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Promise? // Lee Mark


the prompt(s): 1) Could I request a scenario for Mark like the Jungkook one you did? Except he doesn’t have to be King yet, he and the reader are just kind of sneaking around the castle and being all cute and in love then they get cAUGHT and I’m sorry this is so long!! 2) Could you write some mark Lee fluff?? Just some cute, first love type of thing?

words: 2134

category: fluff

author note: ah, mork. my precious, smol, overworked son. may he get the rest he truly deserves~ also, this is for two different requests since they both fit the same genre. please enjoy!

- destinee

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you know, I see these lovely people on my dash who have the ability to reblog pictures of sebastian stan with tags like “he’s so cute!!” and “look how adorable he is!! uwu” and i just, no, that’s not how this works, he’s fucking INTOLERABLE, where is your rage at his face, where is your LUST-ANGER, like, sebastian, my buddy, my pal, frankly how DARE YOU, have you SEEN the thing he does with his MOUTH, christing fuck, I CANNOT

But I Don’t Like Bacon

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut (ish)

Word Count: 2,006

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You narrowed your eyes as you watched your long-time enemy byun Baekhyun. He was sitting a couple of tables away from you reading his textbook intensely. That’s not the part that annoyed you.

No, it was the crowd of girls watching him from outside the library windows as if an angel had just floated down from heaven.

And what made it even worse, was that he loved it. Ohhh god the boy was reveling in the attention he was getting.

He loved playing with their feelings and then dropping them as if they were nothing.

One of your best friends happened to be one of the girls he played; but yet she still pined after him. It’s almost as if the hatred she should have felt traveled to you, amplifying you need to end him.

you were currently sitting at 2nd in your year levels ranking. Guess who the fuck was first.

Yep. Baekhyun.

Its like everything you did he was there and doing it better than you. Your vice captain, he’s captain.

Your team managed to win regionals for soccer, his team won nationals.

You’re pretty popular, but he is a walking god.

“Y/N your glaring again” your best friend sighed as she continued to write notes in her notepad.

“opps, didn’t notice” you said as you ripped your eyes from the devil and continued studying.

“aren’t your families close?” she asked as she moved on to researching on the internet. You sighed remembering that you families were planning a joint get away from the summer holidays.

“Yep! i have to see him every day, do you realise that I see him more than I see my own mother” you ranted as you placed your pencil down and sighed frustrated.

You best friend just shook her head before she looked up to give him a glance. You watched as her face quickly changed from longing to shock.  

She quickly dove her sight back down into her books as she continued to write.

You looked up to see the meaning of the sudden movement. That’s when you saw Baekhyun making his way to your table.

You rolled your eyes before slouching back in your chair ready to hear the bullshit fall out of his mouth.

“hey yuju” he said addressing your friend and completely ignoring you.

She blushed intensely as she tried to find the words to say to him.

“go away” you answered as she continued to sort out her shit. Baekhyun’s smile dropped before he slowly turned his face towards you.

“I don’t believe I was talking to you” he said as he folded his arms in annoyance.

“and you think I care” you said as you tilted your head to the side narrowing your eyes again back in his direction.

You best friend looked between you and him with worry as the tension between the both of you was building. An argument was making its way up your throats but before it could happen she spoke.

“did you want something?” yuju asked quickly.

Baekhyun gave you one last glare before turning his attention back towards her.

“I was just wondering if you would like to come to my party tonight, I was able to get the keys to the pent house of my flat complex, the whole year level is going to be there” he said before flashing her with his signature smile.

Yuju looked at you, searching your face for approval or disappointment or any kind of emotion.

A)   You don’t want to go to his stupid as party anyway

B)    You hate parties

C)   You hate him

But if she wants to go you cant stop her, but you definitely don’t approve.

“ill think about it…and if I do come, it’ll only be with Y/N” she said as she looked between us. Baekhyun looked horrified. He was not one to be negotiated with but if he want what I thought he wanted (some booty) then he was going to agree.

He groaned before eventually nodding his head.

You rolled your eyes as you watched him walk away, the crowd of girls waiting for him outside started freaking out and dispersed as soon as he opened the door

You kicked your shoes off as you entered your room, your bag quickly found its way too the ground and you phone quickly found its self calling yuju.



You sighed before continuing to talk to your friend.

“hey be careful alright…like we both know what kind of person he is” you said as you heard her shuffling around her room.

“yer yer, hey I’m going to go early alright, ill see you there” she squealed before hanging up the phone.

You huffed in annoyance before laying down on your bed relaxing your tensed muscles.

Maybe you should just stay home…Baekhyun doesn’t want you there, your friend will be too busy trying to get his attention. So, what’s the point…

You and Baekhyun used to be really good friends, your parents were best friends so naturally, you spent a lot of time together.

It wasn’t until around middle school when you started to loathe him, maybe it was because he started to ignore you? You technically weren’t cool enough for him back then.

You remembered that he had tried to rekindle your relationship with you a couple times. But of course, you being the stubborn bitch that you are rejected him.

And you also tried to rekindle things, but of course, his stubborn ass rejected you right back.

Then the both of you kind of gave up…

You shook off the thought of Baekhyun before deciding to just stop being a lil bitch and go to the party.


It was hella loud.

And I mean hella loud.

The floor was basically vibrating from the bass of the music and you might have been mistaken but the walls were basically shaking.

you wore a short red silky dress and your naturally wavy hair was let down. You felt good and you looked good too.

As you walked through the crowds of people trying to find your best friend you saw Baekhyun and his group of friends at the back of the room, drinking and laughing loudly.

Everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives, and it would be a lie if you said that the energy of the room wasn’t affecting you.

You decided to give up looking for Yuju and that the dance floor is where you should be.

As the song played and peoples bodies were moving to the beat you started swaying your hips to the rhythm not really paying attention to the people around you.

The dance floor started filling up with people as the beat of the music slowed down, it was that time of the night.

Random hands had found their way to your hips; as your body rolled you felt their body pressed against yours. Usually, this is where you would slap whoever was invading your space away.

But tonight, you wanted to have some fun.

You felt his member harden against your ass as friction was being created between the two of you.

“what the fuck do you think your doing”

You looked forward to seeing Baekhyun standing in front of you; his arms were crossed and his eyes were narrowed. Instead of the glare being directed towards you, he was glaring at the horny boy behind you.

You rolled your eyes before removing yourself from your dance partner; the mood had just been killed.

Baekhyuns eyes remained on the stranger as he sighed and walked off to find some other girl who was the same level of horny he was.

“whats your problem?” you asked angrily as he stalked closer towards you.

He said nothing. Before you could scream at him in annoyance he grabbed your wrist harshly before swerving on his heels and dragging you away from the party.

You struggled against his grip as he pushed you into the bedroom next to the main one.

“what the fuck do you want! If you’re so mad, ill just leave?!” you shouted as you tried to push past him. He pushed you roughly making you fall back onto the floor.

As you let out a pained groan he swiftly locked the door before taking a deep breath in, his back was turned towards you.

“Why do you always do this to me” he breathed out softly as you stood up from your previous position.

“what the fuck are you talking about” you muttered as you rubbed your probably bruised ass.

“you always glare at me, always give me attitude, always reject me. And It drives me insane” he whined as he turned around to you. Instead of the anger, you saw in his eyes before; they were filled with desperation.

“All I’ve ever wanted was you Y/N, but every time you just keep pushing me away” he growled as hunger dripped from his voice.

You took slow steps back as he walked towards you. He wanted you, he wanted you so bad and it was written all over his face.

And judging by the way his voice was making your body react; you wanted him too.

As your back hit the wall Baekhyun placed his hands on either side of your body as his eyes were fixated to your lips.

“But tonight, you’re mine” he whispered. His lips flew to yours like magnets.

You grabbed his shirt as his tongue skillfully entered your mouth, his hand trailed up your thigh as you opened your legs a little, letting him press his body closer to yours.

You pushed him backward lightly, leading him in the direction of the bed.

As he fell backward you eyed the hard boner that was begging for your attention.

You straddled him quickly as he tried to pull of your dress; you slapped his hands away before smirking down at him.

“Patience baek” you said before sending him a wink. He groaned impatiently before you slowly started to grind against him.

The friction caused by his jeans caused soft moans to escape your lips as the thinnest of your underwear let your core take the majority of it.

Baekhyun groaned repeatedly as he clutched your hips tightly, he tried to make you go fast but you continued at your pace.

“Y/N- baby, please go faster” he moaned as his face twisted with agony, the pace was killing him and that’s exactly what you wanted.

You had Baekhyun in the palm of your hand.

You decided to comply and picked up the pace of your grinding. Both you and baekhyuns moaned started getting louder and more frequent as the pressure of the grinding had also been increased.

As your stomach started to bubble you decided that now was the perfect time.

You stood up off Baekhyun leaving him confused to the sudden loss of contact.

“What happened?! Why’d you stop!?” he whined clearly upset that you stopped grinding which means he probably wouldn’t be able to actually have sex with you.

“What? You think you can just treat me like shit and then suddenly confess you don’t hate me and id fuck you?” you asked calmly as you fixed up your hair.

Baekhyun looked at a loss for words as he stared at you in shock.

“B-but it was the truth” he muttered softly.

“I know, and I’m willing to work on this, but it won’t be that easy” you shrugged as you collected yourself hormone wise.

“You liked it” he said as he stood up and started fixing himself up too.

“maybe, but I don’t like bacon” you said before patting his chest and walking out of the room.

You couldn’t help the smile that covered your face, you didn’t really know where your relationship with Baekhyun would go but you knew it’d be an exciting journey.

(A/N sorry if it was bad! I got a little lost with where I was taking this one, but anywho I hope you enjoyed a little bit of it :) )

Nobody - Part 2

A/N: So you all wanted a part 2 to this imagine so here it is!

After your little argument with Peter, you didn’t talk to him for three days.

At lunch you noticed that he would look over at you sitting a table on your own. When you had caught his eye you just went back to stabbing your pasta with your fork. But when you looked back up a minute later, Peter was no longer looking at you, but he looked sadder and less enthusiastic towards the conversation that Liz and her friends were having.

You didn’t know if that was because of what you had said to him before or if it was another reason.

It was on the fourth day after the argument when you two finally ended up talking.

Since you didn’t have your best friend to hang out with after school you just ended up going straight home. Your homework turnover was benefitting from this though so you tried to look on the good side.

Just as you were leaving your last class of the day, you were stopped by someone putting their hand on your arm.

You turned to see Peter standing behind you. He looked timid and like the old, shy Peter you used to know once. Not this new confident one. You didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?” Peter asked.

“Depends what about.” You said curtly.

Peter visibly swallowed. “I’m sorry for what happened the other day.”

This was what you wanted to hear but whatever Peter said you were still annoyed. “Well you haven’t done anything to change it. You still don’t sit with me at lunch and talk to me in class.”

“Y/N, I’m trying to apologise.”

“I know Peter but understand that as much as it pains me to say this, it hurts to look at you and Liz and I don’t think that will go away any time soon. Therefore I’m trying my hardest to move on.”

Peter looked at you with a weak cheeky smile. “Oh you were never a good listener, Y/N.”

“What?” You demanded tired of his games.

“Well if you’d let me talk a minute ago I could have explained to you that I am now not with Liz and we’re just friends. I’ve finally seen what I was doing and it was the wrong thing.” He paused to make sure that you were properly understanding what he was saying. “So therefore I don’t have a date to Homecoming… And I was wondering, um-”

“If I wanted to be your date.” You finished for him. You tried to keep a poker face but you were smiling now. You took back what you said about Peter not being able to say anything to change your mind - he just had.

“Uh, yeah.” Peter replied with a shy smile. “I like you Y/N and I was stupid not to see that.”

“I’ll be your date Peter Parker.” You stated, and turned around to leave as so to make a dramatic exit. “But no flowers you know I hate that cheesy shit!”

“Yes okay!” Peter laughed from behind you.

You were going to Homecoming with Spiderman.

  • Just because you’re carrying a baby, it doesn’t mean you get to act like one. 
  • Call me old-fashioned, but I believe farewells are best in person.
  • Get out here and tell me what you’ve done with our ____, you narcissistic, backstabbing wanker!
  • I wasn’t being literal, darling.
  • I know you hate me but what is done is done.
  • If I had a dollar for every mess my family has gotten me into…
  • I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside my window with a stupid boombox.
  • Admit it. It may do wonders for the stick that’s lodged up your enduringly stoic ass if you did.
  • You know how I love to set things on fire.
  • I’m surprised you came to my party.
  • I’m not hungry, I’m angry.
  • Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas.
  • Look me in the eye and do it. Do it, you coward. Do it!
  • Well, I hate being told what to do so I ignored you.
  • What happened to the ____ I used to know? The one who laughed death in the face.
  • Your stupid temper will be the end of you one day. Just know that.
  • You and I on the same team. It must be Christmas.
  • I know I have to give her back to ______ when the time is right, but she’s made me realize how much I want that child of my own and I know I can’t have one.
  • Oh, she looks like her mother. Maybe there is a god after all.
  • I plead you to shut up and listen.
  • I don’t want to be afraid of what my brother will do to me for loving you.
  • ____ isn’t dead yet? Well, good on him! I love a good survival story!
  • You would choose love over family and then condemn me for doing the same.
  • Fair only gets you so far, love. Clever gets you further.
  • Here`s the thing, my family, we have money, castles, jewelry, just name your price and let me out.
  • I`m leaving now. You can either walk out that door with me or you are on your own.
  • Who do we have to kill?
  • Absolutely not! I paid for that!
  • Sorry to crash the fun boys, but some of us actually came here to hear the music, not you.
  • I am not a brat!
  • You really do love her, don’t you? Consider me jealous.
  • You don’t shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it is your teeth.
  • Do you think I want to spend what could be the last few hours of my life having idle chitchat with a girl who literally stabbed me in the back?
  • You should know better than to sneak up on a lady.
  • I thought I killed you.
  • I mourned you! My heart broke thinking I’d never see you again.
  • I loved you through everything and you don’t even care.
  • So, then leave. Out of everyone, your presence is the least necessary.
  • You have a nice behind.
  • Well, 7 of us and no one thought to bring s'mores.
  • If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were becoming a halfway decent person.
  • Impressive. You’re like Sherlock Holmes with brain damage.
  • The first rule of truly living– do the thing you’re most afraid of.

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Could we see the protective scenarios with 76? I love u sm💞

Thank you for your request! I personally feel like I didn’t do as good with this as the others so I apologize if you’re disappointed..  (ノД`) I hope you enjoy it though

WARNING: May cause triggers for those who have experienced sexual assault for your safety I have placed ** at the beginning and end of the scene so that you may skip over it

  • When you entered Overwatch you started off as a recruit, so fresh and so innocent, in a way you were ignorant to the true danger out there; you knew deep in your heart you had to do something to help the cause
  • On your first day of recruit training, you began the day with a positive attitude and a focused mind, you wanted to prove to the commander in charge that you were ready for more than just training; you wanted to be on the front lines with a gun in your hand and the enemy at the end of your barrel… but things hadn’t gone so smoothly as you wanted
  • Soldier 76 was the man in charge of training your squad, he’d taken a personal liking to pushing you harder than any other recruit he’d trained, it was no surprise that in the process of this you’d grown to hate him; being the only women training to become a soldier, you knew deep in your heart that he’d singled you out because of your sex
  • However, that wasn’t the case for Jack, in fact he’d pushed you harder than any other recruit because he knew that you could handle it, he’d read your file and based off of the description you placed for your reasoning for being here, he knew you’d be one of the best.. he just had to see it for himself first
  • Recruit training went on for five long months, you’d been the top of your squad and it seemed like the harder you tried to please him, your best just wasn’t good enough for him; slowly but surely your patience with him was diminishing, ‘why couldn’t he just praise me like he had the others?!’
  • Thinking a thought like that made your face heat up with embarrassment, you couldn’t begin to understand why you were getting so frustrated. Before you could come up with a reasoning, your brain had played the clever trick of showing you and Soldier sharing a heated embrace; this made your face mimic a tomato as you shook your head, you did want to think things like that… but slowly these little clips became far too comfortable, they played out constantly in your head
  • These thoughts slowly affected your training performance, the more you heard his voice the more your brain imagined and it later became clear that you had developed a crush on the one person you hated the most; Soldier took note of your sudden decline in performance and suspected it had been because of him, he was pushing you way to hard, so once training was over he’d told you to follow him
  • You followed behind him in silence, your mind was wondering, you desperately tried to gather your thoughts ‘He knows, he definately knows.. it’s written all over my face! He’s never gonna take me seriously now, he probably thinks I joined just to get close to him. Ugh, I hate him.. I hate his stupid face and his.. large muscles and his toned back.. No! Focus! I c-’
  • You were shot right out of thought when you walked into his buff back, Jack was surprised and turned a head around to look at you, your face was beat red and  in a quick panic you apologized to him; he couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, your sudden change in attitude was surprising, he thought you were cute
  • When the both of you entered his office, he sat at his seat and you across from him, you’d crossed your legs and did not make eye contact with him; you were looking down for a moment, the silence in the air had developed a thickness, and then he spoke
  • “I know why you’ve had a sudden change in performance,” he began as he cleared his voice, you’d took the opportunity to look at him, more directly, in his eyes; ‘does he really know?’ “You do?” you gulped, your mouth suddenly felt like a desert and your heart was beating roughly in your chest, your anxiety was getting the best of you as your fingernails gently pressed at your thigh.
  • “I just want to start of be saying I’m sorry, I-” he spoke again, this time he was the embarrassed one, he’d never felt the need to apologize for pushing a recruit, but this situation was different seeing as how it affected you more severely. Seeing this as a rejection, you abruptly stood from the chair and in a shaky-toned voice you’d cut him off “I understand, I shouldn’t have these feelings for you so I apologize, I don’t know what’s come over me, I.. I tried to brush it off as nothing but I think about you a lot. Maybe it’s for the best if I’m switched to another squad, for now I’ll be on my way.”
  • By then Jack was completely confused, he never in a million years would have suspected that you’d had feelings for him, he thought he was being a bad leader and overworking you; you liked him. The mature man’s face heated at the thought of it, he saw you as a headstrong recruit that strived to be the best, he saw a lot of himself in you he thought, then his mind began to wonder.
  • So lost in his thoughts, Jack hadn’t realized that you’d left his office, he was so unsure of his feelings or rather if he had any for you; he sat there in silence trying to figure out how he felt, by the time that he had realized his feelings, you were long gone and he had to find you
  • You were unsure of what to do so all you could do was walk, you walked out of the Overwatch HQ and into the city; you walked until you’d gotten tired and decided to stop at a nearby bar, there you’d just sat slumped over the counter with a glass of water, the bartender was female and very friendly, you felt comfortable
  • When you felt rested enough, you tipped the women and exited the bar, you were greatly unaware of the three men following after you. When passing a nearby alley, you felt something lay upon your shoulder and thanks to your training, you’d grabbed it and flung the man over your shoulder; looking down you felt a wave of panic wash over you, you were in trouble
  • **The two other men made themselves known when they’d grabbed both of your arms and then pinned you to the side-wall of a nearby building, you attempted to remove yourself from their grip, but you were unsuccessful, they were far too strong for you. The man that you’d swung over your shoulder was now standing from the ground, he looked at you with a devilish grin as he licked his lips, you knew what he was thinking, what all men like him thought
  • He came close to you and you attempted to kick him, but he expected it, he grabbed a hold of your leg and broke it with little thought. A surge of horrible pain shot through your body as you let out a loud painful scream, you’d never broken a bone before so the pain had been manifold, “I wouldn’t try and fight it, you know you want this, all women do”
  • Bringing his hand to your neck, he grabbed a hold of it, his spare hand had slowly followed the natural curves for your knee and then up your inner thigh; you were crying by then, you did not want this to happen so you shut your eyes, you prayed for it to end**
  • Jack had heard your scream and it sent shivers down his spine, without hesitation he ran toward the sound of cry and when he’d found you, something inside him flipped; before the man could harm you, he’d called out to him, then man had no idea what was yet to come. All three men were no approaching him, they’d dropped you to the ground and left you in pain; you glanced over at Jack and the both of you made eye contact, “Close you eyes, that’s an order” Jack growled, you were obedient and listened shutting your eyes tight
  • When looking at the three men, Jack held up his rifle and chuckled “I’ve give you three seconds, if you can get out of my vision, I won’t shoot you” Two of the men took of in different directions and without hesitations Jack shot them in the spines, he’d hit the in the perfect spot to paralyze them
  • “Rule #1: Never trust your enemy” he’d chuckled in a low grunt before running at the man that tried to hurt you, he’d knocked him back into the building near you, once on the ground Jack began wailing on the man; he was a beast, almost unrecognizable
  • You’d open your eyes then and watched as Jack was beating the now unconscious man, reaching out to him you told him to stop, he hadn’t listened the first time until you cried out for him to do so; he’d softly lifted you from the ground and held you close to him nuzzling his face into you neck, you felt safe
  • “I’m sorry you had to see that side of me,” he breathed out for a moment “I could have prevented all of this if i’d just open my mouth earlier. I want to be with you,” he embraced you softly before taking a better look at your “Please be with me.”
  • You were shocked, all your dreams in that moment were coming true, it felt to good to be true, but you humbly accepted him and since then the both of you were together

Anon said: Hello there!! I L-O-V-E your fics and was wondering if you could do an angsty Jaehyun one?? I know how much you loathe him but Tbh i adore him (even if he’s acting stupid). I was wondering you could do one where in y/n is an idol and they are on the verge of breaking up because of rumors/fans??????? Love you!! <3

Being an idol kind of really fucking sucked ass sometimes.

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|| incompetence ||

this is the first time I’ve ever written something for bradley baker from {{edge of winter}}. Admittedly, the movie’s not perfect, but I still enjoyed it.

this story contains spoilers for the movie, just in case you haven’t watched {{edge of winter}} and want to avoid spoilers.

warnings: mentions of abuse

**don’t repost this story.**


We lit a flame in our bodies: I’m sure you can hear it well enough to drive you mad… It’s telling us to, “live”!

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The Sweetest Melody

pairing: philip hamilton x reader
words: 2700
warnings: none i guess unless you count shY PHILIP and this one is just really crappy oh well
summary: reader takes piano lessons from eliza. philip is blown away by her music and the feeling is mutual. this summary explains nothing and i couldn’t find a good gif cri

It had been love at first sight.

From the moment you saw a piano at your church, you knew it was something you wanted to play, to learn, to master. You approached it in awe, your four-year-old eyes shining with childlike wonder. Looking around, you spotted your parents, who were deep in conversation with another couple towards the front door. No one else was around, or so you thought. Straining and reaching with all your might, you managed to get your little legs onto the bench. You looked around, quickly, and hesitantly tapped a key towards the center. A note sounded, abrupt, but it was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard, clear and unique. You pressed on the key again, longer, laughing quietly now.

You experimented with different keys, touching ones low down and high up, holding them for different lengths, even doing three at once, which was quite the task for your small little hands. Your parents’ attention had been attracted by now, and your mother came over quickly.

“(Y/N), dear, I don’t know if you should—”

“Mommy, did you hear? L​​​isten!” You tapped out a short melody that you had made up. Your father had come over at this time as well.

“That’s wonderful, sweetheart,” your father said. “Did you make that up yourself?” You nodded happily.

And that is why you started piano lessons two years later, as soon as your parents could afford to get you a piano and find you a teacher. It took them longer to do the latter, as you had specific standards that you delivered to them in a list. “She has to be kind and funny,” you said. “And she has to like me and want to help me get better.” Your parents could barely hide the twitching in the corners of their mouths as you gravely ticked off all the qualities your teacher needed to have. However, they looked around to see who was teaching locally, and they found you a perfect fit.

A Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton.

You were very excited for your first lesson. Your parents dropped you off at the door and you raced inside, Mrs. Hamilton greeting you. “(Y/N)! How are you, dear?” she cried, giving you a big hug. She smelled like cookies and the flowers in your front yard—peonies, weren’t they? As she led you into her living room, you stopped short in awe. A beautiful grand piano was sitting in the corner, glistening and sleek. It was huge, but you resolved not to let that get to you. She laughed, her bell-like voice sounding in your ears, and once you had recovered from your initial shock, she sat you down on the bench and pulled up a chair next to you.

“Now, (Y/N), this is what I do with everyone for their first lesson. We won’t be playing anything today, but we’re going to get to know each other.” Your face had dropped when you heard you wouldn’t be touching the beautiful keys, but you brightened when you heard the alternative. You loved Mrs. Hamilton already, and couldn’t wait to get to know her more.

She asked you things like how old you were (six), if you were excited to start lessons (yes!), what made you interested in piano (everything; she chuckled at that), and if you had any siblings (no, but your mother was pregnant and you hoped it was a girl). “Now it’s time for you to ask me things,” she said. Ask anything and I’ll most likely answer it.“ You thought hard for a second, then said,

"Do you have any kids?” She smiled.

“I have one right now. His name is Philip and he’s just your age.” You beamed.

“Is he here?”

Mrs. Hamilton frowned. “Yes, but he’s very shy. He’s most likely just in his room like he usually is during lessons. He only comes down when it’s time for him to practice, which is right after your lesson.” You responded with a rather disappointed oh and then asked her about her husband. He was a lawyer and worked for one of the most successful law firms in downtown New York City, which had a daily hour-and-a-half commute. Her father was an important politician as well. It seemed that your new piano teacher was not only sweet but successful.

Your parents heard glowing reviews of how your lesson went and how your teacher was. However, even through all your excitement, you still wanted to meet Philip Hamilton. Your childish desire to make friends your age burned brightly, and every time you went, you kept an eye on the doorway for a peek of him. However, he stayed hidden. The only trace of him you ever got was a small snatch of his voice. Humming. You were too young to question why he didn’t show up. You just figured that he was very shy and left it at that.


Nine years had passed, and you still went to Mrs. Hamilton every Monday, rain or shine. You were her favorite student, or so she said, and you had been going to her for lessons longer than anyone else she taught. Of course, having played for nearly your whole life, you were very advanced and were playing some of the most difficult classical pieces she had. This week, you were working on the third movement of the “Moonlight” Sonata by Beethoven. You were unbelievably excited because he was your favorite composer and you loved that particular work. It took some work, but you quickly caught on and could play it beautifully. You launched yourself into her house emphatically.

“Hi, Mrs. Hamilton!”

“Hi, Sunshine!” That quickly became her nickname for you as you were always happy and bright when you sat down at a piano. “You ready to go today?”

“Yes, ma'am!” you cried excitedly. “Wait ‘til you hear me play my Beethoven!”

“Warmups first,” she smiled, and you faked a sigh.

“If you insist.”

You stretched your fingers out, cracking your knuckles.

“Ready? Go!” she said, and the two of you began counting in French as you began to play scales. It was something unique that she did, that she’d always done. You thought it was incredibly cool and learned the numbers quickly.

“Sept, huit, neuf,” you finished, and Mrs. Hamilton applauded.

“Well done!” she cried. “Now, let’s see how your Beethoven is going.”

You smiled and picked up your sheet music. Taking a deep breath, you started playing, counting out the measures silently in your head.

She listened to you for a while, then stopped you. “Beautiful!” she said. “But go back to that measure. These notes are supposed to be legato.” She pointed to a group of notes and had you play it until you got it right. “Perfect! Keep going!” You played the rest with relatively small mistakes. But when you finished, Mrs. Hamilton wasn’t looking at you. She was looking at the doorway with a confused expression. She put her forefinger to her mouth and suddenly got up and tiptoed to the door.

“Aha!” she cried. “Found you!” You raised an eyebrow.

She came back into the room, this time with a boy in tow. “This,” she said, “is my oldest, Philip. Philip, say hello to (Y/N). It’s taken you long enough.”

Your eyes widened and you looked awkwardly down at your sheet music. Philip loosened himself from his mother’s grip, frowning slightly. “Hi, (Y/N),” he said to the floor, quietly. All you could see was a tall, strong frame and a face covered by chocolate ringlets.

“Hi, Philip.” He looked up at the sound of your voice and pushed his hair out of his face. You were awestruck for just a moment.

You had seen Mr. Hamilton before, and Philip seemed to have inherited the best traits of both his parents. He had big brown eyes, defined cheekbones, and, surprisingly, a face sprinkled with freckles. They reminded you of stars. And, of course, his hair framed his face in ringlets, a loose curl coming to a stop just above his left eyelid. He was the best-looking boy you’d ever seen.

“Philip, would you care to tell (Y/N) why you were listening to her every note?” His eyes widened as he looked at his mother and he bit his lip nervously.

“Um…well…” he seemed to be rendered speechless, and a bloom of red was spreading across his freckle-dusted cheeks. The reddish tint just served to define his already prominent cheekbones, and you had to breathe deeply to suppress yourself from blushing as well.

“You…uh…sounded really good. It was the best I’ve heard anyone play that song, actually. And Mom’s had a lot of people do it.” Now you really did blush.

“It wasn’t that good,” you said, then inwardly kicked yourself at the stupid response. Wow, I bet he hates me already, you thought. Your fingers began to tap out a scale on your leg, a nervous habit you had acquired.

“Yeah, it was,” he responded, with a shy grin. “You sounded better than I ever have.”

Mrs. Hamilton observed the exchange with a small grin on her face. “Well, dear, your lesson is over,” she told you. “Wonderful work!” She handed you the music for next time, and you went out into the foyer to put on your shoes. You intentionally spent a long time tying up your shoes. You wanted to hear Philip play.

He sang in French along with his mother, and your eyebrows shot up. His voice was—well, the only way you could describe it was pretty. It never wavered and was sure, confident. But if you were impressed by his voice, all thoughts of it were swept away when you heard him play. You recognized the song—Prelude No. 1 in C Major. A piece by Bach. Your jaw dropped and you were motionless for a moment. But you shook yourself a minute later. You couldn’t draw suspicion, and you reluctantly stepped onto the pretty, flowered porch, closing the door behind you.

Philip never hesitated to come in now. You had told him that you didn’t mind if he listened to you play. If it made him happy, he should do it.

When you came back a few weeks later, Philip was in the living room, engaged in a heated argument with his mother.

“But, Mom, that’s just creepy! Why would she do that? I don’t even know her!”

“Philip, you’ve been listening to her play for five years!”

You nearly dropped your music.

“Mom, that means nothing! I’ve just been listening to her because she’s the most talented person I’ve ever heard. Even if I tried not to listen, it wouldn’t work! Her playing just…draws me.”

You had to sit down at this point, your mind too numb to start untying your shoes.

“Then you shouldn’t have any problems with doing this. Just do it for me. Please? I might even have you two play at the next recital.”

A sigh. “Fine.”

You heard her coming and quickly ran to the door, pretending like you had just come in.

“Hi, Mrs. Hamilton!”

“Hello there! Have I got a surprise for you!” she exclaimed, excited.

“Really? What is it?”

“I was talking with Philip, and he’d be willing to play a duet with you for the next recital! Would that be okay?”

“Uh—sure! Yeah! That’d be great!”

“Oh, wonderful! Come in!”

You took off your shoes quickly and entered the living room. Philip was already sitting on the bench, looking worried. He looked up when he saw you, his face reddening again.

“Hey,” you said. He responded likewise. Mrs. Hamilton bustled around, gathering music and laying it in front of the two of you. After she was satisfied with the arrangement of everything, she clapped her hands.

“Go ahead!”

Philip looked at you and shrugged. You shrugged back and began to play.

The song was pretty, a piece by Strauss. It required yours and Philip’s hands to cross often, and you bit your lip in equal parts concentration and nervousness. Every time your wrists touched, sparks went up your arm and you had to work hard to keep yourself from falling behind. It seemed like forever, but you neared the end. Philip finished his part, and you played the last few chords. You looked up, breathless, and grinned at him. He smiled back, a crooked, laughing quirk that sent your heart racing and leaping into your throat, an expanding in your chest, a good hurt.

Mrs. Hamilton looked on. She saw the way Philip smiled at you, how he followed your every movement as you finished out the song. Something deep within her, something maternal, was grieving silently. Her son was growing up. He was already taller than his father and just as strong. She knew it would be a matter of time before he began to be interested in girls, and she was overjoyed that he seemed to have chosen you as the object of his affections, but that one part of her ached.

“That was beautiful,” she cried, blinking away a tear. “I’ll definitely have the two of you perform that at the next recital.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Hamilton,” you said.

“I have to find you some music,” she said. “I’ll be right back.” However, something in her eyes told you that she was leaving the two of you for a different reason. Her skirts disappeared from the doorway, and you and Philip were alone with your silence. You looked shyly up at him, but he was fiddling with his hands, weaving his fingers in and out of each other.

“You did really good,” you said, at the same time he blurted, “I have something to say.” You both were startled for a second, but then you laughed and he cracked a grin, which made your heart jump all over again.

“Go ahead,” you told him. He nodded and took a deep breath.

“All right. You’re probably going to think I’m strange, but please, just hear me out.” You watched him intently.

“I’ve always been shy. I’ve never liked meeting people because I’ve always thought they wouldn’t like me. But that changed when I first saw you come here for lessons, about five years ago. I was looking out the window of my bedroom and I saw a car pull up and you stepped out. I could see you well enough that I could form the opinion that you looked like such a friendly, approachable person. I just wanted to be your friend.

"Every week after that, I watched you come in and get picked up. You always had a huge grin on your face and greeted your parents with a wave and a lot of happiness. It wasn’t until five years ago that I realized I had fallen in love with your smile. That’s when I became interested in your music. When I heard you for the first time, I was blown away. It made sense that someone with such amazing energy and optimism could create equally wonderful music. I’d never talked to you; I was too shy, but just the same, I had the biggest crush on you.

"I knew you’d never even seen me, but I couldn’t help but fall in even more. I’m just grateful I got to meet you after all these years. You’re as wonderful a person as I’d imagined you’d be.” He fell quiet then, and you stared at him in shock.

“Oh my god.”

He looked devastated. “I’m so sorry! I just thought you would want to know. I’ve probably ruined everything now, haven’t I?” He put his head in his hands.

“Philip, no,” you told him, gently prying away his fingers. “It’s probably stupid since I haven’t known you for very long, but I feel the same way. Ever since I was six, I wanted to meet you. And you’re everything I thought you would be.” His eyes widened and he looked at you in disbelief.



Philip took your hand.

And outside the door, in the kitchen, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton smiled through her tears. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I just found your blog and love your writing so much!!! May I request a drabble to how each BTS member would handle being in a relationship with someone who's not fluent in Korean? Maybe how they would try to overcome the language barrier during an argument? Thanks, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! <3

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin | Jin | Hoseok | Namjoon | Yoongi 

Haha! Told you I would keep my promise!!!

A/N: Kyaaaaaa!!!! Do you know how happy your message makes me every time I see it???!! You are so sweet Anon! Thank you soooo much for your compliment. It really makes my day year seeing someone enjoy my writing. I really don’t think I’m all that, and I know that despite my efforts, my writing is still riddled with mistakes and errors, and I’m such a perfectionist that if I re-read a piece of writing, my hands can’t help but itch to fix it. I promise (yet again) to work hard in order for you all to enjoy my writing much more. Also, shoutout to @happy-meo​ for being my (unbeknownst to her) senpai in the tumblr/BTS/writing community. Her incredible stories inspired me to finally put myself out there, and I cannot be more grateful. Also, to the Anon who sent this, please come off anonymous so that I can love you!

Important Note: I will post the rest of the drabbles asked for throughout the rest of the week at whatever time I feel like, and will add links to the rest of them on each post later! Please look forward to it! (And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the rest of you who requested.)

- Yeobo is an affectionate term between couples, like jagi.

- “Most italicized words in this format are in Y/N’s native language.”

- “All the rest are in Korean.”

When you and Jungkook met, it was an instant attraction. You had met one very rainy day in Seoul when you were on a trip with your best friend, traveling around East Asia. It was like in the movies in which you had just come out of a store with your best friend, only to find a deluge attacking the ground with harsh pellets of rain, and strong gusts of wind, making the raindrops hit you like bullets as you attempted to walk to the nearest bus station. 

As soon as you had managed to wrestle your umbrella to its full size, it flew right out of your grasp, and down the pavement where it landed at the foot of a stranger. You had raced after it, in hopes of catching up with it in time to save it from blowing away forever. When you had finally caught up with it, you had looked up to find a very handsome man leaning down to pick up your umbrella which sat at his feet. As he had handed it to you, you could tell he was just as in awe of your seemingly fated appearance as you were of him, as he continually stared at you for about ten seconds until the man realized he was staring, and handed your umbrella back to you.  

He spoke in your direction, but you had no knowledge of what he was saying, though sure it was in Korean considering you were in, well, Korea, and the fact that you knew only the very basics to help you survive on this adventure your best friend had dragged you on. 

You had begun to severely regret not taking the time to learn more.

“I - uhh… I am sorry. I do not speak Korean.” You had said with much trepidation.

Jungkook had looked at you with wide eyes as he came to understand your meaning, but his features relaxed as he giggled at your very adorable attempt at his native language.

“That’s okay. Do you understand, ‘where are you from?’”

You had blinked at him, trying in vain to understand what he had said, but to no avail.

Your best friend finally caught up to the two of you, exchanging glances between you and the mysterious man before you, and suddenly your awkward aura, shifting feet, and sweaty palms made sense. She chuckled at your  shyness before turning to the mystery man, speaking in (mostly) fluent Korean.

“I’m sorry omo. My friend speaks no Korean whatsoever, so you may find it difficult to speak with her.”

The three of you moved indoors to converse more freely without the rain hitting your backs like javelins, and your best friend became the translating mediator between you and the man now known to you as Jungkook. This continued on for a little while before Jungkook realized he had somewhere to be, and that you and your best friend really needed to catch a bus back to your hotel before the routes closed for the night.

Jungkook had asked for your phone number, which your best friend so graciously translated for you, and you granted him that luxury, hoping to one day be able to speak with him without borders.

Your relationship grew over time and much effort on both of your parts as you took up one another’s native tongue in hopes of having fewer misunderstandings (as there were many of those when your new best friend, Google, pretended it was fantastic at translations, only to find that in reality, it was awful).

Eventually, (probably not too long after you both met, let’s be honest here) you and Jungkook fell in love, and as your love grew for one another, so did your ability to speak one another’s languages (though you were still not fluent, thus bringing about many issues and arguments over misunderstandings or frustrations at not being able to fully translate your thoughts.

For example, when you had finally moved to Seoul to be closer to Jungkook:

“Jungkook! I’ll be fine, alright? I’m used to you not being around.” You say in very broken Korean.

“That doesn’t make it alright!” Jungkook’s eyes widen, hoping you’ll understand his distress.

You sigh in defeat, knowing the exact direction this argument was headed, as you have had it many times before since you had moved to Seoul.

“Look, yeobo. It’s not like I’m going anywhere! I’ll still be here when you get back, okay?”

Jungkook’s face falls, knowing you were right. “I know yeobo, but I can’t help but worry about how you’ll do without me around.”

His words strike a nerve, and you take a deep breath in attempt to calm yourself enough to prepare yourself to speak.

“Yeobo, did you say that I- You know what? Forget it.” You struggle to find the words to express your emotions in his language, instead settling for a long sigh.

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concern, and he reaches out to caress your shoulder in the most gentle way imaginable; like a feather settling onto the skin of your shoulder. “Yeobo, are you alright?”

You brush him off angrily, well aware that he is just being a caring boyfriend, and yell in his face, “No! I’m not okay you stupid, stupid man! I hate that you are forced to leave me all the time! I hate that your schedule is always packed to the brim, so that we are never able to hang out properly! Sometimes I even wonder why I moved here since you’re never around! Sometimes I seriously consider moving back home! So no, I’m not okay!”

You chest heaves after your violent tirade that has probably left your neighbors questioning your sanity, and most certainly left Jungkook very concerned, and very confused. Jungkook winces, looking down at his feet as you finish, finally being able to fully understand a word of what you were saying as you had reverted back to your native language when yelling, forcing Jungkook to have an incredibly difficult time keeping up with what you were saying, and leaving him at a loss as to what to do since he quite literally could not understand why you were so angry with him.

He raises his head slowly to look at you, his sweaty palms rubbing together in nervousness. “Y/N, I don’t really understand why you are so upset with me-”

You rage flares to a dangerous level, despite the knowledge that he knows your language no better than you know his, and you feel the urge to break something. You pinch the bridge of your nose, attempting to keep your cool, and point to the front door to your apartment, not having the energy, nor the emotional strength to go through such a draining arugment right now.

“Get out.”

Jungkook takes a step back, obviously hurt by your curt command, and before he can protest, or ask why he’s being forced to leave, you look up at him and glare.

“Get. Out.” Jungkook’s eyes widen significantly at your threatening tone of voice, and he steps forward to try and make amends for whatever he had done wrong before he changes his mind, his face hardening as he steps away from you and towards the door you had so adamantly asked him to leave through, slamming the door behind him, and not bothering to look back. And as he leaves, you fall to the ground, frustrated tears finally escaping their confines, and falling to the laminate floor beneath you as heavy sobs wrack through your body. You wonder why love had to be so difficult.

Later, Jungkook would finally give in to his concerned friends and tell them what was up since he’s not exactly one for being really expressive about his problems, and when he does, he calls your bestie to get her to translate not only languages, but emotions as well. When she’d finally found out what was up with you, she relayed it to Jungkook while trying not to give too much away, so that the two of you could talk it out like civil adults. Jungkook would then went back to your apartment where you stood in the doorway as he offered himself to you, pleading forgiveness, and telling you how much he wanted to make up because he felt like he’d been dying without you by his side. From what you can understand at the rate he’s speaking to you, you realize that he is being sincere, so you move away from the entryway to allow him access back into your home (and into your heart omo). As the two of you try to communicate with each other with as few misunderstandings as possible, even using apps and yes, the help of your good, fake friend, Google, to fully understand one another’s grievances. Jungkook leaned his forehead against yours when all was said and finally understood, giving you that heart-melting bunny smile of his that gives sends butterflies flitting around in your stomach before saying that he loves you.


Bright as the Night Sky (Part 5):

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you enjoy this next piece. Shout Out to: @mm23219 @sparkleywonderful @feyreismeiamfeyre @annerozacat @acourtofrunesandwands @avap12 @feysandfeels @rowanismybae @theatrebabe224 @acourtofredqueens @alltheartfeels @emyluo @theheirofnightandday @acourtofcrowsandhallows @iwouldtrustmylifetohagrid and I can’t forget @something-called-sno girl! It totally slipped my mind to tag you! Hope you like Feysand! The other parts are listed below! 

Thank you again for all the love, hope you enjoy this piece, probably won’t give as many people heart attacks but you never know. 



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Chibs Telford - What You Want


Life is too short and wonderful to waste time doing things you really don’t want to be doing.

“I hate this stupid thing.”

You said adjusting the dress that you were going to wear tonight to see your father. He was one of the type of men that you had to dress up and go to a nice dinner area in Stockton.

“Then why do it?”

Chibs asked from the doorway. He startled you causing you to turn and face him.

“Because I’m daddy’s little girl.”

You said rolling your eyes. You missed the sudden glint in his eyes as he walked toward you. You raised a brow when you felt his hands moving over your exposed shoulders and his lips came down to be placed on yours.

“Damn right you’re mine.”

He groaned causing you to blush as you kissed back.

“That’s not what I meant Filip and you know it.”

You told him between kisses. He just smirked as he placed his hands behind your back and started to unzip you. You squeaked and pulled back a bit.

“I gotta go to this dinner, Filip!”

You said quickly, only to be ignored as he walked you back to the bed.

“Daddy wants your here tonight.”

He said as his hands roamed over your body. You grunted as you gave into the man. Knowing there was no way of fighting off something that you actually wanted.

anonymous asked:

I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to make a request and I also don't know if you even take requests, but I'm doing this anyway. I really really love your jikook writing, no matter what it is, and I was wondering if you could write something for the maknae line with jimin being the submissive one if you know what I mean, or jikook?? Whichever floats your boat. Please and thank you. ^^

fansigns are jimin’s least favorite events. as the famous singing duo VKook’s manager, he’s obligated to coordinate these events but he still hates them. 

“thanks baby~” he hears Taehyung coo at a fan crouching in front of him and he scrunches his face up. 

“disgusting,” he mutters to himself. “stupid, greasy, man-child.” 

“jiminnie, baby, open up for us hmm?” taehyung slides a hand down jimin’s stomach, eyes glinting wickedly. jimin shudders at the sensation, heat pooling in his abdomen. 

jimin shakes his head, gritting his teeth. 

“jungkookie!” he hears another scandalous gasp. he glances over to see jungkook grinning up at a fan who’s covering her mouth with her hands, face flushed. “you’re so perverted! don’t do that to noona’s heart!” 

“ah, but noona’s too cute not to tease~” 

disgusting. he hates both of them. gross. 

stop that!” jimin slaps away the hands trying to grope at his butt. “pervert!” 

“ah hyung is too cute, i can’t help it!” jungkook grins, pushing into jimin’s space until jimin’s trapped between him and the wall. 

oh yes, jimin hates fansigns. 

“no reason for you to be jealous,” he mutters to himself. “it’s only right that they be nice to their fans. you’d chew them out if they were mean.”

just…did they have to be so goddamn flirty?

of course they do, jimin reasons again. that’s what draws in the fans. both of them can act cute but what really gets the fans screaming is when taehyung licks his lips or when jungkook delivers a slick body roll. 

sighing, he pushes his clipboard at another staff member. “need some air. cover me for a bit?” she nods and waves him off and jimin steps outside the venue, sitting down and leaning against the wall. 

“don’t be dumb, park jimin,” he tells himself. “no need to get jealous over every little thing.” or so he tells himself. unfortunately, jimin’s always been an insecure person. he leans his head back, closing his eyes. 

“where’d jiminnie go?” taehyung asks jungkook. jungkook doesn’t even answer him, eyes already searching the venue. taehyung almost laughs. they’re both so whipped and needy for their tiny boyfriend slash manager. 

“taehyungie-oppa! look here!” taehyung flashes them a short smile but then he’s looking around again, searching for a head of orange hair. 

when he doesn’t find him, taehyung lifts the mic to his mouth. “sorry! we’re gonna hold a short intermission, kay? don’t want you to get tired of us too soon!” 

“never~” they chorus and taehyung grins, a tad guiltily because really, they’re not allowed to call an intermission whenever they want but jimin isn’t here to help them with their bad life choices so really, they’re justified in going to look for him. jungkook’s already out of his seat, looking for a staff noona to ask after jimin. 

“she said he’s outside in the back,” jungkook tells him when he comes back and they both head out to the back. they open the door cautiously, wondering if there might be fangirls who didn’t get in to the fansign waiting in the back. there aren’t any. instead, there’s a familiar head of orange hair, eyes closed, looking ethereal in the afternoon sun. 

taehyung crouches down in front of the figure. 

“there you are.” jimin’s eyes fly open, eyes widening when he sees taehyung. 

“taehyung!” taehyung grins at him, tongue between his teeth. 

“we were wondering where you’d gone,” jungkook says from where he’s leaning against the wall. he crouches down next to jimin as well. “we missed you.” he presses a short, chaste kiss to jimin’s lips. 

“i was only out for a few minutes,” jimin mumbles, staring at the ground. his pink cheeks are so cute, taehyung thinks. jimin glances up at them, eyes large and forlorn. “you really missed me?”

taehyung blinks, wondering where this is coming from, but then remembers that jimin is usually always moody during fansigns. “of course we did! we always miss you when you’re not in our arms.”

jimin flushes harder. “…ah…” he looks down at his lap, tiny fingers fidgeting. “is…the fansign over?”

“no,” jungkook says. “taehyung-hyung called an intermission because we were wondering where you were.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “damn.” taehyung feels the same. all he wants to do is drag jimin back to their van and into their dorm so he can kiss and cuddle jimin for hours. maybe do naughty stuff. jimin’s lips are full and pouty. taehyung can just imagine them wrapped around his co – yeah. definitely naughty stuff first and then cuddles. “you should probably head back in. the fans are going to get restless without you there.”

taehyung whines, falling forward and burying his nose in jimin’s neck. the skin is so soft. taehyung wants to suck marks into it. “dun wanna!” 

without looking, he can see jungkook and jimin roll their eyes at each other over him. they always do. 

“go in,” jimin says. “let’s just get this done and over with.” he pats at taehyung’s back. “and then we can head home.”

“and do naughty stuff?” 

jimin smacks him lightly, face red. 

“i want to do very bad things to you, jiminnie,” taehyung says honestly. “very bad things.” 

“get inside,” jimin huffs, face red, but he doesn’t say no and taehyung stands up giddily. 

“you’re not coming in with us?” jungkook asks and jimin looks away. 

“not just yet. you go first.” taehyung pouts. he doesn’t want to go in without jimin. he’ll miss him more if he can’t see him. but there’s nothing he can do about it so he heads back in with jungkook. 

jungkook’s tired of smiling and talking. he likes his fans, sure, but only in concept. prolonged exposure makes him long for jimin and soft pretty giggles and eye smiles. 

a flash of orange catches his eye and his lips lift in a smile when he sees it’s jimin, grabbing his clipboard back with a small smile from the staff noona. 

(later, pics are going to come out of ‘jungkookie-oppa’s lovey dovey smile’ and jungkook will scowl and taehyung will laugh because that smile has nothing to do with fans and everything to do with their adorable manager. )

jungkook’s mouth  moves to autopilot as he keeps his eyes fixed on jimin while simultaneously trying to hold a conversation with a fan. jimin’s moving around, talking for a few minutes each to various staff members before he’s suddenly stopped by a man in a suit.

jungkook frowns and the girl in front of him ducks guiltily. “sorry! was that too personal a question?”


“ah…i…what’s your favorite color?”

“oh…no…i just wasn’t paying attention. it’s –” jimin’s laughing at whatever the man’s saying. jungkook feels something irrationally angry inside him. it suddenly occurs to him that he hasn’t answered her. “ – orange.”

“i thought you would say red or black,” she says. “i don’t see you wear orange much.”

“yeah…i guess…today i’m just feeling orange.” honestly, just get a move on. she’s distracting him. what had the man said that had gotten jimin laughing? jimin had been moody most of the day but he usually was during fansigns and he and taehyung could never snap him out of it.

jimin’s eyes are crinkled as he smiles, sweater sleeves falling over his hand as he covers his mouth with his hand. he’s adorable. jungkook wants to cuddle him, maybe rip the sweater off so he can see the rest of jimin’s soft skin.


jungkook jolts. “oh sorry. it’s uh…been a long day.”

after she passes, jungkook purposely knocks taehyung’s water bottle onto the ground. “oops.”

taehyung bends down to pick it up and jungkook bends down as well so they’re both hidden by the table. “who is that with jimin?”

taehyung blinks and raises his head slightly. his brows furrow when he sees. “dunno. why is jimin laughing?”


they both sit back up. any more time and it would look suspicious.

over the sound of fans screaming, he can faintly make out the sound of jimin’s bubbly, bright laughter.

((”how did you break your autograph pen?”

“i guess i…held it too hard.”))

in the van back to the dorm, jimin is once again sandwiched between taehyung and jungkook like usual. it’s surrounded by his two boyfriends that jimin always feels safest and most loved.

“so who was that?”

jimin blinks. “who was who?”

“the guy you were talking to.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “i talked to a lot of people today, jungkookie. you’ll have to be more specific.” jungkook frowns, jaw visibly tense, and jimin blinks, reaching up and touching jungkook’s cheek carefully. “is something wrong?”

jungkook ignores the question but doesn’t bat jimin’s hand away. “who was that guy that made you laugh?”

jimin hopes jungkook can see how confused his expression is because he has no idea what jungkook’s talking about.

“the guy in the suit, jimin.”

“oh! the…sponsor?”


“mm,” jimin says. “the guy in the suit? he said he wanted to sign a contract with us – you, i guess, for an advertising campaign.”

“but he made you laugh.”

“hm? oh…maybe? i don’t quite remember…oh yeah, i think he said i looked too young and cute to be a manager already or something like that.”

“we compliment you all the time!” taehyung pouts.

“it wasn’t really a compliment he was just joking!” jimin blinks. “are you guys jealous or something?”


jimin’s eyes widen, heat crawling up his cheeks. “what could you possibly be jealous of? he was a sponsor! he’s like middle aged and just a company spokesperson! you guys are – “ he gestures at the both of them. “ – you!”

“he made you laugh. we can never make you laugh on fansign days.”

“ah…that…um…” jimin looks down at his lap. his short, stubby fingers pull at each other. he wishes the conversation could just end now but even with his head bowed he can feel the weight of jungkook and taehyung’s eyes. “it’s because…you guys…um…”

“what? what do we do?”

“…you...flirt with the fans…”

“huh? what was that?”

“you flirt with the fans! and i get jealous, okay? that’s why i hate fansigns.”

there’s a pause and jimin buries his head between his knees, already embarrassed.

“aww jiminnie!”

jimin grunts as he manhandled onto a lap. he immediately buries his face in the nearest neck so he doesn’t have to see. it smells like jungkook. he can feel lips pressing into his neck and lips pressing into his hair. 

“you know that almost all of those lines are scripted, right?”

“yeah, jungkook couldn’t flirt with girls to save himself.” there’s a pause that jimin thinks is jungkook glaring at taehyung but he doesn’t deny it. 

“there’s nothing you have to be jealous of,” jungkook murmurs into jimin’s hair. “nothing at all.” 

More than one secret

🌸 PART TWO (2) | (1)

Originally posted by kkngie

Characters: Reader X Changkyun, some other members along the way

Genre: fluff and a lil angst

Length: 1498 words

Warning(s): just some swearing

Summary: When you thought life couldn’t get any more dull, an old acquaintance makes a sudden appearance and changes the course of it.

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I meant no harm (Rami Malek x Reader)

Requested by @teaandmusicme : Can I get an imagine where you play on Mr. Robot and date Rami and the two have been fighting a lot and instead of Rami saying what he said to Bill? About if they died it wouldn’t matter he has to say it to her and he feels bad about it even though itÄs not about her. Some angst and fluff would be great please and thanks :)

A/N: Hey Love, I hope you still remember your request and I’m sorry I let you wait to long for this. To be honest, I had trouble with the reasons for Rami’s strange behaviour so I let it out but I hope you still like this!

A/N2: I shared some tears while I wrote this one shot, it made me sad somehow. Feedbacks are appreciated!

Word count: 2,012

Warnings: cutting is mentioned but not in detail

You didn’t know what happened to him. He was acting so weird the last few weeks, and didn’t even tell you the reason why. He came late at night from work, while you were still asleep, cuddling against his pillow, pretending it was him. Sometimes you would share some tears. You missed him. You missed your relationship before he changed so much. It felt like after all this time he was ignoring you.

You had been fighting a lot, sometimes it ended with something being thrown against the wall or him saying rude things to you although you knew he didn’t mean it. It all was hard to handle, considering the fact that you had to work all day long on set of Mr. Robot. Rami himself got a supporting role for you and was very excited about the fact that he could spend more time with you now.  It went very good for a while, but then he changed.

You didn’t know if it was all the stress that lasted on his shoulders, making him the person you didn’t want him to be. Being the main character of a TV show had also his disadvantages. He barely slept or ate, he was constantly on set in contrast to you. Nevertheless, you were there with him although you had not to, only to support him, saying encouraging words to him or giving him a nice massage during his breaks.

However, Rami always pushed you away, telling you not to get on his nerves, breaking your heart every single time. But you tried to stay strong. You tried to save your relationship because you felt it was falling apart. There was too much love for him in your heart to let him slip out of your finger tips. But not only had you noticed this change. Also his co- workers. Christian, Carly, Portia wondered what happened to the lovely couple that always laughed together or fooled around. You couldn’t tell. Because you didn’t even know why.


It could have been a wonderful night but again it ended up the both of you fighting. He came home earlier today and the only thing you wanted to do was to spend a little bit time with him, since work was always in the way. You didn’t mean anything bad, just wanting to watch some movies together and cuddle on the couch. He told you no but you insisted, making him angrier every second.

It came to the point where he unexpectedly threw you favorite vase against the wall, making your body flinch of his sudden burst out. “God damn it, (Y/N)! I said no!” You looked at the ground, the wonderful porcelain was shattered into pieces. You sighed, already being used to him damaging the things that meant a lot to you. You wanted to avoid this fight being continued so you walked to him, talking to him with a calming voice. “It’s okay, Ram. I’m sorry.” But it didn’t make it any better. Instead, he freaked out even more. “You know I hate it when you call me that stupid name! Stop it, just stop it!” His face showed nothing but anger, his normally green eyes darkened, making him more intimidating. You had never seen him before in such a state.

“Rami…?” You said quietly. “I only wanted…” But he interrupted you. “You know what?! I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with such an annoying woman like you!”  He went to grab his jacket, putting it on. “Even if you died right the second, I wouldn’t give a shit about it! No one would! Because you’re nothing to everyone. The people who you call your friends would show up to your funeral because they would feel obligated, and leave as early as possible. That’s what you are. You’re annoying, dumb and pathetic!” With that he slammed the door behind him, leaving the apartment you were sharing with him.

You stood there, totally petrified and shocked. You never felt so humiliated in your life. Not only he had insulted you, no he also confronted you with your worst fear. He used your weak point against you. You were always afraid that nobody would like you or care for you, leaving you alone. After what Rami said, you wondered if he was right.

Tears streamed down your face and you burst into crying. Your heart wrenched in your chest and you fell down on your knees, crying your eyes out. What had you done to deserve his harsh words? You never wanted any harm. Why was he so mean to you? Slowly, but still crying, you turned off the TV which was on during your argument and strolled to your bedroom. You laid down and continued sharing tears until there was no one left.


A few days had passed after your fight and Rami and you hadn’t talked to each other since then. You hadn’t even appeared on set although you were needed. Everyone became concerned, asking Rami where you had been but he only shrugged, mumbling that he wouldn’t know. Also he was very down, regretting every single word he told to you. He couldn’t explain what was going on in him that moment. He never wanted to hurt you. He loved you so much.

As he stomped out of your apartment, he went to his brother to stay there for a few days. He wanted to clear his mind, but ended up crying on his brother’s shoulder. He couldn’t sleep the night long and this continued the next days. Dark bags were visible under his eyes and his face was very pale. He was very devastated.

Christian was very worried about his state, so he walked towards him as Rami took a break. He noticed that he wasn’t in a good mood for days. Taking a bottle of water, Christian sat down next to the heart-broken boy. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked. Rami only shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno.” He mumbled. “I haven’t seen (Y/N) for a while,” Christian continued. “Is she alright?” Rami sat there totally still and suddenly his eyes began to fill with tears and his lower lip quivered. He laid his face in his hand and began sobbing. “I really don’t know!” Christian looked at him with pure shock. He instantly laid his arm around his shoulders, trying to soothe him.

“Hey mate, what happened? Why are you crying?” Meanwhile, Rami’s burst out gained everyone’s attention. They shared perplexed glances, wondering what had brought the young man to this state. “I broke her heart, Christian!” Rami hiccupped. “I was mean to her!” Christian stared at him sympathetically before he wrapped his arms around the young man’s fragile body, offering him the comfort that his friend needed. “I’m the worst boyfriend on earth! God, I hate myself!” Rami whined.

“No, that’s not true.” Christian assured him. “Everyone here knows how much (Y/N) loves you. We all see the shining in her eyes when you’re around her. You may made a mistake, but that won’t stop her from loving you. I don’t know what happened between you during the last weeks but I saw that she tried to fight for your relationship. Although you pushed her away, she always found a way back to you. (Y/N) is lovely young woman and I know how happy she makes you so please do me a favor and don’t let her go.” Christian patted his head brotherly. “Now move your ass and save that what’s needed to be saved. Go and get your girl.” Rami wiped his tears away and the men offered a smile to each other.


It was late in the evening as you sat on the couch, watching TV while eating your favorite ice cream. You made yourself comfortable in your pajamas and your body was wrapped with a thick blanket. You tried to avoid anything that remembered you of your boyfriend who didn’t talk to you for days. You even had no idea where he was staying, he never came back since the argument. Probably he found shelter by his brother or friends. Honestly, you were worried if he ever would come back.

You also had not shown up on set for days, telling Sam Esmail that you did not feel very well and apologized for your absent. You also pleaded him to tell nobody about this which sounded really weird to him. Hopefully he did not tell anyone. It also would be useless to be at the same place as Rami and weird with all the tension between you and him.

You took a spoonful of the vanilla flavored ice cream and were about to take it in your mouth as you heard the front door being unlocked. Your heart raced rapidly when you saw Rami entering the apartment, carrying a big bouquet of red roses in his hands. You laid your ice cream on the table in front of you and raised your body from the couch.

Rami turned around and your eyes made contact to his for the first time after your fight. You did not know what to say and how to react. You were too shocked right now. You never expected him to show up.

Rami observed your body from head to toe and tears welled up his eyes. Your eyes were puffy and your nose was red. It seemed like you had not left the apartment for days, which was true.  Although you looked horrible right now, you were still the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. God, what had he done?

“(Y/N)…” He croaked, not knowing what to say. He wanted to speak but his voice gave up. Neither you nor he had the strength to say something. You only stood there silently. It was a horrible silence. You wanted it to end. You wanted to feel him again.

Suddenly, you ran towards him and engulfed your arms firmly around his body. You buried your face in the crook of his neck as tiny sobs escaped your mouth. Rami leaned himself into your welcoming embrace, pressing your warm bodies together. “Rami…” You cried, relieved that he was there. He caressed your soft hair and kissed your head many times as if it was the last time you would see each other.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He mumbled against your head. “I’m really sorry. Please forgive me…” You pulled away from him but put his face between your hands, kissing every single of his tears away. “Don’t worry about it.” You smiled encouragingly. “I’ll always forgive you.” You placed your lips on his and kissed him softly. “Because I love you…” You added. “So much.”

He laid his hands on yours and stroked your knuckles with his thumbs. Then, as he wanted to give you the bouquet, something drew his attention. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth hung open as he saw the freshly red marks on your forearm. You looked at him questioningly and followed his gaze that fell on your forearm. Instantly, you cheeks began to redden and you felt ashamed. Rami traced the red lines with his fingers carefully, a guilty expression was plastered on his face.

You felt bad. You should have covered it better but you had no idea that he would show up. “Rami… I can explain…” You stuttered. He only shook his head. “I never meant to harm you, (Y/N).” He said, still caressing your red marks. “It’s my fault this happened. Only my fault.” You pulled him into another hug, as he cried again. “I could have prevented this… I’m so sorry…”

“No it’s not, Rami… I did this myself.”  “But I lead you to it.” You patted his head. “My love, it doesn’t matter. It was my choice to hurt myself.”   “I’m sorry, (Y/N). Please give me another chance and I promise you will not regret this. I will make you forget the last weeks.” You offered him a smile.

“I know you will, my love.”

It Was Long Overdue

A/N: I don’t think I caught the meaning of the song quite all the way, but this is what my fingers typed up <3

Request: If you are still taking requests I would love a smutty/fluffy dean fic kinda based on the song Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. Maybe like he and the reader are in an established relationship and they have to get dressed up for a hunt? Thanks!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral (male receiving), some alcohol

Word Count: 1.2k


“No Dean, I’m not going!” You yelled from inside the motel bathroom.

“We have to go, Sam’s already there. He’s waiting for us” you sat in silence for a moment before finally stepping out of the bathroom. You were wearing a skin tight, black, sleeveless black dress that stopped mid-thigh, and a matching pair of stilettos, which you were going to be doing a lot of tripping and falling in.

As Dean took in your appearance he looked you up and down, absent mindedly wetting his lips.

Hey! Don’t look at me like I’m one of those strippers you like so much.”

“I uh-” he shifted nervously, “I wasn’t.”

You rolled your eyes as you made your way to the door. You could admit that Dean didn’t look so bad himself, with his black tux and perfectly tied around his neck. As you watched him walk out of the hotel room for the impala you wondered what you had gotten yourself into, going to a ball for some stupid cursed rock. When he got into the car you looked at him, you couldn’t hide the annoyed look on your face, you hated getting dressed up. It was enough of a fight to get you to put on you FBI suit.

“What?” he looked at you, confused, “is it really that big a deal?”

“Yes, it is.” You said through your teeth.

Dean looked in front of him as he pulled out of the parking spot and peeled out of the parking lot.

When you and Dean got to the hotel that the ball was at, you sighed as you got out of the car. Dean walked around the car and Cput his arm around you.

“What are you doing?” you asked him

“We’re acting like we’re a couple remember?” You rolled your eyes again as the two of you walked inside. You seemed to be doing that a lot today. Sam and Dean didn’t even need you for this, you had no idea why you were even there. You gave the security guards at the door your fake names and made your way inside. You took one look around at all of the people and decided you were going to go find an empty room to sit out the night in.

“Okay, sorry Dean. I’m out.” you said as you started to walk away, but he slid his arm around your waist tight enough to keep you from running off.

“I don’t think so sweetheart, you’re going to help me find this thing.”

As the night went on, you and Dean socialized with people you didn’t know, drinking champagne when you’d much rather be having a beer. You’d touched base with Sam a few times, but now it was time to go get the cursed rock that got you into this mess in the first place.

You picked the lock to the office that the rock was in and pushed the door open. It was a nice office, big and roomy, lots of bookshelves against the walls, a couch, there was even a kitchenette. Whoever worked here didn’t leave very often. You spotted the case that the turquoise colored rock was in and made your way to it when you heard the door open behind you.

“Heya you supposed to be in here little lady?”

“DEAN-” you said louder than you probably should’ve, while spinning around to see him leaning against a bookcase. He straightened up and walked towards you, smiling.

“Y/N, I don’t know if it’s this champagne or what-” he stopped in front of you, resting his hands on your bare arms- “but you look, absolutely beautiful, in this dress.”

He stepped even closer to you, leaning down ever so slightly. His hands moved from your arms to your waist.

“Dean, you’re just buzzed from the bubbly.” you said, trying to step back, but you tripped over your heels and started to fall backwards. Dean tried to wrap his arm around your back to catch you but he just ended up falling down on top of you.

“Ow, Dean, get off of me.” you looked at him, he was just staring at you. You began to look into his green eyes and notice a hint of lust in them. You felt your breath hitch as you relaxed underneath him.

“Are you sure you want that, sweetheart?” you didn’t answer him, you just lifted your head up and crashed your lips into his. You didn’t know if you had feelings for Dean or if it was just the champagne, but you couldn’t resist him right now.

Dean broke off this kiss and stood up, helping you up off the floor as well.

“I’m sorry I, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Dean, I’m the one that did that.”

“I still I- I shouldn’t have let you.” he continued rambling, his buzz obvious with every word that came out of his mouth. You had to interrupt him.

“Dean.” he looked at you, trying to think of something to say.

“What?” was all he could get out.

“Fuck me on this desk. Now.”

Without any other words his lips were back on yours. He backed you up to the desk and you lifted up to sit on it, your hands already down at his belt buckle, trying to work your way in. His hands slid up your thighs and up your dress, tugging at your stockings until they ripped open. He pushed your panties to the side and slid a finger into your soaked pussy.

“Dean” you moaned out as your hands found their way to his swollen cock. You pumped him a few times before pulling him to your entrance. He quickly thrusted into you, the hunger you both currently had for each other causing you to forget that you were in an unlocked office, that wasn’t yours.

He thrusted hard and fast, knowing that your time in the office was limited. The champagne had you reaching your climax before you even realized, cumming around Dean’s cock. He fucked you through it and you pushed him away from you, a confused look on his face. You pushed him back and slid to the floor, onto your knees. Before he could ask you what you were doing you were taking his length into your mouth. Sucking him and stroking what you couldn’t fit. You moved your head fast enough that he had to grip onto the desk with one of his hands, the other went straight for you hair. You brought your free hand to cup his balls as you sucked even harder, making sure to lick around the tip each time you bobbed your head.

“Y/N, I’m gonna come.” He got out, you hummed around his cock as you sucked harder, making his hot cum spill out into your mouth. You sucked it up as you let go of his cock with a pop sound, wiping the spit off of your mouth with the back of your hand. You leaned back and sat on the floor for a moment.

Dean was zipping up his pants as the door to the office opened, your heart stopped for a moment until you realized it was just Sam.

“Did you guys get the ro-” he stopped talking when he saw what had obviously just happened and covered his eyes- “really guys?” you stood up and shrugged your shoulders.

“It was long overdue, Sammy.” and with that you kissed Dean on the lips, walking back towards the case to retrieve the rock.

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Missing You (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Hey, can you write something where the reader is sick and almost can’t get out of bed and Sebastian finds her covered in blankets with a fever and watching Captain America: The First Avenger because she misses him and didn’t know he was coming home? Thanks love!

A/N: Pure fluff. Because this man is fucking adorable and I hate his stupid face. Thank you to @whothehellisjefferson for the prompt!

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Questions/Not a Feel

- How to deal with a bad teacher yelling at you when you are already having a meltdown? And how to get away with elaborate lie you made up to explain your actions?

I think the best thing to do in such a situation is to tell someone: student counselor, principal, your parents. Someone you can trust and who will do something. Teachers should not yell, no matter what.

- ya know how on some roller coasters you get that feeling of your legs coming off the seat when you go down? iiaat to just WAY hate that for some type of sensory reason? Just wondering cause thats been a thing ive 100% abhorred since i was little. 💀🎉

Could be.

- This is gonna sound so stupid, but is the face part of reading body language. Because I can’t read body language very well without seeing someone’s face. And idk if that’s normal or not?

Facial expressions do count as body language (it’s all nonverbal communication) - it’s common for autistics to struggle with both. However, there is no such thing as ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’.

- Iiaat that I always touch things while I walk past? I just drag my fingers or wrist along the wall or store shelves or sometimes tables and the tops of chairs and stuff ~ 🌙🌸

Yes, can be.

- hello, I’m just wondering if the name storm sheild (🌪️📛) has been taken yet??

No, it is yours now.

It Was Always You

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous: “Please can you do a basement Gerard fic where you and him are best friends and he comes round yours for a sleepover and its really fluffy and ends by you both admitting your feelings for eachother and you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Idk I thought that would be a cute fan fic :)”

Word Count: 476

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

You’re lying on your bed, looking at the fake stars your mom stuck to the ceiling when you were little. They don’t glow anymore and a lot have fallen off over the years but they still provide a sense of wonder to you and Gerard. He’s beside you; yawning and listening to you talk about school, more specifically that girl in your class who has the same band shirt as you that you’re too scared to talk to.

“Just say hello.” Gerard offers, knowing that you’ll turn down his idea because making friends is hard and he’ll agree.

“I can’t, what if she hates me?”

“She won’t, you’re wonderful.”

“Really?” You roll to face him and find he’s still looking at the stars. The room is dark and you trace his profile with your eyes in the moonlight, he’s so beautiful you find it hard to breathe around him sometimes. If he wasn’t your best friend since forever you know you would have done something stupid like kiss him by now. You want to kiss him right now.

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