i hate you and your pretty pretty eyes

Punks do it better. Gerard Way Imagine

Prompt::Can you write a Gerard way one where they’re in like school and he’s a punk kid that always hits on y/n and gets in trouble and they get paired up for a project and go over to his house to work on it and smut happens ;)



As much as I hated to admit it. Gerard made me blush and my stomach flutter. Something about his “bad boy” persona.
Everyday I’d watch him strut into class ten minutes late black ripped skinny jeans hugging his legs. Always takes his seat next to me. He soon became the reason I showed up looking so pretty.

“Hey Pretty lady.” He shot my way once he was seated.  

You felt your cheeks get hot. All you could manage what to shoot a smile back.

You glance at him noticing how pretty he really was. How his eyes had speaks of gold in them. How sweet his smile was. Even though he tried to act like such a badass you knew he was awfully caring.

“Like what you see?” He said clearing his throat snapping you from your thoughts.

You felt your cheeks grow warm and red.

“(Y/n) and Gerard!” Your teacher snapped.

“Since you want to talk so much you two can partner up for the project.” She rolled her eyes at you.

“So I need to raise my grade in this class so my house? After school? You can ride home with me if you want.” Gerard asks you smirking.

You and Gerard alone. Together. At his house. Thoughts came rushing in.

“Yeah sure great” you said smiling sweetly at him.

You tapped your feet impatiencely all day. Right when the bell rung you speed walked to the parking lot. You felt your stomach tighten when you see Gerard leaning up against his car.

“The bell just rung. How are you out here already?” You said as you walked up too him.

“Skipped last period.” He told you whilst opening the passenger side door.

He got in and started the car pulling out the school parking lot he placed one hand on your knee the other on the wheel.

“You sure do flirt with me alot” you told him smugly.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it. I see you blushing.” He said smirking.

You arrived at his house in a couple of minutes. It was a nice house two stories.
You Walked in and followed him to his room. Which also happened to be the basment. You sat your bag down next to the door.

“So you said you needed to bring your grades up?” You asked him.

“Yeah. I need to pass. But you know. Kinda distracted in that class.” He said looking you up and down.

You felt your stomach flutter. He had a way with words that’s for sure.

You honestly didn’t feel like studying you felt like laying in his arms watching a movie. He snaps you out your thoughts.

“Thinking bout me babe?” He says placing his hands on his sides.

“Shush” you tell him grabbing your notebook.

“Make me” he said in a dangerously low voice.

“You need to bring your grade up remember?” You said waving the notebook in the air.

“But you look so goddamm pretty. How am I supposed the focus” he said.

A smile instantly grew on your face.

“There’s that pretty smile. ” he said taunting you.

“You know for a punk you are pretty sweet” you said taking a step towards him

“ I can be bad” he told you.

You felt your stomach tighten.


As soon as the word left your mouth his lips crashed into yours.
You were stunned but kissed him back. He pulled you closer to him deeping the kiss.

He moved his hands to your sides and plucked the hem of your shirt. You threw your arms up and he lifted the shirt off.
He breaks away the kiss. And looks you directly in the eyes.

“You want this?” He ask in a serious dark tone.


He picked you up and carried you to his bed. You noticed how easily he set you down. You could feel your breathing getting heavy as you Two fought for domanice in the kiss.

You pulled back from the kiss.

“I’m not being the only one shirtless” you told him pulling  his t shirt over his head.

He tucked his head into your neck and scattered kissed all over it. Sucking harshly at the top of your throat.

“Making your mark huh?” You said cockly.
He left kissed all down your stomach. When he reached the hem of your pants he
Looked up to you almost as asking permission. You nodded.

He unbuttoned your jeans and rolled them off you and tossed them aside.
He placed kisses on your hip bones making you shudder.

“You’re really pretty” he said looking up at you.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” you reply almost in a whine.

You felt heat shoot up your core.
He takes long hard licks up your slit.
He places his mouth on your bundle of nerves.

“Gerard!” You cry out. Not realizing how loud you were.

He looks up at you with a wet mouth and pink lips. He looked like pure sex.

“You ready?” He asked sitting up on his knees.

“You sure you don’t want me to return the favor?” You ask palming his buldge.

“I really need you now!” He whines at you.

You place your hand on the back of his neck and pull him towards you. On top of you.
He lines himself up with your entrance and slowly pushed in.
You both groan out at the relief.

“Okay” you said letting him know he can start thrusting.

He starts with slow long thrusts
He picks up his pace.
You felt your stomach tighten. Each thrust he hits your g-spot.
You rake your fingers nails up and down his back.

“Gee. I’m close”

“Me too. Cum for me baby” he whispered in your ear.

You hit your release at the same time he did.

He lays down next to you chest heaving up and down.
He pulls you close to him and you rest your head on his chest catching your breath.

“Gerard.  Was this a one time thing?” You ask tilting your head up at him.

“Do you want it to be?” He asked looking worried.

“No. I want us to be a thing.” You say smiling sweetly at him.

“Me too babe I’ve actually liked you for while.” He says blushing.

You fall asleep in his arms.
You knew he had a sweet side.

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WHY? That’s the only question I have for you. Why?

Why are you so god damn good and make aspiring artists like me feel bad for not being able to even compare what you make?

You make me cry. Don’t ever stop making awesome stuff. Even though I now hate myself because of you.

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YOUR ARTWORK IS ALREADY PRETTY AMAZING, DUDE. Keep it up and you’ll realize that my work is bleh XD 

Worst (Jin Smut)

*Jin jesus*


Word Count: 2065 words

The target. His worst student. Your teacher, Mr. Kim hated you. Sometimes it felt like he hated you more thank regular teacher would but he was a professional.

Or so you thought.

“I’m pretty sure he has a crush on you.”

“Does not.”

“He’s basically undressing you with his eyes.”

“Or staring at the guy that sits behind me. All he ever does is look out the window or sleep.”

“But the guy is pretty cute too.”

“He’s a slacker. He’s worse than me.”

“Oh, you’re taking your boyfriend’s side.”

“He’s our teacher, not my boyfriend.”

“That explains why he talks to you during class.”

“He’s scolding me half the time.”

“Or asks you stay behind after class.”

“It’s detention, not a date.”

“Or that time he gave you a handwritten note.”

“It was feedback on my work. I think he’s surprised that I’m getting such good marks.”

“It’s amazing how convenient those situations are, Y/N.”

“It’s amazing how you’re trying to flip this on me.”

“Lunch is ending soon, wouldn’t want to come between you eye fucking session with our teacher.”

“It’s just eye contact.”

“That makes his pink lips shaping into the perfect o?”

“You stare at his lips?”

“I stare at his face, if you haven’t noticed yet, Mr. Kim is hot as hell.”

Oh but, you have noticed. His soft light hair, his perfectly clear skin, his perfect plump lips, his towering height over you.

That description stuck with you since you laid eyes on him but you pushed away any remote feelings that were forbidden in the relationship you were trapped in.

“I’ve noticed but it doesn’t mean I’ll join the “I love Mr. Kim” fan club.“

"So, you think he’s attractive.”

“I-I didn’t say that!”

“Why are you stuttering, then? You’re totally crushing on our teach.”

“N-No, I’m not! I’m just saying that I acknowledge the fact he’s not particularly ugly, quite the opposite.”

“It’s cute that you’re shy. But it’s alright, Y/N, your secret is safe with me.”

“A-” Mr. Kim walked in, everyone focused on him and your friend went back to her seat. The boy behind you say down and did the usual, staring out the window.

“Y/N?” You didn’t say anything, knowing it’s that guy probably asking for your notes.



“Can I sit next to you?”

“So, you can peep at my notes better, no way.” He got up, placing his notes on the desk next to mine.

“Jimin, what are you doing?”

“I couldn’t see behind Y/N’s head, and she let me sit here.” Mr. Kim looked at you, wanting to see your eyes tell him the truth.

You avoid his gaze and he sighed before continuing to teach. Jimin kept glancing at you instead of the window or he would sneak peeks at your notes.

He didn’t understand the concept of ‘personal space’ either. His hand brushed against your thigh and he kept trying to touch your hair.

Mr. Kim didn’t seem to notice your clear discomfort and his lesson ended with you prepared to kill Jimin.

You went to your other classes which you were happy about because there was no Alice to tease you or Jimin to feel you up. Technically.

You left your last class, seeing Alice and Jimin standing on the opposite wall of the door.

“Stay away from me, you creep.”

“Alice, you were wrong.”


“I wanted to test if Mr. Kim really did like you. So, Jimin gladly got all touchy-feel with you and if he did, he would have given you detention or make you two stay after school.”

“You’re psychotic. And Jimin, I can totally sue you for sexual harassment.”

“Sorry, Y/N. Everyone thinks that you got a fetish for him. And vice versa. At least now, the rumours will be about us.”

“I don’t even like you.”

“Doesn’t hurt to try.”

“You’re disgusting.” You went back to class, remembering that you always help out Mr. Kim on Wednesdays.

“Mr. Kim.”

“Enter, Y/N.” The classroom looked the same, still organized to his standards.

“M-Mr. Kim.” His hair was tousled, his tie was loosen and he took off his jacket. He leaned against his desk and you gulped.

“How could you?”

“Sir.” He was tall. Why did he seem so much taller now? You backed up a little, him taking a step closer. You hit the door and he leaned in.

You could hear your heart beat faster, the moment moving in slow motion and he locked the door.

“M-Mr. Kim.”

“You’ve been bad. Letting that little boy put his hands on you, touching you hair.” His hand caressed your hair and you could feel yourself begin to sweat a little bit.

“Tell me, Y/N. Did he touch you?”


“I like your honesty, baby.”

“M-Mr. Kim.”

“Call me Daddy, Y/N.”

“Good, now bend over with your hands against the whiteboard.” Your heart was still in shock from his sudden shift in attitude and you did as he said.

He picked a ruler, lifting your skirt up with it.

“Do you know why I’m doing this?”

“N-No.” His hand smoothed over your bottom before he slid down your skirt and underwear. The air of the classroom hit your bare skin, making you shiver a little.

“Are you uncomfortable?”


“Good.” You felt his hand come down on your ass, a little yelp escaping your lips.

“I take punishment very seriously, Y/N.”


“How could you let Jimin do as he pleases?”

“I’m s-sorry.”

“You’re sorry what?”

“I’m s-sorry, daddy..!” He was spanking you while you spoke, hearing your little whimpers amused him. The way your perfect lips formed around the syllables as you said “Daddy.”

He almost wanted to fuck you senseless right where you were. Hearing your voice screaming out his name while he plunged into the warmth of your wet pussy.

The imagery was livid and it made him hungry for you.

“Sit on my desk and spread your legs.” You were about to pull up your skirt but his voice stopped you.

“Tsk tsk, take those off. And unbutton your shirt.” You obliged, slowly unbuttoning your shirt teasingly in front of him. He licked his lips before he kissed you.

His lips were sweeter than words he’s spoken to you. You exchanged breathes, easily elevating the kiss into a heated make out session.

“D-Daddy.” His hand rubbed against your exposed pussy and you shivered to the feeling of his fingers.

“You like it when I touch you like this, baby?”

“Y-Yes.” His fingertip treat you harshly which his lips kiss your skin. He slid a finger into you while his lips harshly kiss your neck.

“F-Fuck.” You elongated your syllables as he continued to create his marks against your skin. You wanted to dig your nails into the chiseled back of his but he didn’t give you your chance yet.

He pulled down your bra, sucking on your nipples while sliding into more of his fingers and pumping into you faster. Your voice vibrating along with the desk and his lips slip down your wet pussy.

“You’re so wet for me, did you want me here?”

“Yes, daddy. Please.”

“Please what, baby?”

“I-I want Daddy’s tongue..ah.” He didn’t need to hear the rest of your pleas, his tongue darting to your pussy immediately.

He ate you out like you were the best goddamn meal he’s gotten in years. He didn’t want to forget the taste of you, his mouth slurping up the taste of you. You could still feel his fingers at work, the pumping numb your body’s sensation.

“D-Daddy.” You could feel him bring you closer to the edge before he got up, letting you want more. He slid his fingers out of you, letting you lick the taste of you clean off his fingers. His thumb played with your bottom lip as he smirked at you.

“Good girl.” He unbuckled his belt and looked at you.

“Do I have to tell you everything? Get on your knees.” You kneed in front of him and slipped down his pants along with his boxers. His hard cock sprung up in front of you and you gently grab it.

A shivering sound escaped his lips and you begin to pump him. You didn’t know exactly what you were doing, his hand covering yours to help guide to how you should touch him.

“Grip me more, move faster. Just like that.” You began to lick the tip, giving him more simulation and his hand buried itself within your hair. He pushes you a bit, letting you swallow more of his cock.

“Don’t be shy, baby.” You take him into your mouth, feeling the tip tickling the back of your throat. Your hands pump what your mouth couldn’t handle as you bob your head.

The pace was almost rhythmic and his hand still held its place in your hair as you continue to suck him off. Sometimes you would stop just to lick around the shaft and tip before taking him into your mouth again.

A low groan would linger out of his lips but he won’t tell you to stop yet. Your tongue swirled around him, coating every inch that you could take in your saliva. He push you a little, loving the feeling of his cock hitting against the back of your throat.

“Get up.” You stop, standing up and he tells you to get on your hands and knees on the desk. You do so, your hand close to the edge as he climbs on top as well.

He tossed his pants to wherever your skirt was and made you lose your bra. Your breasts hung as you feel him pressing against your pussy. He teased your clit with his tip before entering you.

“D-Daddy..!” You never experienced such a sensation, he waited for you to adjust to his size before gently thrusting into you. He pulled you up, his hands cupping your breasts as his pace slowly increased.

Your moans, uncontainable and loud, filled both your ears and the subtle vibration of the desk.

“You like this, don’t you?” He whispered harshly into your ear while his fingers played with your nipples. His hips pushed against yours and you grip for the desk.

“Y-Yes, daddy.”

“Who can touch you like this?”


“Who can fuck you like this?”


“What did you do?”

“I-I made D-Daddy angry.”

“You’re such a good little slut.” He kissed your jaw sloppily while his thrusts became more powerful, the desk shaking becoming more evident to you.

“G-God-mm.” You closed your eyes, focusing on the feeling of his cock. The rough pounding inside you, the stretching of your pussy and how it shaped around him.

He tilted your head to kiss you, making you lose your focus. His tongue tangled with you, lazily swapping saliva and his thrusts no longer holding back.

His mouth muffled the loud sound of your moans as he drilled into you. He pushed you back into your hands, his hands on your ass so he could thrust into you deeper.

“A-ahh..!” You tried to quiet yourself but it was too good. The moans continued to slip as you feel yourself being brought closer to your climax again.

“Do you want to cum, baby?”

“A-ah.” He slapped your ass, expecting an answer from you and you bit your lip.

“Please, d-daddy. M-Make me cum..” He liked what he heard, his thrusts becoming centred on stretching you out.

His hand reached for your clit, squeezing against it. You almost screamed, luckily it was the one sound that you managed to swallow. He pulled and twisted against your clit until you feel your body let go.

“C-C-” You couldn’t finish the word, losing it to the feeling of your climax. He thrusted into you until you felt him pour into the condom. He pulled out, slipping and tossing away the condom and you sat on his desk.

He kissed you again, your hands on either side of his face. His lips were still sweet and he bit down your lip teasingly before pulling away.

“You’re mine. Do you understand, Y/N?”

~Admin Blake

I hpe ya like it dude…. @jamison-junkrat

Two empy six packs, three empty wine bottles and ahalf empty handle of vodka. Two junkers lay in the hotel bed. Senses completely gone. Most of the booze had been drunk b the piggyman who had his arm wrapped around the tiny mousy guy. They were both quiet. A state hat only existed with junktat when he was drunk.
After a minute or so the silence was prken. “you have pretty eyes.” The deep voie rasped. Th small junkrat laghed.
“thanks mate.” He curled into roadie’s side loving how warm he was.
Silence again.
“Way something nice about me.” Roadie prompted.
“Lie what?” Junkat asked.
“Do I ave pretty eyes?” Roadhog asked.
Jnkrat ast up and leaned over Roadie. Cipping his cheeks and squishing them while he laughed. “Yeve got the prettiest eyes I ever seen.”
Roadho smiled wide. “I like your voice.”
“You hate my voice.” Junkrat frowned. “Ya gonna sweet tapk me don’t lie.”
Roadhpg pulled his arms around Junkrat and nuzzled his neck. “I LOVE your voice.” He said.
Junkrat giggled ad sroadhogs stubble tickeld his neck. “Yer voice is better.” He laughed. “I like yer laugh.” That caused the pigface to laugh. Junkrat smiled. “Such a warm… rich laugh… could buy priceless vases with that laugh.”
“What?” Roadhog chuckled. “That makes no sense.”
“You make no sense!” Junkrat snapped. “I like yer scars.” He said running a thumb over them. “They’re sexy.”
“Thanks.” Roadhog said ruffling Junkrats hair.
“What about me?”
“your… stumps are sexy?” Roadhog looked confused at his onw wrods.
Junkrat howled with laughter. “They are not ya drongo. They’re gross!”
“I like caring for them” Roadog said. “Like the faces you make when I do.”
Jukrat lay on him again. “ya like seein me enjoyin what ya do ta me?
“Yes.” Rodhof admitted. “shws me I’m doin’ my job right.”
Junkrat buried his face in Roadie’s chest. “I love ya hoggenheimer.”
“Love you too.” Roadhot grunted.

Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself (and if you can, why), publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY! <3

I’ve never done one of these before but what the hell!!

I was tagged by @danknuts, thanks my dude!

1.) I really love my eyes and teeth. I had braces but they turned out great nad my eyes are a very pretty blue color.

2.) Though there are aspects of my body I hate, I really love my butt and legs lol. I used to squat around 250-300 when I did olympic weight-lifting. I’m grateful I sis cause I have a pretty nice lower body😂😂😂😂😂  @bitterama loves it too!! 🙊🙊🙊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

3.) I have a pretty good singing voice. It isn’t the best but I do record songs and I don’t sound terrible lol.

4.) I am pretty creative when I comes to art. I obviously draw, if any of you have seen, but I also paint and am pretty good with interior decorating and fashion. That is one ting about me I am most proud of. 

5.) I am a very loyal boyfriend and friend if I really care about you. It’s one of my best traits but it’s also hurt me. So. its all how you look at it.

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During the acting workshop in LA with Transgender Talent and CSA/SAG, the group I was in was asked by our casting director, Jeremy Gordon, to close our eyes and listen to this song. As I listened, I began to cry. To know that through all of the judgment and hate in this world, there are plenty who love us and truly see us as perfect! I’ll never say that the journey is easy but it is more than worth it to let go of the demons, don’t let them consume you with fear and self hate.

Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to this song. Reflect on the words and take them to heart. Listen to it again, read the lyrics and take them to heart. Life is too short to second guess yourself, to live in fear, or worry about the critics.

“Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you’re nothing
You’re fucking perfect to me” ~Pink~


Thinking you’re pretty while simultaneously thinking you’re ugly is such a wild ride. I definitely believe I am a pretty individual, but in a really strange way. I approach what I guess would be considered my beauty in a very logical/theoretical way. I can look at my face and objectively realize that its pretty, and logically go “youre face is even, you have nice eyes etc.” and because I can rationalize what constitutes as “pretty features” and match them up with what I see in the mirror I allow my self to believe that, in theory, I am beautiful. 

But thats it, I dont know if I actually believe that I am pretty. Ive never been the pretty girl, especially when I was younger. I mean I grew up hating my hair, my skin, my height, my weight, you name it. I was too tall, I wasnt skinny enough, my nose wasnt slim, I didnt have light eyes, compared to the girls at my school my skin was too dark, and it all manifested later into this crippling self doubt that now bleeds into everything I do. Its only been recently that I can sort of stomach the idea that maybe I am pretty. 

Idk man its weird, like I look in the mirror and go “thats a pretty face” but once I make the connection that its my face all of a sudden that disappears and is replaced with “youre so ugly”. I tried so hard to fit this standard of beauty that I literally could not fit purely because I am not a 5′5 blonde haired blue eyed white girl. 

Ive gotten a lot better about putting myself down and I try to let myself believe that I actually am beautiful, but I still find ways to convince myself it isnt true. In my mind I’m pretty but I’m ugly. Ive found learning to love yourself is a very slow process. Im still a work in progress 

Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Eight

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (A) | Part Three (B) | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

A/N: It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve finally uploaded the next part! I’m sorry it took so long but I had no motivation to write…but at least this chapter is pretty long, right? ~ Katie x

On Saturday morning you were awoken by your brother rudely barging into your room. You instantly sat up in your bed and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes when the door slammed loudly behind him and shocked you awake.

“Josh what the fuck do you think your doing?” you asked. You still felt pretty dazed from the sudden awakening and unlocked your phone to see that it was 11am.

“When exactly were you going to tell me that you were dating Michael?” he asked sternly.

Midway through Josh’s sentence, Michael came into your room, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Ugh, I guess I told him?” Michael said, letting you know why Josh was reacting like this. Both you and your brother ignored him.

‘I’d barely call it dating! We were waiting to ask you about how you felt before we started anything serious,” you said.

“Well isn’t that kind of you” Josh said sarcastically, “I’m sorry Y/N but whatever this is between you two…it’s never going to work. I can’t believe you lied to me. All this time I thought you hated each other but really you were making out behind my back!”

Josh turned to Michael, “And as for you, she’s only just turned 17! It’s fucking disgusting. She’s my sister, I thought it would be obvious that she’s off limits.”

You quickly started to defend yourself before Michael had a chance to respond, “I hate to break it to you Josh but you can’t control me and we don’t need your ‘blessing’. And as for the age gap? He’s only 19 himself, that’s only 2 years difference.”

Josh didn’t even look at you as you spoke but kept his eyes fixed on Michael. You could see that his shoulders were tensed in anger, “Get out,” Josh said to him, not even showing that he had heard you, “Leave before I fucking make you leave.” Josh said. Michael didn’t say anything and spun on his heel and left. Neither you nor your brother said anything until you heard the slam of your house door shutting. After a couple of seconds, Josh left your bedroom too but not without saying, “I’m gunna be telling mum about this.”

Acting on adrenaline, as soon as your brother had left the room, you jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. When you reached the end of the entrance hall, you quickly slipped into some trainers you had left by the door the night before and ran outside, hoping to catch up with Michael. You were pleased to see that he hadn’t got far and was only a few yards down the street with his hands in his pockets and his headphones in his ears. When you caught up with him, he took one of his earbuds out and stopped walking,

“Y/N? What are you doing?” he asked.

You smiled sheepishly, “Guess that wasn’t the best reaction we could have got,” you replied. As you were speaking, Michael looked you up and down and saw that you were only wearing an oversized t-shirt that barely covered your crotch area and underwear. You had run out of the house so quickly that you didn’t have time to change out of your sleeping attire.

“Could have been worse. He could have actually done some of the things he threatened to do to me downstairs,” Michael said without mirth. As he spoke, he shrugged out of his hoodie and handed it out to you, “Here. Wear this. It will probably cover more of you than that shirt,” he smirked. You pulled the sweater over your head and was pleased to see that it reached about mid-thigh, so if anyone looked at you they would just just presume you were wearing shorts underneath. When you had straightened out the jumper you grabbed one of Michael’s hands and pulled him along the pavement until you were both walking in the direction he had been heading in before you had interrupted him.

“I can only imagine what he said he’d do,” you smiled. “But he’s all bark and no bit. Are you going back home now?” you asked. Michael nodded in reply. “Guess I’m coming with you then.” You said, squeezing Michael’s hand a little.

“Are you sure Josh isn’t going to kick the door down and drag you back home?” Michael asked jokingly.

“Hopefully not. But I can’t make any promises,” you replied. Michael just smiled softly at you and handed you one of his headphones which you put in your ear. You continued the walk to his home in silence, listening to the music, and with your hands joined between you.

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Magcon/Omaha preference No. 1

Something they like about you physically:
A/N: hey guys this is my first preference tell me if you liked it and I’ll keep posting more.

Aaron: Aaron liked you fingers. He reckons that they’re cute and funky, because not matter what mood you’re in you nails would be pretty damn fabulous.💅

Cameron: Cam liked your hair.
Even if you hated the way it looked he would and could play with endlessly making sure he didn’t hurt you🙆

Carter: Carter liked your feet. ( I know it’s weird but feet can be pretty adorable).
He loved how you toes would scrunch up when he ticklers your feet.👣

Hayes: Hayes loved your eyes. He would just stare into them without even noticing and creep you out a little.👀

Jack G: Jack loved your lips. The way they stretched out when you smiled and how full they were. It was hard for him to resist.👄

Jack J: Johnson liked your hands.
He found them delicate and soft. When he held to them he never wanted to let them go.✋

Kenny: Kenny loved your nose. He always said it small and petite. The way your scrunched it up looked adorable to him. Noses kisses were a component in your relationship.👃

Matthew: Matthew loved when your were a Baby Espinosaurus. The way you tried to roar and how it embarrassed you
Was something he found cute.🙊

Nash: Nash loved your eyes as well (brothers will be brothers) you two would have arguments on who had the best and eyes an of course you mostly won with your puppy dog eyes.👀

Nate: Nate loved your smile. If he was in a bad mood seeing you laugh brightened up his day automatically.😸

Sammy: Sammy liked your collarbone. He would show of the hickeys he had left there to the rest of the squad. 💋

Shawn: Shawn loved the booty. He often asked you sit on his lap and you often catch him staring at it as well.👖

Taylor: Taylor loved your dress sense. He like how you knew how to dress up or down due to the occasion👗🎽

Hey guys that’s the end of my first preferences and I got so many feels💖
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Hey guys!! I’ve been listening to a lot of new music and this song is kind of inspired of some ep I’m obsessed with called Room 93 by Halsey (If you haven’t listen to it already GO GO GO NOW) and what I like of this ep is that it says things you usually wouldn’t say. This song is about that, is about making a mistake and hating that mistake with all your heart but still liking its warm arms and pretty eyes; is about hating yourself for still liking those eyes and yet still liking the game. So I hope you like it and enjoy !!

I keep on trusting,
I keep believing every word you say.
I keep on waiting,
Oh wondering why you walked away.

You’re just another name
on my list of mistakes

Walking down the street breaking every heart,
such cold souls should have such warm arms
Every move you make, every faking smile
Makes me wonder why
such cold souls have such pretty eyes.

One thousand numbers, one thousand girls
One thousand victims to play with.
You’re just that boy that craves the game
Is there something else in your head?

You’re just another name
on my list of regrets

Walking down the street breaking every heart,
such cold souls should have such warm arms
Every move you make, every faking smile
Makes me wonder why
such cold souls have such pretty eyes.

Once again a demon put on angel wings
I should’ve guessed, I should’ve said something
I was in denial, didn’t wanna see that
Once again the fool was me.

You’re just another name
on my list of defeats

Walking down the street breaking every heart,
such cold souls should have such warm arms
Every move you make, every faking smile
Makes me wonder why
such cold souls have such pretty eyes.

Once again a demon put on angel wings
Once again a demon put on angel wings
Once again the fool was me.

With lots of love and a little bit of sassiness
- Nachaaa

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