i hate you dd


Can you guess with what I kept myself occupied after my pc broke?~

So I was drawing my fish/ shark husband from Zelda Botw but then I just had to draw my favorite shark as well. @lonely-shark-beast as a Zora!

I dont know what to feel im so glad everything is okay at my croissants aka mo guan shans home like…..??? I WAS SO AFRAID and now i see he is fed and his mom is pretty and warm and seems like a loving mom like??? 

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I thought i'd be horrible drawing digital but it works pretty well! I have no clue why i'm telling you this, i guess i just got really happy haha. But I hope you have an amazing rest of the day, and hey that's a really good icon!

congrats!!! :DD and thank you hehe. i’m love hating it rn. lol

I hate RDS and anxiety cause like someone won’t talk to me for like hour or reply a message i sent and my brain automatically thinks ‘they hate you, you fucked up because of this tiny thing you did or didn’t do yesterday to a week ago and/or think you’re annoying better leave them alone for a week-rest your life because you a fuck up.’

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so like, am I crazy or was Peter's speech in CW - the one about how if you can do the things he (Peter) can do but you don't, then when bad things happen it's your fault - echo something 616 Tony has said before? It sounds really familiar and I could have sworn that Tony has either outright said something similar or implied something like it's his responsibility to do certain things because he can do them and nobody else can. Am I making stuff up or??

oh my god bro definitely, peter’s speech was 616 tony stark: a summary. it’s why the scene cuts to tony’s Serious and Low Key Embittered face right as peter’s saying this stuff

look how cute apollo is in the dd artbook cover

ok look how cute everyone is but apollo especially

‘wait we’re taking a picture hold on–”

bonus simon and taka having a moment lol

I need blogs to follow

Agents of shield
Agent Carter
Brooklyn 99
Doctor Who
How I met your Mother
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Jurassic World
Marvel Movies
Mortal insturments
New Girl
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Parks and Recreation
Pride and Prejudice
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The 100
Under the Dome

My 👑princess crying😭
  • Princess: *crying
  • Daddy: *picks around the corner
  • Daddy: *walks up
  • Daddy: *push the hair out of her face
  • Princess: *looks up
  • Daddy: *wipes away a tear off her face
  • Princess: *pushes daddy away
  • Daddy: *walks away
  • Princess: *sitting in a room alone
  • Daddy: *runs in with a blanket!
  • Daddy: *whips up princess in blanket
  • Daddy: *holds her close
  • Princess: why?
  • Daddy: because I hate to see you cry!
  • Princess *smiles
  • Daddy: that's my girl