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get to know // kaidan alenko (mass effect)
↳ ‘I’ve always held back a little when I used my powers on living targets. Fear of hurting someone, I guess.  After what I saw on Eden Prime, I’m not holding back any more.  Not against the geth, not against anyone.

They Know (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Plot: Reader and Bucky have been dating for years and have been very lowkey, until reader has a press conference and a ring is on that finger

A/N: Sorry for the long wait but also shout out to that porn blog that liked my post, you cool 

Includes Playful, Loving Bucky :)))))))))

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“(Y/N), you seem to be the only one that’s ready, come on.” Pepper ordered.

“Wait, what? Why?” You asked confused.

“Just a quick press conference on your side of the story, just tell them how easy it was and HYDRA can’t get away with it.” Pepper shrugged, pushing you through the doors.

You awkwardly walked up to the podium, and cleared your throat, “Any questions?”

“Tell us about the mission, how was it for you?” The first reporter asked.

“Barton and I were mainly in charge of the air craft, but things got harder on the front line, more HYDRA than anticipated, so we went to join. It was tiring but nothing we couldn’t handle.” You summed up.

“How is Barnes?” Another reported asked.

“He’s good..” you answered confusedly.

“There have been reports indicating that Barnes and yourself are in a romantic relationship, how would you respond?” The same reporter asked.

“Barnes and I are very close, we get along very well, and I guess I could see how that could be mistaken for a romantic relationship. I don’t have time for any romantic relationships unfortunately.” You replied.

“Tony is ready now if you’re done.” Pepper whispered to you.

“Thank goodness, I hate press conferences.” You whispered back, away from the microphones.

“Now, if you have no further questions, I’ll tell Tony that you’re all ready. Thank you.” You smiled, waving good bye with your left hand.

“Is that a ring?”

“Are you and Barnes engaged?”

“When can we expect a wedding?”

“Where will the wedding be?”

“Are you pregnant?”

The door shut behind you and you came face to face with the man responsible for that ring.

“Bucky! They know! What are we going to do?” You began to panic.

“Wait, what happened?” Bucky asked.

“She accidentally waved with her left hand, the hand that ring with a giant rock is on, after she had just denied any romantic relationship.” Pepper replied as she looked for Tony.

“Baby, it was bound to happen, I’m surprised we kept 6 years of dating under wraps. It’s all going to be just fine, we have the smartest minds with us, we can be sneaky and hide it all. If you want to of course.” Bucky chuckled.

“Don’t laugh at me, it’ll be weird having a public relationship after so long, but you’re right, it’s going to happen anyways. I love you.” You smiled at Bucky.

“I love you too, you have nothing to worry about, I will be right by your side through everything.” He smiled back.

“Cute, really cute.” Sam smiled.

“So where shall we share this first? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook?” You asked.

“I got this.” Bucky reassured.

He walked straight into the press conference, pushed Tony aside and very loudly yelled into the microphones, “(Y/N) and I are engaged, we’ve been together for 6 years, and no,shes not pregnant- yet. Thanks.”

He smiled at you as Pepper held his ear after having dragged him out of the room.

“Oh my god, you really are so luck that I love you.”

Wall of pillows

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Summary: Jughead and Y/n are forced to share a bed while on a group road trip.

The whole gang had decided that this summer they should go on a road trip to get away from the dysfunctional town that is Riverdale. They had all pitched in to rent a car together and had decided forced Archie to drive. After picking up everyone else but Y/n the only seat left was beside Jughead, who she didn’t particularly like but she pulled it together and sat in the seat beside him. In the front seat Archie was smiling smugly as this was part of the group’s plan. The day before Archie had told Betty, Veronica and Kevin of the plan he had to finally get Y/n and Jughead admit their feelings for one another. The first part of the plan was to make Jughead and Y/n sit beside each other in the car, which was already checked of their list, the second part of the plan was to have them share a room by pairing up with each other when they got to the motel.

After an eventful day of driving and stopping off at the tourist attractions they decide it was too late to keep driving and it was time to call it a night. They pulled it to the motel and all six of them scrambled to get out of the car. Y/n stood at the back of the group waiting from them to inform her where her room was. That’s when she heard Betty speak up “ Guys there’s  only four rooms and they all have double beds so we have to double up” Before Y/n can even open her mouth Veronica speaks “ I’ll have Archie” she says giggling before picking up her bag and moving over to where he stood. “I’ve got Kevin” Betty shouts grabbing a hold of Kevin’s arm. Jughead looks over to Y/n “I guess it’s you and me then” he says too tired to fight “What! No I’m not sharing with him, Betty swap with me please” Y/n says prepared to get on her knees and beg. “Sorry Y/n/n he’s all mine" she says laughing. They all pick up their bags and start to walk to their rooms except for Y/n who stays outside “Guys you can’t do this to me” she calls after them.

After fifteen minutes of standing in the cold she’s had enough and decides that one night won’t be that bad as long as she doesn’t talk to him. She begrudgingly picks up her bag and walks to the room she had seen Jughead enter. She knocks on the door and he answers almost immediately “Oh look who finally decided to show up” he taunts “Shut up Jughead” she says pushing past him into the room. He closes the door and returns to the chair where he had previously been sitting. “I’m going to have a shower” Y/n announces dropping her bag on the floor and walking into the bathroom with her pyjamas in her hand. After she closes the door Jughead takes a pillow off the bed and one of the spare blankets and starts to make a bed on the sofa. While Y/n is in the shower she starts to feel bad for what she said did. It’s not that she hates Jughead far from it actually; she just doesn’t know how to say she likes him more than a friend. But she’s almost certain that he doesn’t even like her in a friend way. He blanks her most of the time and when he does take to her it’s because he is forced to or to make a joke at her expense. What she doesn’t know is Jughead is in the same boat as her and doesn’t know how to express he feelings either. When Y/n leaves the bathroom she sees Jughead staring at the ceiling lying in his makeshift bed. “Jughead what are you doing?” she asks while putting her clothes in her bag. “I’m going to sleep” he says wondering why she is even taking to him. “Jughead don’t be so stupid you don’t have to sleep there” she says now standing across from the sofa. Jughead props himself up on his elbows “What” he asks wondering why the girl was being nice to him (in her own way). “This is our room Jughead I can’t let you sleep on a sofa that’s older than both of us combined” she says laughing. After another five minutes of arguing back and forth he agrees to share the bed.

When they are both in the bed they make a wall from the extra pillows down the middle of the bed and hope that it stays up the entire night. After a half an hour  Y/n was still wide awake, why wouldn’t she be? She was in bed next to Jughead Jones. But that wasn’t the only reason she was awake; Jughead was snoring and it was keeping her awake. So what did she do? , she kicked him. This didn’t stop he snores for long, two minutes go by and he is snoring again. So she turns over and covers her ears with the pillow trying to block out some of the noise.

Hours later she wakes up only to feel her body tangled up in his. The pillow wall had failed and she couldn’t say she was mad, it felt nice. She didn’t know what time it was but it wasn’t even bright outside yet so she moves in closer to Jughead’s chest praying he wouldn’t wake up. Little does she know he woke up when he felt her move. But he doesn’t open his eyes; he just wraps his arm around her tighter than before.

The next morning they both wake up to a knocking on the door. “Guys wake up we’re leaving in forty” Veronica yells through the door. Y/n tries to sit up only to realise Jughead still had a firm grip on her. She clears her throat “Uhh Jughead I’m kinda trapped here” she says to him. “Ohh…I- I’m sorry” he says untangling his limbs from hers. “Its fine” She says trying to make the situation less awkward than it already is. She gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom to get changed when she comes back the bed is made and Jughead is dressed sitting on the sofa waiting for her. “You didn’t have to wait for me Jug” she says walking towards him not thinking anything of the nickname she just used. But Jughead is, she hasn’t ever called him that before. “I just wanted to talk about that” He says pointing to the bed. “What about it?” she asks trying not to sound nervous. “We were cuddling Y/n” he says his eyes nearly popping out of his eyes. “Jughead we were asleep it was nothing” she says trying to say anything to leave the room faster. “You weren’t asleep the whole time and I know because neither was I, you moved in closer to me” he says moving in closer to her. Y/n stays silent not knowing what to say, she just backs up into the door of the room. “If I didn’t know any better Y/n I’d say you like me” he says moving so their faces are inches apart. “No I don’t I…I” “You what hate me?” he whispers. “No… I love you” she whispers back “I love you too” and with that he grabs her face pushing her further back into the door roughly kissing her.

After a minute or so there is another knock to the door Y/n is pushed against. “You guys ready” Kevin says through the wooden door. They pull apart “Yeah one second” she says trying to catch her breath. Jughead smiles at her “We have to do that again” he says with a smirk “We do” she says back fixing herself and opening the door. “Do what?” Kevin asks quizzically. “Nothing” Y/n says hurriedly as she walks beside him which was followed by the sound of Jughead laughing to himself from behind them. “What went on in that room?” Kevin says eagerly. “Jughead and I may have kissed” she whispers. “You and Jughead what!” He yells running up to the rest of the group to tell them their plan worked. Just then Jughead strolls up besides her “We are never going to live this down” he says laughing. Y/n responds by grabbing his hand “So what” she says looking at the group who were all talking excitedly. He was right they were never going to live it down.

Word Count : 1, 424  

Part 2   Part 3             

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hi!! love your writing. SO good!! anyway, could i request poe dameron x reader and the song "Something" by the Beatles? that would be awesome. thanks!!

Thank you so much, sweetie! <3

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❥ Somewhere in her smile she knows that I don’t need no other lover, something in her style that shows me I don’t want to leave her now, you know I believe and how - Something, by The Beatles

Poe looked at you, who were cleaning up BB-8. For a moment, he wasn’t even listening what that Resistance officer was telling him. He wanted you to look at him, to pay attention to the girl that was in front of him - he wanted you to feel as jealous as he felt the other day, when that stupid pilot was flirting with you.

Because, you see, Poe doesn’t actually believe in revenge or anything, but you mocked him so much saying that he looked like a little 12 years old boy when he was jealous, that he wanted you to feel the same way. 

So he laughed. He laughed as loud and hard as he could. The girl in front of him (it was Anne her name, right?) was ready to ask him why the hell was he laughing, but he hugged her, whispering a “pretend you said something funny”. The girl was so confused - she was talking about something pretty serious to him -, but that didn’t stop Poe from randomly start a brand new and different conversation, something about how her hair was cute or whatever.

Again, he looked at you. He smirked when he saw you staring at him, with BB-8 between your legs beeping something to you. Poe laughed one more time, once again hugging the girl suddenly.

“Don’t worry, I understood the mission”, he whispered, letting her go. “Thank you for this, I owe you one.”

Poe walked towards you quickly, greeting you with open arms.

“Hey, babe! How are you?”

“Hi, flyboy”, you teased him, looking up. “I’m fine, doing you a favor and cleaning up your droid. What about you?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just had a chat with that girl Anne, you know? Damn, she’s funny.”

“I saw you two”, you chuckled, scrubbing a sponge on BB-8. “Didn’t had the chance to hang out with her yet, but she really does seems like a nice girl.”

Poe smiled, sitting down in front of you.

“Yes, she is.”

“What were you talking about?”

“Oh, she told me a joke. I laughed my ass off.”

BB-8 suddenly beeped, turning his head to look at his friend.

“What? Why do you wanna hear the joke?”

The droid beeped again, making you laugh.

“BB-8 is right, love”, you said. “We deserve to have a little fun too.”

Poe nervously laughed, mentally cursing the droid for putting him on that position.

“Yeah, but y-you know, it was a family joke, so only her can tell it. Otherwise, it won’t sound as funny as it really is.”

BB-8 sadly beeped, mumbling about how he wanted to hear the damn joke.

“It’s okay, BB. We can talk to her during lunch time.”

“You can try, because she invited me for lunch too”, Poe said.

“Only the two of you?”

“Yeah, I mean, I think she is shy, you know? And she wants to blend in, she’s new at the base, so…”

He smirked, ready to hear you making any kind of comment, as long as you were jealous.

“Oh, okay, maybe we can have lunch with Finn then”, you shrugged.

“What?”, Poe asked, in a louder tone.


“Aren’t you going to say anything about a girl asking me out?”

“It’s just lunch, babe, it’s okay. I’m fine with that”, you explained, only to quickly realize what was going on when Poe nodded, crossing his arms. “Why, Poe? Are you… are you trying to make me jealous?”

He shook his head, getting up and starting to walk away. You stood up too, telling BB-8 to wait for you.


You reached him, turning him around and chuckling when you saw him pouting.

“Gosh, you are such a little boy! Were you really trying to make me jealous?”

“It wouldn’t hurt to know that you’re scared to lose me”, he confessed. “But also, I… I wanted you to feel like I did last week, when you were talking to that dumbass.”

“Don’t call him that.”

Poe rolled his eyes, making you laugh again. You wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a little peck on the lips.

“Sorry, I’ll stop teasing you. But really though, you have to stop acting like this. I can’t be jealous when it comes to you, and you know why?”, you waited for him to shook his head again. “Because I know you love me, you idiot. I know you wouldn’t leave me for any other girl, doesn’t matter how beautiful she is. Call it cockiness, or whatever you want, but I just know.”

Poe sighed, finally putting his hands on your waist.

“I hate that you’re right”, he whispered.

“I’m always right, babe”, you whispered back, kissing him with all your love.

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i had a fluffy fic idea that i cnt write for some reason and it was lin x reader where lin finds out reader is ticklish, idk i thought it would be cute! :3

You weren’t having a good day. Stress was eating you alive and the only thing you wanted to do was cuddle with your boyfriend and take a nap, so as soon as you got home, you changed into some sweatpants and threw yourself on the couch.

Lin looked up from his laptop, “Hey, babe.” He said, “How was your day?”

“God,” you started with a groan, “I’m so tired. I just want to sleep for like three months, maybe.” He laughed at you and closed his laptop, putting it on the table before getting up.

“C'mon, let’s go take a nap.” Lin said, extending a hand towards you. You took it and let him guide you to the room. You practically threw yourself on the bed. “Savage,” He mocked you, making you roll your eyes.

You laid your head on his chest and his hand found its way around your waist. He lifted your shirt a bit, moving his hand up and down. You giggled against his chest.

“Stop doing that!” You exclaimed him with a laugh.

“Doing what?” He asked you.

“That!” You said when he did it again, “It tickles.”

He laughed loudly, “(Y/N), love,” He started, “Are you ticklish?”

You shook your head, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. “No!”

“You are!”

“Am not!”

“You definitely are, (Y/N).” He told you. You felt his hand ghost over your skin again, so you moved, facing away from him.

“Nope,” You said. “Fuck off.”

“What?” He laughed, “Scared I’m gonna hurt you? Or worse! Tickle you?”

He pulled you closer, his head resting on the space between your shoulder and your neck. “I hate you,” You said in a whisper.

“Whatever you say, babe.” He whispered back, “But you’re definitely ticklish.”

The signs as quotes from my friend Ash

Aries: if i was a ninja my specialty would be drinking a beer every time someone would tell me to do something

Taurus: if i was a dog i would watch cartoons all day and sit on the remote so nobody could change it

Gemini: i know what bae is. im ccool.

Cancer: shrimp baby needs some shrimp

Leo: just an old sweaty cowboy now

Virgo: waaaaaaagh hate to get third degree burns and get taken to the salt hospital where they treat every injury by dipping you in a vat of salt

Libra: i hate whispering if someone whispers to me it creeps me out.. talk in a perfectly normal tone or go tojail. thats hte law

Scorpio: what if u woke up one morn and there was a rotting man half comin out of a painting cause its an evil ghost but he couldnt get all the way out of the painting because the sun came out.. would u freak

Sagittarius: role play yeah like wrapping myself in a role of plastic wrap and saying “oooh hope a big spider doesnt come and eat me”

Capricorn: i like the ratio of Beard Dudes to normal people in the room. thats a place i gotta find so i can hang out

Aquarius: cant report me to the moderators if im reciting the words to a magic spell

Pisces: i got ejected from the cannibal church for pissing on a naked anime girl can you believe it

Sam Winchester- Silently mad

Title: Slightly mad

Pairings: Sam Winchester x sister reader

Word count:976

Warnings: This one might be a little weird since she goes mad and refers to herself in third person and only repeat the same things.

Deans gone to hell, and Sam’s left with Ruby. Sam’s last words to his sister wasn’t nice. Now Dean’s back, the brothers go to sought out their sister, only to find out she’s not as she used to be. 

* Flashback *

“Sammy please” You sobbed, your hand tightening around your older brothers. Sam sighed sadly as he tried to tear his hand out of your grasp. 


“No Sam! Dean’s dead and you’re just going to leave me alone!” You yelled, a small whimper escaping your throat. “Dean would never leave his family!”

And with that Sam’s face twisted into anger. 

“yeah well Dean’s dead, and he’s lucky he got to get away from you! I’m not staying just for you (y/n), I don’t need you” Sam barked, in too much anger to realize what he said. 

Your hand dropped his, your eyes watering as you realized your big brother hated you. And from then, you hadn’t been the same. 

* end of flashback *

* Flashback *

Sam hugged his older brother Dean, still in shock that he was out of hell. 

“So where’s (y/n)?” Dean asked. Bobby looked down and Sam shuffled, guilt marking his face. 

“She should be with Bobby” Sam muttered, confusion now marking his face. Everyone turned to Bobby. 

“She’s not” Dean barked, anger and worry lacing his voice. “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on’‘ 

’'I thought she was with  Bobby!” Sam defended. 

“She was” Bobby cut Sam off. 

“Was?” Dean and Sam chorused. 

“Bobby, please tell me you didn’t let my little sister go off alone when she’s just had her brother die” Dean laughed angrily. 

“No!” Bobby snapped. “You think I’m stupid boy!” Bobby glared offended. “(y/n) wasn’t in the best of shape. Her older brother just went to hell, and her other abandoned her and told he basically hated her’' 

’'You what!” Dean growled, glaring at Sam. 

“I was angry!, you had just died!” Sam defended. Sam hadn’t thought of it that way. He hadn’t thought about you, about how you were going to have lost two brothers in one night. 

“Anyway, (y/n), she started to get depressed, she had lost both her brothers, and then she started to feel guilty for Sam hating her. Anyway, she started to lose it after a bit and one day I just found her staring at nothing, muttering nothing. It was like she wasn’t there. She was just..empty” Bobby explained. 

“So where is she now?” Dean asked. 

“St. Bernard’s Children’s hospital”

* end of flashback *

Sam chewed on the corner of his nail, nipping at the dead skin as he glanced nervously at the door. A woman came out of the room, clipboard in her slender hands, posture stood up right. 

She glanced over at The Winchester brothers. “Ahh,” She smiled, holding her hand out for the boys to shake. The brothers looked at each other, noting she was very professional. 

Sam gripped her hand, worried he was all sweaty and nervous. Dean gave her his best 'I’m Okay’ smile, and shook her hand. 

“How is she?” “Is she okay Doc?” “Can we see her?” The brothers pounded the nurses with questions. 

“She’s not stable. You can see her but she won’t respond to you. But may I ask you something?” The doctor asked, glancing at the brothers. 

“Sure” Dean nodded. eyes flickering to the door his little sister was behind. 

“Is there a Sam in her life?” The doctor asked making the brothers jump. They looked at each other, before Sam swallowed thickly.

“Eugh, yeah. Why?” Sam asked nervously. 

“Because” The doctor sighed, as she pressed her clipboard to her legs. “(y/n) is a little responsive, she’ll answer some questions, still be staring off in the distance but she mutters the same thing. She keeps muttering the name Sam. When we ask her who Sam is, she just says 'Sam hates me’. She’ll say a few other things, but there mostly to do with this Sam figure” The doctor explained.

Sam felt his heart drop as he looked down. The doctor showed them into the room. Deans jaw locked as he saw his little sister in a hospital gown, sitting with your legs up to your chest, arms wrapped around your legs. Staring at nothing. 

Both brothers had no idea what to say. The doctor stepped forward, getting her clipboard ready as she analysed. 

“(y/n), you have some visitors. Do you want to talk to them?” The doctor asked, trying to see if you would respond with familiar faces. 

“Sam” You croaked out. The doctor scribbled down on the clipboard. 

“What about Sam? Can you tell me anything about Sam, (y/n)?” The doctor asked kindly. Sam watched with a heavy heart as you stared right through him.

“Sam hates (y/n)” You mumbled, referring to yourself in third person. The doctor nodded. 

“I’ll give you boys some time alone” The doctor stated as she quietly stalked down the hall to another patient. 

“Dean could yo-”

“Yeah Sammy” Dean smiled in understanding and stepped out the room. Sam almost broke, letting out a sharp breath as he looked at you, you had never looked so weak and vulnerable. 

Sam knelt down in front of you, looking in your eyes but you just stared right through him. He gingerly placed his hand on top of yours, scared you would break by how fragile you looked. 

“I’m so sorry (y/n), I don’t hate you I swear” he whispered.

“Sammy hates (y/n)” You whispered, eyes watering but not leaking over. 

“Sammy doesn’t hate (y/n), Sammy loves (y/n)” Sam protested softly, trying to see if referring to himself in third person would help. 

“Sammy loves (y/n)?” You mumbled, your voice sounding distance but confused. Sam’s head shot up as he jumped up, he rushed over calling Dean in. 

“She said something else! I broke through to her I swear dude I did!” Sam yelped. Dean’s eyes were wide as he looked at you.

“Well, keep going! We need our little sister back!’' 

Do you realize I hate you? And how foolish I find your insipid smiles…and your idiotic flirtatiousness. How have I managed to tolerate you for so long and not say anything? I know of what you’re made with your empty caresses and your false promises. Can you conceive how anybody can live with so much hate…as has been my burden?
—  Cries And Whispers (1972) written and directed by Ingmar Bergman
A Finite Eternity - A Mor/Azriel fic

Title: A Finite Eternity

Summary: Set immediately after the events of ACOMAF. Azriel recovers with Mor at his bedside - when her nightmares cause her to scream in terror he wakes to comfort and soothe her but it’s a short-lived solace before danger calls again. 

Link: AO3

The thud of wood impacting flesh and the shatter of splintering bone haunt her.

Her own scream howls through her dreams in a rising crescendo until it reaches a pitch that finally wakes her and casts her into the cool, welcoming blackness of Azriel’s bedchamber where she’s taken up residence as he heals and the slow, steady rhythm of his deep breathing soothes her the way the quiet, softly sung lullabies used to when she was a child.

But tonight it doesn’t come. The familiar planes of Azriel’s sick room don’t wrap around her as she jerks awake. She doesn’t wake at all. Instead she drowns in darkness; forsaken and alone as the symphony of her screams engulf her and pin her down, the weight of the world’s agony crushing her chest and making it impossible to rise, to breathe, to save him.

The pain that lances through her is his pain; the physical agony of the wound cleaving her chest in two, bursting through her heart like vicious forked lightning separating two halves of the world, like the spirits shooting across the sky on Starfall, taking him from her, his soul now among them, nothing but a faint glimmer against an ocean of night.

She screams again. Screams for someone, anyone, to hear, to save her, to save him. Screams until it’s the only sound left in the world. Screams until there’s no blood  Screams until her throat is raw and her lungs are burning as though they’ve poured oil into them and set her alight.

But no-one comes to her in that darkness and she burns, burns like the blood that splatters her skin, the blood that pours from his broken chest, the blood that oozes between her fingers as she fails to stop it.

And in the dark there’s nothing but the scent of blood and death and ruin.

So she burns. Burns until there’s nothing and no-one left in that darkness; burns until she’s destroyed the world for grief and spite; burns until there’s only her and the realisation that she’ll be ash and dust and emptiness soon, unable to feel, to hate, to hurt anymore.

But a hand reaches for her. A hand that closes around her wrist and pulls her back from the brink, reels her in and calms her and brings her back to that quiet, shadowed bed chamber. His touch is cold, as it always is, cooling her burning rage, his skin always contrasting the feverish heat that sears through her flesh; the only one of them who could ever truly handle her at her worst.

Her chest is heaving, she can’t get enough air into her lungs, doesn’t think there’s enough air left in the room, in the world to let her breathe properly. Icy sweat coats her body like a second skin that she longs to claw off. Bile stings the back of her throat and the nightmares still shreds at her nerves, urging her to run and run and run and not stop until she’s in a place they’ve never heard of Hybern or ash or poison or horror.

But the look in his eyes – awake and alert and fixed on her soothes her as nothing else possibly could and she lets herself sink in to them. They  contain that same, anchoring calm she’s always found in them as they pierce her now, tethering to her him, willing her back to herself, back to him, back to this reality, grounding her and settling her and pulling her back in, containing that untameable power that howls for release.

“Azriel,” she whispers, her voice a hoarse rasp as tears sting her eyes and she slides out of her chair and onto the bed beside him, close enough to feel those steady, reassuring breaths she prays never falter again.

His hand is still wrapped around her wrist, a tether to him, to what’s real, his thumb softly strokes her arm and he says, his voice as flat and calm as she mountain lakes they used to visit together, “It was a dream, Mor,” the tenderness in his voice as he says her name makes her move in a little closer to him, seeking more of that, seeking to reassure herself completely that she hasn’t lost it yet, that the world hasn’t lost the coarse softness that is his alone, “It was a dream. It wasn’t real.”

Slowly, hands shaking slightly, she covers his hand with her own, “Except it was real, Az,” she says, struggling not to let her voice break on his name but it does anyway.

Her other hand hovers over the still healing wound in his chest and the tears she had sworn she was done shedding for him fall silently from her eyes once more. A rough hand reaches up and wipes them away with heartbreaking tenderness. Her fingers clench and unclench on his chest like a heartbeat and fresh tears wet his scar-mottled skin.

“It was real,” she can feel it, the ragged wound, the new scar it will leave on his already violence stained body.

It will be a constant reminder of that fear. That fear she thought she had long since left behind her that had reared up like a vicious serpent and coiled itself around her chest again at the thought of losing him; at the thought of watching herself lose him and doing nothing about it. Helpless as she’d been at seventeen; something she swore she’d never be again, never. But there, watching him bleed out, that arrow in him, so dangerously close to his heart, spreading poison through him…She would have done anything. She would have torn apart the fabric of the world with her bare hands and drained the marrow from its bones without a flicker of thought if that had been what it took to save him.

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Crash - Part 4 - Las Cruces

Words: 4927
Dean x Reader
Warnings: language, some violence
Summary: Y/N and the boys recall the events of Las Cruces, NM.
A/N: This part of a series! Read the other parts first! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Three years earlier – somewhere near Las Cruces, NM

Your breathing was ragged as you and Sam edged towards the next corner, pressed tightly up against the wall. You looked over your shoulder at him and he gave you a stiff nod, which you returned. You halted for a moment and tried to take a few steadying breaths, before looking at Sam again.

”Did I mention how much I hate this plan?” you whispered.

”Yeah. A few times,” he whispered back.

”Well. I really hate this plan.” You wiped at the beads of sweat already forming on your brow, a result of both the adrenaline surging through your system and the blazing heat of the desert sun.

Sam tilted his head a little and turned the corners of his mouth down. “I’m not such a big fan of it either. But you know Dean…”

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