i hate who i am

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Things went down. Shit hit the fan. I was vulnerable for the first time in my life. My best friend found out that I was gay before I could talk to her myself. She revealed her love to me with confusion and anger. I was drowning in my own depression and anxiety with my family outing me after I came out to them. I could not take one more of my closest friends hating me for who I am. It's been five months since I have spoken to her. I lover her dearly but don't want to hurt her. What should I do?

If they can’t accept you for being gay, you must still accept them for not accepting you. You may opt to move out, but as long as you tell them no matter what happens between your relationship with the bunch, you’ll always love them. Because during my lowest point, family may be sketchy, but family won’t leave you. I can only pray that your family is the same way.

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this discourse makes me really nervy about joining the lgbt movement at my uni. if i was any other movement I'd be okay but since it'll be at my uni where a lot of young lgbt+ people will be who are likely to have been exposed to the discourse and I'm afraid they'll hate me for who I am. Even though I'm technically a 'real' lgbt since I also identify as homoromantic, I really don't see it as as large a part of my identity as my asexuality is. I want to join but I'm not sure. Should I?

Maybe, as crappy as it is that you have to do this in a space which should be supportive and welcoming to you, you could join and see how they are before you tell them you’re also ace?

why are people calling vegans elitists who hate poor people?

i am poor. i cant work because of my mental illness. i cant afford meat. i buy rice and beans and potatoes and noodles, and the cheapest fresh produce. I also grow some of my own vegetables.

dont give me this fucking youre a vegan elitist bullshit. YOURE A HYPOCRITE.

meat is too expensive for poor people, and not only does it cost a lot of $$$, it has other costs to the environment and it costs lives.

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1 I love giving advice and sharing experiences
2 I trust my instincts
3 I totally believe in karma
4 I would love to be able to live in a world where people actually cared about other people
5 I literally have the best friends
6 I am too afraid to fall in love again
7 I have major trust issues
8 Sometimes I am too honest and people can’t handle it
9 I hate the thought of growing old
who invented age anyways
10 I am an empath which sometimes causes me to withdraw
11 I am a cancer
12 I live in Canada 🇨🇦
13 I would give anything to live at the beach
Flip flops bikinis sun and sand
14 I am probably too realistic and/or jaded
15 I love texting with other people on Tumblr
I have learned so much
All the positive feedback is immensely appreciated xx

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I’ve killed myself 12 times in my head today and I wish at least 1 of them was real

 don’t post hate in the ship tag

Don’t post hate in the ship tag

Don’t Post Hate In The Ship Tag




y'all this shit has been bothering me for a grip now. like i got out of bed to write this so bare with me. i have been seeing a lot of people trying to praise their bias in got7 at the expense of jackson. like saying a member is underrated and talented while jackson is overrated and not as talented and like….why?? y'all sit up here and claim to be in the fandom when y'all out here taking shots at other members of the group?? i need some people to understand you don’t have to try to dim one persons light to have someone else’s shine. people sit up here and hate jackson for the simple fact that he is the most known globally….but that doesn’t mean he has the most fans or the most fansites for that matter. you would think that him being so overexposed would lead him to be the most popular but that’s just not the case. and for that to be the only reason to dislike him is so baffling to me and so sad honestly, truly. at the end of the day i’m not telling you to stan jackson, not at all. I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO PUT SOME RESPEK ON HIS NAME!!!!!every single one of those boys are talented and don’t deserve to be bashed at the expense of the other. there is no reason to compare cause they are one team. like jackson said its seven or nothing at the end of the day.