i hate when people leave

i hate getting attached to people because when they leave it feels like you can’t breathe without them in your life and learning how to breathe again is fucking hard.
—  me

My father is one of the strongest people I have ever met, but also very stubborn when it comes to admitting pain. I saw him become very ill, he couldn’t even get up from his bed without crying. He refuses to go to hospitals because we are not so financially sound.

The affordable care act helped my family with a lot of little things, but I am most grateful that it saved my father back in February 2016. 

Thank you.

First Apartment

A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath!

“Okay, I should go”

“Do you have to?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Betty sighed and leaned in to place a quick kiss on Jughead’s nose before pushing herself up to a seated position and placing her feet on the floor, “I’ve got to go back to my place before work starts. I left my computer there.”

Jughead groaned, grabbing Betty by the waist and pulling her back into bed, “Just five more minutes.” he mumbled.

Betty laughed and rolled her eyes, “Juggie, you said that five minutes ago. And again five minutes before that. If I don’t leave now I’ll be late.”

Betty sat up once more, and this time Jughead rose with her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck. Betty leaned into the comfort, releasing a small moan.

“Move in with me.”

“What?” Betty laughed, turning to face him. Her smile faded to shock as she registered the look of seriousness on his face. “Are you - are you serious?”

“Why not?” Jughead grinned, “You practically live here anyway! And you know how much I hate it when you leave. Besides… isn’t this what people do when, you know, they’re in our position?”

“In our position?” Betty smiled at his fumbling, eyebrows raised in jest.

“I just meant… I love you. And I don’t want to keep saying goodbye to you every morning. I want you to move into my apartment. I want it to be our apartment.”

Betty looked at his wide, puppy-dog smile in disbelief, “Okay. Okay let’s do this.”

“Yeah?” Jughead asked, eyes brimming with hope. 

“Yeah,” Betty smiled and leaned in, cupping his face in her hands and excitedly placing a kiss on his lips, “Yeah! Let’s move in together!”

Jughead grinned and tackled her back onto the bed, pinning her down and peppering her with kisses. “I love you so much right now it’s insane.”

Betty giggled, “I love you too. So, so much.” She practically squealed in excitement before kissing him once more. Suddenly aware of the time, Betty let out a laugh. “Well, I’m definitely going to be late for work now.”

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i hate it when people criticise touken because touka is too violent towards kaneki while conveniently forgetting the things that kaneki has done to hurt her as well  

mwah ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

I shall declare today as shit day!!! 💢💢My ‘one whole week being super sick while covering for colleague’ finally came back to bite me on the arse! Being sick, confuse & doing 2 peoples job cause me this one mistake of entering the wrong file into the company’s system!! I also can’t make important calls cause sore throats kinda stole my voice. Adding to that is my senior officer ‘requesting’ a helping hand for an 'urgent’ shit(basically it’s her job but it seem watching Korean drama at work is more important to her!!🙄🙄😒😒). Now my supervisor is blaming me for everything!! Like yes it’s my fault but what you gonna do??!?


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hahah, this is a totally lighthearted ask: what's with the anti-mpreg as mentioned by some others? ok, to be fair, i'm no fan of mpreg trope, nothing against it, just not a fan, but at the same time, "no group would touch it" sounds so dramatic and like mpreg is the leper of BL or something... what gives? :)

I know people who are super disgusted by mpreg. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of it either, but this group is just open for everything, we don’t say no in general, and this Manga is much fun for everyone to work on. Because it’s weird, but also cute. A good mix, and it’s entertaining af ^^

What I can’t wrap my head around is when people leave hateful comments on manga with tropes they hate, but they still read them. 
I saw comments on Pendulum saying “I hate this, I hate furry, I hate bestiality, this was horrible” blah blah blah… 
Why read it then? xD If you don’t like it, just keep scrolling. ^^
Why read something you don’t like and rant about it afterwards. So weird. 
But okay, to each their own, I guess. :)

And I think every rare trope still has its fans and there are many groups out there who take care of those too and I think that’s great! <3



Okay so I know there have been quite a few people who have been arguing about the ship Meihem (Mei x Junkrat) and how it doesn’t work because Mei’s in-game audio tells us she doesn’t like him and that it’s a misogynistic ship.


Let me tell you why that’s wrong and why this ship works.

You see Mei and Junkrat have two very different views on things:

Mei loves the Earth and wants to protect it. She believes there is good in the world and that is why she joined Overwatch. To become one of the good guys. To become a hero for the greater good and the planet.

Junkrat has a different outlook on things. He doesn’t like Omincs (which is understandable considering his backstory) and because of the trauma he’s been through he has become a little bit mentally unstable. He’d rather get things his way. If something is in his way he blows it up,whether it’s a building,a safe full of money,or an ice cream truck. He’s chaotic neutral.

Now,do you know what the stark difference between the two means?

It means they are the perfect foil for each other.

So,while Mei might not of liked Junkrat in the past,or might not still like him now,she’s only evaluated him based on what she’s seen and heard of him.

Oh,Junkrat has done some things in the past to garner him a criminal record? And he says sarcastic things to other members on our team? He MUST be a bully then.

No. That’s just an assumption. And granted it’s totally reasonable for her to think that.

Meanwhile Junkrat is thinking,“What’s her deal? I’m just having a bit of fun.”

You see,Junkrat needs someone to help him. To lead him in the right direction and to balance him out.

He’s so used to getting everything he wants and after joining Overwatch he meets this girl that sasses him and doesn’t put up with his BS. A girl that is truly a nice person and fights for good. A girl that despite her cold words,does care for all of her teammates deeply including Junkrat.


After living a life of just barely scraping by,to a life of crime and being on the run,to becoming a member of Overwatch,he needs Mei to whip him into shape. He needs her guidance into becoming a better person. Into becoming not a bully but a hero.

(also let me go ahead and say that it is OKAY if you don’t like the ship. I just don’t appreciate it when people send people hate and leave hate in the tags while everyone else is just trying to have good wholesome fun)

Question time

What do you all think about correcting other children’s behavior in public. Example, at the park today one kid pushed another off the playscape the pushy kids mother was off on the side watching and didn’t say anything (it was veeerry intentional) so the mother of the little girl who got pushed off explained to the other girl it wasn’t right and her daughter was using the toy that was there. The mother of the girl who pushed FLIPPED out on the other mom saying it wasn’t her job to parent other kids…seriously she got incredibly upset like people had to intervene. Who’s right and who’s wrong? What would you do if a stranger tried to correct your child’s behavior?

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i hate it when people leave you reviews like that. it may not be my place but i feel rage because your stories really are amazing. in fact, they are so great i've found myself reading and enjoying pairings i dont usually look for and i believe that's some tremendous power as a writer

I think they were probably trying to be funny but it fell a little flat. It’s not a ficlet I’m especially attached to. I mean, it was a crack triad I wrote on a dare. It’s just a bit of a bummer to get, ‘I’m not going to read this because it would make me puke’ in my email and if it were a pairing I cared about, well, to loosely quote Carrie Fisher, that review might have hurt all three of my feelings.

It’s not worth rage, though. Have chocolate. It will make you feel better.

This may look like a dog lay on a fluffy rug but not that is the poor things fur had to peal it back little by little to get under the mats breaks my heart! I hate this time of year it’s when people who leave there dogs all over winter and bring them in matted solid for a “spring shave” Just FYI we can leave your dog’s longer in winter if your worried about them getting cold.. leaving them to get this knotty is not ok, very uncomfortable for your dog and can lead to medical issues ( this pups knots where so bad under her arms her skin was inflamed and bleeding) .. Please don’t be this person :(

i hate when people leave me alone with small children because i have NO IDEA what to say to them

and then i work myself into a knot because i see their little baby eyes and i KNOW they are judging my sins