i hate you joshua!


Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

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You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same

You’re My Soulmate?: Seungcheol

“Why are you giving up?”

“ Because at this rate I’ll never find him.” You told your best friend. Joshua looks at you, sadness engulfed in his brown eyes.

“ Y/N, it’ll take time to find your soulmate. How do you know for sure he’s not out there waiting? It took five whole years for me to find Hira. You need to be more patient.”  Joshua said. You sigh heavily, throwing yourself on the couch.

“ I hate it when you’re right.” You mumble as Joshua chuckles.

“ Why not go get something to eat? You always feel better after you eat, plus isn’t it dark enough already?” He suggests.

“ I’m too tired to hunt…”

“ Y/N.. You need your strength before you get so desperate that you try to eat me.” Joshua warns. You bare your fangs at him teasingly before he growls in your direction, his cat ears appearing with a poof of smoke.

“ Easy catboy, I’m going.” You said getting up.

“ Good. Be back before midnight or I’ll lock you out vampy.”

* * *

Roaming the streets, there’s not one soul out. You groan, feeling yourself get weaker and weaker. Your eyes sting as they turn bright red, even breathing is tiring.

“ Where are the damn people.” You grumble. The moon shines brightly, tinting the town a pale yellow.  You pick up on someone speaking in an alley nearby, as you get closer, your heart nearly stops.

“ Well, well, look who we have here.” It’s Wen Junhui, leader of the killer vampire gang  who not only prey on humans, but other vampires. Knowing your weak state, you couldn’t possibly fight him off.

“ I don’t want trouble.” You squeak dumbly as the tall male walks towards you. He snickers almost to himself, his glowing red eyes trained on yours.

“ Good sweetheart, then this should be easy.” Junhui replies as he roughly grabs you. You growl under your breath, kicking him as hard as you can.

“ Let me go you bastard.” You spat. He only laughs at how weak you are.

“ Sorry babe, can’t let my dinner run away from me.” Junhui said a smirk clear in his voice. He holds the back of you neck, ready to sink his fangs in. You shut your eyes, preparing for the pain, when you hear a loud growl. Opening your eyes, you see Junhui being flung across the alley. He lands against a wall roughly, knocking him out completely. Shock overwhelms you as you turn to see a tall werewolf panting heavily.

“ Are you okay? Did he- The boy suddenly stops talking when your eyes meet. Immediately a rush of emotions go through you, feeling love, confusion and warmth. The boy’s eyes widen, and even though the it was dimly lit, his cheeks grew red.

“ You’re my soulmate?” You both question. Blinking in surprise, the boy laughs slightly as you feel your cold face heat up for the first time. You study his face, tracing his large brown eye, his plump lips where his fangs peeked out. His black hair messy, with his wolf ears standing straight. He was so handsome, you can’t even believe he’s real.

“ I’m Seungcheol by the way.” He said with a grin.

“ Y/N.” You said in awe.

“ Well my lovely Y/N, I look forward to spending eternity with you.” Seungcheol said, pecking your cheek. You bite your lip, trying not to let the tears in your eyes fall.

“ I-I can’t believe I finally found you.” You choke as his face softens. He smiles before wrapping you in a hug, you hold onto him tightly.

“ Don’t cry. I’m here now.”

“ Thank you. For saving me from that shithead over there by the way.” You said as he laughs.

“ You’re welcome. Now why don’t we get out of here and walk around town?” Seungcheol suggests.

“ I’d love that.” You reply. And that’s exactly what you did, as the two of you walked around, you clicked instantly. Joshua was right, it was totally worth it to wait for him.

Yay for werewolf!soulmate!Scoups! 

Me at seventeen rn
  • Me: I'm 100% prepared for this comeback
  • 17: *posts Joshua, The8, Wonwoo, & Mingyu*
  • Me: *stares at Minghao intensely* well that was rude
  • Me: *looks at the other 3* oh...they look really hot
  • 17: *posts the rest of the vocal unit*
  • Me: *Stares at Jeonghan*
  • 17: ...
  • 17: *smiles evilly* there's still 5 members left
  • Me: I hate all of you
  • 17: no you don't
  • Me: try me

zanzaalk  asked:

Hi!! Could you do a seventeen(vocal unit) reaction to when their s/o is someone who doesn't cry often and is always smiling and making others happy breaks down crying in front if them? Thank you!

Jeonghan: He wouldn’t show much of emotion at first. But his inner self would be overhelmed with feelings. He would lead you over to a couch, lying down with you and cuddling with you while complaining about you not telling him. He would leave butterfly kisses all around your face, promising you to be always there for you and assuring you you can rely on him without hesitation.

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Joshua:I can see Joshua becoming totally confused and heartbroken. He hates seeing you in this state. He knows you as a strong girl but when you suddenly burst out crying, he knows something bad must have happen. He would try to comfort you with a hummed song.

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Woozi: He would blame himself for not being able to see the pain you were feeling. He would know you had to be pushed to your limits to become like this. He would just stand there awkwardly, repeating his apologizes for not being quick enough to know something is off. I think he would be afraid to touch you due to him being nervous he could do something wrong and make you feel worse. You would have to approach him and make a contact first for him to take you into a big, loving hug, giving you all the support he can.

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Dk: Dk would feel like the sun suddenly stopped shining. Your bright smile made him always happy but now it was changed into pain and tears which rips his heart apart. He would probably start crying too, taking you into big hug, clinging to you like a baby monkey. He would start doing his aegyo or something funny despite his tears, in order to make you smile even a little. After he finally did it, he would be very relieved. Finding new courage, he would continue in his crazy dancing until you laugh, lighting up his sun again.

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Seungkwan: Wouldn’t know what to do. As soon as your first tears escape your eyes, he would start to panic. He would start asking you what’s wrong and when he sees you’re not in the state to answer him, he would feel lost about what to do. He would take into his arms, holding you tightly, hoping you would feel happy again. If it didn’t work in a few minutes and you still continued crying, he would probably get very down, feeling depressed. In the end, you would have to comfort him because he would actually start feeling even worse than you. Seeing you like this would probably break his heart into pieces.

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  • Joshua: I'm gay
  • All the straight male Players and Reapers: oh I didn't know you thought of me this way!
  • Joshua: well actually I hate to break it to you but we the gays actually don't crush on every single person of the same gender! Who would've known? that I a gay have standards?? High enough standards to know you are all ugly fucks