i hate you all with a burning passion

See what your followers think of you.

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
CYAN = We have very little in common
THISTLE = I only just started following you
INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)
VERMILION = You make me feel passionate
HONEYDEW = I want to call you by a nickname
LAVENDER = You inspire me
CORAL = You’re a meme
UMBER = I want to know more about you
FORGET-ME-NOT = You remind me of somebody
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
ARSENIC = I don’t know how to describe the way I feel about you
WINE = You make me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class
SAFFRON = I love your ideas
TIMBERWOLF = I trust you
FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
SAGE = You make me cry
CRIMSON = We should collaborate on something!
VIRIDIAN = I wanna hang out on your blog
CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

anonymous asked:

Jw why do you hc lance as dyslexic? I don't want to seem rude and I'm not dissing your hc, I just wanted to know why (I'm really hope this doesn't come off offensive, I'm just genuinely curious)

not offensive at all! i’m happy to explain why i headcanon him as dyslexic :D

for one thing, i myself am dyslexic so i can spot the traits in Lance that give off a dyslexia vibe

exibit A) flying a spaceship simulator is hell because there are buttons all over the place and it’s easy to forget what each one does/easy to misread the labels and mix them up, no wonder Lance always crashes it

(one can argue it’s because Lance gets easily distracted, i think it’s a mix of both)

exibit B) math is confusing af and its really easy to get numbers that look/sound the same mixed up. it’s also easy to get your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication shit mixed up too

lmao shut up keith he knows that, he just gets it mixed up

exibit C) weird af motor skills when there’s a lot goin’ on at once

exhibit D) celebrates the tiny wins bc he doesn’t win a lot

exhibit E) disliked school enough as a child to pretend he was sick to get out of having to go, and if you’re a dyslexic who hasn’t been diagnosed and put in a special learning class to aid your learning disability yet, you are going to hate school with a burning passion and will try to avoid going in any way you can

exhibit F) clever come backs on the spot????? who???? bitch i need time to think of a clever response you don’t just come up with something witty to say right off the bat

exhibit G) insecure af??? he thinks he’s pathetic??? feels like a 7th wheel??? doesn’t think he has a “thing”????? doubts his capabilities?????? has a shit self esteem???????? all these are common things to feel for people with dyslexia because they struggle so much

literally fuck you Iverson. how dare you attack his self worth like that

also, i want to refer back to a quote i once read from an official website on the learning disorder, which is “the most consistent thing about dyslexics is their inconsistency”, and i think that ties in really well with Lance representing water, which is also inconsistent af. i think that’s one of the key roots to Lance’s “i feel like i don’t have a thing” insecurity. 

so yeah, this is why i headcanon Lance as dyslexic. as someone who has dyslexia myself, i see a lot of myself in Lance’s behavior, and can relate to a lot of the things he does/says/feels. 

thank you for asking! 

Dear #savebendy ,

theMeatly posted this comment 23 hours ago on DAGames’ video

I know this video and the comment aren’t directed at the #savebendy movement, but I still wanted to share it with you.
And I also don’t want to put any words in theMeatly’s mouth, I only want to show you and point out some things…

#savebendy spreads toxicity and hate. It suppresses people’s creativity and imagination. Exactly the opposite of what theMeatly wants, as you can see!

I follow him on Twitter as well and see him retweet art his fans have created …

  • That isn’t always canon!
  • Or just simply shitposts people made that are BATIM related.
  • Or Cosplays! AMAZING COSPLAYS!
  • Humanized versions of the characters!
  • Drawings made by younger people that aren’t that good yet! But we believe in them!
  • He retweets music videos and covers!
  • Heck, some of the art I saw him retweet could even be slightly shippy(AlicexBendy)

    But of course I don’t want to say it actually IS ship art, in case the artists do not like that. Just because Alice and Bendy are portrayed in the same picture doesn’t make it ship art!
    And I have yet to find art that includes OCs, but I doubt that theMeatly has anything against OCs based on his game!

None of that stuff is “cringy” as some following the #savebendy movement might say. All these people put effort into the things they make and they are passionate about it. They burn… they soar!

Okay, maybe not the shitposts. But everyone needs a laugh once in a while ;)

And with that, all I have left to say is:
Drown out the hate and…



And most of all…

Originally posted by ash-muffins

Also check out DAGames’s Youtube channel and Let’s Plays :)
I’m sure he’ll appreciate it! He also puts effort into creating entertaining content for everyone! Not only music! :)


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

This Is Not An April Fool’s Joke Writing Challenge

I can understand why you’d think this would be a joke, since I’ve been too busy to do any writing, yet, here I am, challenging all of you to write something for me. Hypocrite, much? Yes, but here it is, anyway. (And it’s really not a joke because I hate April Fool’s jokes with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns.) You can ask @manawhaat , I had this idea so many months ago, and it’s just now burned a hole into my brain, so I’m releasing it.

Here’s the skinny:

Prompt: Your doorbell rings, and when you answer it, Sam and Dean Winchester are standing there in all of their denim-wrapped glory. Sam gives you the most effective set of puppy eyes you’ve ever seen and says, “[insert your name here], thank God you’re home. We need you.” They are not actually Jared and Jensen sent by your friend as an April Fool’s joke, they really are Sam and Dean Winchester, and they really need your help to save their hunt.



With all of your talents and flaws, your life is the basis for this fic. What talent or gift do you have that could help Sam and Dean Winchester save the world? This can be set in canon-verse, or in French Mistake-verse, as long as Sam and Dean’s world collides with yours. Bonus points if you don’t give yourself a gift or talent you don’t actually have (like secretly being a psychic or something). We all have gifts and talents, and I want you to find that within yourself. Feel free to tailor your hunt to whatever gift you have. Maybe the monster of the week is weakened by bad singing and you’re notoriously tone-deaf? Whatever it is, the Winchesters know YOU specifically have this gift and can help them.

2. Since you are you, please use your name (or a nickname if you’re not comfortable using your actual name) instead of Y/N.

3. Fluff, angst, smut, whatever, it’s all acceptable.

4. Tag me in your post and use the tag, #Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge.

5. It would be cool if you got your story posted by the end of the month. No pressure, though. I’ll be making a masterlist for this as the fics get written.

6. Feel free to drag any other characters into this that you want. 

7. Write as little or as much as you want. No minimum or maximum word count.

8. PLEASE USE THE KEEP READING FEATURE if your fic is more than 500 words or before your list of tags. It makes everything look so much nicer. If you don’t know how to do it, feel free to ask me!

No need to send me an ask to sign up or anything, so no pressure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Have fun with this!! I can’t wait to read what ya’ll write!!!

Tags below the cut:

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Sade Songs for the Venus Signs

Because who doesn’t love this Cap sun/Aries moon queen?

Aries•Cherish the Day
“You’re ruling the way that I move,And I breathe your air, You only can rescue me, This is my prayer”

Taurus•Nothing can come between us
“I always hope that you remember,What we have is strong and tender, the middle of the madness, Hold on”

Gemini•Smooth Operator
“Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male, Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale,Face to face, each classic case, We shadow box and double cross,Yet need the chase”

Cancer•Is it a crime
“He takes her love, but it doesn’t feel like mine, He tastes her kiss, her kisses are not wine, they’re not mine, He takes, but surely she can’t give what I’m feeling now”

“I’d give the world if it was mine, Feels like You’re mine, I’m Yours, So fine, Like Paradise, I’d wash the sand off the shore, Give you the world if it was mine, Blow you right to my door”

Virgo•The Sweetest Taboo
“There’s a quiet storm, And it never felt this hot before, Giving me something that’s taboo, Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me”

“You can see it in her pride And the raven in her eyes, Try show her a better way, She’ll say you don’t know what you’ve been missing, And by the time she blinks you know she won’t be listening”

Scorpio•Hang onto your love
“In heaven’s name why do you play these games, Hang on to your love, Be brave when the journey is rough, It’s not easy when you’re in love, Don’t be ashamed when the going gets tough, It’s not easy don’t give up”

Sagittarius•Never as Good as the First Time
“Good times they come and they go, Never going to know, What fate is going to blow, You’re way just hope it feels right, Sometimes it comes and it goes, You take it ever so slow”

Capricorn•Your love is King
“Your love is king, Crown you with my heart, Your love is king, Never need to part, Your kisses ring, Round and round and round my head, Touching the very part of me,It’s making my soul sing”

Aqua•Love is stronger than pride
“I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living, I won’t pretend I’m good at forgiving, But I can’t hate you, Although I have tried, Mmmmm, I still really really love you, Love is stronger than pride”

Pisces•No Ordinary Love
“I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give, I gave you love, I gave you all that I have inside, And you took my love, You took my love, I keep crying, I keep trying for you,There’s nothing like you and I baby”

anonymous asked:

Why do we even have name tags? At my old job EVERYONE kept dropping the "A" off the end of my name and yes, my name minus the A is still a name but it's not my name. If I called people on it I got "oh it's just a nickname" well you don't know me well enough to nickname me because if you did you would know I HATE that name with a burning passion. I can't even begin to imagine what a nightmare it is for trans people with their preferred name on their tag. People suck and you all deserve better.

I tend to ignore people until they say my name correctly. I hate people shortening my name because they are too lazy to say the whole name. I had one that did t get the hint and complained to the manager that I was rude by not answering. He called my name (correctly) I looked at him and he said “are you ignoring this customer?”
Me “I’m not ignoring anyone”
Customer: “I’ve been calling you”
Me: “you were calling someone else. You weren’t saying my name”
Customer: I was calling (short version of my name) and you ignored me"
Me: “that’s not my name so I thought you wanted someone else. How can I help you”

He complained that he was calling my name so I called him “BOB” the rest of the time. He said “my names Robert not bob!” And I told him “my name is Rodney not Rod” and he huffed and left.

Don’t shorten people’s names without their permission. It pisses me off and it really pisses my wife off. It’s not her fault her mom gave her an unpronounceable name and you don’t get to shorten it without permission.



I’m so in love with “Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts”!!! 

Here I am again with another video edit! It’s so exciting to read Viktor thoughts!!!! @kazliin you’re such a talented writer!!!! OBS&BH It’s SO AMAZING!!!!! The Rivals series touched my heart and soul <3 BEST FANFIC EVER!!!! Every detail matters in UMFB&MHA and OBS&BH and that makes your fanfics perfect <3 Thank you for this experience!!!! 

I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

Fanvid 1 after chapter 11.

Fanvid 2 after chapter 13.

Fanvid 3 after chapter 14.

“And yet Viktor had still fallen for him despite everything and now he could never look away, could never turn from Yuuri because Yuuri was beautiful in every way that it was possible to be beautiful and even if he hated Viktor with a passion to rival Viktor’s love nothing could ever change that. Nor could it change the way that Viktor felt.” 

Caveira voicelines & interactions (a few of them)

Hero selected:
I’m just about to warm things up.
*Dog bark*



Need a light?
This is about to get hot!
Where there’s smoke, there’s me.
If you’re calling for Mercy, you came in the wrong direction.
Nothing is black or white, all is cinder.
Who’s a good boy?
Remind me again, why do we do this?
Fwoosh you!
Chaud devant!
Hell hath no fury like me.
Is it me or it’s hot in here? Oh it’s just me alright…
Quem manda nessa pora?!
*Several barks from the dog* hush hush boy.
Burn baby, burn.



Well… that just happened.
I guess I need to warm up after all.
C’mon my boy, let’s go! *dog bark*
Urgh… Fait chier!
I’m hating this with a burning passion.


On fire:

Just in case: I’m on fire!
I’m always on fire.
Thanks, captain obvious!


Final blow:

Against Reaper:
Blackwatch salutes you.

Against Widowmaker:
Elle est pour toi celle-la, Gérard. (This one’s for you, Gérard.)

Against McCree:
Don’t hold back, kid.

Against Genji:
Get up, kid.

Against Soldier: 76:
Think again.

Against Sombra:
Apagando las luces.

Against Ana, Tobjörn, Reinhardt, Mercy and Pharah:
That will haunt me for years.

Against Bastion:



Caveira: You come here often, hotshot?
Reaper: *low growl*

Caveira: I knew someone just like you, but he’s dead to me.
Reaper: …

Reaper: Finally, someone competent around here.
Caveira: It has always been about teamwork, Gabriel.

With both Blackwatch Legendary skins
Blackwatch Reyes: Just… don’t let Barrage bite the enemy’s ass
Blackwatch Caveira: I thought you found it entertaining.
Blackwatch Reyes: Hush… *chuckles*

Soldier: 76
Soldier: Reyes’ lapdog, didn’t thought I’d see you again.
Caveira: Jealous much?

Soldier: You’re alive.
Caveira: They denied my entry at hell’s gates, had to come back.

Widowmaker: La griffe achèvera ce qu’elle a commencé avec toi. (Talon will finish what they started with you.)
Caveira: On parie? (Wanna bet?)

McCree: There’s a pretty big bounty on your head, Jo.
Caveira: Try me, kid.
McCree: It’s not worth getting my ass burned.
Caveira: Or we go and we split the cut.
*Both laught*

Caveira: Who’s a good boy?
McCree: Me?
Caveira: No, not you.
*Dog bark*

Caveira: You seem at peace with yourself now.
Genji: I found balance, I wish the same for you.

Caveira: I don’t know if I can hold myself.
Bastion: *Panic beep*



Watchpoint Gibraltar  

I miss this place.

Route 66
Deadlock gang’s had the best bikes, I’m wondering if there’s still some around here.

Burning this place to the ground would be unfair… but the experiments need to stop.

King’s row (on attack)
I’ll do this alone if I have to.

Tell me what you think of me!!!

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh.
MAUVE = You are really talented.
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.

Send me a colour!

(not original post, can’t find it and i had this saved)

BLACK = I would date you
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar. PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
CYAN = We have very little in common
THISTLE = I only just started following you
INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)
VERMILION = You make me feel passionate
HONEYDEW = I want to call you by a nickname
LAVENDER = You inspire meCORAL = You’re a meme
UMBER = I want to know more about you
FORGET-ME-NOT = You remind me of somebody
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
ARSENIC = I don’t know how to describe the way I feel about you
WINE = You make me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class
SAFFRON = I love your ideas
TIMBERWOLF = I trust you
FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
SAGE = You make me cry
CRIMSON = We should collaborate on something!
VIRIDIAN = I wanna hang out on your blog
CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from 

Baby Project (Pt. II)

Tyler Joseph Series

Part I

Summary: Two long life enemies, who supposedly hate each other with a burning passion are forced to spend more time than preferred together.

(A/N): Hey party people, I hope you all are doing well. Enjoy x PS there‘s a movie reference hidden in this chapter, hola at me if you know which one 

Words: 744

(Y/N) straightens her posture, takes a deep breath and presses the doorbell. No more than a minute later the door flies open, revealing a shirtless guy. 

“Ms (Y/L/N)“, the brown haired man greets with a hint of ridicule, “To what do I owe the honour of your presence?“ he asks with a smug smirk, casually leaning against the door frame. 

“I need you to take care of the baby“ she answers straightforwardly and presses the object in his hands, catching him off guard; yet he still manages to get a grasp of it. However, the doll immediately wakes up from its slumber and starts crying.

“What no I can‘t-“ Tyler protests while trying to soothe the baby, but gets cut off. 

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The reading list is back!!! Welcome to week 8 my friends! Since I took such a long hiatus and there was no way I could possibly catch up with all of the stories I missed, I narrowed it down to just the stories posted within the last 10ish days. There are so many incredible writers on this list, so please make sure to send them a little love!! xx

Also, I have made one small adjustment to this list. From now on, I will only review one fic per person on this list. I think it’ll be easier that way, plus I don’t want it to seem like I have favorites :)

Don’t forget to tag me in your fics, guys!! It makes my life a whole lot easier :-)

Here are the fics I read this week:

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anonymous asked:

Excuse me, I'm new to the fandom, and could I ask you a question? Why does almost everyone seem to hate otayuri/otayuri shippers? Like, I don't ship it that much, it's a fine ship, but a lot of people seem to hate it with a burning passion? Like calm down guys it's fictional characters let people enjoy the show how they want to. What even started the shipping war? I think otayuri is a great way for character development to be introduced for both otabek and yuri, ya know? -confused & shy anon

First of all, you are awesome for thinking that otayuri is a fine ship. That makes me so happy to hear. And yes, it would actually be good for character development ^^ wow! I never thought of it that way.

Sooo people hate on Otayuri for many reasons. However the main reason is because of Yurio being 15 and Otabek being 19. 

Otayuri haters usually use this against Otayuri shippers saying that it’s pedophilia or not legal. However, this is NOT true

Refrerring to the hates that say it isn’t “legal”: Otabek and Yuri can legally be in a relationship if Yuri is 15. This is completely okay as long as long as the relationship isn’t sexual when Yuri is 15. There is no law whatsoever saying that this is wrong as long as it is NOT sexual.

However, going by the upcoming season 2 of YOI, Yuri will actually be canonically 16 years old. This is becuase figure skating starts back up in the fall so March 1st (Yurio’s b-day) would’ve already passed. 

This leads to the age of consent. In most states in the US, the age of consesnt is 16

However, if we are going by their countries rules: Russia’s age of consent is 16 and the Age of Consent in Kazakhstan is 16 years old. So, if Yurio is 16, then it’s completely okay for him and Otabek to have a sexual relation.

Now, referring to the haters that say it’s Pedophilia: It is not. I also recently answered this to an anon that was accusing me of supporting a pedophilia relationship. I proved it to them uses sources I found saying what counted as Pedophilia. So I’ll put the same stuff down:

“A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.”


“ Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.”

So if anyone says that Otayuri is pedophilia, it’s not. They are just uneducated a**holes. So tell them to just deal with it.

Otayuri is a completely safe and legal ship. And it is freaking adorable. So I say, ship away!

Man, that was a lot but I hope it explains everything! ^^

Fannibals I need your help! Send in your Hannigram song rec NOW

Your music? Yes, your music. What song is the Hannigram anthem of your heart? 

There’s a singing contest coming up in early April! 

I was the champion&runner-up of the last two seasons, and this will be my last time competing/the outcome(whether or not I win) really doesn’t matter to me anymore, so I want to do something different.

The problem is, I have literally zero, I repeat, zero fucking idea about what I should sing for the final. Every song that I used to like just doesn’t feel right, and I have no new ones coming in. No inspirations. I have lost the motivation and the passion for performing those talent-show-ish songs I’d performed a thousand times on stage before but never really liked. So, as I have recently mastered the beautiful art of having no fucks to give, I, a person with no fucks to give, have officially lost the last fuck to give.

I’m turning this into a Hannigram tribute.

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to dedicate a lovesong to this beautiful ship and perform it right in front of 1000+ people that probably all hate me with a burning passion and are all desperately hoping to see me fail. I don’t give a flying fuck about whether or not the song suit my style, my voice, my stage presence, is it suitable for singing live, or am I even allowed to sing it. (however, I do need to be ABLE to sing it, so please, don’t give me those diva songs with insanely high notes/ it will need to at least have a existing karaoke track on YouTube, but if it doesn’t, send it in anyway I need some new music to listen to )

So, drop your hannigram song rec(request) in the askbox right now! I will listen to all of them and reply every one of the asks with the one part of the lyrics that I like best!

And the genre? 

I don’t care. Rock, pop, country, ballad, electronic, experimental, broadway, folk, metal, SCREAMO… Everything. 

Originally posted by anorexorcist13

Thank you, my dearest Hannibal family. You are all the best. As always… Stay dark, and stay sophisticated! (I apologize I will see myself out)   

Golden Boy

pairings: Thomas Jefferson x fem!reader, Alexander Hamilton x reader (platonic)

Request: “Hi! Can you do a Thomas Jefferson x reader with #166 and #197? Love your blog btw!”

#166: “Why don’t you say it to my face?”

#197: “You are so infuriating.”

Warnings: cussing, sexism, kissing?

Word Count: 1586

A/N: first off, to whoever sent this in, my blog just started so thanks! Much love! second, This is written from the third person POV, let me know if you like it better this way or the other way (see Saved and Of Course.) I kinda hate this one tbh, I was tired and didn’t know how to write this, but I needed to put on out so…here you go, sorry. I’m going to keep my inbox open so please still submit, I promise they won’t be as bad as this one (I hope.)

Originally posted by spnassbuttsunited

Alexander Hamilton and (Y/N) (L/N), the power duo, the two lead one side of the debates at Kings College, opposite Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Aaron Burr. Sure they were outnumbered, but the fiery passion burned brightly at all times, giving them to ambition to do anything.

All five of the scholars took Washington’s political science class, hence the ongoing hatred for the opposing side. Alex and (Y/N) were always favored by Washington and they loved it, they strived for it, preparing their arguments carefully and composing the words and then defend them from the opposing sides’ opinions with the same suit. They worked like clockwork, Alex wrote it down word for word, (Y/N) edited it and replaced words, and they presented it together, across the room from the three ignorant children, as Alex put it.

And the three were children, they would rile the other two up and they’d go home, maybe with a win, but also angry, annoyed, and pissed that they couldn’t take a jab at the leader of the group, Jefferson. He put them both on edge, his unruly curly hair and the pretentious purple hoodie the fuel to the fire.

They had engaged in a debate prior that day and Jefferson was relentless, and although (Y/N) had her temper under control, Alexander did not.

“Turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!” Alexander spat, everyone’s eyes widening in shock. He was normally composed, a smart man, but the two people who weren’t stuttering quietly in shock were, Jefferson, a cocky smirk playing at the corner of his lips, and two, (Y/N), her eyes glaring at the tall man across the room. She breathed out quickly, rushing to speak in a hushed voice to Washington.

“May I speak to Alex outside quickly, I apologize for what he said, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” He nodded curtly and she turned around pushing Alexander out the door that was situated conveniently behind them.

“Do you want to pull yourself together?” She grunted, pulling the hairband out of her hair and tugging a hand through the mess. She turned around and paced back and forth in front of him, making him realize he may have cost them the debate.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, he doesn’t stay on the topic and he doesn’t-“ He defended before she cut him off.

“What you did in there was not acceptable, just because Jefferson was being intransigent doesn’t mean you say that. You can’t stoop to someone’s level to win an argument, you must treat him like to close-minded man he is,” She responded, before Alex let out a small laugh, his own ignorance becoming apparent to him.

“We’re going to go back in there and fix this,” He nodded and she raised her eyebrows at him.

“You’re not going to let him get to you, okay?” She flicked his forehead and he swatted her hand away.

“She couldn’t control him if she wanted, a woman isn’t capable,” A voice spoke from the hallway and they both quickly recognized it as the obnoxious Thomas mother-fucking Jefferson, the douche himself.

“(Y/N),” Alex warned, the fire becoming apparent in her eyes, she was the strongest and scariest person he knew when someone threatened her position by denouncing her gender.

“We aren’t in the room now, I can say what I want,” She grumbled, shaking his hand off her shoulder and walking quickly down the hallway, her heeled boots clicking against the tile. Her eyes found James’ first and he let out a shaky breath. Aaron and Thomas looked up when James nudged him, an arrogant smile breaking out on Jefferson’s face.

“Told you she would come running, she has less self-control than Hamilton back there-“ He laughed before her fiery eyes turned into a stone-cold glare.

“Say it again,” She barked, Aaron flinching, taking a step back.

“Excuse me?” He asked, confused at her request.

“Why don’t you say it to my face?” She snarled, taking a step toward the pretentious bastard, who now wore a concerned countenance. “Damn straight, if you want to talk bad at someone, how about you man- I’m sorry- woman the fuck up and say it to their face and not to your cowardly friends.”

“Damn,” Thomas mumbled as she walked away angrily, straightening the blazer taut on her shoulders.

“I told you she was going to wreck you,” James mumbled, walking after Aaron, who had left right after (Y/N) told them off.

They made it back into the room, Alexander apologizing for his outburst. They continued the debate, educated words falling from (Y/N)’s tongue like open form poetry, but Jefferson finding it impossible to form a coherent sentence, James accepting defeat for their side as Alex threw the final blow.

“The financial plan this man created was one of genius and commitment, he nursed the idea to life and the president set it into action, if it weren’t for him, our country would not be in the same place it in now.”

Alexander and (Y/N) received a 97% on their argument, the only dock was from Alex’s unkind words, which he apologized profusely for. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for them to score highly, not because they won, but because of how they constructed their arguments and delegitimized the counter-argument. Thomas, Aaron, and James never received low scores for losing, but they did with this one because of the lack of Jefferson in the second half.

“I’ll see you Monday, I’ll start writing the new topic when I get home, I’m excited for this one, I have a feeling.” Alex smiled giddily before (Y/N) shook her head, letting out a small laugh.

“Get some sleep first, visit Eliza, she misses you, complains that I’m taking you away from her, or go visit John,” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes. He had admitted once to liking John, but this was prior to his relationship with Eliza, but (Y/N) liked to tease him about it.

“Okay, text me when you get home,” He reminded her and she nodded, shaking her phone between skinny fingers and purple fingernails.

She began walking before hearing hurried footsteps behind her. She held her key between her fingers, cursing herself for not bringing pepper spray. She glanced over her shoulder to see a purple hooded man. Jefferson.

“What do you want?” She threw the comment over her shoulder, Thomas finally catching up to her and falling into the same pace.

“I wanted to apologize, what I said wasn’t true and I just get mad because you and Alex make such a great duo and we can never beat you. Washington loves you two like his own children. I just get frustrated, I can’t compete with you two,” He mumbled before adding clearly. “I’m sorry, what I said wasn’t true at all, you could control anyone you wanted, god you’re the strongest person I know.”

“What?” She questioned, stopping in her tracks.

“What? You are.” He shrugged.

“You’re infuriating, you can’t say shit like that,” She mumbled, she didn’t want him to say that she could control anyone, he was saying it like she was a god.

“Not in that way, I mean if you took it that way, I wouldn’t mind as long as Alex isn’t-“

“Shut up,” She laughed out and he looked at her confused. “Alex and I aren’t a thing, we’re friends, that’s it and why would you- oh.”

Her face flamed in a red blush as she realized what he meant by his statement. “Sorry, that was unneeded.”

“I- uh- no it’s fine.” She coughed out and they began to walk in silence. “This one’s mine.” She mumbled, climbing the stairs, surprised as his footsteps followed.

It’d be a lie if she said she wasn’t attracted to Thomas, he was simply attractive, curly hair framing his face with a ridiculously wide and bright smile to compliment. He was a pretty boy and for the opposite side, but now was time to make him pay for what he said.

“Do you forgive me? I really am sorry, I didn’t mean, well I meant to at the time, but I regret it now. I swear,” He stammered, she looked up at him, his eyes pleading for forgiveness. “And if it’s about the comment I made, I’m sorry about that too, those just tend to drop and I can’t stop myself when I see someone like you.”

A surge of confidence made itself evident in her stomach as she leaned against the door, twiddling her keys in between her fingers. “Someone like me?”

“Yeah, strong, opinionated, smart, quick-witted,” He said sheepishly, shrugging again.

“I guess I am like that,” She smiled flirtatiously, Thomas sucked in a breath as she took a step forward lips grazing the side of his jaw. “I hate people like you.”

“People like me?” He sucked in quickly, a hand dropping out of the pocket to hold onto her waist, rubbing circles into her hipbone.

“People who I can’t have,” She mumbled, pressing a little kiss to the skin at the top of his neck.

“You could,” He breathed out before she smiled wickedly, nipping at the skin she had just kissed, testing the waters.

“That’d be no fun,” She mumbled into his neck before turning around and opening the door and closing it behind her, locking it. “Learn how to hold your tongue, golden boy.”

“You can’t just do that,” His voice spoke gruffly through the wooden door.

“Ah, but Jefferson, I can.”

Being Damian’s Friend Would Include...

Hi! Could I request where you are Damian’s friend that the batman doesn’t know about and one day they follow him cause he is acting weird and they see you both being really adorable in the park? for anon

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY, I know i disappeared and i know this isn’t  exactly what you requested. but my stress blocked my brain and i failed my english class so i can’t seem to english right since then so i’m just insecure, ignore me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damian and reader are around 14/15

  • You meet Damian thanks to Alfred
  • ironically, you walk his dog. Titus
  • You aren’t rich and you needed a job 
  • and the fancy old man that buys groceries on the same place that your mom thankfully was nosy enough to overhear the entire conversation with your mom
  • “mOM I’M BROKE” “Get a job then” “bUt WhEre?” “go sell some lemonade or walk some dogs” “but i don’t know anyone with dogs and the twins down the street already have a lemonade stand”
  • so he offered you to take care of the huge dog a few times during week
  • you accepted (obviously)
  • the fancy old man is hella rich
  • Spoiler: He isn’t rich he’s just the butler 
  • but anyways the place is HUGE and you start to suspect that maybe some bad people live here
  • Like the mafia or something
  • You’d never seen anyone besides alfred too much Investigation Discovery isn’t helping with your mental health
  • So you decide to ask alfred about the bosses
  • “Master Bruce is always working and his sons tend to disappear”
  • Something clicks when you hear the name
  • this is the- no, wait. THE Wayne manor
  • As in Bruce Wayne’s manor
  • shocking
  • Mafia theory: Discarded
  • New theory: The Waynes are vampires
  • (this one was discarded after you found out that the youngest son was a vegetarian)

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anonymous asked:

(part 1) you know, it's been almost 40 chapters since the shiratorizawa training camp arc and i am STILL salty that hinata was never invited in the first place (tho i know why it was important to his character development that he was never invited, but still). and i still HATE the way the shiratorizawa coach treated hinata. like, i can get why he wasn't allowed to participate, and sleep there, and i can kinda understand why they didn't give him anything to eat. but like,

(part 2) the shiratorizawa coach kept calling him out, isolating him from the others, and humiliating him. i know it was hinata’s own choice to stay there but i don’t think him even going their uninvited, AND still not participating (w/o argument i might add) warranted such treatment. that shiratorizawa coach is an asshole, i hate him so much. ALSO the fact that he continues to pick only the strongest/tallest players after shiratorizawa’s defeat and refuses to see hinata’s huge potential

(part 3) that’s been recognised by university coaches, might i add, makes me so goddamn mad. okay, i think that’s the end of my rant hahah, i’m sorry if i rambled a bit, i just needed to get this off my chest since this is one of my favourite hinata character development arcs and that coach just pisses me off so much (also, i kno this might be an odd addition but i love your blog B! you’re one of my faves!!! <333)

OH MY MY. I’m with you on this, the Shiratorizawa training camp is probably one of the most painful arcs ever, but yet I loved it because there’s TONS of character development in here. 

I hate the Shiratorizawa coach with burning passion. He’s the only character I truly despise. Ukai saw things coming from the start and he knew that Hinata was going to suffer, that he’ll make him go through literal hell. 

Those guys said it. It was all a plan to have some sort of revenge on him, on the little shrimp that took the victory away from his perfect team, that shrimp that is anything but the player he likes. He abused him verbally (”you’re nothing without Kageyama”), he refused to acknowledge his skills, to let him play no matter what. He wanted to punish him, even torture him in a very sadistic way. 

Too bad that Hinata, the sunshine boy that he is, took everything in regardless and this camp was one of the things that helped him the most, both with going forward as a player and with being distracted from the thought of Kageyama “going ahead” to the national training camp and leaving him there. 

Another thing I loved, was the reaction of the boys. All of them wanted him to play, they were burning with the desire to go against him again. 

The cherry on top were, of course, the Shiratorizawa boys. Tendou was ready to fight him right away (nice Pokemon reference, Tendou), the thought of Hinata not being invited to the camp never crossed his mind. 

Their faces when Hinata told him he was the ballboy are priceless. Not to mention how sweet Tendou was here. Ok, Hinata didn’t have the right to have food and shelter, but they were ready to have him anyway. 

So yes, this arc is heartbreaking, the coach is THE SHIT, but gladly Hinta and all the boys were way better than that <3 

Riverdale Episode 8 Confessions - reaction after episode

-WTF Polly?! your mother kicked your father out of the house and then you go to the blossoms??? 

-Cheryl you have gone through hell and back in that house please i be you to help Polly

-TBH as much as i hate Alice Cooper my heart broke when i heard her husband forced her to have an abortion


-Thank goodness a good storyline for Archie has started to commence wooooo

-lowkey pissed that Josie wasn’t in this episode

-I hate Jugheads father with a burning passion! WHY THE FUCK ARE ALL THE PARENTS ON THE SHOW FUCKING EVIL

- Veronica is an angel and needs to be protected <3

-Betty has done and gone through so much shit for Polly and her family in general and it still apparently wasn’t enough, like guyssss seriously please can we start a FundMe for Jughead and Betty


-i also have a strong feeling that Archie x Val is only gonna last a few eps Rip

-I feel sorry for Fred cause he is like the one left in the dark, like even his son is sometimes a step ahead of him. 

-okay i am done! y’all tell me your feels.