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Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Normally you’d cheer for Stiles, it had been a tradition since forever, no matter what one of you was doing the other would cheer you on. But today you didn’t feel like cheering. Stiles spotted you as he went to take his shot and smiled to himself, you were his lucky charm but as he swung to score you stayed utterly silent.

“Stilinski, we’re aiming for the goal not the carpark!” Finstock yelled at Stiles.

“Yeah s…sorry coach.” Stiles mumbled as he glanced up at you.

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“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar”3/3 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Thanks to a very jealous Harley Quinn, Batman is finally able to find his wife’s whereabouts. Kidnapped by the Joker since over a week, he’s afraid of what he’ll find when he finally reaches her…

Last part. I hope you enjoyed this little series, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of it :). WARNING FOR A LOT OF VIOLENCE YOW !! 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )



Bruce was never going to come rescue you. You tried to stay hopeful, it wasn’t in your nature to give up , but you couldn’t handle it anymore. 

His disgusting touch, the torture, both physical and mental…You just couldn’t handle the Joker’s abuse anymore. But he wouldn’t let you die. He’d bring you to the verge of death, just to take you back again. You were stuck in a loop of pain and agony. 

And Bruce was never going to come rescue you. You just knew it. It had been too long. What happened ? Was he also hurt during the attack ? Was he dead ? Oh god that would be the worst…he couldn’t be dead, he was the goddamn Batman. But…The goddamn Batman, the greatest detective in the World, always found a way, and fast, it had now been almost two weeks…

Was the Joker right ? Was he telling the truth ? Bruce forgot about you ? He couldn’t have…could he ? The clown kept telling you how Bruce kept going on with his life, not caring at all that his wife disappeared. He kept telling you that he, the Joker, would never do that to you…Yes he was a psycho, but when someone was his, he never let them go. 

“Your Bruce” was letting you go. Not even trying. And you started to believe the clown, because…Two weeks. It was a long time. And Batman knew everything, you had no doubt that if he really wanted to find you, he would have used all of his ressources to do so. He would have already find you. Besides, he should have the help of your sons…Did they forget about you too ?

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[You pay One a visit at his studio]

You leaned against the doorway watching your boyfriend run-through his forms for the umpteenth time. The children of his class following his every move. He looked so focus as he perfected his stance. His voice strong and loud as he talked his kids through each move.

He’d already gone over his class time by fifteen minutes, he was so focused on teaching he hadn’t noticed that every single one of the kids had their eyes on the clock. He was still teaching his oldest class, most of them in early elementary school. Poor kids were there all night. Maybe it was time you saved them?

You cleared your throat rather loudly to get his attention and laughed seeing the look of annoyance on Jaewon’s face, of anyone who dared to interrupt his class. “J-Jagi?” he blushed seeing you standing there. “What are you doing here?”

“Teacher!!!” the kids cheered, happy to see you, but none of them dared leave their position.

“Hey kids” You laughed walking inside, bowing to his students. “Jaewon-ah you’re over time?” you pointed to your watch, smirking.

He looked rather flustered realizing that and turned to his kids. “Sorry about that. Alright, kids let’s wrap it up!” he tightened his belt, letting out a strong command and lead them through their last forms.


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She leaned forward, intending to steal a kiss from him, but he had other plans.

(I love how you turn these sin based prompts into crazy and epic shorts, good luck with this OuO ) – @pengwensketches

She leaned forward, intending to steal a kiss from him, but he had other plans. Without any warning Chat Noir’s fist collided with Ladybug’s nose. Ladybug stumbled back clutching at her nose currently gushing crimson. This was not Ladybug’s idea of the good kind of nose bleed. She snarled as she looked back up at Chat Noir. Every damn year. Every damn Valentines Day. And every damn year Chat got hit by another stupid Dark Cupid like akuma.

“Seriously Chat!? It’s not like I have cooties,” Ladybug growled. Chat folded his arms over his chest with a smug smile on his face before sticking his tongue out at her. “That’s it! I’m not kissing you this time! I’m just going to kick your ass instead!” Ladybug shouted.

“You’ll have to catch me first!” Chat Noir teased before bounding off. Ladybug sighed. She really hated Valentines Day. Next year she was recruiting fangirls to chase Chat Noir across Paris for a kiss instead.

Damn you almost had me there!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the shorts!!!

A Beggar for Love - Jackson

Jackson pounds at my door. To cause no disturbance, I prop it open to ask that he respect my neighbors if not me. “Jackson, it’s 11pm for goodness sake—”

His rude lips cut me short even taking my breath away. He turns me around to push me against my door as a way to close it as well as hold me captive. I can smell the whiskey from his breath. I can nearly taste it. He’s not drunk, but he sure is weak. Jackson grits, “I fucking miss you, you know that? I hate that you suggested we break up because god, I’m doing miserable.” Jackson’s eyes gloss. They shine with misery, but he doesn’t let a single tear escape.

“Coming here won’t make you feel any better,” I say as I try not to show any desperate reaction. “—and let’s not forget, we never dated. You were in many open relationships and I just so happened to misunderstand your intentions.” I bite my tongue as I admit my stupidity. The cut across my chest is fresh once again. “So stop coming here. I have nothing to offer you.” At the statement, I suddenly remember all the times I thought he made love to me to only find out much later that I was nothing but another outlet of relief. I’ve let him in so many times because I was fooled and I am not letting myself fall once again.

“You don’t understand—”

“I don’t want to, Jackson. I thought I understood you, but I was proven wrong and I’m not going to try anymore.”

“Just listen to me. I regret not making everything clear, but I know that I really want to keep you in my life. I messed up—a whole lot, but I want you.”

I interrupt, “No, you don’t. You don’t want me. You never did. You just needed me. Some days for coffee and some nights for company.” My voice aches as it tells the damn truth and my eyes decide to let it be known that my pain is far worse than his. Tears stream unending. “You gave me dreams I thought were real and then you crush them from your own selfishness. Or more like it, I crushed them myself from my stupidity.”

Jackson’s thumbs trail up to my cheeks to wipe away my weakness, but I swipe them down to clear the tears myself. I don’t ever want him to think I need someone else’s hands to make me feel strong or wanted.

“Don’t say that,” Jackson commands. “None of it was your fault.”

“I’m glad you’re taking responsibility, but it’s way too late now. I’m not taking back my decision.”

“Please. Please just let me have one chance. I can make it better. I can show you I truly mean what I say.”

I put my palm over the area of his heart and sadly smile. It was always something I did to feel his heartbeat, to test if it ever raced for me. “If a heart beats the same as it always did, it’s hard to believe there’s a change of heart.”

Hearing my disheartening words, he holds my hand tighter against his chest. “I need you to believe me. Tell me what I need to do to make you believe me.”

I shake my head, “You can’t come begging for love.” I swallow hard, “Because I was once a beggar for your love and it left me broken, so I suggest you to stay away from me.”


“Because I will leave you broken too.”

“i am not a hotel room i am home
i am not the whiskey you want
i am the water you need
don’t come here with expectations
and try to make a vacation out of me.”
– Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

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Hey could you please do #35 with Isaac Lahey?

Isaac Lahey - “If you make one more stupid pun…”

“Do you feel as horrible as you look?” Isaac licked his lips and scratched the back of his neck while you threw your backpack on the floor.

“Worse…” You sighed and leaned against the wall. “It’s that we totally need the money, else I would have quit this job ages ago already.”

Isaac curled his lips up in a smile. “I could make some jokes about jobless people right now.” His smile brightened. “But nevermind, they don’t work anyway.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself up again, walking past him so you could get to the kitchen. “I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for jokes anyway. I just need some food, hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a stupid movie marathon on Netflix that lasts the entire weekend.”

Isaac followed you and he leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. “Well, maybe I’m the perfect person to come up with another solution. I mean, claustrophobic people are kinda good at thinking outside the box.”

You couldn’t help curling your lips up a little, but you shook your head when you fell down in one of the chairs. “Instead of trying to be funny, you should make yourself useful or something. What about you do the cooking and the dishes tonight?”

Isaac shrugged his shoulders and he walked towards you. “Hey! You’re not the only one who hates today. I’m pretty sure the chickens in the fridge do too.”

You frowned your eyebrows and cocked your head while your glance met his.

“It’s Friday.” Isaac smiled once more and you took a deep breath, fighting the urge to throw something at his head.

If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.” You stuck out your tongue and Isaac started laughing out loud.

You liked the sound of his laugh. Not only was it something you didn’t hear that often, it was also something that sounded better than each and every song on your computer.

“I do have a good reason to make puns, though.” Isaac had to laugh in between every word and he wrapped his arms around his stomach. “It’s my respunsibility.”

You started to laugh along and eventually you stood up from your chair and pressed the palms of your hands to his cheek. “You know, I was going to give you a nasty look, but…” You couldn’t finish your sentence.

“It’s too bad I already have one then, huh?” Isaac’s arms slid around your waist and he pressed you a little tighter to his chest. “Are you feeling better already?”

You shook your head.

“Not even a little?” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you let your head rest on his chest.

“Fine, maybe I feel a little better.”

“See? I told you claustrophobic people have the talent to think outside the box.” He whispered and then he kissed your lips. “Come, let’s find you some inner peas.”   

You stuck your tongue between your lips and teasingly you hit his chest. “It’s a good thing I have a better opinion of you than you deserve.”

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A scenario where Zelda has a competition with the champions? First one to make Link break his composure and turns as many shades of red as possible? Should be a piece of cake for Zelda for as much time as she spent with him...

“This is stupid.”

Link sits eagerly, hands in his lap and smile hard to wipe off. The idea that he had a reputation of being stoic made him proud. He worked hard to display neutrality and he wanted to be a good role model for children, showing that a strong and reputable knight could endure all that come. But as he sit there in the middle seat of the large dining table, presented before each Champion as well as his princess, he couldn’t contain the excitement of being the center of attention.

“Okay,” Zelda begins. “The first person to fluster Link or make him blush gets a unique, one of a kind medal that I had made just for this moment! Everything goes, so as you keep privacy in-tact.”

“This is so stupid,” Revali huffs, crossing his arms. “We should be practicing, Princess. Calamity Ganon could appear at any moment-”

“I thought of this game so you all could have a break. I know we’ve been working hard– all of us– and as your princess, I hate seeing everyone so tense  and stressed out. So please, indulge in this for me.” The room fell silent. Urbosa was the first to speak up.

“I’ll go first.” Link lets out one last chuckle, before he drops his expression flat. ‘I’ve got this,’ he thought to himself. Urbosa begins with what others could consider cheating: seduction. She struts over with a sexy saunter, one hand on her hip and the other taking down her hair. Once in front of him, she runs a hand down his cheek and sends him a wink. Urbosa was skillful in the art of seduction. It was one of her tricks for interrogations. But Link was not going to crack. He raised and eyebrow quizzically, receiving a fit of laughter from the onlooking Champions in response. Urbosa, frustrated, scoffed and turned back around in defeat.

“Step aside, Urbosa,” Daruk bellowed. “I know my buddy, Link!” With each step he made, he stomped harder and harder. With a big smile and sparkling eyes, Daruk aimed to make Link laugh. As he reached the hardest he could stomp, Link’s lips were beginning to tremble as he stifled his own laughter. Daruk saw this and grew desperate. He began to dance! Link couldn’t contain it and let out a hearty laugh, holding his stomach and wiping his tears. “I did it!” Daruk cheers.

“No, no, no! You’re supposed to make him blush!” Mipha corrects. Zelda agrees, and urges Mipha to try next. She approaches him shyly while he’s still attempting to recover from Daruk’s silly display. While he’s still giggling, Mipha takes his hands in hers and she can’t help but begin to giggle herself. “Link,” she starts, quietly. “This…actually might not be the best time to admit, but for the sake of competition, I will try.” Finally calming down, he looks at her still with a smile and eager eyes. The latter Champions look amongst themselves knowing what she’s about to do. “Link…I lo–” Link erupts in laughter once more, seeing Daruk dance again. Mipha was now the one blushing, looking back at Daruk. “That’s cheating! You ruined the moment!” Upset and agitated, she returns to the other Champions.

“Okay, Daruk no more dancing,” Zelda commands. She purses her lips as she walks over to Link confidently. Link finally manages to settle down as she approaches. Nervous, he fidgets in his seat and stuffs his hands snug between his thighs in anticipation. ‘I’ve known Link the longest,’ Zelda reassures herself. ‘I’m definitely going to win!’

“Link do you remember when we were younger and we would play house?” Link stiffens in his seat at the memory. “We were husband and wife, do you remember?” Link nods, eyes shaking as he gazes upon her. “And do you remember when we would take baths together?” Link shifts his gaze to the floor as she continues to drill these questions. “Do you still think about things like that?” She hums, now speaking softly for only his ears. “Do you ever think about us doing them…now?” Zelda looks at him from her peripheral, checking for a reddening of his face. He slowly turns to look her in the face, eyebrows twitching at the corners. Biting his lip, he gradually starts to shake his head no and smiles at her innocently and sticks his tongue out mockingly. “Oh come on!” Zelda yells in annoyance. 

“This is stupid,” Revali grumbles to himself. “Hey Link.” As his name was called, Link looks over, still beaming. He was winning! “I hate to confess, but you are my main motivator. I practice daily with the goal to surpass you. But alas, we cannot defeat Calamity Ganon without you and it…is a pleasure to support you in your destiny.” All eyes on him, Revali turned to face away from Link in embarrassment. 

“Wow,” Mipha mutters, mouth agape.

“I’ll take that medal now,” Revali states cooly. The rest look to Link to see him hunched over in his seat, hands attempting to hide the red tint that creeped up from his neck, while his form trembled in bashfulness.

-mod makar

That Boy is Mine - Request

Requested by anon: sherlock x transguy reader where their like visiting john and Sherlock accidentally hurts their feelings by revealing their trans in front of a bunch of people /could I request a sherlock x trans male reader where Sherlock I a bit rude at first but the realises he loves them /Um would you be able to write a sherlock x transguy reader type thing if that’s okay

Pairing: Sherlock x trans!male reader.

Word count: 1.545

Warnings: After debating for hours what Sherlock’s sexual orientation would be for this, I realised that Sherlock doesn’t give a shit. If he doesn’t care about the Earth spinning around the sun, he will definitely care less about finding a label that suits him. SO yeah, there’s that.

A/N & Disclaimer: I DO NOT know ANYTHING about this. I’ve only met one transsexual person and we talked three times, not a single one about her transition. I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly, or if I used the proper terms, etc. I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE.
Sherlock is meant to be rude, and so he makes some nasty comments; if these things trigger you DO NOT READ. This in fanfiction, nothing else.

**Feedback is highly appreciated.


Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

There he was: the great Sherlock Holmes in flesh and bones. With his perfect cheekbones and the collar of his trench coat lifted, giving him his characteristically mysterious look. Avoiding the paparazzi with grace and sassy comments, zipping his way inside the cab John had stopped.

(Y/N) was just a reporter then, trying to get a decent note to overshadow everyone else’s and, at last, gets his desired job as head reporter in one of the most important newspapers in Europe.

How on Earth did Sherlock set his eyes on him? That was a mystery Sherlock wasn’t willing to solve. However, the simple view of his delicate figure stuck in the crowd of paparazzi, fans and reporters had some kind of effect on Sherlock.

“Mr. Holmes, Mr. Holmes, is it true that you are gay?” (Y/N) replied. Sherlock, who was mesmerized by him, shook his head and replied in the rudest tone possible.

“No, now move over.” Sherlock pushed the boy and everyone else away. He hated to be surrounded by people; he always felt like they were too close or too touchy, even if he had the perfect space to walk to the cab without pushing anyone.

In spite of his poor manners, (Y/N) was willing to get his desired paper and so he took a cab and followed Sherlock.

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Grace (Seth Rollins x reader)

Fandom: WWE

Word Count: 325

Trigger Warning: None

A/N: Requests are open. Here is my fandom list.

51: “A bull in a China shop has more grace than you.”

You were training in the gym when two strong arms wrapped around you. You looked up at your boyfriend and smiled. 

“Hey, babe. What’s up?”

“I just came down to see if my beautiful girlfriend was done in the gym so we could hang out.”

“Alright Rollins, what do you want?” you glared up at him.

He pouted at you, insisting he didn’t want anything but you knew better. You went back to your training, running on the treadmill to slow your workout before stopping completely. Seth followed you over and stood next to your treadmill and watched you run. After a few minutes, you broke the silence.

“Are you going to tell me what you want now?”

“I don’t want anything!” he grumbled.

“Mhm. And I’m not running.”

“Fine, can I pick the movie tonight?”

“You picked last time! It’s my turn and I want to make you watch some stupid SyFy movie.” you stuck your tongue out at him as you turned off the machine and grabbed your gym bag.

“Oh god, not again.”

“Why are you hating on my movies? They’re great.”

“No, honey, they aren’t.”

You put the bag down and turned abruptly to face Seth. You stepped back and recited:

“I am beauty. I am grace. I will kick you in the face.”

Then you swung one foot around pretending to kick him, but the foot on the floor twisted and you tumbled to the floor. Seth started laughing hysterically while you lay on the floor looking up at him. When he finally stopped laughing he looked down at your face and started giggling again. Then he held out a hand to help you up. You took it and pulled yourself off the floor.

“A bull in a china shop has more grace than you.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you walked out of the gym.

“Well, the jokes on you because we’re watching Sharknado.”

Burned Pt. 3 [M]

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (finally)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, language 

Word Count: 6.2k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: The story I posted this morning was not something I was proud of. I rushed the ending and didn’t take the time to flush it out in ways that I wanted to so I removed the post. I finally have a finished product that I’m really happy with. I hope you enjoy this final installment of Burned and I hope you stick around. I have plenty more stories to tell. <3 

You barely remember him being there. He had slipped into your apartment, using the spare key you hide in the pot on the back porch. He didn’t really speak to you, but you remembered he covered you with a blanket and set down a glass of water in front of you. He told you there was ramen in the cabinet and takeout in the fridge. Without saying another word he was back out the door again.

You pulled yourself out off the couch, contemplated doing the dishes that had piled up, but you decided that you needed to take one step at a time. You had drawn all the blinds and the darkness of your apartment made it hard to see. Your bones ached as you walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

The reflection is the mirror was something you didn’t recognize. Your eyes were hollowed with deep purple circles underneath. Your hair was a mess and desperately needed a comb through it. Stepping into the shower, you turned on cool water. Your body had had enough heat already. The last of the bruises he gave you were finally turning yellow. A sign that your physical form was almost done with Park Jimin. It was a small relief, that you wouldn’t have to see the reminders of him lingering on your body.

Pulling the sheets off the bed you threw them all in the laundry. Replacing them with your childhood sheets that you held onto when you needed the comfort of home while you were hundreds of miles away. The only scent lingering was the smell of your lavender detergent. You drifted off into a dreamless sleep, finally letting your body get some rest.

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Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 9

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, mentions of sex

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 [END]

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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Home Town

I didn’t want to come back. Nobody would. I was in college with one more year til graduation and I had to return to this stupid town. I hate it here, that’s why I ran the first chance I got. Not only that, but I didn’t want to see them. I would have to bite my tongue until I could get out.  But anyways, here I am. In the most boring town in this big exciting world.

“Sorry, Lou. But this is the best for your mother and me, and we just can’t afford to send you to that particular college any more. But there’s plenty of colleges around here that we can get in-state tuition for!” My father states as he carries in a box with my clothing inside my old home. I grab the box from my father and dart up the stairs to my old room. The grey-white walls with the black accent wall and black furniture. I groan and flop on the bed.

Lois Kathleen Ryan is my name. But that’s not important, what’s really important is my story. Back in high school, I wasn’t the prom queen or the school geek. I was another face in the crowd. I’m not saying I deserve to be prom queen or something like that, cause I know I don’t. People may not have known me but they definitely knew my friends.

I was dating the school skater boy who turned bad boy. He was a year older than me. His name was Luke. And that name haunts me to this day. Belive it or not, I caught him cheating on me at the prom. No, it was not one of those high school drama movies where she catches them dancing and get elected prom king and queen. No, we had decided to skip prom and go to the skater park instead. He had asked me to meet him there but I decided to pick him up. I caught him there balls deep in my high best friend, Shaylon Ambers.

Luke and I didn’t talk until he graduated. Luke didn’t get accepted into any colleges and just hung around the skate park smoking weed all day. When his class did graduate, I went mostly to see (most of Luke’s turned mine) friends graduate. Michael had come up to me and swung me around because he had passed math with my help and Luke had came up to us.

“Oh, hey Lois.” He had said to me.

“Hi.” I said, not looking him in the eye. I could feel Luke staring at me but I avoided his gaze and stared at Michael’s feet. He had new dress shoes on.

“I finally graduated. I mean, without your help with my homework I almost flunked history. I got a C- as my final grade.” Luke said almost as if it was my fault we broke up.  

“Maybe if you weren’t balls deep in Shaylon I could still have done your homework for you, Luke.” I spat at him.

“I told you to meet me there.” Luke says through gritted teeth.

“OH! And THAT makes it better?” I snap loudly at him, tears filling my eyes. I pinch my arm to try not to focus on Luke. Michael abandons the situation to go to Luke and I’s other mutual friends.

“It was a one time thing, she came onto me.” Luke yells at me. I wipe away tears as I stare at him.

“Quit making a scene, Luke.” I beg, looking around as parents, students, and teachers stare at us. “You’re being a massive jack ass.”

“OH! I’m making a scene! You should have seen yourself when I was fucking Shaylon! And by the way, she was way better than you ever were in the sack! I don’t regret cheating on you at all, Lois!” Luke screamed in my face, tears streamed down freely at this point. Luke and I pushed passed each other and that was the last time I had seen him.

I wiped away a tear at the thought of the fight. I started to unpack my boxes and dust off the furniture. I caught my appearance in the mirror. I had changed a lot from those days. Lost some weight, toned up, changed my fashion and makeup. I sighed and brushed my hair out, someone was throwing a party on Nations street that my dad had said I should attend.

I picked out one of the dresses my roommate had given me for my birthday last year. It was a dark blue skater skirt with a black tank top sewn to it. I sighed and prepared myself for this. I didn’t want to tell my dad that Luke’s best friend was throwing it because I knew he would never understand.

I drove my mom’s old minivan up to the house the party was at. I mentally prepared myself to go in and walked up to the door. I opened it to find many young adults and teenagers dancing around drunkenly in the small space.  I wanted to die. I saw a few familiar faces that I chose to avoid until my cover was blown.

“Lois! Oh my god I can’t believe it’s you! I haven’t seen you in like three years!” Two big arms wrapped around me and shook me like a dog. I smiled awkwardly as more townsfolk stared at us.

“Wow, Michael! I haven’t seen you since my going away party!” I smiled, happy to see the six foot tall, crazy haired boy.

“Let me get you a drink, babe. What’ll you have?” Michael asked. “Y'know what? I’ll just give you the Clifford specialty.”

“And what might this highly alcoholic drink contain?” I inquire as I watch him pour more than four different types of cheap booze into a cup.

“A bit of everything, ma'lady.” Michael says, handing me the red SOLO cup. I forced a tight lipped smile and brought the toxic liquid to my lips. I coughed as soon as the burning liquid went down. “Yeah, it’s a bit strong.”

The party continues with old friends greeting me and giving me more and more alcoholic beverages. Towards the end of the party, me and Michael ended up on his balcony with some more of The Clifford Specialty. To say we were intoxicated would be an understatement. We were shit faced.

“Y'know, I had the biggest crush on you in high school.” Michael slurs.

“Really?” Michael shakes his head. “You should have said something Michael. I would have totally dated you if you told me. Why didn’t you?”

“You an-and Luke. I just figured I didn’t have a chance against him.” Michael slurs, putting an arm around me. “I think it was really shitty what he did.”

“Yeah. It fucking sucked. And then at the graduation when he said he wasn’t sorry.” I wiped away a tear.

“You deserve better.” Michael mumbles. I turn to face him, he looked beautiful in the moonlight. I slowly leaned in to kiss him, he leaned in too.

“My my my, what’s going on here?”


//I’m not sure if I’m exactly happy with this, but hopefully it turned out okay. This was supposed to be out on Halloween, but I didn’t have time to finish it until now. Anyway, thank you very much for this request! It was fun to write.

Genre: angst/smut
Request: @enaasteria said: “I hope it’s okay if I come in for a drabble request. I adore your writing and your monster series so much. Anticipating and rooting for part 5. Take your time and eagerly awaiting your story progression. For the drabble—the first thing I thought of was Sehun + the color black. Hope this isn’t too vague or broad but feel free not to do it. Thank you!” 

The air is filled with the scent of soap and the clattering of dishes. A sigh passes lowly through your lips as you scrub at a plate, the hot water scalding your skin. You’re too absorbed in your task to care. You can’t let any other thoughts slip into your mind. The dishes are all that matter.

Cold fingers ghost up your sides and you curse loudly, dropping the plate in the sink and whirling around to face the perpetrator. Your heart is in your throat, but the scream dies on your lips as you recognize Sehun’s amused face.

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Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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Dive // Stepbrother au // 3

Bts Kim Taehyung

Au one shot part 3 ~ Im so glad you guys love this series.. But it will be ending soon +_+ Thank you for the feed back and the love, I really appreciate it. 

Part 1  > Part 2  <Part 3 < Part 4

Warnings? Smut lol~ Its about time ikr

Word count ~ 4k+

~ Step siblings au ~ (M)

It was hard to stay away from a boy whom you had feelings for before your parents even came together. Especially when the boy you needed to stay away from was playing mind games with you and constantly annoying you..

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What I Want (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being Ricks little sister and working as a doctor at Belle Reve. When the Joker is finally captured, he’s brought there by your brother. He warns you not to fall for anything the Joker says, but what will happen when you fall for Clown Prince of Crime?”

Requested by Anon: “hi i love your account so much.. if its not too much trouble, could you write an imagine where the reader is Rick Flags little sister and she falls for the joker but Rick tries to keep her away 😍😘”

You couldn’t believe it, all these months and he really did it.

You hurried down the corridors of the Belle Reve Prison, your long white coat bellowing out behind you. You could hear all the commotion as you got closer. Once your big brother came into view, you nearly tackled him. He caught you, of course, hugging you back.

“I can’t believe you really caught him!” You could barely keep the excitement from your voice.

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Play my heart || Hongseok


Member: Hongseok

Genre: school/ playboy!Au

Word count: 1.4 K

Requested: Could I request a Hongseok fluff angst scenarios in which reader likes him a lot but tries not to because hongseok is the popular sought after playboy of the school and she doesn’t want to get hurt because 1. What are the odds of him liking her back and 2. Heartbreak as he is a player :3 thank you sorry it’s so detailed

A/n: wow this was awesome to write since you gave so much detail but weren’t to limiting that was great. Hongseok is in the middle of my bias list also. admin-Tae

Originally posted by j-miki

You side eyed the boy who sat next to you. He was laying his head on the desk sleeping softly. Brown hair messy, puffy lips parted, sleepy smile in his lips. His work was half done, you knew he probably didn’t care about it.

Hongesok. Or what you like to call him ‘dog’ because of how he treats women in the school. Playing with there heart strings until they confess they love him, till he shoots them down or uses them longer.

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The Want | Bleach!MiyuSawa AU

Fandom: Diamond no Ace
Characters: Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Eijun, Inashiro children, brief Kanemaru Shinji and Kuramochi Youichi and Kominato Ryo, very brief cameo of Todoroki Raichi and Sanada Shunpei.
Warning: Bleach!AU. It’s long. Violence + Gore. Knowledge of Bleach highly recommended. Silliness + Angst. More questions than answers.

Notes: @sawamuhra mentioned once upon a time of a Bleach MiSawa AU. One got written [x] with a promise of more. And after what? A year or so? This finally came to be. I’m so sorry for taking forever and a half. I think I kept all the details straight, but it’s possible that I swapped things around. If you notice glaringly obvious errors, I sincerely apologize. (Also, please point them out so I can fix them!)

Tsumi!” Sawamura shouted, throwing his arms up in excitement. He stared at the rest of the players, clearly waiting for their resignations that would signify his victory.

“We’re not playing shogi!” Mei yelled as he slammed his hand on the table. The pieces rattled and shook, falling down and making a mess of their game. Sawamura seemed to take that as a sign of resignation anyways because he started cheering.

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