i hate you dearly

I’m a bit irritated...

… by those who are bitter at Tite Kubo, disrespecting him for how he ended HIS story.

I was also disappointed that Ichigo and Orihime ended up together, that we never saw characters like Kisuke Urahara or Grimmjow after the battle with no form of closure, that the ending seemed so rushed and terrible, etc.

But here’s the thing: he was very rushed. He may not have done EVERYTHING you wanted him to do with the story you and I love so dearly (or you hate, whatever), but dammit he tried his fucking hardest to get his stories out every week. Whether or not he published that very sad and emotional story on Twitter, I would still be saying the same thing. Hell, the fact that he took time to give us some idea of what was going on with him during the past five years. 

Obviously, you don’t need to feel sorry for him or let this excuse everything you are angry about; however, please respect that he is a HUMAN BEING. He struggled with motivation, determination, and physical illness, two of which I can understand as a person who loves to draw. He obviously has many fans who encouraged him, but with all the horrible things people said to him on Twitter, I’m shocked he had the stamina to keep going. I hardly would. In fact, I’d get incredibly angry. He handled all the angry fans fairly well, and he persevered. 

He may not have catered to our whims, or followed an “awesome plotline,” whatever your problem with Kubo is. However, that does not warrant your disrespectful, vile comments. He. Doesn’t. Deserve. IT.

So I’m sorry to those, like me, who wished to see a better ending, a better storyline. You can still be upset. But I implore you all to stop bashing him. He may not care about the hate he’s getting, but I still want you to consider your actions. That’s all.

Long Distance

Hades sings to Persephone
“Come spring, you’ll be leaving me.
I know your mom hates me and
I know she misses you dearly,
I count the days till you return
Like pomegranate seeds.”

Cross the days off the calendar
Pick the petals off of flowers
He’ll wait and wait till he sees her face
Nothing can fill her absence, nothing can replace
His hell is far more pleasant with her in it

Seasons change and stories rearrange
Only six more days left to count
These seeds in his hand bring no comfort to his land
No matter how many he plants
Nothing brings life like the touch of her hand

He gives out life sentences to the evil men
Makes them serve an eternity of torture
But nothing ever hurt him, not as much
As when he condemned himself to be without her

Persephone sings to Hades
“We all have something to give-
Not everyone has a talent for gardening.
While I’m gone, you will continue to live
The world will keep on turning.
Know that I love you, know that this is true,
That nothing brings me so much joy as you.”