i hate you and your beautiful face

Credit to the artist. <3
Writing by me.
“You know..I’ve never really gotten to know how truly lovely those ruby hued optics are.
Zen, why do you look so nervous? Does me being this close make you afraid? Or does it make you too excited to move and give me a worried like facade..? Tch. I could remove that silly little frown right off your face now if I wanted, but I won’t. Someone as beautiful as you deserves a proper greeting by someone as truly handsome as me.
I can’t say that I hate this cute face of yours anymore, even if you do insult my precious Eliza..but I suppose I’ll let that slide right now. What are you thinking about?
You’re so cute when you’re shy, Hyun..”
Jumin leaned forward, kissing the other tenderly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially to the person who’s been his enemy from the start, but he just didn’t care any longer.


** - Smut.


Bucky Barnes

(Short Series)

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the signs

so I really wanted to do one of there “the signs inspired by people I know in those signs” type posts so here it is!

Aries: very passionate, need to make everything into a discussion, will make you feel a little stupid, even if they aren’t attractive they are so attractive its weird, WILL fight for their friends ALWAYS, family problems, sO much energy its scary at times, freaky in bed (like next level), anger issues

Taurus: literally ALWAYS sleeping, ALWAYS hungry, so fucking beautiful wth, taurus women are often so powerful, very sweet to everyone but low-key bitches behind peoples backs, party animals omg, on and off friends, takes 10 hours naps

Gemini: very weird and in your face people, DRAMAQUEENS, but I lowkey love them, can never keep a secret, sleeps a lot too, book and film nerds, friends with everyone even people they hate, very annoying at times, BUT very funny, will fuck you up, energetic af, loUD AF

Cancer: either the worst or the best people you will ever meet, so family oriented, often good cooks, cute, sweater paws, likes walks? a little weird, but very funny, insecure, amazing laughs and pretty eyes

Leo: the funniest sign, sO HOT, nice hair, highkey assholes, very rude to anyone who aren’t in their close circle, also party animals, LOVE to dance, very obscure humor, kinky fucks, likes to chase and gets tired when they finally get what they want, hard to read, you love them even if they treat you bad, those types of people you feel the need to be liked by, anxiety

Virgo: so fucking stressed always, artistic, selfish but also very selfless its weird, vERY passionate, pretty, petty!, loves to help others but so bad at helping themselves, kinky assholes, know-it-alls but low-key dumb at times, whiny crybabies, loves being babied behind closed doors but so independent other wise, intimidating

Libra: so hard to read, very on and off people, super funny, kind of mean, some of them are so FUCKING annoying and others are sweethearts, rude and dirty sense of humor, can drink like a sailor, either you love em or you hate em, closed-off, seems really put together, kind off intimidating

Scorpio: DRAMAQUEENS, selfish, lovely laughs, funny, makes bad choices, sweethearts, makes good cake, parties a lot, high key weirdoes, very sensual, very open about their personal life, loves to be the host, HOT, not that good at relationships

Sagittaruis: WILD, will go OFF at a party, so weird its funny, very cute, messy and clumsy, sweethearts that want the best for you, awkward, knows everyone for some reason, loves their friends a lot, YELLS A LOT, weirdest laughs omfg

Capricorn: known as the boring sign, but are actually super fun people, very family and work oriented, gets too caught up in work/school/free time activities that they forget their friends, funny, energetic, loves to spend time with their families, good at flirting but scared of relationships, amazing friends

Aquarius: so fucking funny, music lovers, so fucking pretty omfg, kinky AF, will fuck you up though, horror movie enthusiasts, sick humor, this sign is also such a hit and miss, really cool people mostly, also a sign you feel like you have to be liked by, this sign is a mess at parties honestly how are they still alive, will pee anywhere

Pisces: politics, kind of awkward but super funny, sweethearts, very active people, like really sporty, rough childhood, good hair, amazing friends, nothing goes their way though I feel sorry for you all, so fucking pretty its annoying, all of the pisces people I know are either outside or doing something active in their profile pic on Facebook

BTS catching you taking photos of them.

Ayo I’m back.

S: How BTS would react to catching you taking photos of them secretly.

Kim Namjoon:
As soon as he notices, he’d just stare at you and not say anything at all before nodding understandingly and turning around. ‘Yeah I guess I see why’

Kim Seokjin:
He’d quickly walk over to you, making you close your eyes in fright of his quick pace. He’d take the camera from you before turning the camera on you and smiling. ‘I guess now it’s my turn to capture someone beautiful on camera.’

Min Yoongi:
He’d look at you in disgrace at first, pretending to hate you for being so sneaky but the next time he notices, he quickly turns to the camera and smiles.

Jung Hoseok:
He’d pull a funny face at you as soon as he notices the flash going off and laughing at your cute attempt. ‘Honestly I think people take sneaky photos without the flash.’

Kim Taehyung:
After noticing, he’d wait for you to take another one and quickly post before you notice. He’d stare at you with the biggest grin until you finally notice and be insanely proud of himself.

Park Jimin:
After seeing the flash go off, he’d giggle slightly and walk over to the camera, stopping in front of the lense and begging you to take another one. ‘Take a cute one of me, jagiya~’’

Jeon Jungkook: 
When he notices he would start taking photos of you as well and send them to you via message. It would potentially turn into a game between you two to see who can take the most pictures of the other person. A game that would potentially just keep on continuing.

Love, Youngmi~

RFA + Saeran are watching a horror - movie with MC

Uhm… So everyone was making headcanons, so decided to make one too, i hope no one minds hehe :^)

- He wasn’t sure if he was for it or against it
- He want’s to be so manly and hug you when you’re scared
- But at the same time he’s scared af
- You chose to watch “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- oh good god no
- if there’s one thing Yoosung hates more than cheaters on LOLOL or Zen bragging about his (beautiful) face, than it’s massacres
- you could almost feel how he was trembling throughout the whole movie
- poor yoosung
- At the end he was pressing his body against yours
- You tried to comfort him, because he was rly scared
- That didn’t work
- Calling Zen didn’t work either
- He couldn’t sleep at night
- He also refused to be left alone
- Since he started making non-human sounds every time you left the room
- You made a silent promise to yourself to watch “My little pony” next time

- Movie night with MC!
- Hooray!
- Gets super excited about every time, since he gets to cuddle with her under the same blanket
- of course he chooses a horror movie to watch
- he doesn’t want to miss the chance to be the knight in shining armor for his princess
- is actually way more scared than yoosung is
- you decided to watch “the ring”
- Zen actually screamed a few times
- It was way scarier than the whole movie
Throughout the whole movie Zen said stuff like “don’t be scared babe” since of course he wasn’t scared at all
When the scenes changed and the screen got dark he always mentioned how good he looks
- When the movie ended, you two were too lazy to stand up from the couch and you just slept there (not because bot of you were too scared to stand up)

- She is always excited to spend time with you
- Especially when it comes to watch musicals movies with you
- “… What do you mean by “we’re not watching Zen’s musicals tonight” ?
- Tonight’s gonna be tough
- You chose to watch “Final Destination
- You didn’t even pay attention to the movie
- You were to distracted watching Jaehee
- It may sound mean, but she is so cute when she’s scared
You were hugging her all the time, which made her feel alot better
- When the movie ended you made some coffee for the both of you
- After a long long conversation, when it was 5 am, the decision to go to sleep was made
- That was almost as scary as when Mr. Han almost made her make a project about why cats should also go for president
- But she definitely did not regret it, since the time she got to spend with you was so precious

- He was quite surprised that you wanted to watch a horror - movie with him
- But he wasn’t agains it
- On the contrary, he was actually for it
- Since he wasn’t really familiar with this genre
- “… we’re just gonna watch it on TV, alright?
   But i can j-
   Jumin, i know that you can book a cinema for ourselves, that’s no the issue here”

- This time you wanted to watch “Sinister
- It seemed that he was quite bored
- He even checked his phone
- But you were scared af
- So he decided to entartain himself with cuddling you and calming you down
- Because the movie contained a shit load of jumpscares
Seriously how can someone watching this movie keep a calm face this friggin’ long
It was quite enjoyable for him
- Since you were clingin onto him the whole movie and he thought it was somehow cute
- He decided that this was not the last horror movie for the both of you

•707/ Saeyoung
- He’s lost
On one hand he loves every second spent with you no matter what you do
- But on the other hand
- He hates horror-related stuff more than anything on this world
- You needed more than an hour to convince him
- “C’mon, Seven! It’ll be fun, i promise! You’re even allowed to take your Elly plush toy with you.
     Can we at least keep the lights on?
- The movie didn’t even start, but he’s already trembling
- You almost feel bad for hime
- You were watching “Saw” (Srsly MC wtf is wrong with you)
- He was screaming literally everywhere
- Not even sure if he was really frightened or just screaming “in advance”
 Throughout the whole movie you were cuddling him
- You even tried to comfort him
- Tried.
- After it (finally) ended, he left to the bathroom
- You were not sure if he went there to cry or not
- And being the prankster you are, you decided to scare him
- You immediately regreted it
- He screamed and just
- Left the house
- You never ever watched a horror movie together again

- You weren’t sure if he was amused or bored
- Because as you were watching “Mirrors” he just kept that emotionless face like you were watching some cat food commercial
- He actually laughed a couple times???
- He could see, that this movie was scaring the shit out of you
- So he tried to comfort you
- No need to mention cuddles, because you were already pressing your body against his with all force
- And as the movie went, he, feeling that you were scared, sometimes kissed your forhead
- And it helped.
- Do i need to say that after this movie you were scared to look into a mirror?
- Since you were to scared to sleep, you two were just cuddling on the couch
- He waited till you fell asleep so that he could leave, because you wouldn’t let him
- He’ll make sure to make watch another horror movie with him again.

Aaaaand it’s done! Whoever yoe are, thank you that you read it till the end, it really means a lot to me *0*
i hope you enjoyed it as well as i did and i hope you all have a great holiday c:

If I take too many pictures of you during the day, don’t hate me. it’s a non-verbal way to tell you; I love you. so much. it means I wanna have a million pictures of you because you look so beautiful. with your hair like that. or wearing that shirt. when you make that funny face. or with the sun in your eyes. it means I don’t wanna forget your face. and that smile you have that makes me melt. I love you I love you I love you

Can we just take a second for double chins?

I have seen som double chin hate lately and that’s super not cool. 

Double chins are freakin cute! They make your face look soft and friendly and sometimes they jiggle when you laugh and that is cute as heck! Some extra pudge on your face is nothing to hide! You’re beautiful, and I hope you know it! 

If The Marauders had graduation speeches

James Potter: These 7 years at Hogwarts were probably the most eventful, fun years of my life and I’m trying to be mature about this but I can’t, knowing that we have a genius farewell prank waiting on SOME people *glares at Slytherins*.

Sirius Black: I am extremely sorry that most of you will never see this beautiful face ever again, I just want to say, I will miss the majority of you. But none of you *looks at Slytherin table* coz I hate you all lmao bye ✌

Remus Lupin: 7 years in this school have taught me how real friends will stay by your side no matter what flaws you may have and sometimes breaking rules will make some of your best memories. But now for real, SOME of you *glances at Slytherins* should really watch out when you exit this hall.

Peter Pettigrew: You’re fucked lol *stares at Slytherins*.

anonymous asked:

Hey haven, not sure if you saw but a pap asked tom about the reaction to his speech. Hadn't heard about the negative reaction but when asked what he would say, he responded something like "I would say we should all try our best to be kind". I really respected that and hope he isn't disheartened by the negativity.

Hi, Little Gray Face!  Thanks for telling me!  That is hilarious!  Here it is, as identified by @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks:

Him: “Dude, I loved your speech.  It was beautiful.”

Tom: “Thank you.”

Him: *stuttering* “You know, people gave you like a weird, Twitter…”

Tom: “Did they?”

Him: “Yeah! And they kind of hated on you and I thought what you said was actually very beautiful.”

Tom: “Thank you.”

Him: “Do you think that people on Twitter like go to hard on {?} sometimes.”

Tom: “I don’t know what they’ve said.”

Him: “Well they said - okay, I’m just saying - they said it was self-indulgent.”

Tom: “Okay…”

Him: “But what you were saying is that people in South Sudan enjoyed it and that was a blessing.  What would you say to the people…*mumbling*…”

Tom: “I would say we all just have to do the best we can to help each other out is what I would say.”

Him: “Keep doing what you’re doing out there, man!”

Tom: “Thanks, man.  Okay.”

Him: “Dude, this is beautiful.  Where are you gonna hide that thing?”

Tom: “I’ve no idea!”

Also it should be noted that someone tells him repeatedly “Tom, we have to go!” when he is talking to the guy.

It just proves what type of person he really is.  People generally react in two ways when confronted with criticism.  They get defensive out of pride or they respond rationally with class and kindness.  The latter is called maturity.  Of course it helps when the criticism is ridiculous to the point of absurdity.  But it must be frustrating to be so misinterpreted and so hypocritically criticized.  And while he, like all of us, wants approval, I don’t see him being permanently scarred by this.  He’s a big boy.  If he can survive 2016, he can probably survive anything.  He more than proved that the opinion of strangers on the internet isn’t of lasting importance and he isn’t going to let it dictate his personal life choices.  

Yes, that is something to respect.  There are more than enough legitimate problems and injustices and causes in this world that deserve your time, money, brain cells, and righteous indignation.  A rambling two minute speech by a surprised, nervous, and emotional Tom Hiddleston WHO JUST WON A BLOODY GOLDEN GLOBE shouldn’t be high on that list. 

You know when you want to hate someone, I mean really god damn be sickened by the mention of their name and make your stomach turn inside out by the thought of their existence - type of hate. Because you should, you should hate the person who came into your life like a tornado and completely destroyed everything, of course you should hate the person who made your pillow soaked from the amount tears you wept while trying to fall asleep but their name was tattooed on your mind which made it almost impossible to close your eyes without picturing their face. You should hate them but you can’t and you probably never will, that’s the shit thing about love, that’s the side you never see advertised. The kind that sucks you in, kicks you to the curb and leaves you there, completely and utterly infatuated with someone who probably doesn’t even remember your middle name anymore.
—  Beautiful tragedies //
Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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OMG I loved the model headcanons!! Can i have the same for Akaashi, Kageyama and whatever character you want ??

Akaashi Keiji

  • Wow, everyone is so stunned at how beautiful your boyfriend is. Why isn’t he a model yet????
  • Akaashi natural had the face of a model so it felt natural when he was in front of the camera posing. The photographer love him and the other models even more so. You kind of hated how they were making heart eyes at your lover.
  • He actually admits that he enjoyed doing this and wouldn’t mind tagging along agains when he had the chance. Also a side note, but Akaashi was the one who did your hair and makeup. He’s actually really good at it. 

Asahi Azumane

  • Everyone is so amazed with his hair during the photoshoot. It’s so long and silky, the hairstylist can’t help but run his fingers through it. Asks him what products he uses to which Asahi answers embarrassedly with coconut oil.
  • He’s a bit shy at the aspect of being in front of the camera, not used to being the focus of the photo. But when he’s with you everything feels natural.
  • After a few tries and getting into the feel of being in front of the camera, Asahi relaxes, easily changing poses and doing as the director asks. You’re amazed at how the photos turned out and even kept a few. You’ll have to show the team later.

Kageyama Tobio

  • Kageyama has that air about him that screams model whether he realizes it or not. It’s probably because of the high cheek bones or the resting bitch face. When you offered for him to join you in the photoshoot, he flat out refused at first until you started begging him. He ended up giving in soon after.
  • It was cute how he kept flinching away from the brushes the makeup artists used or how he’d complain when the hairstylist fixed his hair. This was never going to happen again. 
  • Even when he settled in front of the camera did he not smile. When the director asked him to, he kindly told him that it was;t necessary. Poor baby was trying his best, give him a break.
  • You had to admit that seeing him in a suit was a sight for the eyes, and you secretly asked the director for copies later. If he found out you kept them he;d kill you for sure.
dear society,

They’ll tell you… you’re own self confidence is what matters or its whats on the inside that counts or even don’t let anyone’s opinions hurt you.

Well answer me this.

Why does stepping on a scale determine your beauty?

Why does one grade determine your intelligence?

Why does the number of followers determine how likable you are?

How can you expect us to believe those things when society is constantly shoving standards in our faces so we can compare and question ourselves on a daily basis? How can you tell us to be proud when it’s so easy to measure our self worth through one click, number, or letter?

So decide yourself, society. Tear us down or build us up. Don’t do both and still expect us to be perfect.



the kids who don’t fit in.

Man Face Monday - Fine Face Edition

Heya Awesome,

How are you doing on this fine day? I hope you are well and have recovered from last week’s episode, which seems to have inspired some love, hate and in-between. Today I would like to share some face with you. I’m kind of excited about how these turned out. 

Let’s begin with one of my favorites today. He looks so beautiful here. 

Self-recrimination face. You know he’s probably blaming himself for something here. 

Intense sketchy face. He’s looking at you again. 

Impossibly cute face face. Impossible. 

Many squiggles make this profile face. 

Finally. Wow. Eyes. Face. 

Well, that’s it for this week, Face fans. I hope that you have a great week, that you accomplish all of your endeavors and that you can make time each day to enjoy yourself, even if it’s just to stop and look at a pretty face. 

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quick rant don't mind me

Okay seriously wtf is wrong with make up? Like what is it with people that like to judge people who wear tons of make up? Who fucking cares!? It’s not your skin, it ain’t your goddamn face. If anyone wants to wear a lot of make up to the point where they might actually look like a different person..WHO CARES!? If it makes someone happy or feel beautiful who cares. I guarantee that 99% of people who wear make up don’t do it to look attractive for other people but because they feel confident with it on. They do it because they like how they look. I hate hearing ‘oh she looks completely different’ ‘it’s not right to wear so much make up that it makes you look different’ Ughhhjfdaklsjfksahi LET PEOPLE DO WHATEVER THEY WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! 

Land of All | Chapter VI

Originally posted by bwipsul

You’ve been told that the Land of All is a myth. A place of beauty that could never exist in this cruel world you call home, but you believe that there is always something beautiful in everything that is ugly. But your life held nothing but ugly, and it would be nothing but ugly. You would never belong in the Land of All, yet you somehow found yourself in that beauty. Such beauty existed, and you hated the idea of being the one to destroy it.

Word Count: 2416

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Romance and Angst

A/N: Finals are coming up. I might disappear for a while. If any of you guys are getting ready for finals, I hope you all do your best. Pass those classes with fucking flying colors! -Hartwood


Jimin laid the cards down on the table, a look of triumph on his face. “I’ll just take the win and walk out here like a fucking champ,” he said, leaning back cockily.

You glanced up from your cards to Jimin. Behind him were Namjoon, Jungkook and Taehyung. A look of anticipation on their face as their eyes met yours. You stared down at his cards.

He had a four of a kind. All aces and one king.

You stared down at your cards, then glanced towards Yoongi who was behind you on your right. He had the biggest grin on his face. Seokjin and Hoseok were practically patting one another on the back.

Hours ago everyone was playing poker, throwing in chips, and basically—as what they called it—talking shit to one another. You were learning from the group around you, and you somehow ended up winning until it became a one-on-one with Jimin.

It’s been around three months since you came to the Land of All, and slowly, you became close friends with some of the guys. You were basically still working on Yoongi since he stayed in his apartment most of the time, but you felt like you were slowly getting to him.

Jungkook was closest to you—along with Seokjin. When the rest of the group was told your secret, Jungkook was a little curious. Eventually, you told him about your hand-to-hand combat training you had, and that seemed to have reeled him in. You first trained him in Taehyung’s apartment, but Jungkook accidentally broke one of his lamps. Taehyung was mad, and you didn’t want Jungkook to take the blame for teaching him something that shouldn’t be taught indoors, so you told him you broke it.

Taehyung still lectured Jungkook, and the two of you decided to practice in his apartment. You never got into trouble with Taehyung.

Namjoon always had conversations with you about other worlds, and Reflection. He taught you many things about All, and what was the trend at the time.

Hoseok was just a nice person.

Jimin was always with Taehyung, so getting along with them sort of happened since you lived with Taehyung.

And Seokjin always let you help him cook. You were learning, and the conversations between the two of you were always interesting.

Finally, you laid your cards down, watching their reactions. You watched the four of their eyes widen, and the cheers come from behind you.

“Read ‘em and weep,” you said, remembering Jimin saying those words several rounds ago when he took all of Hoseok’s chips. Fingers crossed it was the right time to say that.

“A fucking straight flush,” Jimin murmured in disbelief.

Hoseok laughed in triumph. “I am so fucking glad we made this bet, and I’m really glad I sided with the lucky charm over here,” he boomed, ruffling your hair.

You fixed your hair. From the look of defeat from the group across from you, and the cheers happening behind you, you guessed you won.

“I can’t believe you lost. You’ve never lost before, hyung,” Jungkook said, shaking his head.

“Did you lose on purpose?” Namjoon asked.

“Yeah, I totally lost on purpose. I want Hoseok hyung to embarrass me because we made this bet,” Jimin said, rolling his eyes before getting up from his seat.

“You’re not stuck with Yoongi hyung,” Jungkook mumbled, picking up the cards and chips.

You began to help the younger one clean up the table.

“I actually might have to cook,” Namjoon sighed.

Seokjin scoffed. “I’m never letting you step into a kitchen, Namjoon. You’d poison everyone before they did anything stupid to get themselves killed.” He began to pick up the chairs, heading towards the kitchen where he originally grabbed them.

Namjoon and Hoseok grabbed the rest of the chairs and followed Seokjin into the kitchen, Namjoon complaining that he can cook the entire time. Jimin, Yoongi and Taehyung began to clean up the mess around the table.

Every now and then you would glance at a sulking Jungkook as he stacked the chips. You couldn’t help but giggle, catching his attention.

“It’s not funny,” he whined, putting the chips in the box. You laughed a little harder. “I’m never going to leave my apartment again once Yoongi hyung figures out what he wants to do to embarrass me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the poor kids struggle. He really didn’t want Yoongi to give him the punishment for going against him, but with the grinning Yoongi behind him, you knew Jungkook was in trouble. 

“You’re going to be in for a surprise,” Yoongi said, draping an arm around his shoulder.

“I know self-defense,” he said, looking away from the grinning elder.

“Oh, so you’re going to try and fight me?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

“Maybe,” Jungkook mumbled.


The sound of knocking woke you from your slumber. You cracked open your eyes. Disordered, you climbed out of bed. However, with your mind not fully aware, the blanket caught hold of you, tangling you up and causing you to fall to the floor.

With a whimper, you crawled to the door. You opened it, swinging the door open, and practically lying down on the ground. You fell back asleep.

When you woke up again, you felt more alert. Opening your eyes, you met Taehyung. He was lying down next to you, his phone in his hands as he browsed through it aimlessly. He turned his attention away from his phone and towards you.

“You’re finally awake,” he said, putting his phone down next to him. He sat up.

The only real reason you were awake was because of the discomfort the floor was bringing you. “What time is it?” you asked, sleep in your voice.

“I think around three,” he said, fully getting off the floor.

“In the morning?” you asked in confusion. Taehyung nodded his head as he stared down at you. Slowly, you pushed yourself off the ground, clutching onto the blanket wrapped around you. “Why are you awake so late?” you asked.

“I’m more of a night owl. The world is more alive at night.” He shrugged. There was silence that followed for a second before he snapped his finger in realization. “Let’s go out,” he stated.


He nodded. “Yeah. No one is really out at this time, and you’ve been cooped up in here since you basically got here. No one is going to stare, so you should at least see what All is really about.” Taehyung made his way towards his own room, disappearing for a brief moment before reappearing with a black jacket on. He turned towards you expectantly. “C’mon,” he said, making his way towards the door.

You were unsure as to what you were supposed to do, but with Taehyung staring at you, you threw the blanket on your bed and followed him out the front door.

You were expecting to see Jimin or Jungkook waiting outside the complex, but surprised to see no one. Following Taehyung to the familiar red car, you got in the passenger side. He brought the car to life with the twist of his wrist before driving the car away from the complex. The familiar buildings you had seen months ago, passed by as you stared out the window.

“Where are we going?” you asked, turning towards Taehyung, watching him as he ran one hand through his blond hair.

“Don’t know,” he mumbled, making a left on a random street. “Is there anywhere in particular you want to see? You were taught some iconic places in All, right?” He glanced at you.

“I never really…” you trailed off, averting your eyes towards your lap. “I never went to school.”

He let out a hum. “How did you learn about All?” he asked, stopping at a red light.

“Because people didn’t like us in Reflection, when I was little, some kids told us that monsters like us could never belong in a place like All. That was the first time I’ve ever heard of All, and I asked my father about it. That’s how I learned about the Land of All.” When you looked back up, Taehyung was staring at you. Nothing was said between the two of you as he continued to stare at you. You could feel your heart quicken and face begin to heat up.

The sound of honking brought the both of you back to reality, and Taehyung stepped on the gas.

After half an hour of driving, Taehyung finally spoke up, “Let’s go camping.”

You frowned. “Camping?”

He nodded. “Everyone needs a break, and practically every year we go camping. We can go sooner rather than go in a couple of months. How does that sound?”

“I’ve never been camping before. Is it fun? What do I have to do? Is there specific things you have to do beforehand?” you bombarded him, turning your body fully towards him.

Taehyung chuckled. “You have to do nothing but show up in the morning before we leave.”

“That’s it?”

He smiled. “That’s it.”

“I can do that,” you told him, watching him as he came to a complete stop, turning off the car.

“Good.” He got out of the car. “Let’s go.”

You looked out the window to see nothing but darkness. Slightly off into the distance, you could see water reflecting the moon. You got out of the car. You really couldn’t see anything.

“Where are we?” you called out towards Taehyung, wherever he was.

You heard footsteps before he appeared before you. “The beach.” He shrugged. “More like an isolated part of the beach no one really goes to.”

“It’s dark. How can you see anything?” you asked, glancing around you. Any source of light came from the moon.

You heard him chuckle before you felt his hand take yours. It was really warm. “Come on,” he said, pulling you in the direction towards the water. You held his hand rather tightly as he led you in the darkness, the sound of the waves filling up the silence. It sounded soothing.

The ocean was just a few feet in front of you, and with the light of the moon, it looked beautiful.   

“How do you know where you’re going?” you asked. “It really is dark to see what’s in front of me.”

“I come here all the time, so I know the surroundings of this beach,” he told you, leading you closer to the water.

When the crashing of the waves became louder, he finally came to a stop. You stood there, feeling his hand leave yours, and you couldn’t help but feel a little saddened by the lack of warmth.

“What do we do now?” You turned your head towards him, seeing nothing but his outline and his facial features—barely. You watched him sit on the floor, patting the sand next to him.

“We wait until the sun rises.”

You sat down next to him. “You do this all the time?”

He hummed in response. “When I can’t sleep, I’m always here.”

You began to run your fingers along the sand. “I’ve never seen the ocean before,” you shyly confessed. You could feel his eyes on you, and it made you regret even confessing such a stupid confession to him.

“What have you seen?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. You could barely hear it over the crashing waves, but it was clear.

You grabbed a handful of sand, slowly letting it slip through your fingers. “Nothing, really. We mainly lived underground—seeing the sun was amazing.” You laughed, trying to lighten the mood. When he didn’t join you, you lowered your head in embarrassment. “What’s the best part?” you asked, somewhat changing the subject.

“Both,” he replied, going along with the change of subject. “When the sun hits a certain part of the ocean, it’s breathtaking. The pink and blue sky, the water reflecting the sun, and the big, white clouds. It’s amazing.”

From the way he described a simple sunrise, and the look on his face, it made you a bit eager to see something that is described to be breathtaking.

“I’m excited,” you confessed, turning your attention back towards the illuminated ocean.

From the corner of your eye, you could see Taehyung remove his jacket. “You should go to sleep,” he said, folding his jacket before placing it on the sand behind you.

You shook your head, grabbing his jacket and handing it back to him. “I’m okay,” you replied.

He sighed. “You’re tired, and I know you’re going to fall asleep.” He put the folded jacket next to him.

“I’m not,” you defended, trying to sound confident in your decision.

He shook his head. “We’ll see,” he whispered.

Turns out he was right because you woke up to a poking on your cheek, and a hand moving strands of hair out of your face.

You opened your eyes feeling groggy. Slowly waking yourself up from sleep, you finally noticed the ocean.

The blue water, the pink and blue sky, and the big, white clouds. And the sun coming up from behind the horizon. 

You shot to your feet. Never have you seen something so beautiful.

So mesmerizing.

It just proved that someone like you should not see something this perfect.

But you didn’t care today. Right now, you were here, watching the sunrise, and you couldn’t be happier.

“What do you think?” he asked, getting to his feet.

How do you describe something so beautiful?

How can you put it into one word?




Then you remembered what Taehyung had said hours ago.

“Breathtaking,” you whispered.

He wiped the sand off your arm and shoulder, his fingers brushing along your neck. You suppressed a shiver.

“This is just the beginning,” he told you.

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(All prompts requested by Anons)

Prompts: Imagine the reader and Jasper argue. The Major comes out and he does something bad so the reader says ‘I hate you’ but doesn’t actually mean it. + Imagine Jasper becoming The Major during an argument with you and hurting you. + Imagine dancing with a strange guy to make Jasper jealous only to bring out The Major. + Imagine telling The Major to “chill.”

It all started when you and Jasper got into an argument.

He seemed to think that you weren’t able to think for yourself. That you couldn’t take care of yourself. He irritated you to no end. You needed to get away, to take your mind off of how infuriating your best friend could be. Stupid Jasper with his stupidly beautiful face.

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Yoonmin interaction
  • Jimin: *proud of his beautiful cake he made 🎂*
  • Yoongi: *walks into the kitchen* what are you so happy about
  • Jimin: hyung I made a cake!
  • Yoongi: *cuts a piece and take a bite*...I hate your orgazmic tasting cake and your adorably excited face
  • Jimin: *pouts cutely* I'm sorry hyung
  • Yoongi: *pinches jimins cheeks and kisses his nose* you're so cute....*realization hits* LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO PARK JIMIN! *storms out taking another piece of cake on his way out*
  • Jimin: ...what...huh

honestly it makes me cry when i realise how many good friends i’ve made along the way here in the skam fandom. how much support and love and care and affection we show towards one another in a time where one of us faces something as hurtful as hate in any way shape or form, regardless of whatever it is about. 

thank you to all you beautiful people who’s support and love i felt tonight. i pray that the world’s happiness lands on your doorstep and that you feel loved and cared for and supported. i love you with all my heart. you all are the best friends i could have asked for.