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ok i actually hate the song hungry like the wolf. like it’s very overrated and over played. i dont like how it sounds, i dont like the music video, dont like the lyrics, definitely dont like simon singing those lyrics to me, literally every other song on the rio album is so much better than hungry like the wolf

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What would Pete do if you teased him by wearing sexy lingerie??? Omg I got Pete feels now lol

- you knew he hated going out shopping with you
- he absolutely despised it, but he’d kept his grumbling to a minimum
- so you thought at the very least you’d give him… a reward of some kind
- so you dragged him into Victoria’s Secret
- he’d raised his brow at you in disbelieving manner
- but the reddened tips of his ears gave him away
- you’d set to work grabbing various lacy garments including a scandalous one piece number in red
- you’d hustled him towards the dressing rooms, disappearing inside of one with a mischievous wink
- not two minutes later, you opened the dressing room door with a flourish
- He’d found a chair to sit in in the dressing room and once he saw the dark green number you had on, his jaw went a little slack and his pupils widened in lust
- “What do you think? I want to wear something special for you tonight, since you were so good on this shopping trip.”
- At his silence, you pouted, and retreated back into the dressing room to change into something else
- you slid into the red lace number and opened the door
- and Pete was right there, in the doorway, his eyes dark and a feral look of desire on his face
- “Why wait till tonight?”
- you didn’t get a chance to respond before Pete had slammed his mouth against yours, while pushing you into the dressing room and kicking the door shut
- “You’re gonna have to be real quiet love, or we’ll have to stop.”

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much ado about nothing au! It's a shakespeare play it's really good and the plot is long so I can't fit it here. I was thinking usnavi as hero and Vanessa as Claudio and Sonny & Pete as Beatrice & Benedict respectively? I can't see those two really hating each other, but maybe they have to get over themselves to hook up. Just gimme sonny comforting usnavi after his wedding falls apart and then proceeding to get really pissed off and having himself or pete reluctantly challenge Vanessa to a duel

Yoooo I have a soft spot for Shakespeare stuff!!! (I took a Shakespeare class last year but I don’t remember if we did this one…huh…)

Anyway, YES. So we got Vanessa and Pete coming back from war, and Usnavi and Sonny are excited to have them back. Usnavi because VANESSA and Sonny basically telling himself ‘I’m glad he’s alive, cause then I won’t have anyone to really fight with, not because I secretly like him or anything.’ For Sonny and Pete, I could maybe see them being tsundere with each other, like, acting snippy with each other to hide the fact that they love each other, so they’re kinda frenemies thinking that their love is one-sided until the barrio fam plays matchmaker (get over yourselves and just kiss you morons!!). So we have the whole ball thing and Usnavi and Vanessa are gonna get married, yay! But then our randomly generated asshole villain shows up and decides to ruin the fun by telling Vanessa that Usnavi is unfaithful and maybe stages a fake affair with some other dude and Yolanda and plants some fake evidence (lipstick on Usnavi’s clothes or something like that). And because I’m certain 99% of arguments between Usnavi and Vanessa happen because these two are too lovestruck to freaking COMMUNICATE, Vanessa totally calls Usnavi out at their wedding and Usnavi’s just too flustered to really defend himself so he just books it out of there, and Sonny follows while Vanessa storms away in a huff. Sonny finds Usnavi and comforts him for a while until Usnavi asks to be left alone for a bit. Sonny leaves him and is FUMING; he’s not gonna challenge Vanessa to a duel, but he IS gonna give her a piece of his god damn mind! Meanwhile everyone’s freaking out but then Daniela (kinda our friar figure) steps like ‘Whoa whoa whoa, Usnavi is a lot of things, but unfaithful isn’t one of them!’ And after Pete and Daniela attempt to get Vanessa to listen to reason and fail (cause she’s too freaking mad) someone suggests the whole fake death thing to spur some remorse out of Vanessa. They decide to give Usnavi the same kind of potion that Juliet got, making him LOOK dead, but only for a couple hours. But some idiot decided, for the sake of realism, to NOT TELL SONNY what they were up to, and have him be the one to find Usnavi’s body. Pete tries to squish that plan like 'No no no you REALLY don’t want to do that!’ but of course, no one listens to him. Usnavi takes the potion and 'dies’ and Sonny finds him and he freaking SCREAMS. Everyone, including Vanessa, comes into the room to see Sonny just SOBBING over Usnavi’s body and the one’s in on the plan basically play it up like 'Oh no, his heart must’ve been broken! He couldn’t go on living without his true love *wink wink*’ So now, Vanessa feels AWFUL and she tries to go to him only to have Sonny turn on her. 'THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!! YOU KILLED HIM!! YOU KILLED MY ONLY FAMILY!!’ Pete grabs him and drags him kicking and screaming from the room yelling 'I’LL KILL YOU VANESSA!! I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU!!’ (The idiot who suggested to not tell Sonny about the plan REALLY regrets it now). Pete drags Sonny to a private room and tries to talk him down, cause Sonny is on a rampage, talking about how he’s gonna duel Vanessa, and give her the most painful death imaginable and avenge his cousin and Pete’s like 'Whoa whoa whoa, calm down, this isn’t you talking right now, this is all one BIG misunderstanding.’ 'MISUNDERSTANDING??! MY COUSIN IS DEAD!!!’ Pete manages to keep him in the room, and maybe they could confess their love here, and when the few hours are up, Usnavi wakes up, Daniela by his side. Pete brings Sonny back to the room where he sees his cousin awake and Sonny just about tackles him in tears. 'Tell me next time before you pretend to die!’ Meanwhile, Vanessa is just wallowing in misery and maybe with some prompting from Daniela or Nina, just pours her heart out about Usnavi, with the two cousins listening from a distance. And once she’s done, they step out, there’s tons of apologies, tears, hugs, and kisses, and we end with a double wedding for Usnavi and Vanessa and Sonny and Pete.

Okay, but why is Pete doing a shit job with writing characters? He has literally written them to the point where the majority of the fandom hates someone in the K3 group+Oliver except the one person who is a complete dick and an actual murderer and that’s Asher. If you look through the HTGAWM tag, you’ll find plenty of shit on Connor, Laurel, Michaela, and Oliver, but close to nothing on Asher. Which I shouldn’t be surprised since Pete thinks Asher and him are bffl or some shit. I mean, he erased Asher’s bad qualities and made him #relatable. Which LOL. 

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ohhhh boy i have been watching this show since i came out the womb whYYYYY

•the first character i ever fell in love with: i wasn’t invested until aaron but i did rlly like debbie
•a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: finn & ross
•a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: chain
•my ultimate favorite character™: aaron
•prettiest character: victoria & carly , tbh all my girls
•my most hated character: gordon and pierce
•my OTP: robron
•my NOTP: dross , rhona and pierce
•favorite episode: SSW
•saddest death: fUCK jackson? john barton?
•favorite season:
•least favorite season:
•character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: pete
•my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: does rob count?
•my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: aaron
•my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: aaross
•my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: tracy and david

My mom is very filipino, and she had a lot of.. You know when get at that age when you start kind of like calling your parents out on things? You go “Wait a second”. She’s very catholic, very filipino, and so she’s a very devout catholic woman, but she also has these separate superstitions that kinda have nothing to do with catholicism. She has a really intense thing with dragons. Dragons, I don’t know why, but only with scary dragons. One of my favorite movie as a kid that I watched with my mom all the time was Pete’s Dragon. And there are all these double standards where I’d say “Mom, don’t you hate dragons?” “Oh no, but Pete’s Dragon’s okay.” Like, why is Pete’s Dragon okay? What about other dragons? But I remember, I had like, a little wire sculpture dragon thing that I’d bought from a garage sale and it mysteriously disappeared and I think my mom got rid of it.
—  Darren Criss on if he had a superstitious upbringing. (Seth Speaks on Periscope)