i hate wasps

Hhh so this is my first post!!
This is Bee, my persona/OC, with Wasp creepin’ in the background. They are genderless, and don’t mind any pronouns, but I will use they/them pronouns to keep it neutral (when I talk about them separately from myself, since they have their own story).

So yeah?? This is my first ever post here even though I’ve had other accounts lmao be gentle

macks-smack-attack  asked:

I fucking HATE wasps and hornets. There is literally nothing good about them. I hate them more than I hate myself, which is a lot. WHY MUST THERE BE A DARKIHORNET?! WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?!

i’m sorry! look, i have the same thing with wasps and hornets. pretty much a phobia. but i was watching some animal documentary stuff and looking at amphibians and insects and whatnot. and i saw a thing for a hornet gangwar pretty much. they aren’t so scary when the size is obscured through a computer screen, least for me. i know they can’t hurt hehe.

darkihornet is supposed to be a terrifying piece of shit basically. 

and also, have some love dude <333333333333333