i hate when they fight :(

i hate when people get into fights about hacked vs non-hacked towns, one isn’t better than the other!! it just depends on the way you like to play!! i know how to hack but aside from moving rocks i don’t do it because i enjoy earning bells and checking the shops everyday and finishing my museum, house and landscape myself by collecting the items day by day. but some people don’t care for all that and just like to landscape and that’s fine!! or maybe they like elements of both and that’s fine too!! both types of towns take tons of time, energy and creativity and we should appreciate the work everyone puts into their town, no matter how they go about it

Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)

People who treat their friends bad make me so angry. You have this great person in your life & think it’s okay to just treat them horribly & act like it’s no big deal? How do people not see that that’s NOT OKAY AT ALL?

who is going to explain to me why bruce has his arm wrapped around michael’s middle

Hater: I have something to say about your ships.

Me: Hold that thought.


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Me: Okay, go ahead.



History of Holt Kazad / Anakin’s vision on Nelvaan


OTP MEME: [2/3] funny scenes
> The Abominable Bride

“This is clearly man’s work. Where is he?”