i hate yaa

Imagine the OTP

The OTP don’t really get along. Person A is “just SO HAPPY ALL THE DAMN TIME” and Person B “really needs to smile they look like a murderer” Since their school is shitty the school desides that everyone in the grade needs to be part of a play. The administration desides Romeo and Juliet is the perfect play. But the OTP don’t get cast as Romeo and Juliet. No. They get cast as Tybalt and Mercutio. They’re fine with that except “wait I have to kill you no I like you I mean hate you haha…yaa”

ask-francis-bonnefoy-rp  asked:

Francis was drunk and had called Arthur from the bar needing a ride, when the blond had gotten they Francis slurred "Yaaa know I nevverr wass abllle to decide wheatther I lovve you or hate yaa" (the touch your muse emotionaly prompt)

Arthur stared at him in disbelief - not because of what he said, although the words did faze him - but because of how disheveled and outrageous the Frenchman looked. Arthur had a reputation as a terrible drunk, and seeing the other now, Francis could actually match him. 

He rolled his eyes, placing a hand on Francis’ shoulder and pulling him gently. “Likewise,” Arthur shot. “But come along. You can decide that at home.” 

(Totally forgot about that prompt haha)