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COLLAB ~ Featuring Kae and Squirrel!
Week: Day 6. “I hate how much I love you.”

So me and my friend @kaethemonster did a collab of the bee and the tomato.
If you’d like to see a different version to this, check out Kae’s Tumblr!!!
This has been finished for a while and we both worked really hard, so please enjoy!

These Artists do not allow their work to be reuploaded in any way or on any social media sites. Please notify me or Kae if you see it.

so, this literally makes me ill to even consider doing because I never wanted to get to this point, but the fact of the matter is my husband and I are flat broke right now. I lost my job in May and my husband went from getting lump sum paid once a month to getting paid biweekly, which completely screwed all our careful budgeting. 

I’m going to sell some things that I can, but it’s not going to be enough to squeeze us through the end of the month. If you can spare even $5, I am absolutely willing to write you a small fic, beta your fic, send you a hamilton chicago playbill or a hamilton postcard, even make you something small (I sew and embroider) in exchange.

my paypal is lizster@gmail.com and please none of you feel obligated if you can’t, i’m just kinda desperate right now and I don’t know what else to do

anonymous asked:

If Ds! Dream knows how to influence Ds! Ink and that Ds! Ink does not hate Ds! Dream for his aura, one could say that they benefit each other, Ds! Ink of the aura and all that implies working for Ds! Dream and Ds! Dream of ... whatever Ds! Ink does, apart from receiving direct orders from Ds! Dream I have no idea what Ds! Ink does.

Yeah, I never really went into detail about what exactly Ink does, but yes, they do benefit each other. That’s why it’s impractical for Ink to leave.

Stuff that Ink does tends to vary. Generally his job is to accompany Dream wherever he goes for important ‘business’, unless he’s been told otherwise. Dream has to be careful where he brings Ink, though, because we all know how much of a sarcastic douchebag he is. XD If they go to a problematic AU, for example, Dream would bring Ink with him. But he wouldn’t bring Ink somewhere where the people are compliant and like JR, because something would probably go wrong and it would be Ink’s fault.

On rare occasions, Ink is assigned to take out certain targets by himself, since he’s fast and quite good at fighting. But he’s never assigned to any positions of authority or anywhere he would have to work with a group–that would end terribly.

what-is-fanart-even  asked:

Bro bro bro I have one can I have the ut and uf bros with an s/o who loves doing art but gets really really sad when something they're working on doesn't turn out?? Please. ily blue okay bye


Sans- He’ll motivate you in every way he can, because he hates seeing you sad. Sans will give you advice and some help. After that you guys will eat ice cream and watch Netflix

Papyrus -encouragement is papyrus his forte he even give some opinions and snacks while your working.

Red-He’ll suddenly carry and let you rest, because he doesn’t want his doll to be tired. After that, he’ll try to “help” but you still appreciate it

Edge- Yeah, nope, take a break. He’s going to pamper you in your break, and give you some lecture that you need rest. But really he’s just really worried for you.

Hey hosty, so I know the Author is a sensitive subject, but I drew this for you. :) I have some more drawings if you want to see them, but for now, here. Have a good day!

“‘Hello, dear,’ the Host says. ‘The Author could be considered a sensitive subject for me, I suppose. I mean… I hate how I used to be when I was him, but he was an interesting character on his own. And drawings will always be appreciated here! Thank you very much for this. It looks very nice, I especially love how you’ve drawn his face and hair. And I would love to see your other drawings! Thank you so much for this one, I love it. You have a good day as well!’“


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


3x02 | 10x05

They wrote scenes for me to dance around half-naked in my underwear! I went to Shonda Rhimes and said, “Do you really want me to do this? Why me? I have so much cottage cheese here and there!” She just looked at me and said, “Work it.” That was all I got from her. And sure enough, doing the scene helped me get over a lot of my issues. I had to accept my body.


KK Summer set for female

  • Clothes Top & Skirt
  • Female (T-E)
  • My mesh / All morphs / All LODs
  • Custom thumbnails
  • 14 Color / 12 Color

☞ TOU & DL
⛔ Do not re-upload, re-edit all my CC.
⛔ Do not claim to own.
⛔ Do not direct download link. (Do not re-post)
Do not convert for another game. I really hate you.
⛔ Do not include my cc file in your works.
  I agree

  • Thanks to all CC creators.
  • If not found page, right click → new tab link open (Please read !)

A lot of you were requesting to see the DN towels I bought! I’m not actually sure what the text says, but aren’t they adorable? I don’t want to even use them, I just want to put them on display (*´ω`*)‘


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–

Help me leave my abusive household please


I’m desperately unhappy with my homophobic, misogynistic religious family. I’m an 18yo bisexual bipolar non-believer (ex-muslim) woman. My family is extremely abusive and switch between totally ignoring me or being the meanest, crulest parents they could ever be : telling me to die, that I’m not a good daughter, a slut, that if I wear this or this I would get raped and that would be my fault, forcing me into Roqya (thinking there’s a demon inside of me) where I would literally get BRUTALIZED (my hair got pulled, I got beaten up..). Living in a religious family when you’re bisexual, bipolar and atheist means being the saddest you could ever be. I’m always anxious, scared of being caught (my dad once installed a spy software to literally watch what I’m doing, he saw I watched porn and beat me up) or that my parents would fight. As a child, I had to see my parents fighting over money (my dad is a gambling addict) literally twice a week. This obviously worsened my anxiety and probably is why I’m bipolar today. My mom would beat my father and my father would do the same. If my parents ever find my tumblr or my twitter, I would get disowned and thrown out of my house. Also when I was 7 I was severely sexually assaulted (I don’t wanna get in details) by one of my family member and my mom knows it and did nothing about it. Just to make you realize and shitty this woman is.

In order to be happy, I NEED to leave this household. This isn’t about me wanting to get independant, it’s a matter of life or death : if I don’t leave this family, I WILL either shoot myself or get thrown out, and my bipolar disorder would get worse.

To sum this up, my mom is a manipulative w**** and my dad is a gambling addict. They’re religious and I’m not. They’re homophobic and I’m bisexual. They think I have a demon inside of me when I actually need therapy. I’m scared that I will kill myself during a depressed phase, so i need to leave this family. I never ask for help, but please, please, help me. Even one euro would help. Please help. Thank you.. If you can’t help, please reblog…

I need about 1000€ for one year of rent (minus the housing assistance I could get). Thank you.

maryya.hussein@gmail.com for paypal (country is France)

Summer Camp

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4800


“I’m sorry.”

“For what? Not helping me with the table or being a dick to me the last month?” Y/N snaps, grabbing a fist full of his shirt.

Harry presses his lips in a line, he’s trying his hardest not to laugh. Y/N didn’t seem like the type to swear and she looked cute when she got mad. Her nose would flare in anger and she would let out an annoyed sigh. Her hand moved from his shirt to his arm and she gripped it tightly (and Harry felt like maybe, just maybe, it was supposed to hurt him).

“You’re cute when you’re mad,” Harry chuckles.

“And you’re cute when you’re not a fucking asshole,” Y/N retorts.

Harry laughs, his grip on her tighten slightly as he lets out a huge and loud laugh, “oi! What was that for?” he asks when he feels a sting on his arm.

“For being mean to me the last month, what did I do?” Y/N asks.

“Yeh did nothing,” Harry says, and he feels Y/N’s hand smack his arm again, “okay-fuck, you’re strong for such a little thing,” he grumbles, “I heard you talking about me to the rest, laughing, saying you would never date me-oi! That’s the last one you get, next one, I leave you here and you can hop all the way up the path on your own.”


Harry works at a summer camp where he really hates kids and people, but Y/N is an exception.

Harry hated people.

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what niall has done ever since the break started: (or even before)

  • enjoying his life, traveling around the world and hanging with friends
  • dedicating his time and money to charities to help people in need many many times
  • blessing us with cute and random videos/pictures on social medias
  • working hard on his new music, being all passionate and humble to share his own creations
  • never afraid to voice his political views and raise awareness
  • being all friendly and kind with his fans, keep interacting with fans on twitter and even film videos to answer each questions
  • literally taking times to write handwritten letters for the fans
  • being genuinely supportive to his band mates, constantly like/retweet posts related to the other boys’ solo projects, leaving cute comments under their pictures, always praising the other boys in his interviews
  • loving one direction with his entire heart
  • still dominating the chart with the song he released a year ago
  • never bragging nor being arrogant despite his global success, always staying humble and grateful to the audience, still getting overwhelmed by fans sometimes
  • always providing positive vibes and happiness

what some of y’all have done instead:

  • calling him fame-seeking for doing a lot of promotion (as if that’s not how promotion works)
  • accusing him for “copying other boys’ solo projects” (when he was literally the first one to release solo work and announce tour plans)
  • saying he’s only mentioning 1d to gain fans (then why wouldn’t he just go gain fans from audience outside the 1d fanbase, if he’s really that “desperate for fame” ??)
  • hating him for whatever reasons you find from spinning the wheel
  • ?????? seriously what are yall doing
Imagine: Dean Rescuing You From a Spider

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warning: big ass spider in your bed (creepy, I know), spider bites

A/N: you’ll never guess what happened to me… anyway, cute little drabble/imagine for you guys. Hope you like it. 

Credit to @deanssweetheart23 who beta’d this and everything else I do… thanks twin <3

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AU where Harry and Draco are in college together. Harry’s the kid who’s working 2 jobs and barely has the money or time for college. He sort of dresses like a hobo and never goes anywhere without his leather jacket. Draco on the other hand, well… Lets just say there’s a building dedicated to the Malfoy building. Draco dresses in nice sweaters and button downs and wonderful oxfords.

These two have a love hate relationship of course.

(Should I do more of this AU? I really like this idea. Also I don’t like when people paint Harry as some sort of sweet kind man. Which he is! But also he gave no fucks for rules and had an attitude. I want more of that Harry okay?)


I want to start off that i’ve been pretty chill about people reposting my work because I hadn’t seen it as a problem, especially since to me it was just fan art and I didn’t really care. However, it’s really starting to bug me. Significantly because most of the things getting reposted is my old work. 

It’s embarrassing. Please do not repost my work any longer. I’ve given Permission in the past, so if I already have then we’re cool, and that was my call. I thank you kindly for tagging me and giving me credit, but I am now very uncomfortable with this. 

Especially youtube videos. I haven’t seen any with my work that were monetized ( that i know of ), but i forgot that youtube pays. Please, no more youtube videos. I’m really worried and incredibly uncomfortable. 

Please, do not repost my work anymore.