i hate you dd


Can you guess with what I kept myself occupied after my pc broke?~

So I was drawing my fish/ shark husband from Zelda Botw but then I just had to draw my favorite shark as well. @lonely-shark-beast as a Zora!

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I thought i'd be horrible drawing digital but it works pretty well! I have no clue why i'm telling you this, i guess i just got really happy haha. But I hope you have an amazing rest of the day, and hey that's a really good icon!

congrats!!! :DD and thank you hehe. i’m love hating it rn. lol

look how cute apollo is in the dd artbook cover

ok look how cute everyone is but apollo especially

‘wait we’re taking a picture hold on–”

bonus simon and taka having a moment lol

My 👑princess crying😭
  • Princess: *crying
  • Daddy: *picks around the corner
  • Daddy: *walks up
  • Daddy: *push the hair out of her face
  • Princess: *looks up
  • Daddy: *wipes away a tear off her face
  • Princess: *pushes daddy away
  • Daddy: *walks away
  • Princess: *sitting in a room alone
  • Daddy: *runs in with a blanket!
  • Daddy: *whips up princess in blanket
  • Daddy: *holds her close
  • Princess: why?
  • Daddy: because I hate to see you cry!
  • Princess *smiles
  • Daddy: that's my girl

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so like, am I crazy or was Peter's speech in CW - the one about how if you can do the things he (Peter) can do but you don't, then when bad things happen it's your fault - echo something 616 Tony has said before? It sounds really familiar and I could have sworn that Tony has either outright said something similar or implied something like it's his responsibility to do certain things because he can do them and nobody else can. Am I making stuff up or??

oh my god bro definitely, peter’s speech was 616 tony stark: a summary. it’s why the scene cuts to tony’s Serious and Low Key Embittered face right as peter’s saying this stuff

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frank/karen domestic au!!!!!!!!!!!!

◇ it takes them ages to finally move in together, mostly because frank initially has a lot of reservations about staying the night– and about their relationship in general. in the beginning, he always felt like he was somehow betraying maria’s memory by being with karen. they would have sex, and once karen fell asleep, frank would sneak out of the house. karen never pressured him, though. she understood that it wasn’t easy and let him have his time. it warmed her heart the first morning she woke up and frank was still there, sound asleep next to her. 

◇ karen has started taking her coffee black thanks to frank. because he’s always up earlier, he’s the one to brew the first pot of the day, and he always pours two cups and always, always, always forgets to add sugar to karen’s. she doesn’t mind it much, but she has started keeping extra sugar packets in her purse for the days when he makes it too strong. 

◇ thanks to his sicilian parents, frank is fluent in both english and italian. he doesn’t speak italian often, but when karen wakes up in a cold sweat from a nightmare he immediately gathers her into his arms and sings an old lullaby his mother used to soothe him with – he hasn’t sung it since his children were babies, and honestly surprises himself by remembering all the words. 

◇ their house is full of dogs because frank will take home literally every single stray and lost pup he finds. karen honestly doesn’t know how many dogs they actually own anymore because so many have passed through their door. they could probably open up their own dog rescue at the rate this is going. karen has even started nudging foggy and matt to look up info on what she’d need, legally, to to do so and she’s started volunteering at a local rescue that’s helped them house a few dogs to get some hands-on experience. 

◇ karen uses frank as a soundboard for all of her new articles. when she’s stuck with writer’s block or not sure if what she’s writing sounds right, she just starts reading aloud. frank is honest with her, as always, and she trusts his judgement. 

◇ they workout together most mornings of the week. it started with karen joining frank on morning jogs and grew from there. their favorite thing to do is probably sparring with each other, which is something they started doing when frank asked karen if he could teach her self-defense. she was a quick study, and he almost always winds up sporting new bruises from their matches. 

◇ karen knows her way around most firearms thanks to frank. they each have a pistol that stays in the house, and he’s brought most of his weapons home at one point or another to clean and to show her how they work.

◇ when at home, karen lives in frank’s hoodies. there is nothing better than stripping out of her clothes at the end of a long day and cuddling up in one of his oversized sweatshirts. she swims in them, which makes them all the more comfortable, and at this point she’s claimed at least half of his collection as her own. 

◇ frank has learned karen’s favorite songs (as well as songs that really annoy her) and every now and then he’ll sneak into her car and set one of them to play when she leaves for work in the morning. he usually does this when she’s had a rough few days or when he knows she needs cheering up. she usually listens to talk radio in the morning, so pop music blaring through her speakers is always a surprise.

send me an au and i’ll write 5+ headcanons for it

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So I definitely don’t understand this or even understand why people think of such. But according to this blogger they believe that people in the DDlg community are supporting sexual child abuse. I honestly have no idea why people think so, is it maybe because we “littles” are in a child like mind, and enjoy child like things. I don’t see how that is supporting sexual child abuse, I never seen that in this community let alone on my blog, seeing as I don’t support such thing. But I suppose people who don’t understand this community has to hate on those who are apart of it. How do y'all feel about this, like I just don’t honestly understand. Thank you for hating on my blog that I express myself with. 🙄🙄

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Please don't judge me for this, but I don't quite understand what is wrong for a 21 year old dating a 16 year old? I'm 16 and dating a 29 year old (who I love very much). I personally don't like dd/lg relationships (and hate TERFS thank you for being anti-TERF) but if those two are in love, are both of consenting age and consent to a further relationship, I don't understand why that is bad? I'm sorry if I come across as insensitive. Please forgive me if I do. I don't mean to be.

16 dating a 29 year old isn’t healthy because there is a power imbalance due to the age gap,,, it’s like hella creepy for older guys 2 go after young ppl like there’s a reason they can’t get ppl their own ages. Sorry