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The Band Session (3D imagine)
5 Seconds Of Summer
The Band Session (3D imagine)

Read before listening:

• Plug in your headphones

Imagine this:

School ended early today, the sun is shining bright outside and the day couldn’t have ended better. Instead of doing the homework you should be doing, you’re sat on the floor at your boyfriend’s living room. He and his band are having a show in a few days and they are practicing like never before. So here you are, watching your boyfriend and his bandmates practicing their harmonies and guitar riffs without even realizing time was flying by. You just leaned your back against the wall, felt a smile appear on your lips and thought about how lucky you were to fall for such an incredibly talented guy…

• Click play

• Close your eyes

I’m so sorry for this what the f*ck have I done I hate myself for doing this

(WARNING: May cause serious heart conditions and strong urges to cry.)

Sorry for the quality, tumblr wouldn’t let me upload a higher quality bc of the file size :/

download links and links to my other 3D Versions and audio edits can be found here

Jesse St. James Gif Pack → 'We Built This Glee Club'

Under the cut are #104 small/medium sized gifs of Jesse St. James in the episode ‘We Built This Glee Club.’ from the sixth season of Glee. All of these gifs are under the Tumblr limit and were made by me so please don’t claim them as your own. Please like or reblog if you found these gifs useful. Thank you.

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anonymous asked:

Dear "disabled" cunts, Quit your bitching&moaning, the world isn't fair. If someone is being a fuck&saying things you don't like, tell them to fuck off! Their words mean nothing to you if you don't let them. Stop perpetuating the idea that youre weak

Dear “helpful” ableist. (See what I did there? You quote disabled as if that’s not what we are). Fuck off. We are allowed a community to vent our struggles. I am sure you are probably complaining about our tumblr to your friends right now so don’t talk as if we are in the wrong for talking about shit that upsets us.

You want us to tell our family, teachers, adults, friends, complete strangers who could be twice the size of some of us to “fuck off”? Sure because that would defiantly go well (sarcasm).

You’re just pissed off at having shit you probably do called out on.

Side note, why did you take the time to edit this hate mail until it fit into the character limit then put it on anon? Do you really have no life?