i hate you cassie

i honestly don’t get anon hate bc like?? you actually took the time of your life to get behind that anonymous icon rubbing your hands together in glee knowing you’re not going to get any further hate behind your shield of invisibility and make me a list of all the things you dislike about me or/and my blog when you could have just! pressed the unfollow button and moved on! read whatever spiteful word vomit your complicated adolescent brain has come up with and reevaluated your choices! sipped some chai and refrained from being ugly! it really is that simple! i’m not keeping anyone against their will! it literally makes no sense for someone to keep thinking about smth they don’t like! ppl tend to keep away from what irritates them, not pummel right into it! idk what you’re trying to achieve! or why you’re so pressed! but! consider Not Doing It maybe!

person: [points at grisha paperbacks on shelf] so what’s the main love interest like??
me: a disease
me: no really his name is malaria

Can people stop bashing on LoS if they haven’t even read it?

If you have read it and you don’t like it and you want to express your dislike, that’s fine. Not everyone has to like the same thing. 

But if you haven’t read it and make bad comments about it and act like you know everything, out of hate for Cassie or whatever…

I am sorry, but you are like Zara Dearborn and the Cohort in a way.

Because you are focusing on hate and not facts/reasonable judgement, even if you try to argue otherwise.

P.S. Making bad comments based only on the things you saw on Tumblr doesn’t count, because they are already secondary information and mixed with opinions.