i hate what they did to this series

One of the most infuriating things about how Drew Tanaka was written is that she wasn’t even a well written evil character. She was so utterly 2-dimensional whereas in tlo the side characters like Ethan were given far more complex stories and it differed from the other antagonists in the series. Hell even Octavian was given an even more complex background. Like Drew was literally just described as shallow and that was supposed to convey how truly evil she was smh (sounds like every other /evil/ female character in books, truly original)

Well… Shiro is unlucky character in Voltron as for me. And I am afraid about him now in this reboot. 
Let me explain a little. 
 When I was a child I did not like Original Voltron (Golion) because scenarists killed Shiro too fast and all others characters accepted this fact too easy. They made this to make Allura more active in the story. But I hated her since the Shiro’s death! Afterwards the Shiro’s brother appeared and scenarists killed him too! >_<

Then our TV began to show American edition of Voltron and there Shiro was turned into Sven. But as result the scenery was changed so, that Sven easily left the team because of the woman! Wtf?! They are friends, buddies, and Sven so easily left them in such difficult period and danger! I did not like it too.
And what I see now?  In reboot Shiro has disappeared. I understand that this is done to make Keith as commander of the team like in original series  and also this is done to give the chance for Allura to be paladin too. But as for me Allura is good and active enough now as leader and as the captain of the ship. So, I want Shiro back into the team. I don’t want to see Allura as part of Paladins. She has to stay as leader. But I am afraid that Shiro can be taken from the Voltron team by scenarists. So this art is my small wish  #ShiroMustStay 

Okay so I’m reading the guardian article on Ian and Mark. (https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2017/feb/01/mark-gatiss-and-ian-hallard-sherlock-we-met-online-back-when-that-was-odd) (sorry, I’m on mobile)

A few things:

1) they were considering titling the episode backlash? What? This implies that they knew the public would hate it. Their argument that they knew the public wouldn’t like anything they did because Sherlock is popular and that’s what happens to all popular things makes absolutely NO sense. Im sorry, but if this anecdote is true, it adds evidence to the show getting reichenbached.

2) Mark states that series 3 of League of Gentlemen was initially panned but is now seen as a masterpiece. As a LoG nerd, let me say: I wasn’t around when s3 initially aired but I literally can’t imagine it getting bad reviews? I loved it the first time I watched it and loved it more with each rewatch? Certainly there was no drop off in production quality or writing. And I did just a bit of digging and I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that the series got the reviews that Sherlock is getting. Which leads me to:

3) Just gonna put this out there for the tin foil hat squad. The plot of s3 of LoG was that each episode appeared to be a stand alone, but when you get to the last episode you see that every episode’s plot is actually intertwined via a car crash at the very end. So. That’s a thing.

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A/N: i don’t care what anyone says jasper was the hottest character in the whole of the twilight series. team Edward? or team Jacob? fuck that i’ll take every single one of the Cullen’s besides Edward any day


When Bella made a permanent resident at phoenix with mum I stayed with dad, and boy am I glad I did. Jasper Whitlock Hale has been the best thing that has happened to me in my dysfunctional life and although the wolves and the Cullen’s don’t get along, I can still be friends with the both of them, save for the comments made about each other. When Bella moved back to forks it got complicated and difficult when she started to like Edward and tried to figure out who or what he was.

‘(Y/n)!’ Bella yells storming into my room only to stumble upon me curled up against jasper’s body

‘What?’ I whine not wanting to get up as I was comfortable and this was the best sleep I have had in a while seeing as jasper and I only just got back together after we had a pretty bad fight.

‘Um. Can I talk to you privately please’ she says starting to sound urgent

‘Only if you promise not to tell dad that I have a boy in my room’ I say, well more like mumble still tired

‘Yeah sure’ she replies quickly, still reluctant I start to slowly move well that was until jasper spoke up

‘come on darlin’ you still have school this mornin’ anyway so you might as well get up now’ his accent prominent

‘I ain’t going anywhere when you talk to me like that’ I say seductively forgetting that my sister was still in the room

‘(Y/n)! Come on, now’

‘Fine’ I roll out of bed still reluctant and as soon as I get into Bella’s room she shoves a piece of paper into my face and when I give her a questioning look she just points to her ears and then points to the door, I sigh and read the paper and start to laugh,

You can’t trust jasper or his family, they are dangerous wait until after school and I’ll know for certain if they are safe or not


‘Yeah that’s not going to happen’ I say chuckling as I left her room and went to get ready for school today.

just going to leave this here because i think he honestly looks so god damn sexy in this.

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i know that a lot of y’all are all over here like mary was hating on sherlock after the credits, but doesn’t anyone else think those were literal directions? how do you save john? you have to go to hell and back for him. 

this is what moffat has told us repeatedly would happen this series. and what did the description for tld say? estranged from his best friend john watson, sherlock seems to have descended into hell. he’s already on his way. he’s already doing what he can to save john.

Wrong Name

Adrien was dead. So so very dead. He didn’t mean for it to come out- it just did.

“Marinette- I mean Marinette.” He said nervously as he tried to correct his wrong doing. “I take thee, Marinette…”

He gathered the courage to look away from Marinette’s shocked bluebell eyes. He glanced at the minister, who looked even more shocked. He tore his eyes away from the man and directed his gaze towards the pew, where a series of gasps could be heard. Adrien started to swear as he realized what he just did.

“Never got over your crush now, did you?” Marinette said softly.

Adrien gulped. He could just die- Marinette will hate him for this. He just said Ladybug’s name in his vows! He was the worst fiancé ever. Not only did he say the wrong name, he basically just allowed his princess to be insecure all over again.

Nino was frozen beside him, and Alya was shooting him death glares from her position beside Marinette. Thankfully the minister was a relative of Adrien’s or else he’d have hell the pay just to keep this slip up quiet. The rest of the wedding entourage watched with their mouths agape as the groom trued to fix his mistake.

How could he do that to Marinette? What was he thinking? He could have ruined everything?

“Mari- I’m sorry.” Adrien apologized.

“Good thing she’s nowhere in sight or she would have kicked your butt for saying that.” Marinette said softly. “ Don’t you know it is not nice to say another woman’s name in your vows?”

Adrien hung his head in shame. Plagg wasn’t helping at all- the little bugger was biting Adrien from the inside of his jacket, silently reprimanding him for what he just did.

“It’s a good thing I’m Ladybug.” Marinette said amusedly.

Another wave of gasps echoed from the pew. Adrien shot up in shock. A slow smile spread across his face as he took in his gorgeous bride to be’s beautiful blue eyes.

She wasn’t mad! Thank heavens!

“Mari, I love you- all of you. Don’t ever think that I only ever loved Ladybug. I was in love with Marinette even before you told me you were Ladybug. I fell in love with Ladybug ever since I saw her fight crime all those years ago, but then I fell in love with Marinette, the amazing girl who couldn’t say five words to Adrien. I thought I had to give up one of you to be with the other, and I was ready. I was ready to give up Ladybug for you. But I was lucky enough to have fallen for the same girl twice. You make me so lucky, you are my lucky charm. You are the good luck to my bad- you are my other half. You are my everything. I love you, Marinette.” Adrien said fervently, pushing down whatever insecurities that Marinette had left over from high school.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she gaze up into those perfect emerald eyes.

“I love you too, mon minou. All of you.”

They didn’t wait any longer and closed the gap between them, hungrily affirming their love for one another in a passionate kiss.

They finally broke apart when their audience let out loud coos and awws.

Marinette and Adrien blushed deeply. They’ve been together for years, but they still were not used to the shipping. (The ship war that transpired years ago scarred them for life.)

“At least it was only during the rehearsal.” Mari said teasingly. “Be careful not to say that during our actual wedding, Adrien. I wouldn’t want the whole of Paris to know that I married a dorky pun-loving chat.”

“But you love me and my clawsome puns.” Adrien said, smirking like his alter ego. “Besides, you know all about puns don’t you, the one who rises from bread.”

Mari groaned, but laughed none the less. “I love you, Chat.”

“I love you, Mari.”

Prologue: Too Right To Be Wrong

A/N: I had this scenario tucked away to write eventually but I thought wow… this could really go well with Too Right..I know we’re already a few chapters in but I still thought this would be fun… Ahh. Let me know what you guys think :)

Series Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

Sometimes he really hated how thin the walls were. The things he would hear late at night would make all his repressed, filthy thoughts about you come out to play.

It was agonizing to see you every day, looking the way you did, knowing he couldn’t touch you. You didn’t belong to him.

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Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Six


Warnings: Expletives, sex references.

A/N: Next chapter we find out what Calum supposedly did to Jess that has made (Y/N) hate him so much! P.S. Thank you to those who have said such nice things about this series, I really enjoy writing it so I am glad you guys enjoy reading it!!


Calum’s P.O.V.

(Y/N) sits opposite me at the table, her parents sat either side of us. The only sound that can be heard is the clinging of spoons hitting the cereal bowl, or the sound of us crunching on toast. I keep meeting (Y/N)’s eyes and hold their gaze until she furiously breaks the eye contact. She’s still mad at me. It’s been a week, and she hasn’t spoken to me. Not even once.

I must admit, at first, it excited me. The fact that I had pissed her off so much that she couldn’t even find it in her to utter one word to me, sort of put me on a power trip. But now, I don’t know if it really is me that’s holding the power. I’m sick of the silent treatment, I’m sick of the death glares across the table, I’m sick of the whole walking out of the room whenever I enter thing she does. I’m sick of it all. I miss her talking to me, even if it is just a mouthful of abuse that I get.

I make myself scarce after breakfast, disappearing to my room to get ready. It’s my last weekend of freedom until I start placement on Monday, so I want to make the most of it somehow. Although, I don’t know how I’m going to do that when all my friends are back in Sydney, and the only “friend” I’ve got here doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I’m in the middle of getting changed, when I overhear two voices coming from just outside the door.  I move closer to the door, because it sounds like it’s (Y/N) and her mum, and I want to know if she’s slagging me off. I think it’s highly likely, seeing as she knows I’m in here and that I can probably hear their conversation even with the door closed.

“She had a date last week, and I was supposed to be going over to hers to do her hair and make-up and things, but she texted and told me not to bother. I think I was too hard on her, and I’m scared she doesn’t want to be friends anymore.” I hear (Y/N) complain to her mum.

“Darling, the best you can do is go over there and apologise.” Her mum advises, “And don’t push her. I think you think too much into things. Jess is right, it’s been five years, and she probably is over him. Perhaps it’s about time you did too.”

“I would go, but usually Dad would give me a lift. I know you have work soon and my car’s in at the garage, so there’s no way I can go.” (Y/N) replies.

A sudden rush of adrenaline hits me as I swing open my bedroom door. (Y/N) and her mum both turn to face me in surprise.

“I can give you a lift if you want.” I shrug.

(Y/N) scowls at me. “I’d rather not bother, thanks.”

I roll my eyes, shaking my head at how ridiculous she’s being. I don’t even think I remember the reason she’s being like this with me.

“Come on, sweetheart.” Her mum soothes, “If this thing with Jess is really getting you down, and you want the chance to make things right, why let anything stop you? You don’t have another way of getting there that suits you, so if Calum’s offering, you might as well take it.”

“Don’t you understand?” (Y/N) spits, “I’m going to see Jess. If he comes with me, he’ll want to see her, and it might put her off going on her date tonight.”

“Hang on a minute!” I intervene, “I said nothing about coming with you, I said I’d give you a lift!”

“Aren’t they the same thing?” (Y/N) questions, clearly trying to patronise me.

“No, actually, they’re not.” I object, “I’d only be dropping you off and then turning around and coming back here. I wouldn’t want to go in with you anyway.”

(Y/N) spits out a laugh, as if I’m supposed to want to see Jess.

“Do you seriously think I believe for one minute that there isn’t a catch to this?” (Y/N) asks me, folding her arms.

“If you want there to be a catch, then there can be.” I tell her seriously.

“I don’t.” She answers.

“Good. That’s settled then.” I shrug, “I’ll go get a shirt on. Meet me at my car in ten minutes.”

(Y/N) rolls her eyes as she disappears into her room. Her mother looks back at me, impressed. “Good negotiating.” She winks, before walking past me and down the hall. I shake my head as I re-enter my room to finish getting ready. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I bother trying to make things up to her, she makes it so difficult. I just want to get on for the sake of her parents, more than anything.

The drive over to Jess’ place is pretty much silent, other than the music playing on the radio. She changes station a couple of times, before eventually settling on one she likes. If anyone else had done that, I would have had a go at them – “my car, my choice” sort of thing – but I’ll give her a free pass.

I pull over at the house I remember being Jess’, and I was just going to leave it because, like we agreed, there wasn’t going to be a catch. But I don’t always stick to promises unless I think it would benefit me, and in this case, it doesn’t. I lock the doors as she’s about to get out, and she almost screams in frustration.

“You said there wasn’t going to be a catch!” She yells at me.

“I changed my mind.” I reply coolly.

She sighs in frustration. “Well, could you change it again please?”

I shake my head, “Not until we talk.”

“There isn’t anything to talk about.” She shrugs, looking straight out the window.

“Really? Because I think there’d be a lot to talk about when we haven’t spoken in a week.” I spit.

She sighs, but she doesn’t say anything. She sits with her arms folded and looking straight ahead of her. I look over to her. Even though she’s mad, and fed up, and pissed off…I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful. The way the sunlight is shining on her face…the way her eyes shine with it…the way her skin looks so soft and delicate…I’ve never seen anything like her.

“Why are you so mad at me?” I suddenly say.

That is normally the last question I’d ask. I don’t like having people explain to me where I’ve went wrong – I’d much rather I just apologise and move on somehow. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but it seems to work with the boys. Perhaps it’s different with girls, perhaps it’s different with her…or perhaps I’m just an ignorant pig. Who knows?

She harshly turns her head round to look at me. “You seriously don’t know?”

“Is it still about what I supposedly did to Jess?” I question softly.

She laughs to herself. “For once, Calum…no, it’s not.”

I furrow my eyebrows, “Is it about the girl I brought home last week?”

She shuffles in her seat, and that’s how I know I’ve hit the nail on its head. I sigh to myself.

“There’s something you should know about that…” I begin.

“It’s because you disrespected my parents.” She suddenly speaks, “They’ve trusted you, let you into their home, even sacrificing their daughter’s comfortability…and you disrespected them by using their home as a whore house.”

I twist my face at the name “whore house,” that’s not what I’d call it, and that’s not how I see it.

I roll my eyes, “Your parents don’t even know I had a girl over.”

“NO, BUT I DO!!” She shouts at me, pointing to her chest.

Sudden realisation of what this is really about dawns on me.

“Are you…are…are you jealous?” I ask her, slightly surprised myself.

She rolls her eyes, “No, Calum, I’m not jealous!”

“Then why is it such a big deal to you?”

She looks back at me as if I’m stupid. “Because my parents are a big deal to me, and disrespecting them doesn’t sit right with me, don’t you understand?”

“Now let me out this car!” She yells, holding onto the door as if she knows I’m going to do as she says.

I sigh, rolling my eyes. I unlock the car doors, and she opens her door, and begins to step out.

“I didn’t sleep with her.” I confess.

(Y/N) pauses for a second, as if she’s taking in what I’ve just said, and suddenly climbs back into the car and shuts the door behind her. “What?”

I shrug, “I didn’t sleep with Daisy.”

(Y/N) furrows her eyebrows at me. “But…she was in your bed, wearing your shirt?”

“I know.” I nod, “But I didn’t sleep with her.”

“Well, why not?” (Y/N) questions, before smirking at me, “Could you not get it up?”

I shoot her a glance. “Because she was too drunk.”

“What do you mean?”

“We got the last bus home but, the motion of the bus had thrown her off guard, and when we got off she kept throwing up all over the place. I eventually got her back here and, got her changed into one of my old T-Shirts, and placed her dress in some water and cleaning stuff over night. I let her take the bed, and I slept on the floor.” I explain, “I wasn’t going to take advantage of the poor girl, you can understand that, right?”

(Y/N) loosens up slightly, as she slowly nods her head. “I suppose…you did the right thing.”

I take a deep breath as I look at her, “So…can we call a truce now? This constant arguing has got to end!”

(Y/N) sighs, “Over the whole Daisy thing, yes. Over what you did to Jess, no.”

I clench my jaw, “You know, one day you’re going to realise that not everything’s as it seems, and you’re seriously going to eat your words when you realise Jess isn’t the perfect little angel you think she is.”

(Y/N) tuts, as she re-opens the car door, and climbs back out. “Goodbye, Calum!” She yells, before slamming the car door shut.

I slam my hands on the steering wheel in anger, before driving off. I was really hoping we could put all this arguing to one side, because I’m getting sick of having to defend myself to her every time she decides I’ve done something wrong.

I think it’s about time we sorted this out once and for all. If we can’t, I’m leaving.

                                                                                 CHAPTER SEVEN >>

Birthday Surprise

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,678

Warnings: Just fluff in this one.·

Summary: You grew up being best friends with the Ackles family. Mostly Jensen’s sister, Mackenzie, who you are now roommates with. It’s her 21st birthday and Jensen is there to surprise her. All of a sudden he’s seeing you in a different light now, no longer the little girl he remembers. Let’s see where this leads you.·

A/N: Thanks too sincerelysaraahh for helping me brainstorm this! Love you bunches :* So this is the new series that I will be doing and yes it is a Jensen one, so·for this series Jensen will of course be single. Don’t get me wrong in thinking I don’t like Danneel, she is a freaking goddess and I love her….so chillax and enjoy :)

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Did you notice how Isak’s voice sounded after Even said he was going to hurt him and then that Isak would have started hating him?
When Isak said “No! You don’t know shit about what’s going to happen!” his voice broke and after saying “An atom bomb could drop on our heads tomorrow, and this conversation is therefore just a waste of time.” he was literally about to cry. Even if Isak didn’t say particularly he’s the happiest person in the world when he’s with Even (which is evident), lying or whatever, by being about to cry and maybe a little angry at Even because of him feeling insecure and scared of hurting Isak in some way, because of him feeling wrong for not saying Isak he was bipolar, because of him scared of losing Isak, because of him who would rather lose Isak than hurt him, Isak said that he loves him. That he’s happy with Even, whether he’s bipolar or something else. That he wants to be with Even, he wants to be with him anyways, in every parallel universe, because Even and Isak are just meant to be. Together. They belong to each other. No mental illness can prevent this. Isak can’t imagine a world without Even, can’t imagine not being with him. Isak needs Even like Even needs Isak. That’s insurmountable. And if a mental illness could bring some problems, they’ll just try to fix them taking one day at a time, one hour at a time, a minute at a time.

YOI Accent Challenge
It me-jalapeno
YOI Accent Challenge

~I got tagged by @nekomas-heart and of course I had to do this as well. This isn’t Mystic Messenger so I’m sorry guys!! ((I hate my voice))

-You guys can do this too!-

  • Name and URL
  • How did you find out about Yuri!!! On Ice?
  • Do you prefer sub or dub?
  • Pronounce the following words:

Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, Makkachin, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Kenjirou Minami, Georgi Popovich, Jean Jacques Leroy, Emil Nekola, Hasetsu, Katsudon, Vkusno!!

  • Who’s your favourite character and why?
  • Who’s your least favourite character and why?
  • What was your favourite moment in the series?
  • Any moments that made you cry/tear up?
  • What is your OTP?
  • What else do you ship?
  • Most attractive character
  • Which character would you want to be friends with?
  • Which character would you not get along with?
  • What was your favorite choreographed piece? Favorite song?
  • Which outfit is your favorite?
  • Last thing: yell “VKUSNO!!” and tag 5 other blogs to do this and tag this as “Yuri on Ice Accent Challenge

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Hmm... You prefer FMA Brotherhood to FMA 2003? (I love your blog, btw) :))

First of all, thank you! You’re so sweet!! :D

I could literally write an entire book on comparisons between the two series, but I’ll try and keep this reasonable. I do like Brotherhood more than FMA03. That’s the simple answer. 

However, I highly recommend BOTH series. I personally think it’s super interesting that one universe gets two separate canon series. It gives you the ability, in my opinion, to pick and choose what you like the best. I know a lot of people tend to hate on FMA03, but I can definitely say there are some things it did a bit better than brotherhood. 

First, I thought Lust was a better character. She actually had an interesting backstory, and I loved the fact that she was connected to Scar’s character. In Brotherhood, we don’t see as much of her, and that’s a damn shame. 

On the other hand, FMA03 Scar was kind of a fail. He pretty much died before we could ever get invested in him fully. Brotherhood Scar was way more compelling in that he changed his ways and fought alongside his former enemies. 

FMA03′s liberties, however, were pretty interesting! Immortal beings wanting to become human? PARALLEL UNIVERSES??? Said immortal beings being created from failed human transmutation?? DUDE. The characters literally watch their dead mother, their son, and their sister-in-law(?) wander around the world as evil beings controlled by a nihilistic villain?? Also, the fact that Envy was Hohenheim and Dante’s son?? There’s also a “kid” walking around with Ed’s LITERAL PHYSICAL MISSING BODY PARTS??? That shit’s dark af…  

We also see more of Maes Hughes in FMA03, so that’s a bonus. 

However. I have a lot of issues with FMA03 that allow Brotherhood to be the better series. Ed and Al don’t develop as much in the earlier series, and I honestly felt MUCH more attached to their quest in Brotherhood. They grew. They changed. FMA03 Ed and Al seem less mature and make decisions that don’t really jive with their established characters. 

The biggest offender was Ed. He sacrificed himself to bring Al back, which Brotherhood Ed is established would never do. He would never leave him alone. However, since Al conveniently forgot his memories, I guess it all worked out?? I didn’t like it. 

While it was an interesting twist that Roy killed Winry’s parents, I thought she seemed to okay with it in FMA03. If written differently, it could’ve been super interesting, but it just ends up getting a bit brushed over for me. Her arc with Scar is seriously one of my favorite parts of Brotherhood tbh. 

FMA03 Roy was also a bit of an asshole, and we don’t see Riza’s character as flushed out, which is also a DAMN SHAME. Her past in Brotherhood really defines her, and makes her incredibly compelling. 

However, we do lose Winry and Sheshka’s friendship in Brotherhood, which I thought was incredibly cute! 

Yet, while I can sing the praises of FMA03, Brotherhood has so many unforgettable characters (Olivier, Paninya, Ling, Lan Fan, Greedling, etc.). It just stops being that comparable. 

Finally, I love that the boys get their happy (as much as it could be) ending in Brotherhood. My cheesy heart just can’t get enough of it!! Of all the characters I’ve encountered, I’ve never come across two who deserve it so much. It’s done gracefully, without feeling forced, and it’s just beautiful

So yeah, I love both series, but my heart belongs to Brotherhood. 

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did you watch the last episode of naruto? opinions??

No, not really. I read spoilers and I watched a video clip of like what? 2 minutes or so? Yeah that was about it. Anyways, I was disappointed but not surprised. I really hated how they just ended a 15 year old ninja series, based of friendship, bonds, justice, peace, revenge, war with a wedding? As if a wedding suddenly solves everything. They showed Naruto for less than 2 minutes in the last episode of NARUTO. Hell, Sasuke got less than 10 seconds. I don’t know I just feel…unsatisfied? Like if something just didn’t end. Like if something was missing. Everyone got paired up for the sake of the next generation. Oh well.

Rose Tyler Hates Love

The Doctor is appalled to discover that Rose Tyler doesn’t like marshmallows in her hot chocolate. 

861 words, Ten/Rose, absolute fluff, rated G
Part one of the Advent series that will run until Christmas. 

read it on ao3! 

The Doctor gaped at Rose, shock and horror welling within him and written on every inch of his face. He couldn’t quite credit what he was hearing. If it were true, he had been the victim of betrayal-most-foul.

“What did you say?”

“I said,” she explained, flipping a page of the magazine she was looking at, “I don’t like marshmallows in my hot chocolate.”

“But…I don’t…” he stammered, then rallied. “How could that be!?”

Rose shrugged, unconcerned by his distress. “I just don’t.”

“But Rose,” he tried to reason, coming to sit beside her on the jump seat. “Marshmallows are sweet little bits of heaven that float around in a sea of warm, delicious chocolate!”

“Very descriptive, Doctor. Well done.”

“It’s true!” he insisted.

She shrugged again, licking her finger (lucky finger) and flipping another page. “I think it’s gross.”

He stared at her for a few moments, nonplussed, then came to a resolution. He nodded in self-satisfied understanding. “Clearly you’ve never had it the right way.”

“No, that’s not it,” she said absently, still not looking at him, turning another page. “I had it every time it snowed when I was a kid. It was a tradition on Christmas Eve, too. We each had a mug, then left a mug out for Santa. I know well enough what I like and don’t like. I like the pouches - withoutthe hard little marshmallows inside.”

The Doctor was stricken, his hand brought to his chest in abject consternation. “Oh, Rose Tyler,” he lamented. “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you made your hot cocoa with boiling water.”


The Doctor squawked in indignation - actually squawked. A manly squawk, but still…

Rose cracked a knowing smile at his expression. “What’s wrong, Doctor? You appear to be vexed.”

“You just… I can’t… Rose!” he finally managed, his eyes wide and shocked.

She blinked innocently. “What?”

“I should go have a talk with your mother. That’s…that’s…you don’t do that to someone you love!”

“Oi!” Rose sat up straight. “You sayin’ my mum didn’t love me?”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe she didn’t.”

“You take that back,” she growled. Rose’s brows formed a deep V between her eyes and he backed down, putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“I’m just saying if she’d loved you the way you deserved, she’d have made your cocoa with milk.

She tossed her head. “Milk was expensive.”

He felt about three inches tall. He forgot, sometimes, that she’d had a difficult upbringing and money had been anything but plentiful. They’d fought for everything and hot cocoa was probably a big treat - however she got it. But Rose didn’t like to talk overtly about growing up poor, so he changed the subject.

Rather, took it back where he meant for it to be.

The Doctor shook his head in disbelief. “So you don’t like marshmallows at all?”

“No,” Rose said, as if he was a simpleton. “I like them just fine other ways. Like in trail mix or roasted over a fire. They’re lovely that way…when they’re a little crispy on the outside but all gooey in the middle. Mmm. Love that. It’s just in hot chocolate that I find them gross.”

“Why do you hate love, Rose? Because that’s all this is: a refutation of love. Marshmallows in hot cocoa are love.”

Rose snorted a laugh at his indignation. “It’s just in my nature, I suppose.”

“Blimey.” The Doctor sagged against the back of the jumpseat and let his arms droop, looking off into space. “You think you know a person…”

She finally looked up from her magazine. “You sayin’ you don’t know me anymore?”

He sat back up, agitated and animated. “I thought I did! But this revelation, Rose Tyler… this revelation has rocked me to the very core of my being.”

“Overreacting a bit, are we?”

“Not a bit,” he huffed, then he clapped his hands in front of him once. “Right. That does it. I’m taking you to Laimen III.”

“What’s Laimen III?”

He didn’t look at her when he answered, just continued his little dance around the console. “They have the best marshmallows in the known universe, and I’m certain that you’ll love them in your hot chocolate.”

She rolled her eyes. “Good luck with that.”

“We’ll see.” He winked, pushing forward the lever that would take them into time and space.

Rose still seemed unimpressed. “Yeah. We’ll see.”


The Doctor had Rose try multiple types of marshmallows in her hot chocolate, always finishing her cup when she turned her nose up after one sip. Despite visiting two other planets after Laimen III that specialized in Christmas, cold, snowy weather, and chocolate beverages, Rose was steadfast in her dislike of marshmallows in hot chocolate.

She did discover, however, that she liked a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top of her cocoa, preferably with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top of it.

The Doctor was pleased with this. He was willing to compromise, after all. And the marshmallows in the TARDIS were henceforth used - entirely appropriately - as projectiles during the boring bits of films.

When BIGBANG has feelings for you *chapter 1*

the i’m so sorry but i love you edition

next chapter [x]

authors notes: because I want to ramble I’ll make this into a series so it doesn’t get too long <3

*you’ve been friends with BIGBANG for almost a year now… you’re especially close with Jiyong*

*you and Jiyong are hanging out at his apartment*

[Y/N] *laughing at something on the TV*…did you see that Ji? *you turn to look at him*

*Jiyong is staring at you… he turns away smiling*

[Y/N] what? what is it? *immediately feeling self conscious*

[GD] …you just look really beautiful when you laugh…

*you feel your face go bright red*

[Y/N] Jiyong… *you playfully push him*

[GD] it’s true… you’re really beautiful Y/N…

*his gaze makes your heart beat increase*

*you look away but he reaches out and tilts your face towards his*

[GD] Y/N… I… I think I have feelings for you…

*he slowly leans in*

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[Y/N] Jiyong… *you gasp*

*he watches your reaction amused*

[GD] …did you really not know?

[Y/N] *you shake your head embarrassed* …i had n-no idea *blush*

[GD] *smirk* i clearly didn’t show you enough…

*he leans in for another kiss… and well…*

*stay tuned for the next chapter*

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

soooooo, i’ve been wanting to watch carmilla for a long time cuz i wanted to know what all the fuss was about but i was always busy and i was always like “ok i’ll watch it later” and i never really did, but anyways, i’ve just finished the series right now (i literally watched all the seasons non-stop) and all i’ve got to say is 1) i didn’t think i could be any gayer yet here i am  2) fuCK ME uP & 3) is the word “ship” still a thing cuz i am shipping. HARD. like 2012-directioners-shipping-larry hard.