i hate whoever made this

Whoever made this I hate you but i applaud you for how amazing it is

Credit to: @youneedtostrut Sorry I didn’t realise there was a watermark until someone pointed it out my bad


Bless whoever made this compilation of Mark’s “let’s try it, let’s sign it” dance from Never Ever.

Why do people hate exchanging “I love you” during lovemaking? Whoever made that against the rules of hot sex?
—  I think it’s nice to hear “I love you” during sex with the partner I care about, it sure as hell beats being called a dirty little slut or whatever.

This is prettydumb, but bear with me. I’ve seen the emoji :): used a lot for bipolar (for some reason?) and I absolutely hate it. I think whoever made it probably didn’t realize this because emojis are oversimplification at their core, but it kind of reinforces the myth that people with bipolar just swing from happy to sad and it’s so much more complex than that. I don’t think I could make a coherent emoji configuration to represent bipolar if I tried. Anyway, maybe stop using it and promoting it because it’s not really helping anyone and might even be harming.