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somewhere I can rest my soul

by togetherwecouldbealright

|| harry/louis || 3k || [ao3] ||

“I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.

Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.”

Also known as the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

When I See You Again - by burningupasun
By Organization for Transformative Works

Word Count: 36,000+
Rating: Mature
Summary: It’s been ten years since Daryl Dixon held the lifeless body of Beth Greene in his arms. The world has changed, but humanity has survived, and Daryl Dixon has survived too. He is alive; still breathing, still walking, still pushing himself to keep going year after year… until one day, everything changes again. And it all starts when he sees a name on a list of survivors. Two words. Two syllables. Ten letters. Beth Greene.

“Think you might be interested, this time around,” the woman remarked as she reached into the bag and pulled out a long roll of paper, bound with twine. “Got a few new lists. Keep finding new communities the further south we go, and west. Got one from Kansas, another from Florida, and one from Georgia…”

Georgia. If there was a glimmer of interest in Daryl’s eyes, Lucy didn’t react other than to slowly unroll the stack of papers and begin to flick through them, handing the new lists to him one at a time. “Let’s see, here’s the Kansas one… there’s Georgia… and hm, where is the other one?” She rummaged through the papers, rambling on in her melodious voice as she searched, “You know the town we stopped at in North Carolina? They just added to their list. A baby girl. Got a glimpse of her the first day were were there. Pretty little thing with these big brown eyes…”

But her words didn’t register on Daryl as he stood there, staring down at the sheet of paper in his hands. It was written on what looked like it had once been notebook paper, the blue lines faded. The handwriting was neat but loopy, stereotypically feminine though you could never be sure. It wasn’t the handwriting that had him frozen though, nor the number of people on the list… it was the names. Or rather one name, written neatly on the very last line, capping off the list so casually:

Beth Greene.

Read the Entire Fic at: Archive of Our Own | FanFiction.net

Rooster Teeth Podcast #32

Burnie: You hear what I did? Matt was wearing a hoodie, and we have a cat here that Matt hates. And so I put a bunch of cat nip in Matt’s hood in his hoodie while he was at his desk.

Burnie: Brandon took a picture of it. The cat is all over him.

Burnie (laughing): The cat wouldn’t leave him alone! He was like on his shoulders chewing on his head. He’s like, “What is wrong with this cat?!”

Geoff: In Matt’s defense, he swears he doesn’t hate the cat, he just hates everything the cat stands for.

Burnie: Whatever that means.

Gus: Everything the cat stands for?!

Burnie: He hates the idea of the cat. And now I have to find a new home for the cat. I really do have to find a home for him.

Geoff: If anyone lives in Austin…

Joel: He is the greatest cat in the universe. Maybe we should give him away in a contest.

Burnie: No, no, no , no, I’m going to try to find him a home with someone I know, but he really is-

Joel: We know everyone on the site, and everyone on the site loves us-

Geoff: We’re like one big extended family.

Joel: We are like a big extended family, we should give the cat away-

Gus: You can fedex a cat right?

Geoff: Oh, yeah, for sure.

Burnie: No. I love that cat. That cat isn’t leaving Austin. I want visitation rights for Joe.


Oh Sho, how could you have forgotten? XD You cosplayed as him in Shiyagare back in 2014:


Obi-Wan Kenobi + the mullet

Bonus, of course: 

So @shun-takei requested this but something was wrong with the ask back then. Any who, I hope you like this Takei! 

Shut up and kiss me already- BokuAka

“Hey,hey, hey Keiji.” Koutarou flopped on the couch besides the darker haired man who put down his book and tilted his head a bit in question. 

“What is it Koutarou?” Keiji asked as he eyed the other smiling widely at him. 

Koutarou wore his ‘eager’ face. Whatever was he up to? 

“I was wondering if…” Koutarou covered his mouth as if to suppress a laugh before continuing, “If I could kiss your cheek?” 

Keiji blinked at him. That was the reason why Koutarou came? And why was he asking anyways? 

“Sure…” Keiji replied, still confused by the strange request. 

Not that kissing was strange. Keiji was perfectly fine with kisses of course. But why his boyfriend thought to ask threw him off a bit. They both knew they could be open with each other in terms of emotions and affections. 

And yet… 

Koutarou grinned as he leaned in and pecked Keiji’s cheek, his soft lips grazing his skin. He then wrapped his arms around Keiji’s waist and pulled him closer. 

“Hey Keiji, can I kiss your other cheek?” 

Keiji gave Koutarou a look. ‘Really Koutarou?’ He wanted to say. But he nodded in reply. 

Hence another kiss was planted on his cheek. 

“Your nose?” 

“Koutarou…what are you up to?” Keiji questioned, aware that his sentence was nearly resembling a whine now. 

Koutarou seemed to have ignored him as he cupped Keiji’s face and kissed his nose.

“Your forehead?” 


His soft lips grazed at Keiji’s forehead and Keiji felt his neck growing warm. 

“Hey can I kiss your cheek again?” 

Keiji did not reply this time because Koutarou wasn’t even waiting for his answer. He would proceed to ask if it was alright to kiss Keiji’s nose again, if he would close his eyes to let him kiss his eyelids, his cheeks, jawline… everywhere. 

‘Except the lips.’ Keiji noticed. 

Keiji very much enjoyed the attention Koutarou gave him. He also enjoyed his face getting peppered by soft kisses. He enjoyed listening to how Koutarou’s voice would drop to a whisper as he kissed more. 

However it was just annoying now. His lips needed the attention too. Yet Koutarou seemed to ignore them. Keiji normally didn’t get frustrated over petty things like these. Koutarou was obviously a wonderful and loving partner and Keiji should be thankful that he was getting so much attention. 

That didn’t mean he couldn’t be selfish. 

“Can I kiss your neck?” Koutarou inquired and it was then when Keiji saw the small gleam in his gold eyes. 

Koutarou was teasing him. 

And he was enjoying it. 

He dipped his head down and Keiji felt his breath hitch at the contact of Koutarou’s lips against his skin. Koutarou trailed down kissing till his collar bone before pulling away slowly and then studying Keiji with a mischievous smile dancing on his lips. 

“Hey Keiji…” He trailed off and before he could continue Keiji had his hands on his shoulders pulling the other closer before their lips were centimeters apart. 

“Shut up and kiss me already.” 


I can’t believe that all of you lovely people are following my crazy little blog. When did this happen?! I didn’t even think that 10 people would want to stick around but 1.5k that is just crazy! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every single one of you for putting up with the random stuff I post, my slight obsession with Elsa and Captain Swan and for me being terrible at replying. You guys, make my day so much better and it is like another little family for me. I have probably forgotten quite a few people but if I follow you it means I love you so please don’t hate me if you are not here. Anyways…Thank you everyone!

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  • Bellamy: *is an idiot during the whole episode*
  • Me: i'm upset but let's hope he goes back to his senses quickly so i can try to forgive him
  • Bellamy: "you're not in charge here and that's a good thing because people die when you're in charge"
  • Clarke: *pain*
  • Me: bellamy my boy you can go die in a hole i never want to see your face again fucK YOU