i hate you karl

The Tower

Well *sweats* I had this tarot talk with @tiafrye and this happened. I never ever painted smth like this, nor have I any idea how a tarot is done in all honesty. I guess I still tried, ahhahah /shot


Tommy x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part Two

“Elizabeth?” You called to your daughter who was playing in the garden, her little dress ruffling around her legs as she ran to you.


“Yes Mummy?” She asked and smiled as you took her hand.


“You’re going to get soaked through if you keep playing in the rain.” You scolded softly and hurried her into the kitchen where one of the maids gathered towels for her.


“But Daddy took Charles outside.” She whined.

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Still not over this one.

Every episode of the Ricky Gervais Show

ricky: hey karl what did you do this week
karl: i saw a bug eat a bikkie, why did it eat a bikkie? weird innit they’re like little humans.
ricky: karl you stupid fucking git i hate you with every inch of my atheist being


It only hurt a bit, I still feel like shit, and I think you won’t be able to recognise me now, it’s easier to quit, it’s harder to admit and you’re pushing me, you’re fucking pushing me!

Laughing like it works, bleeding like it don’t hurt, knock you off your feet, even if you need me, tear you apart and I hate how I need you.

Arisa Encounters karl-thekla

Perhaps it was a bad idea… Waltzing into the Gallows like she was. But she had a reason. The locket she held onto was crafted there. A magical item. If anyone knew about it the mages would. But being a mage herself she was a little nervous. Would the templars cage he in the circle?

No. they couldn’t. she was a Grey Warden. they couldn’t do that. She slowly climbed the stairs wishing she had her staff rather then her greatsword. But being dressed like a warrior did wonders for fooling people sometimes. Now if they could just look past the fact that she was an elf… and blind.. she’d be golden.

“…Maker… I hate stairs…” she grumbled.