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Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

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               Just like this, I want to die
                                                   Just like this
              You’ve always spoken so honestly with me, so pure.
                                                   And oh, how I love you so.
               In a voice that almost seemed cheerful,
                                                    you whispered to me…

                                                                                 “ᴬᴿᴱ ᵞᴼᵁ ᶠᴵᴺᴱ ᴸᴵᴷᴱ ᵀᴴᴵˢ?
                                                                                                            ᴰᴼᴱˢ ᴵᵀ ᶠᴱᴱᴸ ᴳᴼᴼᴰ?

                                                    and then… 

                                                 yoυ ĸιlled мe.

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word count: 733

A random beep is heard from somewhere, and an old box is found, weighing her arms down.

In the box, there is a tape recorder, an old cell phone, and dusty love letters that were never sent, and few were still intact, the others scribbled all over or crumpled.

There are lone photos of a boy she didn’t recognize, and the photo was cut on the edge, as if he’d been standing next to someone who he cut out.

After, this house was old, and judging by the dates on the letters, this person had left a while ago.

She picks up one of the letters, the one under the cut photo. His writing is decipherable, as smudged as the pen is.

May 19th.

I miss you. How are you doing? I’m sorry this took so long, my schedules were just hectic and I couldn’t work a single thing out. 

The post office gave me the other few letters I’d sent. Said you rejected them.

I hope you’re alright. Please pick up your phone.


It was a short note, and it being the oldest one there, she began reading the other ones that followed.

Many of them had the same gist from ‘Joshua’, and some might have even been considered poetic. It hurt her heart, but she couldn’t help but wonder if this was genuine unrequited love, or if he was actually a creepy stalker.

She picked up the most recent one in the pile, as it was the only one that could be read.

February 18th.

It was Vernon and DK’s birthday’s today.

The doctors said I’d be receiving a letter from you next week. I hope that it’s good news.

Please stay safe. Don’t give up on me yet.


Flipping the paper over, a big red ‘Return to Sender’ stamp was on its front.

You picked up the lone tape recorder and cellphone in the box. The cellphone was unresponsive until you attempted charging it. Leaving the phone, you watched as the tape recorder made a noise.

Hey.. Um, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not good with words, but.. I’m worried about you. I feel like there’s something you aren’t telling me, and if you don’t want to, that’s fine, but please don’t—

Click. The tape recorder stopped, and after some fidgeting, it started once again.

lie to me. All I’ve done is suffer heartache on top of heartache for you, and if you don’t want to deal with me anymore, then that’s fine, but don’t leave me hanging like this. God, I don’t even think this will reach you, but if it does, please pick up your phone.


You fiddled with it again for a few seconds, but the tape ended there.

The phone was alive, however, even after being stuffed in a box for that long. Thankfully, there was no password. In fact, the only thing that appeared at the top of the notifications was ‘Voicemail storage is full. Please delete saved messages to free storage space.’

Tapping on it, it took you to where 69 recordings were stored, and upon listening to some of them, they all seemed to have the same desperate gist of longing and adoration for this person.

Remembering February 18th, however, you went to the last recording, which was on February 25th.

His voice was much clearer here, and you weren’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

There’s no point in me doing this anymore, I know.

Your phone will be disconnected soon, and I’ll have to brace myself for when that happens. I can’t help but feel that it’s my fault this happened.

I’m sorry I wasn’t better. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m sorry I ruined your death certificate ‘cause I ended up c-crying all over it.

His voice wavered.

The next time I see you will be in a coffin, and that’s n-not how I wanted it to be between us. The d-doctors should have told me you died months earlier, and I-I hate it! 

Joshua sniffled.

I’m sorry. I love you. Goodbye.

The recording stopped, and that itself caused the phone to crash, taking you back to the home screen, where you noticed a picture of a smiling couple.

You laughed, holding up the picture of Joshua. “I’m sorry I had to lie to you. I miss you too.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you do a DK angst (ft. Hoshi) scenario where you like DK (your best friend) and when you go to confess to him he rejects you and he says things like "why would I like someone like you?!" And when he goes to confess to the girl he likes, it goes the same way which causes him to realize he actually likes you but you end up being with Hosh (other best friend) when he goes to apologize and yeahh. Thank you!

((This was a long time coming! I know that! It was a challenge for me to get into this and I don’t think I made it angsty enough, I’m sorry. I tried my hardest to stick to the request, but I may have tweaked a few things here and there, otherwise it would have had a really jilted ending. Um…yeah, sorry for the wait! That was terrible of me!)) 

Pairing: DKxReader Ft. Hoshi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 7,956 (Holy shIT!)

Summary: It’s a difficult thing, being infatuated with the sun. He shines so bright for everyone, but you’re selfish enough to want him only for yourself. You think you have a chance of having him…until you get burned. 

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Strangers (Pt. I)

Josh Dun Series

Summary: Two personalities coincidentally face each other again after four years of not exchanging a word. They have been best friends ever since they were in their single digits; until one person unexpectedly chooses to abandon the other, causing the invincible friendship to vanish over time.

(A/N): This is my first time publishing my writing, so I hope you enjoy the little story I came up with x

Words: 1,917

Warnings: Fear of thunderstorms, anxiety attack

(Y/N) drags her body out of the classroom towards the hall as the bell rings, meaning she can finally head home. The college student makes her way to the gate, while rummaging through her bag, in order to find her phone. As a consequence of not paying enough attention, she unintentionally bumps into someone‘s chest, causing her to lose balance and fall onto the ground. 

“Crap. Sorry, here let me help you“ a voice says above her. 

It sounds oddly familiar, but she can‘t put a finger on it. (Y/N) winces in pain as the stranger hurries to help her onto her feet again. She finally looks up to the person, only to meet a pair of mocha-brown eyes, which she knows like the back of her hand.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?“

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You’re My Soulmate?: Seungcheol

“Why are you giving up?”

“ Because at this rate I’ll never find him.” You told your best friend. Joshua looks at you, sadness engulfed in his brown eyes.

“ Y/N, it’ll take time to find your soulmate. How do you know for sure he’s not out there waiting? It took five whole years for me to find Hira. You need to be more patient.”  Joshua said. You sigh heavily, throwing yourself on the couch.

“ I hate it when you’re right.” You mumble as Joshua chuckles.

“ Why not go get something to eat? You always feel better after you eat, plus isn’t it dark enough already?” He suggests.

“ I’m too tired to hunt…”

“ Y/N.. You need your strength before you get so desperate that you try to eat me.” Joshua warns. You bare your fangs at him teasingly before he growls in your direction, his cat ears appearing with a poof of smoke.

“ Easy catboy, I’m going.” You said getting up.

“ Good. Be back before midnight or I’ll lock you out vampy.”

* * *

Roaming the streets, there’s not one soul out. You groan, feeling yourself get weaker and weaker. Your eyes sting as they turn bright red, even breathing is tiring.

“ Where are the damn people.” You grumble. The moon shines brightly, tinting the town a pale yellow.  You pick up on someone speaking in an alley nearby, as you get closer, your heart nearly stops.

“ Well, well, look who we have here.” It’s Wen Junhui, leader of the killer vampire gang  who not only prey on humans, but other vampires. Knowing your weak state, you couldn’t possibly fight him off.

“ I don’t want trouble.” You squeak dumbly as the tall male walks towards you. He snickers almost to himself, his glowing red eyes trained on yours.

“ Good sweetheart, then this should be easy.” Junhui replies as he roughly grabs you. You growl under your breath, kicking him as hard as you can.

“ Let me go you bastard.” You spat. He only laughs at how weak you are.

“ Sorry babe, can’t let my dinner run away from me.” Junhui said a smirk clear in his voice. He holds the back of you neck, ready to sink his fangs in. You shut your eyes, preparing for the pain, when you hear a loud growl. Opening your eyes, you see Junhui being flung across the alley. He lands against a wall roughly, knocking him out completely. Shock overwhelms you as you turn to see a tall werewolf panting heavily.

“ Are you okay? Did he- The boy suddenly stops talking when your eyes meet. Immediately a rush of emotions go through you, feeling love, confusion and warmth. The boy’s eyes widen, and even though the it was dimly lit, his cheeks grew red.

“ You’re my soulmate?” You both question. Blinking in surprise, the boy laughs slightly as you feel your cold face heat up for the first time. You study his face, tracing his large brown eye, his plump lips where his fangs peeked out. His black hair messy, with his wolf ears standing straight. He was so handsome, you can’t even believe he’s real.

“ I’m Seungcheol by the way.” He said with a grin.

“ Y/N.” You said in awe.

“ Well my lovely Y/N, I look forward to spending eternity with you.” Seungcheol said, pecking your cheek. You bite your lip, trying not to let the tears in your eyes fall.

“ I-I can’t believe I finally found you.” You choke as his face softens. He smiles before wrapping you in a hug, you hold onto him tightly.

“ Don’t cry. I’m here now.”

“ Thank you. For saving me from that shithead over there by the way.” You said as he laughs.

“ You’re welcome. Now why don’t we get out of here and walk around town?” Seungcheol suggests.

“ I’d love that.” You reply. And that’s exactly what you did, as the two of you walked around, you clicked instantly. Joshua was right, it was totally worth it to wait for him.

Yay for werewolf!soulmate!Scoups! 

Movie Night — Sam X Josh

Note: I’m in a car right now but I feel bad for not posting a fic all week. There will probably be errors in my writing because lol phones, so I apologize in advance.

This is gonna be a stupid fluffy Sam X Josh fic.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

It was another movie night at the Washington’s place. Beth and Hannah had fallen asleep at their usual place on the floor. The only ones watching the movie were Sam and Josh, who were currently sharing their usual blanket on the sofa.

But they weren’t paying that much attention either.

At some point during their viewing of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, their fingers fell dangerously close to each other. Neither Sam nor Josh dared to move away. The heat between their hands was much too exciting to even muster a twitch.

“I hate this movie,” Sam broke the silence.

“No,” Josh smiled as he moved slightly closer to the blonde. “You hate chainsaws.”

“I can do both, Joshua. Don’t tell me who I am,” Sam pouted. He loved it when she did that. Her pouty red lips drove him wild.

Not that he would admit it out loud.

Their hands were touching at this point. Josh was tempted to just man up and grab her hand. He would hold the SHIT out of her soft and delicate hand. However, his anxiety got the best of him and he chickened out.

“Shit,” Sam jumped, finally breaking the teasing skin contact they had been sharing.

“Scared, Sammy?” Josh gleamed as he placed his hand casually on her thigh in comfort.

“Shut up,” Sam frowned. “Chainsaws are a perfectly reasonable fear.”

He didn’t move his hand from her thigh. Sam didn’t say anything about it.

His hand mindlessly started moving back and forth. She was warm and soft. He knew his touch was too intimate right now. Josh internally argued about letting him test the waters this way, but he stopped when he noticed how red Sam’s ears were. Did she…?

“My hand is on your leg,” Josh told her, as if she didn’t know.

Sam stayed silent for a good few seconds before responding “I know.”

Josh scooted closer to the point where their thighs and arms were touching. There was no way he could make excuses about his actions when the movie was over, but maybe he didn’t want to make excuses anymore.

Sam leaned her head against Josh’s arm and gracefully put her hand on his knee. Josh swallowed hard. He was glad his sisters were asleep, because his face would automatically give him away right now.

Josh kept his face forward and looked over to his cuddle partner. He noticed her returned wandering glance. The look he was giving her was entirely too intoxicating. Did she know how kissable she looked when she was drunk in the moment?

Maybe he should just do it.

Josh moved his hand from under the blanket to brush some hair behind her hair. He kept it there. This was her last chance to tell him she was joking, for him to stop joshing around, to quit being a schemer.

She didn’t.

He leaned forward and she closed her eyes. In just a few moments, they’d cross the boundary of friendship. Sam would no longer be his unrequited crush. Josh was going to kiss the shit out of his dream woman.

“Hmmm,” Hannah moaned from the floor. Sam and Josh froze and looked over to the stirring girl. “Did we fall asleep?”

“I think so,” Beth yawned. Sam and Josh broke their pose. “The movie is almost over.”

“How about we put another movie on?” Sam suggested. She smiled at Josh and grabbed his hand under the blanket, away from the twin’s sight. “Sound good?”

“Sounds great.”