i hate you and everything that you choose to be

What I really love about Revenge of the Sith is that it ends the same way as Return of the Jedi; with people choosing to love Anakin despite everything he’s done.

In RotJ, Luke could have left Vader behind out of anger or lack of compassion, but he chose love instead. He didn’t have to help him, but he chose to. “You’re coming with me. I’ll not leave you here, I’ve got to save you.”

And RotS echoes that same message with Obi-wan and Padme both loving him despite the betrayal and his horrible actions.

Obi-wan could have chosen to hate Anakin for all that he did, he could have answered Anakin’s hatred with hatred of his own. But when Anakin screamed “I hate you” Obi-wan answered with “You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.”

And even Padme, whose heart was broken, chose to love him. “There is good in him. I know there is still…”

What I love about Star Wars is the message of love and forgiveness, even for those who have wronged us in unthinkable ways.

  • Yes, I am straight.
  • Yes, I share and like a lot of lgbt things.
  • No, Sherlock, that does not mean I am a member of lgbt family. (Even though I would be a proud one if i was)
  • You don't see a reason for me to support this community if i am not a part of it?
  • I do.
  • I support love cause we live in a world full of hate. We need love, regardless of genders.
  • We don't need to label everyone.
  • You dress like a girl sometimes? That's fine. You like boys? That's fine too. Everything is fine. You don't have to fit in anything, we don't have to label you like you're some kind of a laboratory experiment.
  • I support and love humanity. I don't pick and choose the ones i will.
Another Conversation with a Transphobic jerk
  • Transphobic Jerk: why the hell do you want to be Trans? Do you really hate yourself that much that you have to change everything about you?
  • Me: I didn't choose be trans, I chose to be myself just like you didn't choose to be cis, what I don't understand is why you chose to be a jackass

I’ll make this one post to address everything that’s been bothering me and leave it there.

1) Do not ask for other pairings

I don’t care about drawing kuroken/kurotsukki. I don’t care about giving my opinion on them. The constant messages about them only feel like you’re making me choose a side. If you wan’t my honest opinion I don’t ship either and because of these constant messages, I don’t think I ever will. 

Imagine someone trying to constantly convince you to change your mind, you wouldn’t listen to them if they were repeatedly trying to get you to think the way they do, would you? You won’t get me to ship your otp by just sending me 100 asks.

2) Do not come to me with explicit nsfw asks

this has only become a problem recently but honestly imagine going up to a stranger and telling them explicit things about yourself and see how they react. I may interact with you guys as if we’re friends but we aren’t close enough to talk like that. 

3) Demanding asks

You do not demand from me, you will not get anything from me if you send me orders. Your ask is deleted as soon as I see a “I want a-” or a “draw me a-” 

I’m not your slave. I’m not working for you. You will treat me with respect. 

song; Track3 「Romeo×Romeo」(ダミーヘッドDuet Version)
song; Track3 「Romeo×Romeo」(ダミーヘッドDuet Version)

Romeo x Romeo - あさぎ夕+tadashi (Suzuki Yuuto+Hamano Daiki) for 3P x BL song

(this was recorded using dummyhead mic so PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS WITH HEADPHONES!!!)

Two butterflies and one flower, we want to relish this taste.

あさぎ夕 plays Akira, the heroine’s coworker/drinking buddy on the left, and tadashi plays…Tadashi (someone help this man why does he choose his pseuds like this), Akira’s celebrity friend on the right!

THIS IS SERIOUSLY NSFW, WHAT ON EARTH AM I EVEN DOING WITH MY LIFE. Okay so maybe the song itself could seem vaguely innocuous…kinda, but the lyrics…? No delicacy whatsoever. I hate you both.

That being said, full translated lyrics under the cut! PLS SET ME ON FIRE.

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AFTG as Jaden Smith Tweets
  • Neil: When I Die. Then You Will Realize
  • Andrew: I Only Apply To The Sixth Amendment
  • Kevin: Water In The Eyes And Alcohol In The Eyes Are Pretty Much The Same I Know This From First Hand Experience.
  • Renee: You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands
  • Allison: People Think They Have To Choose.
  • Dan: When Life Gives You Big Problems, Just Be Happy You Forgot All Your Little Problems.
  • Matt: Shia Labeouf Is Life.
  • Aaron: I Encourage You All To Unfollow Me So I Can Be Left With The People Who Actually Appreciate Philosophy And Poetry. #CoolTapeVol2
  • Nicky: I Honestly Love When People Hate Even When There Close To You.
  • Seth: The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep.
  • Riko: Christian Grey.
  • Wymack: Just Stare In The Mirror And Cry And You'll Be Good. 👍
And that’s why I hate words like ‘soulmate’. It implies everything will be automatic, that I don’t even have a say in the matter. Like we’re some natural phenomenon in the universe like gravity or the Aurora Borealis. Phenomena don’t choose to exist, they just do. But ‘we’ only exist when we make the conscious choice to exist, day in and day out. When I choose to wake you up with two eggs sunny-side and toast. When I choose to surprise you with carnations because you stayed late for work. When I choose to come along on the eight hour train ride to visit your sick uncle in the countryside. When I choose to apologize for staying out with friends too late (I did choose to stay out late after all), to accept that you’d be mad and ignore me for three days, and to make it up to you with the largest box of truffles in existence. I am choosing you over and over again over everyone else. This is not divine intervention or cosmic destiny. This is choice, and soulmates don’t have choices.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #9 // W.S.
Fangirl Problem #12

Hating mundane things you loved like school (university) work, shopping or being with friends because it takes time away from your anime binge watching, manga marathoning, and late night book reading. 

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Becuase honestly you would always choose to live in this fictional world with your fictional loves because they are real to us, and honestly, everything is better with them around. 

Let me live in their world just a little longer

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I want to tell you everything. I want you to know you’re the reason why I keep people at a distance. I’m afraid they’ll suck me in to their misery and let me rot there like you did. I want to tell you how awful I felt about myself when I was around you. I want to tell you how scared I am that you still might come back and take everything from me out of revenge. I want you to know how many excuses I made for you. I want you to know how many people hated you because they loved me and they saw how you hurt me. I want to tell you that I was never who you thought I was; I’m so much more than that. I want to tell you I’m not angry with you at all but I’m angry at myself for letting you do this to me for years. But if I ever saw you I wouldn’t say a word. Because you would never understand. You’re always the victim and you can’t see how your actions affect others. You don’t want to recognize that you take advantage of people who love you. I was once one of those people, but never again.

the truth is robert’s not going to bring it up, because robert doesn’t do feelings until he’s forced to, and because it hurts to think about, let alone dwell on the possibility that aaron still doesn’t trust him, still doubts him and his love for him after everything. 

but i think that, if robert were to say ‘it hurts when you don’t trust me, even if you want to’ now, rather than prompt any sort of conversation between them, it would just make things worse. 

aaron is trapped in a cycle of insecurities and guilt. his heart wants to trust robert, it does trust him, but his head is telling him what it always does, that he doesn’t deserve this, that robert will leave, will choose someone ‘better’, because everyone does. and aaron hates it, because he can see that he’s holding himself back but he can’t help it. and if robert said anything now aaron would only feel guiltier, as he’s wont to do. guilty for causing problems between them, guilty for hurting robert, guilty for being that way even though he can’t help it. so he would stay quiet. which is what he’s done. and he keeps bottling it up. and the only way out now is for everything to burst, which is exactly what is going to happen. things will get worse before they get better, it’s the only way out of the cycle now, unfortunately.


Punk!Michael Imagine

Summary: He was everything your dad hated, everything you were never supposed to associate with. Though it’s something about the way his lips feel on your skin that create a longing you’ve never quite felt before. But when trouble ensues, as it usually does when you’re close with Michael, you’ll have to choose between the mysterious punk boy and the future you’ve worked so hard for. 

A/N: I’ve been writing this for the past week and it turned out way longer than I thought but you guys voted to have one long piece as opposed to two parts, so grab a snack and get comfy cos you’ll be here awhile…anyway I hope you enjoy:)

~Approx. 7.8k words~
~Warnings: Light smut, mentions of drugs, swearing~

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Artist: Panic! at the Disco  

What’s your gender? She’s a Handsome Woman 

Describe yourself? The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know 

How do you feel? Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) 

If you could go anywhere? From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins 

Favorite mode of transportation? Folkin’ Around 

Your best friend? That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) 

Favorite time of day? Nine in the Afternoon 

If your life was a TV show? The Good, the Bad and the Dirty 

Relationship status? Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…) / Mad as Rabbits

Your fear? The Ballad of Mona Lisa

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I hate you. I hate you for all the things you’ve put me through. How could you do those things to me? How could you kiss me and then leave? I hate myself for letting you walk all over me. I hate everything and I wish I didn’t waste all that time on you. There goes six months of my life. Why is my life such a mess? I wish I didn’t feel this pain anymore. This is me saying goodbye. I’m sorry I ever bothered about trying to be anything more than friends. I should’ve known from the start we wouldn’t work out… I love you, but it’s time for me to let go. Goodbye.
—  7:37pm// excerpts from a book I’ll never write #12

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whats the one louis look you love the most? hair, outfit, everything (ik thats technically not a thing about YOU but you love louis so please?)

i hate this because i had one outfit picked out that i was gonna choose but when i went through my tag to find it i was Innundated by all these other Looks so?????? ima go with this one

he’s so freakigngn pretty i cry

//message me one thing you wanna know about me//

1. You showed me that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t skinny enough for you, but I taught you how it feels like a slap in the face when I move on. Did it really matter that I wasn’t pretty?

2. I learned the difference between lust and love with you. You chose her, but you ended up choosing me, but not in the way or at the time I wanted you too. Lust and love are the same to you, aren’t they?

3.You taught me about hate. You taught me what it was like to lose a best friend. You showed how easy it was to kiss my bestfriend, but was that fair if I broke your heart?

4. You told me to love everything full heartedly with no regrets. You taught me to love myself because in the end that’s what really matters. You also taught me love can go away as quickly as it came. You showed what indecisiveness really was. There’s a difference between can’t and won’t, but not to you?

—  they changed my life, but left me with some questions a.i.

how do you pick a daemon’s name? is it your parents? or is it your parents’ daemons? do you just know from birth? are the daemon names super convoluted and weird because it’s the kids that choose a name? (mine would have definitely been called mirabellion or something)

what about sex? does your daemon have sex with your partner’s daemon? how does that work out, if the daemons are of physically incompatible species? would your female daemon give birth to your baby’s daemon or is your daemon born with you? does it just appear out of thin air when you’re born, when you get a soul?

what about settling? i mean everyone hits puberty at some point, early, late or more or less with everyone else, right? is it possible for someone to be unsettled as an adult? they would obviously face a lot of stigma, like being called immature, “they obviously have huge psychological problems” or some shit (but it would be super practical for actors, and people with secret identities, spies, criminals and superheroes)

do daemons show certain signs or symptoms if you suffer from actual psychological problems? do you have multiple damons if you have multiple personalities? (maybe then you’d have an unsettled one)

and in our modern age of paranoia and legal everything and information war and stuff, would daemons be registered? like, you settle and you have to go to the government to have it added to your ID that you have a this or that as your daemon

wouldn’t that lead to a lot of prejudice and stigma against certain creatures? like people with culturally “evil”-connotated animal like spiders, snakes, and rats would be the victims of discrimination, no? would that lead to daemon profiling? would their be protests against or in favour of daemon registration?

it would be obviously helpful when authorities want to identify criminals and obviously a problem for said criminals

Hayes Grier - Hate

Request:  Heyyyy can you make an imagine y/n and haye are together but nash hates y/n and they brake up ? Youcan choose the end


When you are with someone I think it is really important to everyone that our lover’s family accepts and maybe loves you. You don’t want to have a bad relationship with the ones your partner loves. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to have all my boyfriend’s relatives’ love.

Hayes and I met in a store and he attempted to get my number with his cheesy pick-up lines. It was kind of cute, and a few weeks later we started to go out. Everything was good and perfect until the point where I met Nash.

From the first minute he laid his eyes on me I could feel the hate coming from him. He tried to keep up the smiley face when he had to, but I knew he hated me for some reason I didn’t know. The weird thing is that I had never done anything to him, so I was clueless about his behavior towards me. Once he even told me straight to my face. It was at one of their event. Hayes was in his dressing room getting ready when we happened to be at the same room. I wanted to start a delightful chat, but he stopped me.

“Please stop talking, I can’t hear it.”

“Hear what?” I asked confused.

“Your voice,” he replied looking at me with an annoyed face. “I don’t know why my brother is with you, but that doesn’t mean that we have to be friends. I don’t like you and I will never want to be your friend. Just… stay away from me.”

I was shocked hearing his little speech and I couldn’t even move after he left the room. I had literally no idea why he acted like this with me, and at first I thought he only acted like that when we were alone, but after a while Hayes noticed it too.

He even asked Nash about it and he just simply told him the same things he said to me. It made me wonder why he hated me but since he didn’t even want to talk to me it stayed a secret.

Soon it started to affect our whole relationship, which I thought was impossible, but it really did happen. Hayes had to spend a lot of time with Nash and it made our situation harder, because I didn’t want to meet Nash and he obviously didn’t want to be in the same room with me. I knew it was tearing Hayes apart, knowing that two of the most important people in his life didn’t get along well. A lot of times he had to choose between us, and at the end I always told him to choose his brother, because his family is above everything. But I couldn’t lie to myself, it hurt so badly that Nash made it harder for us to be together. We already had problems because of his crazy schedule, so it was just the top of the mountain.

Then one day everything changed, and I lost my love because of one of his family member. We had been together for more than half a year, when Nash had this mental breakdown. I guess he had too much on his plate with his movie and other projects, but it affected his whole life and everyone else’s around him. One night Hayes called me if he could come over and I could feel that something was terribly wrong.

When he arrived he told me to sit down, so we both took a seat at our dining table.

“Um, the thing is that Nash is having a hard time right now,” he started staring at his hands on the table. “He is not taking things right at that moment, and we had an argument a few hours ago.”

I gulped hard being afraid of what was coming.

“He told me how he can’t stand you around him or even me, I yelled at him for being disrespectful with you. I truly can’t stand how he acted lately and I told him that, but it just made him even more angry.” He looked up at me with sad eyes and somehow I was feeling what was coming next. “I talked to my parents and I thought about everything and I think it would be the best if… if we didn’t meet until he gets better.” His voice was shaking as he finished his sentence and I knew it hurt to him just as much as to me. I hated Nash for ending my relationship with Hayes because of his problems, but I knew that Hayes had to choose his family. I wouldn’t have done any differently, so I didn’t blame him, but I didn’t blame Nash either. I was just mad that we had to be in this situation.

I nodded trying to fight my tears back, but one of them run down on my face.

“I totally get it, Hayes,” I whispered not being able to speak any louder.

“I’m so sorry, I just… I have to help him get his life together again.” He took my hands between his and pulling it to his lips he kissed my knuckles.

“I know, and I understand it. I just wish we didn’t have to do this,” I said whipping my tears away. We stood up at the same time and I leaped into his arms holding him strongly. I didn’t want to let him go knowing I would be able to see or touch him for a long time. I didn’t even know if it was the end of everything or this meant just a little break.

“I love you, baby girl, don’t forget that,” he whispered kissing my temple.

“I love you too, Hayes.”


Weeks passed by and Hayes and I hadn’t met, but we occasionally talked on the phone, or texted each other. I didn’t want him to know how bad I felt since he left that night, because he had enough problems without me and I felt like he was doing okay with the situation, which hurt a little to be honest, but never mind. But then I got the strangest text ever. It was from Nash.

“Come over in ten, we have to talk.”

I had no idea what he could possibly want from me, but I was there in exactly ten minutes. He opened the door for me and led me into the living room.

“Um, is everything okay?” I asked worried.

“To be honest, no,” he sighed sitting down next to me on the couch. “Listen, I will just tell you the truth. I know that Hayes and you broke up because of me and I thought that it would make things easier for me, but then I saw what it did to him.”

“You mean the break up?” I asked.

“Yes. He is totally out of his mind, I can tell that he is deeply unhappy and I don’t like to see my brother like that.”

I took a deep breath. Hayes missed me, oh thanks God!

“So I asked you to come here because I want you and Hayes to get back together again.”

“But wouldn’t it be bad for you?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“Right now I don’t care about anything else than seeing my brother happy again.”

As he said that the front door opened and Hayes walked in with Elizabeth. When he saw me his eyes widened, I gave him a smile and then Nash stood up.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” he asked surprised. Nash answered the question for me.

“She is here for you, bro. I had enough of your sad face, so I want you two to get back together,” he announced. I stood up and slowly walked to Hayes.

“Really?” he asked putting his arms around my waist.

“Yes, really. But please, no making out in front of me,” he warned us with rolling his eyes, but it was too late. Hayes crashed his lips to mine and was kissing me like we hadn’t seen each other in years. It surely felt like years and I could understand his eagerness.

I had never thought that it would be Nash who would make thing right between us. I still didn’t know why he hated me, but right at that moment I was thankful for what he did.

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i had no idea ib was as hated everywhere as it is at my school also freshman ib kid PLEASE get yourself outta this negative toxic filthy program before it ruins everything you have

Okay I don’t hate IB, it’s like a lotta bullshit but when it comes down to it we’re gonna be more prepared than the average bear for college (especially with EE and having to choose our own paper topics) especially with our HL’s are the paper writing ones (HOA and English) and Visual Arts which are kinda like hey here’s a topic write a paper or make a painting and we’re like on what???? And they’re like AHHHH but you get the shit done ya feel?

The concept of intertextuality is key to approaching fairy tales in a folklore and literature framework and, even more broadly, in a web of cultural practices that crosses media, genres, and languages. Tales mingle with one another, anticipating, evoking, interrupting, and supporting one another in unpredictable ways that have to do with each teller’s and the storytelling’s situation and purposes, the teller’s story chest, the various discourses in which the tales participate, and the narratives that listeners/readers/viewers bring to them as well.

Cristina Bacchilega, “Fairy-tale adaptations and economies of desire" 

these are the first two sentences and I already hate this essay 

do you ever have a "you’re not wrong but I hate everything you’re choosing to be” moment?