i hate you dearly

Always There

Word Count: 2k
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Description: Here you go, fluff fluff fluff. ♡

She breathed heavily as she instantly flickered her eyes opened. She sat down on her bed and she placed one hand on her chest as she felt her heart was still beating fast. She touched her face with her own hand and she could feel the drying tears stained on her cheeks.

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I’m sorry for everyone that’s been waiting for requests and the gifts I wanted to give you so badly. I’m just not, it’s hard for me right now. I can’t learn to accept or like myself. And with negative comments like “ why aren’t you done with your art yet?! Are you done?! Hurry up! It’s been more than enough days!!!!” I feel even worse. I don’t really care if that’s your intention to make me feel worse. But this is not to everyone because I know most of you are kind and patient and understanding, and I thank you dearly because of that. But I just hate myself to the guts and lost my self esteem. So that’s why I’m drawing less or slower. I hate my art too. I hate my characters.
I’m sorry this is messy hand writing, my hands were shaking during it because I was having a meltdown. But I hope most of you understand and I’m really sorry 😔

christmas themed prompts:

  • our flight got delayed, and now we are stuck in this godforsaken small airport on christmas eve. unfortunately, we are stuck with this elderly couple who, for some reason, have decided we are meant for each other.
  • i have an enthusiastic younger sibling who wants to have a perfect christmas tree and you are the grumpy, sarcastic christmas tree salesman who hates the cold. and the entire holiday rush. quite possibly even his customers. 
  • we both have set our sights on an old poetry book as a christmas present for our respective mothers, and boy am i willing to fight you over this. 
  • so you have rented my parents’ cabin up in the woods. i hope you have a nice stay, but since christmas is near, i was thinking you could come over- wait, what do you mean you hate christmas?
  • i love you dearly, but if you play ‘jingle bells’ one more time, i swear to god, i will strangle you.
  • as your best friend, i am telling you that you don’t need to hang mistletoe on every square inch of your apartment to get your crush to kiss you.
  • i am an assistant producer of a hot new TV drama and you are an actor auditioning for a part. i have a deal for you - come with me for my family’s christmas celebration and pretend to be my significant other for two weeks, and i’ll help you get the part in the show. 
  • i am apartment sitting for a friend and firmly plan finishing my thesis in peace, but the walls in this building are paper thin and so i keep getting distracted by the pleasant singing voice coming from the apartment next to this one. the only downside is that they keep singing christmas carols. 
  • okay so you are the obnoxious, arrogant jerk from the apartment next door, but damn, what is this divine smell coming from your apartment? cinnamon and apples? cranberry? are you a pastry chef? or just really into baking? 
  • i haven’t seen you since you left for college, and now you’re home for the holidays. i am happy to see you, but what has happened to the shy, withdrawn nerd who couldn’t look me in the eyes without blushing? 
My Saving Grace

Pretty Little Liars came at a time in my life when my family wasn’t doing so well. This show allowed my mom, my sister, and I to bond in a way we never imagined. My sister and I watched the pilot together, loved it, and had my mom watch it the very next day and every since then we were hooked. We bonded over theorizing, the fashion, the characters, the relationships, and the overall mystery of the show. Pretty Little Liars will always be more than just a show to me. Over the years this show has had its ups and downs and so has our lives, but no matter what we were going through the 3 of us always got together on Tuesdays to watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. So PLL, thank you so much for giving my family a reason to be together. I know at times I hated you (and probably still will), but you will be missed dearly. Goodbye, Pretty Little Liars.

so here’s a list of mobile games i play and i guess? you can yell with/at me about them any time, okay, here or on twitter

  • ensemble stars (i’ve been listening to switch and undead’s songs on repeat for about 3 days now lmao??? )
  • fate/grand order (i’m a super newb but i love it, also i’m rolling for gilgamesh in the morning plEASE WISH ME LUCK)
  • love live (i have 2 accts, a main for tiering events and a side for scouting; both have open friend slots)
  • tokyo 7th sisters (i have lots of open friend slots! rest in pieces raid events, you’re dearly missed)
  • sailor moon drops ( i hate this game so much, please free me, i have every event character so far except for 2 of the early ones)

koshertaako  asked:

Fic prompt: Juno and Alessandra work a case together and get drunk together afterwards (I like to think that they get to be pretty good friends after prince of mars)

I actually wrote out an entire fic in response to this… and then it got deleted before I thought to save it as a draft. Because I’m brilliant like that.

Obvious CW for alcohol abuse and alcoholism. And possibly bad methods of dealing with it.

And Juno being miserable. Because in the words of the dame himself, 

I’m more of a “catch your reflection in the bottom of the glass and feel sick” kind of guy.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any where they like really hate each other? or punk!louis and innocent!harry? i really love your account btw it's very helpful💞

Thank you!!



I hope you’ll have a blast reading! =) xo

A Letter To A Friend...

Dear friend,Remember that time when we first met? I was nothing in your eyes and you were nothing in mine. We were strangers back then; shy to take the first move, yet somehow we managed to break that wall. I started chatting to you, made a joke and you burst out laughing. We became friends.We built on our relationship by joking around and testing our trust. We moved unto secondary high school and our bond became stronger with every day…

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I’m a bit irritated...

… by those who are bitter at Tite Kubo, disrespecting him for how he ended HIS story.

I was also disappointed that Ichigo and Orihime ended up together, that we never saw characters like Kisuke Urahara or Grimmjow after the battle with no form of closure, that the ending seemed so rushed and terrible, etc.

But here’s the thing: he was very rushed. He may not have done EVERYTHING you wanted him to do with the story you and I love so dearly (or you hate, whatever), but dammit he tried his fucking hardest to get his stories out every week. Whether or not he published that very sad and emotional story on Twitter, I would still be saying the same thing. Hell, the fact that he took time to give us some idea of what was going on with him during the past five years. 

Obviously, you don’t need to feel sorry for him or let this excuse everything you are angry about; however, please respect that he is a HUMAN BEING. He struggled with motivation, determination, and physical illness, two of which I can understand as a person who loves to draw. He obviously has many fans who encouraged him, but with all the horrible things people said to him on Twitter, I’m shocked he had the stamina to keep going. I hardly would. In fact, I’d get incredibly angry. He handled all the angry fans fairly well, and he persevered. 

He may not have catered to our whims, or followed an “awesome plotline,” whatever your problem with Kubo is. However, that does not warrant your disrespectful, vile comments. He. Doesn’t. Deserve. IT.

So I’m sorry to those, like me, who wished to see a better ending, a better storyline. You can still be upset. But I implore you all to stop bashing him. He may not care about the hate he’s getting, but I still want you to consider your actions. That’s all.

anonymous asked:

in your traits for the sonic characters, you said "Tails is only stuck up about his smarts when it's insulted." what do you mean by this? or when has Tails showed this? I totally agree btw but I'm kinda confused about it.

Well, it’s like in Lost World, Sonic made it apparent that he believed he needed EGGMAN to stop his machine, when Tails was fully able to shut the machine down on his own, prevent his own robotization, fix his plane when it crashed, among many other things.

That’s a tad bit insulting, that your BEST FRIEND doesn’t even seem to recognize that he’s trusting his biggest enemy, who Tails has clearly bested many a time.

But usually, Tails isn’t so stuck-up about his smarts as he was in Lost World. He’s usually very insecure about what he can and can’t do without Sonic in the Adventure series, until recently, which suggests that Tails has grown up quite considerably since his earlier years.

He’s now very confident in himself and maybe a bit of Sonic’s sass has rubbed off on him. Which, makes sense, since they spend so many adventures together. But he still likes to prove himself, lol! But in a surprisingly honest way. He usually doesn’t look down on people for not knowing something that’s common sense to him. (But he does get annoyed with Sonic’s rash behavior and not thinking things through.. He likes plans, but sometimes, he gets carried away with Sonic and just follows after him, you know?)

But whenever Tails is being questioned about his knowledge, he tends to say things like, “Not to worry! I’ve got this all figured out.” or something reassuring since he feels his intellect is his most powerful weapon (besides his twin tails and X tornado!), and prides himself in it. It’s also his greatest joy to keep learning and being useful to the gang and most importantly, Sonic. Sonic usually needs his brain power to get information about what’s going on that, normally, he couldn’t figure out or know on his own.

He’s the guy who knows it all! :D Whenever there’s a question, Tails usually has the answer, and I love that about Tails. He’s the ‘go to’ guy!

Tails happens to be my favorite character, so I love him dearly xD I mean, how can you hate a two-tailed fox who flies, is super handy with technology, and really, really smart!?!? Plus, HE’S ADORABLE!!!

He’s Sonic’s true side-kick and loyal adventuring partner! There friendship is one of the best in Gaming history!!!

a word of thanks from me to 'Carmilla'

Since I have, as you know, a strong passion to spew words, and as well as Natalie’s emotional post inspired me to make my own, here goes nothing.

I found Carmilla in mid September, in the very early days of the creampuffs. At the time, I was going through some incredibly tough times. Namely, being both unsure and terrified of my sexuality, and fighting a losing battle with bipolar depression, physical and emotional abuse, the lingering echoes of my parents divorce, and doubt.

As a girl who has been, and still is, raised in a emotionally abusive and an extremely homophobic home, the mere prospect of being anything other than straight was not daunting; it was downright petrifying. I thought about it day and night, puzzling it over. I spent a good many weeks in denial, thinking it could not be; I could not be anything other than straight… I’d be shamed, ridiculed, disowned. Of all people, why me?

Cue Carmilla. I was browsing YouTube, saw ‘Carmilla- Episode 1’ in the sidebar. I had heard mentions of it, and its superb characters on some fanfiction pages. So, fabulously bored and with nothing to lose, I clicked it- and was immediately sucked into the world of Silas University. At first, I thought it was a seemingly normal, engaging web series. I was in love with it for reasons I understood after I got a Tumblr; it had the representation I had been lacking, and it, to my surprise, normalized what I’d been denying so long. These characters were not defined or prosecuted for being gay- they were just like anybody else, with the same respect and regard I had thought the queer community didn’t receive.

Carmilla, on a basic level, simply enamored me. I was in awe of the way the actors, writers, and producers interacted with regular fandom members. This show got me excited, gradually pulled me out of the dark state of mind I was in, and got me participating. I was not new to shipping two girls, but Hollstein sparked more within me- especially because it had a genuine chance of becoming canon. I wrote and wrote fanfiction, growing immensely as a writer. I believe, even when I become an author, I’ll credit my growing in that specific to this fandom. I made friends, learned, and somewhere along the line, my self loathing for my sexuality disappeared. This fandom has given me friends, self confidence, and interest.

Soon, my real life friends noticed. I forced them to watch; four remain still watching even now, others that do not watch know to text me after the episodes (to ask what happened, and so on). They, too, are grateful for Carmilla on a basic level- if only because they are glad to see me not so depressed as I used to be.

Now! On a deeper level, the characters were amazing. I loved Laura’s tenacity. I understood Carmilla’s troubled disposition. I admired Danny’s bravery. I was amused and in love at the interactions between Lafontaine and Perry. (LaFerry 5ever, no?)

The plot was engaging and witty. I loved it, and admired Jordan’s and Ellen’s writing, and the world they had crafted; a world that, in imagination, stretches far beyond Laura’s camera. The acting is superb. I love (and hate dearly at times) Steph’s persistent trolling. (you know exactly what I’m talking about.) And of course I was so thrilled at the queer representation.

The characters were and are relatable. I love how the fandom theorizes and muses and I will never tire of the heart pumping seconds of refreshing Vervegirl TV’s page at 5:29 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Of course, it’s not all just admiration. I had known before Carmilla that I wanted to be an author. Back then, it was a vague, probably unreachable dream. Now, it is a reality that I’m actively pursuing, (I have written a book) and this simple show gave me the passion. I’ve gained supportive, loving friends, a family within fandom, excitement, new knowledge and experience, growth as a person, and something to get me through dark days.

In Natalie’s wise words- I’m really trying to say ‘thank you’, Carmilla and those affliated, for all this has given me.

Long Distance

Hades sings to Persephone
“Come spring, you’ll be leaving me.
I know your mom hates me and
I know she misses you dearly,
I count the days till you return
Like pomegranate seeds.”

Cross the days off the calendar
Pick the petals off of flowers
He’ll wait and wait till he sees her face
Nothing can fill her absence, nothing can replace
His hell is far more pleasant with her in it

Seasons change and stories rearrange
Only six more days left to count
These seeds in his hand bring no comfort to his land
No matter how many he plants
Nothing brings life like the touch of her hand

He gives out life sentences to the evil men
Makes them serve an eternity of torture
But nothing ever hurt him, not as much
As when he condemned himself to be without her

Persephone sings to Hades
“We all have something to give-
Not everyone has a talent for gardening.
While I’m gone, you will continue to live
The world will keep on turning.
Know that I love you, know that this is true,
That nothing brings me so much joy as you.”

If Elsa Were The Villian of Frozen
If Elsa Were The Villian of Frozen

What If Elsa had been the Villain instead?

A talent that confined me to a bedroom, 

after a whiny brat begged for a man of snow.

Snowmen always on her mind, so I put ice in her brain!

We play by my rules if I conjure up a game.

But it took more than snow and ice to see her murdered.

The fire in our parent’s hearts burned fierce and long.

So to get rid of mom and dad, I made their sailing trip go bad,

I mean, they weren’t expecting snow storms quite THAT strong!


They let go!

They let go!

Nothing lasts forever, sure as hell they were the same.

They let go!

They let go!

When you’re drowning in an ocean even trolls can’t save the day! 

Anna always was the favorite, our parents clearly loved her more,

so when I spotted out my window,

their ship along the shore the anger built up in that tiny room,

so I sealed their frozen doom!

                 THEY LET GO!

While I managed to dispose of mom and daddy,

I was thwarted in my plans to take the throne.

Though our parents were both gone,

Anna’s love became her brawn I couldn’t freeze her spirit if anything it had grown!

And if there’s one thing that my powers cannot handle,

it’s warmth of mind mixed with a belly filled with fire, ugh.

So even though I hate you dearly,

and you can’t trust men to be smart I need the help from one to go and break her heart.

There’s a slither of ice that I sense inside you,

and with a snap I could make you a giant mess!

But I’ll take advantage of your coldness,

so turn that evil into boldness,

profess your love and let it flower like winter cress!

Then let go!

Let her go!

Let her love you to the core then break her with malevolence!

Let her go!

Let her go!

When a heart lays cracked and shattered it can’t put up a defense!

Then she’ll finally know my pain,

and soon my trust’ll be regained,

she’ll think that I’m the only one that can heal her forlorn pain!

I’ll put lies inside that hollowed heart,

then I’ll tear it apart!

                SHE’LL LET GO!