driver’s seat.

I watch as Shaw kept his eyes on her as she drove off. He quickly went over to his car and got in, driving off after her. I came out from my hiding spot as I watch him sped off after her. I started to cry, as I realize that Shaw would never feel the same towards me, as I do towards him. He never chase after me like he did with Letty. He never said to me all the things he just said to her. If he wants her, then fine, he can have her.

“I’m done with this shit.” I said, as I walked back to the table to grabbed my keys.

“Are you okay?” Joe said and I nodded at him as I headed back to the carport. “Where are you going (Y/N)?”

“Somewhere to forget about that asshole.” I said as I got in my car and started it up. I drove off to the nearest clothing store to grab a new outfit. If Shaw wasn’t going to give me attention that I give him, then I’ll find someone else to give me it.

Chapter 4 (Swearing)

Shaw POV

I got back to the hide out after I followed Letty who was having a lovely reunion with her prince charming, Toretto. I talked to him for awhile after Letty left, in hopes to get him to walk away so we can return to our work. A course, he said he’ll walk away, when Letty walked away, fine by me.

I started heading inside to talk to Vegh, when I looked over and notice (Y/N) car wasn’t there. “Hey, where did (Y/N) go?” I said, as I walked inside. They looked at me, then each other and then back to me. “Where is she?”

“I quote.” Joe said as he use his hands to do quote stashes. “Somewhere to forget about that asshole.”

“Damnit” I said, shaking my head as headed back to the carport. I grabbed my GPS tracker and pulled up the tracker I put in (Y/N) car. “Your at a nightclub? At a nightclub without me? That’s it, its time to fucken talk.”

I started up my car and drove off as fast as I could to the nightclub. I gripped the steering wheel tight, till I got there. I knew how she got when she was drunk, she was flirting and touching.

I went up to the front door and the doorman tried to stop me. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pull him down as I kneed him in the stomach. Once he was on the floor I did a spin kick and made connect with his head, knocking him out.

 I walked inside and started making my way through the crowd, as I kept my eyes open for (Y/N). I was starting to wonder if she already took off with someone else. I started clenching my fist at the thought someone had their hands all over her.

I got to the center of the dance floor and that’s when I spotted her dancing, in a revealing outfit. I could till she wasn’t wearing a bra under her blouse, if you can even call it a that. She was wear a black mini skirt with black stilettos shoes. God, I always imagine her wearing an outfit like that for me, as gave me a lap dance.

I was about to approach her as a man came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He started grinding up against her as he move his hands up and down her leg. She place her hands on his hips and started grinding up against him.

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I couldn’t believe what I was seeing right now. She was allowing a man to have his hands all over her as he grind up on her. And her, her of all people was grinding against him. I saw her turned around and smile at him, as he smiled at her. Then he leaned down and she lifted her head up to him, my eyes started to widen at the scene.

She started kissing him as he started sliding his hands up under her mini skirt, grabbing her ass. I felt a rage inside me, that I never felt before. I took off running towards them, shoving anyone out of my way. I grabbed him off of her and swung at his jaw. When I made connect, he went straight to the floor.

I was right on top of him and I started swinging down at his face, as he cover up. The crowd started screaming and moved away from us. I left someone tucking at my shoulders and I just reach my arm back and shoving them off of me.

I heard a loud thud and the crowd started saying I shoved a woman. I stopped punching the guy as my eyes widen. I turned around quickly and saw (Y/N) was being helped up off the floor. She shook her head at me and ran off through the crowd.

“(Y/N)!” I yelled as I got off the guy and took off running after her. “(Y/N) stop now damnit!”

She ran out of the nightclub and over to her car, she got in and drove off. I ran over to my car and started driving after her. She was speeding down a backroad and I was right behind her, as we headed towards an empty lot. I spend pass her and I could see she had a confuse look on her face when I did it. I spun the car around and stopped right ahead of her. She drifted around me and came to a stop.

 I got out of my car and went over to her. “What the fuck Shaw?!” She yelled as she got out of her car. “What the hell is your damn problem?” She started shoving me away from her.

“You are my problem.” I said, moving her hands off of my chest. “Why in the hell did you let that guy have his fucken hands all over you? What the hell is wrong with you, (Y/N)? You don’t even know him. You don’t know what he could have done to you.”

“Done to me? Don’t act like you care about me, Shaw. Like you feel protective towards me. That if something happens to me, you might find it slightly hard to bare. Or do you have me confuse with Letty?” She said and I looked down at her with a straight face. “That’s right, I fucken heard you tell her that you like her. How you feel this warmth towards her.” 

“I didn’t mean it.” I said, moving closer to her. “I was just bullshitting her.”

“Yeah, fucken right.” She said as she started walking back to her car. “If you want her fine, Shaw. Cause I am done with this damn game of yours.” She turned back towards me. “I get it, you aren’t tied to me and you do whatever you please, which is Letty that you want to do. So you go fuck her and I’ll find someone else to fuck me. Believe me I can, because that guy wasn’t the only one that wanted a piece of this.”

That was it, I had enough. She turned around to get in her car and I went over to her, spinning her around towards me. “Only man that get’s to fuck you, is me.” I said, lifting her up and moving her to my car, sitting her on the hood.

I cupped her face, as I kiss her roughly as I slide my tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I slide my hands down her neck, then down to her back as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I broke the kiss and press my forehead against hers, we were both smiling. I kept smiling as I kiss her lips again. But this time, I kiss her gently, so I can savor the taste of her sweet lips. 

“Now, it’s time I get to full filled one of my fantasies I have about you.” I said, as I started kissing down her neck, making her moan. I kiss back up her neck and whisper in her ear “I’m going to fuck you on this hood and in the back seat. I’ll make you mine and I’ll have you screaming, that I own this pussy.”

Owen Shaw - Driver Part 3

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