i hate wahabists

I am outraged furious

I am outraged furious,
I mean how on Earth this is happening???
Why is this sectarian driven hate???

Why is that whenever the Month of Muharram m according to the Islamic Hijjrah calender , all hell breaks loose against people just practicing their right of demonstrations against Tyrants ,. In oneday 4 car bombs exploded in Iraq,.. others expected to follow wherever Shia people commemorate the Murders of an Idol of theirs,.. of Entire Islam,.. 

I have a lot to say, but overwhelmed by anger that was ignited by these hateful creatures who demonstrate and object by bombing other people ,..

I have a lot to say, but never enough,… therefore I will just settle for a blog ,.. 

I am so angry that I will not accept any attempts by those who do not condemn any hateful acts to explain that they do this and this , and say this about whoever it was,.. for I live by one motto, and one motto only ,… 

NO one is above questioning and scrutiny,.. No one,.. and that fact that people get killed because they question the acts of some people through out history ,.. is something I will never accept or tolerate,.. it’s Tyranny,.. the very one that I am here against ,.. if you got a cause, defend it logically,.. not by killing those who think different than the believe you were brought up to live by and trust ,..