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good morning to everyone but the people who think it’s okay to hate on bands who decide to change up their music style



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Prompt: “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.”

Character: Peter Maximoff (Suggested by anon)

Warning: N/A

You liked your sleep, but above all else you liked the warm. The worst feeling on earth was waking up warm, stepping out of bed into the freezing cold or even worse showering and having to leave a warm shower for the cold frigid air of a room. So when you leave your admittedly long shower only to be assaulted with freezing cold air you are as can be expected unhappy and more than a little annoyed.

Living with Peter, Jean, and Jubilee had been a last minute decision after finishing school. Peter was a natural choice being your boyfriend and the other two were good friends of yours.

You walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a million towels in hopes of keeping yourself warm to find all three of them sat at the kitchen table eating. “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.” 

You watched both girls point at Peter. “Pete, babe…you know I hate the cold!” You shouldn’t have been surprised at this point. Peter always had a habit of turning the room temp down, you assumed it was because he ran at a slightly hotter temperature than the rest of you.

“But i’m always so warmmm!!!”


“Fine!” You watched him speed off before appearing back in front of you, “I’ve turned it back up, happy?”

“Very!” You pressed a kiss to his cheek and walked off to get dressed. Living with him was a nightmare but you did love him so it was worth it.

Ryan: Pete, I need some help.

Pete: Sure, whatcha need, Ryan?

Ryan: I need to make Brendon jealous. Can we have really loud sex while he’s still in the other room?

Pete: What?! Ryan, of course not! You are my friend, but we can’t do that! There are better ways to get people to date you! Why don’t you tell him how feel and…

Ryan: Maybe this will change your mind…

Ryan: *drops pants*



Pete: Lacy black underwear, huh?

Ryan: Yep. Now what do you say?

Pete: *unzipping pants and locking the door* I hate you…


Request: Can you do something where the reader has the powers of intensively attracting any person? She’s basically a walking love potion. Also, sex would be better with her than any normal person. Like a super power where the sex is freaking epic and she’s incredibly beautiful maybe? With Peter Parker.

“Y/N come on. Come to the party. It’ll be no fun without you.” Liz said, her black hair shining against the sun. I sighed and took a bite of my strawberry.

“I don’t know, Liz. I hate going and having all these guys around me, asking for sex. It’s stupid.” I said, going back to the night of regrets.

We were together for 2 years. People kept trying to tear us apart but he saw the real me… The real me without this “curse”. My grandmother told me a witch placed a curse on me accidentally instead of bestowing a gift. Kind of similar to Sleeping Beauty but more modern. We decided to lose it together, our virginities on our anniversary. He had it all planned out: the area, the lights, the food… It was beautiful. Yet, after we had done it, he kept asking for more. I denied it and he got bitter, breaking up with me and calling me a prude and a whore to his friends… That’s why I try and keep to myself… To avoid getting hurt.

“Earth to Y/N? You there?” Liz said, snapping her fingers in front of me. I shook my head and nodded.

“I don’t think so Liz. I have that test in Chemistry tomorrow. And you know I struggle with deciphering gas laws.” I teased, throwing my tray away.

“Okay… Maybe another time.” she asked. I smiled and we hugged, heading to our 6th period class. Mine was Trigonometry… Where half the class were boys.

The thing about my “power” is that it only attracts people around my age group which, hell, is FINE by mean. I DON’T need a 40 year old hitting on me.

I got to class and Samuel approached me, flashing a smile. He wasn’t bad looking, but he was a meathead with a bad temper. Behind him, a bunch of other guys huddled around.

“Hey Y/n I was wondering if you wanted to go to Manson’s party with me?” he asked, eyeing my chest. I was wearing a V-neck… Big mistake. I shifted my sweater over myself and cleared my throat.

“Actually… I’m looking for a tutor for Chemistry so… Maybe another time?” I said. He nodded and bit his lip at me. I smiled weakly and rolled my eyes as I got to my seat. I honestly don’t know why he is even in this class, he basically copies off of people but whatever. I felt a tap on my shoulder and and turned around.

“Hey Peter! Where have you been? You missed movie night twice in a row. I feel like you’ve been gone forever?” I said, hugging him over the desk.

“Yeah sorry. I uh, was with Tony Stark. Helping him with some stuff.” he said, rubbing his eye. I touched his arm and smiled.

“Did you kick ass or did your ass get kicked?” I teased him.

“Both.” he smiled. I knew about him being Spider Man. I didn’t want to but I did. But that’s another story.

“I can tutor you if you want. For Chemistry. I hate Gas Laws as well but I’ll try my best.” he smiled. I nodded and turned back around when the teacher came in.

I’ve known Peter since freshmen year. When he approached me as a friend.. Not like a booty call.


“I don’t get it.” I whined, flinging my binder and resting my head on my arms. Peter chuckled.

“It’s not funny. How am I suppose to know which formula to use?” I groaned. I sank to the floor dramatically and laid there, sprawled. Peter came down and laid next to me.

“Y/N…?” he said in a sing song voice. I turned to look at him and he made a funny face. I stared at him with a blank expression and he pouted. His eyebrow arched and he sat up. Before I knew it, he was sitting on top of me, tickling me.

“Peter stop it!” I squealed. He continued until I threw him back and sat on top of him.

“You’re an ass Parker.” I said, catching my breath. He laughed and stuck his tongue out at me. I stuck mine back out and he flipped me back over onto my back.

“Better?” he asked. I mumbled a yes and he bent his ear down closer to me.


“Yessss.” I hissed. He smiled and we looked at each other.

“I really want to kiss you Y/N.” he blurted out. My face went serious I got out from under him, resting my back on his wall.

“Don’t say that.” I whispered.

“I know about you Y/N. Tony explained to me.” he said, pulling up his sleeve to show a small and really thin bracelet. It was technically a string made out of silver.

“Tony had this made for me. He figured something was up when you came over to Stark Towers and a bunch of guys fawned over you. He had you scanned and made me this. It’s basically a shield for any potion or spell. He made you one also, so as to contain it.” he explained, handing me one. I took it and slipped it on. It had a small rhinestone in it. I smiled.

“I love you Y/N. I do, but I know you’ve been hurt. And the last thing I want to do is to hurt you. ” he said.

“I thought I would be hurting you Pete. I hate being this way. To have people force themselves on me. You know how disgusting it is to be hit on by every male?” I said. Peter came and sat next to me and I poured out my feelings to him. So did he.

After I had stopped crying, we looked at one another and I kissed him. I felt a spark ignite and I guess he did because soon we were tearing off each others clothes.


“You sure?” he asked, hovering above me.

“I’ve been sure since you told me about the bracelet.” I said, pecking his lips.


They say that sex is amazing when you have the right partner. As well as having a drug a.k.a my curse. But ever since I slipped on that bracelet, I felt better. I felt…normal. Because as the next day, I woke up in Peter’s arms, viewing the small hickey he had just beneath his ear lobe.

We got up for school, him letting me borrow a shirt and sweats of his as we walked to my house, for a new set of clothes. I viewed myself in the mirror as I washed it and saw that I too had a small hickey. I didn’t have any makeup because I hated it, so I asked Liz to bring some for me. I checked my phone and saw a text from my Mom saying she wont be home from Nebraska until tomorrow which was okay with me.

We walked to school, Peter and I, hand in hand and not once, did a guy look at me like they did before. They actually saw me as Y/N, not “Y/N the prude who’s good in bed”. I mean, it was one time and people expect me to be doing it every day all due to a rumor?

Liz covered up both mine and Peter’s necks, ecstatic that we were now a thing.

“Are we a thing?” I teased Peter. He smiled and looked down at our intertwined fingers.

“I mean… You are my girlfriend now, so…”

“Awwwww.“Liz swooned. I rolled my eyes and walked into first period with her… Just to see that the original boys who used to come up to me to ask to hang out… Didn’t. They just smiled and waved and I felt happy….

Thank you Peter.

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What would Pete do if you teased him by wearing sexy lingerie??? Omg I got Pete feels now lol

- you knew he hated going out shopping with you
- he absolutely despised it, but he’d kept his grumbling to a minimum
- so you thought at the very least you’d give him… a reward of some kind
- so you dragged him into Victoria’s Secret
- he’d raised his brow at you in disbelieving manner
- but the reddened tips of his ears gave him away
- you’d set to work grabbing various lacy garments including a scandalous one piece number in red
- you’d hustled him towards the dressing rooms, disappearing inside of one with a mischievous wink
- not two minutes later, you opened the dressing room door with a flourish
- He’d found a chair to sit in in the dressing room and once he saw the dark green number you had on, his jaw went a little slack and his pupils widened in lust
- “What do you think? I want to wear something special for you tonight, since you were so good on this shopping trip.”
- At his silence, you pouted, and retreated back into the dressing room to change into something else
- you slid into the red lace number and opened the door
- and Pete was right there, in the doorway, his eyes dark and a feral look of desire on his face
- “Why wait till tonight?”
- you didn’t get a chance to respond before Pete had slammed his mouth against yours, while pushing you into the dressing room and kicking the door shut
- “You’re gonna have to be real quiet love, or we’ll have to stop.”

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there's this girl in my class who's the fakers fob fan EVER like she just tries to act like someone who likes rock and indie bands (even though fob isn't) and today in biology we were learning about peat and she said "pete from panic at the disco!"pETe fRoM PanIC aT tHe diSCo...I hate this girl so much you don't even know


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I haven't request any. I saw enough good ideas and awesome requests from your followers. Not everyone who follows you likes or wants to read about Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete and Pete day after day, after day, after day. It's getting super annoying and old. You shouldn't open your request if you gonna make so many people waiting months to get their request done, but seeing you putting so much time and effort for Pete's shit

Ok first of all I have over 80 requests so it’s going to take a long time regardless.

I’m sorry you hate Pete fics. I enjoy them and a lot of other people do too.

I will do my best to dig in to more requests after this next chapter. But honestly a lot of them are Finn so I hope you like Finn. Cause you’re going to see a lot of those.

I write because I love to. I like to share my love of writing and wrestling with people. I don’t take requests for the hell of it and just never do them. I know blogs who have taken much longer to fufill requests I have sent in and I have never gotten angry about it.

I’m sorry you feel this way. Fics about other wrestlers will go up but I’m not going to say Baron and Pete fics won’t be mixed in.


Anastasia and I roleplayed some Bully characters