i hate you hyung

Christmas preparations with BTS
  • Seokjin: Taehyung, Jimin, can you stop wraping yourself in the christmas paper? No, you won't lie down under the tree and be a presents.
  • Taehyung&Jimin: But hyung......
  • Seokjin: No!.....Namjoon, get away from the decorations, you ain't breaking more of them!
  • Namjoon: *carefully puts away the thing he was currently trying to hang but it somehow breaks*
  • Seokjin: Oh my god, Namjoon really......JUNGKOOK! DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE TO TOUCH THE CAKE!
  • Jungkook: *stops with a piece of the cake mid air, smiles and runs away laughing like an idiot*
  • Seokjin: You will regret this Jungkook!.....Hobi, no, the strings are for the tree, not for you.
  • Hoseok: But I look like a diva! *starts dancing around and knocks over half of the decorations* Ooops, sorry hyung.
  • Seokjin: I swear to god, I hate you all. Where is Yoongi?
  • Yoongi: *buried under the fallen decorations* I'm fucking here.
One Fine Day in the GOT7 Dorm [2jae special]
  • Jaebum : youngjae~
  • Youngjae : yes hyung?
  • Jaebum : we're finally alone~
  • Youngjae : where are the others?
  • Jaebum : dunno
  • Jaebum : forget about them
  • Youngjae : o..okay
  • Jaebum : are you a camera?
  • Youngjae : uhm, why
  • Jaebum : because everytime i look at you, i smile.
  • Youngjae : (//。\\)
  • Jaebum : if you were a vegetable you'd be cute-cumber.
  • Youngjae : (/.\) hyung~ you know i hate cucumbers
  • Jaebum : but you're cute.. would you eat a cumcumber for me?
  • Youngjae : ... yes (/.\)
  • Jaebum : awwe
  • Jaebum : now let's cuddle ~
  • Youngjae : okay (/.\) <3
  • [meanwhile]
  • Jinyoung : im jaebum you prick i will kill you *bangs basement door*
  • Mark : disrespectful, im older than him
  • Yugyeom : i want food
  • Bambam : saaamee
  • Jackson : good thing i brought suitcases, gotta exercise *lifts suitcase*
  • Jinyoung : uh, why didnt i leave when he said 'hey guys'
  • Mark : i know right
  • Jackson : hey jinyoung do you have a map
  • Jinyoung : why would i
  • Jackson : cause im getting lost in your eyes
  • Yugyeom : smooth
  • Bambam : *dabs*
  • Jinyoung : i got no time for flirting jackson shut the fuck up and figure out a way to get us out of here.

I’m sorry but I just really need more people to ship Vmonkook/Namvkook like someone please come scream with me because I can’t find substantial content and am literally dying *gross sobbing*

Cause I mean all the spontaneous dorky dancing competitions and at first Namjoon just chuckles and shakes his head at taekook’s antics but then joins in and all the other members face palm and go “not again”

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Dating Yugyeom would be like:

• His nervous laugh appearing every time you ask for a kiss

• And when you don’t ask bc you just grab his cute cheeks and give him a peck

• He loves when you call him ‘oppa’ but he doesn’t recognize it

• “Yugyeom oppa~”

• “Aish don’t do that”

• But everyone knows that he likes it so the boys tease him a lot

• “Yugyeom oppa~~~”

• “I hate you Jinyoung hyung”

• You always try to do his hair bc you hate his ‘mushroom’ hairstyle a lot

• “Why you always touching my hair?”

• “Yugyeom it’s time to stop being a mushroom”

• The other boys would laugh a lot but Yugyeom tho

• “Yaaaah Y/N”

• “No, wait, let me try again I think I can fix it”

• But you can’t bc you’re not a hairstylist

• He would always ask you the same question

• “Wanna come to see us practice?”

• And you saying always “yep”

• Sometimes he would teach you dance moves bc he likes it when you dance

• Even though you’re not a dancing machine like him

• “C'mon Y/N try this”

• “Yugyeom we have been dancing for two hours”

• “So what”

• He buys you food after bc you were great in his 'dance class’

• Wanna cuddle? Well, he’s a giant teddy bear so you two cuddle a lot

• He tells you jokes that BamBam told him and you laugh

• But they’re so bad you wanna hit that dab machine for telling your boyfriend such bad jokes

• Sharing room with him and BamBam

• “Y/N…”

• “Yes?”

• “Do you love me?”

• “We’re dating Yugyeom”

• “That not what I wanted to hear”

• “You guys can shut up? I’m the one who doesn’t want to hear that”

• BamBam is done with both of you but it’s okay

• “If I’m the giant maknae you’re the small maknae Y/N”

• “When will you stop reminding me that I’m a smurf compared to you?”

• “Never”

• When you two are bored the only thing you can do is prank the other boys

• “Aish…I’m so bored…”

• “Me too…”

• “Wanna prank the hyungs?”

• “Yeah, why not?”

• You’ll be the most problematic couple in this world

• But cute tho

You’re his favorite Student, but you hate him

Request:  You’re his favorite student but you hate him (Hyung Line)

A/N: I hope you guys like it c:

~Admin Sunny


Would think the world of you since you always seemed to know the answers in his class, only to one day overhear you talking with your friends about how much you hated his class. Disappointed he would want to know what made you hate his class so much especially when you did so well in it. He would tend to call on you less, and would leave you alone in class.


Normally he didn’t care much for what the students thought of his teaching since it had worked in getting the material across just fine. You were one of his favorite students, calm quiet and always seemed to be well prepared for his class. When he read your review of his class at the end of the year he was suddenly disappointed to find that out not only had hated the class, but him as well. He would take a second look at his teaching style then and consider changing it for future students.


Always so happy to be able to pass on his knowledge along to his students Hoseok loved having you in his class because you not only picked up the choreography quickly, you were a natural leader and could help the others as well. Only for one day to walk by you just as you finished telling your friends just how awful you found class because he was so loud. He would quiet down for a couple of classes and would call on others to demonstrate instead of picking you. Eventually he would realize that it’s his class, and would return to teaching loudly and using you as a demonstrator, even if you did hate him he knew he couldn’t take opportunities away from you just because you didn’t’ like him.


His philosophy class always seemed to start off full at the beginning of the semester, and students would slowly drop his class as they realized just how difficult the course was. You had hung around, and always seemed to have an interesting thought during class discussions. One day he asked you after class what you honestly thought of the class, and to his surprise he found out you hated it. Instead of getting upset, he merely asked you how he could improve the class leading you both into an interesting conversation. He would take everything you said to heart and would work on improving the course.

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iKON reaction to: you having a mix of all the members personalities.

(Requested by @junemoo. Thank you sweetheart!!!)

Jinhwan: *When you are stressing about your college work because it has to be perfect and flawless.* “Are you Hanbin’s lost sibling or something?”

Yunhyeong: *When you joke about him* “Why do you act so much like that little devil Chanwoo?”

Bobby: “You are so cute and small, love. Like my hyung.”

B.I: I hate when you give me that sassy stare. You remind me of Junhoe’s b*tch face.

Donghyuk: “Sweetheart you are so funny. You sound like Bobby.”

Junhoe: *You say something smart that he doesn’t know.* “Oh you think you are a smartass like Donghyuk, hã?”

Chanwoo: “When you bake for me and take care of me you remind me of Yunhyeong-hyung.”

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[F] Pump it Up

Title: Pump it Up
Pairing: OT13
Length: 1,407 words
Summary: Starbucks! AU - Who assigns thirteen boys the same shift on a Tuesday?
A/N: Thanks to 17minghaos for the prompt!

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“Jin’s boring...”


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