i hate u a lot u are so cute

“What The Hell, Clay?”

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Pairing: Jeff x fem!reader

Request:  9. “i can’t believe you!” 19. “i’m going to kill you!” 12. “i hate you.” 47. “you’re cute when you’re angry.” so like i’m requesting a jeff atkins imagine w/ these prompts. i really enjoy ur writing & thought maybe clay tells jeff you’ve been crushing on him & jeff kept flirting w/ u all day which is strange. so u ask him what’s up, he ends up telling u about what clay said. lots of fluff! thank u!! 💖

Warnings: none :)

Word count: 636

I hope you like it!

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first boyfriend | baekhyun

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  • doesnt make a huge deal about being ur 1st boyf
  • but like….also would keep talking about it
  • like “cos im ur FIRST BOYFRIEND u should do this thing with me”
  • really really really touchy and flirty 
  • but speaks to u like ur friends so ur like bich the fuc ? 
  • probably even more obsessed with u than being juST your boyfriend cos hes like
  • u know that >:( beautiful smile >:( when he says >:( a joke >:( where its kinda >:( lopsided and upside down >:( gives u that a lot cos he justs want to make u happy and wants u to find him FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hes like kinda awkward tbh but doesnt wanna let u know 
  • cos he doesnt wanna make U awkward omg hwigaorgraogri love HIM! 
  • slightly ?!?!?! clueless?!?!?!? cos he wants to be close to u and kiss u everywhere and squeeze u a lot but he dont wanna scare u 
  • so he settles for holding ur hand and rubbing ur back when he hugs u
  • will try so hard not to make too much fun of u but his mouse ears will fall off and his >:( cute >:( head will BURST >:( 
  • the end u rats >:( i hate u all for making me >:( thiNK >:( OF HIM >:(

minseok / junmyeon / yixing / jongdae / chanyeol / kyungsoo / jongin / sehun

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ten and 22!!

Bittersweet | TEN

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Prompt: “This is going to hurt”

Genre: innocent boy!au (? if that even exists) | tattooist!reader | super duper fluff

Pairing: Ten / Reader

Word count: 1 963

Warnings: pAIN and, well, lots and lots of cute comments. Some romantic shit

A/N: I mean, if you hate tattoos then I just fucked screwed up the entire scenario. Also, there may be mistakes (so i am sorry!!) and the end sucks kill me

ask + drabble list + recommended listening

Marking down your skin seemed correct; for you, each one of the drawing on your forearm meant something important. Whenever the needle touched your body, sinking into your pores and inundating your veins with pain you felt… Ease. It indeed hurt, but you could bear the discomfort, mostly because it was not excruciating, and, also, you knew what would be stuck on you from that moment to eternity.

You were not bad at sketching either; the layouts you created were really popular among young women, with geometric forms and delicate handwriting. Even some teenager boys would come by once in a while asking for your works; not only because you were known around by your extreme patience and concentration, but also due to your appearance. Your boss even gave you the best position inside the tattoo studio, close to the window, so everyone in the street could spot you inside. It all worked for you. You were one of the most popular tattoo artists in the center of the city.

However, from all people in the world, the last one you expect to be sitting in front of you was Ten Chittaphon. You tilted your head, examining the boy in front of you; he had his hair washed that morning – you knew because of the strong smell – and his face was so clear and soft that you felt like squeezing it between your palms. You straightened your body and cleaned your throat; grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil, you started drawing what he just described to you. A petal, a phrase and a letter.

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i love the jared x soulmate!reader fics so much and i read the "stop drawing dicks on my wrist" n i kinda need a headcannon now of all the dumb shit jared x reader would do in a relationship like he would ABSOLUTELY write "i <3 the insanely cool jared kleinman" on his hand and wait for her to notice it on herself also he'd beg her to write him the answers for a class quiz. sometimes she'd forget about the skin thing and write something like "buy milk" or "english hwk" and he'd be so confused djj

sis im gonna be honest i started writing these the second i got this ask but bc i was going back and forth between tabs i continually accidentally closed this tab and lost everything hhhhhhhh (also im not putting specifics in these headcanons bc im gonna write most of these in the fic lmao i want the last part to be loooong af)

but im doin it just for u!

(catfish part one! which has a link to part two bc im too lazy to do a separate one)

  • pen dates
  • need i say more
  • at office depot fighting over the color
  • (u prob win every time)
  • ur in ur public speaking class
  • doin a speech
  • and youre holding those lil cuecards or whatever
  • and on the inside of ur forearm it pops up
  • “i <3 jared kleinman”
  • “he’s so insanely cool”
  • “also he has a huge dick”
  • “jared kleinman is the best”
  • and ur like giggling throughout ur speech like “gdi”
  • and u yell at him on your arm abt it
  • “wait shit ur good at bio i need help”
  • “are u literally taking your final right now”
  • “what is triglyceride”
  • “holy shit she never taught us this”
  • “who in the fuck is fredrick sanger”
  • “babe”
  • “babe pls i cant flunk this”
  • “i’ll buy you lunch”
  • “:00″
  • and you tell him 
  • anyways
  • yall are fuckin dorks
  • but you mainly text a lot
  • bc if u didnt youd have graffiti on u 24/7
  • so you’ll go a few months w/o writing on eachother
  • so youll be in class and be like “shit i need to remember this” and just write something like
  • “library english”
  • jareds like “wtf”
  • and u have to explain you need a book for class
  • “i forget it all shows up on you”
  • “ya so fuckin watch urself”
  • “how dare u make that disgusting accusation and litter my body with it”
  • sometimes he writes lil cute quotes on u like:
  • “we were once upon a time in looooove”
  • “accidentally in loooove”
  • “are u quoting that fuckin song from shrek 2 gdi i hate u”
  • “its my turn for movie night!!!!!!!!”
  • “oh my god”
  • “love u!”
  • “i love you a lot but sometimes you make me want to die”
  • “:000 whY”
  • “shrek 2?????? rly??????? og is better”
  • “holy shit i love you youre so right”
  • its cute
  • yall are cute
  • mwah u two are the perfect pair
  • thats all i got lol
Dating Jeno would be like...

  • Dating Jeno means taking naps in random places
  • With you snuggled on his lap, both of you on a couch somewhere
  • Mark is lowkey freaking out bc he cant find either of you aND WOW SUSPICIOUS
  • then Renjun sends him a picture of both of you sleeping and Mark is just like
  • “…i suspected as much…”
  • Lots of handholding!!! All the time!!! He likes how your hand fits in his perfectly!!! So much!!!
  • Him buying you cute little necklaces or bracelets just because ^_^
  • Piggyback rides!!!
  • At first he goes waaay out of the way to do things bc he wants to impress you
  • And the rest of Dream is facepalming but tbh u find it adorable
  • he really really REALLY hates letting you down for anything and telling you he has to reschedule ur date bc practice is going overtime
  • like the one time u had been waiting for like an hour near tears bc wow u feel like crap
  • and suddenly you happen to look up to find him LITERALLY SPRINTING over
  • “im sorry im sorry imsroyy akjsjkdfsjkdfs” *practically collapses bc he just sprinted the whole way*
  • “??”
  • “practice went overtime iM SO SORRY” 
  • hes practically in tears himself and feels twice as bad as u do
  • “its okie ^^’”
  • he still feels absolutely horrible and takes the whole next day off to make it up to you
  • Going to the park in the evening just to chill
  • Yall sit on the swings and talk about everything and nothing
  • Then finally yall have to get up bc its getting late and Doyoung is freaking out bc he went to the dorm and you two werent there
  • And Jeno is stuck in the swing seat help
  • Texts you at two in the morning about literally nothing bc he misses you
  • ‘Babe im literally just down the hall why are you messaging me’
  • ‘I miss u 😞 ’
  • Cooking things in the kitchen which sometimes ends up with amazing food and sometimes not so much
  • There never fails to be a mess tho
  • Has all these cute nicknames for you but never uses them when everyone else is around bc he will be mercilessly teased by Haechan and Chenle
  • He lOVES holding u but not when everyone is around
  • See reason above
  • So skinship is mostly holding hands or an arm around u
  • Really really likes to lay his head in your lap!!!
  • loVES it when u run your fingers through his hair he melts into a puddle
  • Listening to music really loudly and jamming to it
  • E s k i m o  k i s s e s
  • going to an amusement park with the gang and splitting off so u two can have fun together and somehow getting hopelessly lost
  • “I thought you knew how to read this map???”
  • “…well, the thing is, I kinda just wanted to seem cool sooo…”
  • “ffs Lee Jeno >>”
  • “soRRY OKAY”
  • at least yall got to share a drink together and it was cute
  • taeyong wasn’t happy hIS CHILDREN ARE DISAPPEARING
  • in the rare downtime he plays his guitar and its so soothing bless
  • A squishy smol pls protect

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Could you write one where the 5 girls go out to swim and Emily gets distracted by Ali's body and can't concentrate in anything that isn't Ali and her beauty? *-*

this was so so cute thank u!! hope u enjoy xx

“Hanna, please, it took me a lot of persuasion to get Ali to even come with us this week, so be nice” Emily warned her as they stripped down to their bikinis, taking advantage of the July weather as they settled nicely on the beach in Cape May, still awaiting the arrival of Ali.

“I hate you that two are dating now, I can never make fun of Ali anymore” She whined, pulling down her shades and lying back on the sand, Spencer rolling her eyes and sighing, lying across Aria’s stomach, her feet tickling the sand.

“You can make fun of Ali when she isn’t 2 months pregnant, how does that sound?” Emily counteracted, throwing her own sunglasses down her face and turning away from Hanna, tired of her constant complaining.

“Is Ali on her way down?” Aria asked, propping herself up on her elbows, clearly concerned and trying to ease the tension between her two best friends.

“5 minutes away” Emily reassured her, checking her phone in case Ali had decided to bail last minute, relieved when she saw that she hadn’t. Looking out across the sea, she suddenly became enamoured by the inviting colour of the water, the way the light caught the gently rippling waves at just the perfect moment to send a sparkle of gold in their direction, the deep blue mysterious yet beautiful, encouraging her to dive in while placing a certain amount of caution in her at the same time. “Spence, come in with me?” She called, knowing that aside from her Spencer was the most avid swimmer in the group, She sighed momentarily, but it only took one glance at the crystalline water to persuade her to jump up. The two of them wandered forwards, Emily relishing in the smell of the water and the feel of it splashing against her legs; there were very few things she felt more comfortable in than water. They paddled off for a while, leaving Hanna and Aria to greet Ali as she finally turned up.

“Good morning sunshine” Hanna greeted her as she walked over to them wearing a sundress, a collapsible chair in her arm and a cool box in the other.

“A little help, guys?” She said in annoyance, motioning to the mass of stuff she had bought with her. Hanna quickly jumped to her feet to help her out, remembering Emily’s stare when she warned her about taking care of Ali that day, and eagerly helped her set up camp.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” Aria asked, looking up at them from where she lay comfortably on a sun bed.

“Fine” Ali muttered “where’s Em?” Hanna rolled her eyes, grateful for the protection of sunglasses, and nodded out to sea where Spencer and Emily’s floating heads could be seen. Ali looked, sighed contently, and settled into her seat.

“Do you want me to call her over?” Hanna asked, confused because both Ali and Em were still in the honeymoon period, and usually spent any and all group outings together. Ali shook her head softly.

“She’s coming” And sure enough as Hanna looked back to sea Emily was already half way towards them, Spencer just behind her, her eyes lighting up as she saw Ali had arrived. Getting up and out of her chair, Ali pulled Emily into her embrace and kissed her deeply, grateful to be back in her arms after an entire day apart.

“This is still taking some getting used to” Hanna remarked, raising her eyebrows and avoiding looking at the pair “I think I miss the days you were glaring in love with each other but didn’t realise it.”

“Yeah” Aria agreed “at least then we didn’t have to watch you make out every time we were together” Ali eventually pulled away, her hand still resting on Emily’s ass as she pursed her lips, raising her eyebrows as if trying to prove a point.

“Happy?” She asked, earning herself a laugh from Spencer. Aria just nodded, lying back down and trying to soak up the sun.

“Come in with me?” Emily suggested, taking her hand and pulling her towards the shore. Ali shook her head. “Please?” Emily insisted, her lips pouting and her eyes bulging.

“I-Em-” Ali tried to resist, but upon looking at her girlfriends face just sighed dejectedly “Oh, how can I say no to you” And so she dropped her hand for the slightest of seconds, removing her dress to reveal a black bikini, strips of material taken out to leave an intricate design. Ali shrugged with a little smirk, taking Emily’s hand again. It went floppy as she did so, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I want to go swimming, but I really don’t want to walk in on that” Hanna muttered under her breath as Emily’ eyes ran over every crevice of her girlfriends body. She felt her mouth began to go a little dry, physically unable to take her eye of the smoothness of her skin and the curve of her hips, her chest heaving as she

“Are you guys gonna go then?” Spencer yelled at them with a grin, trying to break Emily out of her trance. It didn’t work. Ali stood in front of her, still loosely holding Emily’s hand.

“Baby” she said, trying to pull her in the direction of the sea “come on” Emily eventually closed her mouth, swallowing thickly as a blush suddenly covered her face.

“Right” she mumbled, her eyes dropping down to Ali’s waist as she turned away from her, walking in the direction of the shore “swimming”

“A small part of me is jealous” Spencer murmured, flicking through a book as Aria twiddled with her hair.

“It’s sickeningly sweet” Hanna agreed as they watched Emily topple over the expanse of stones that guided them to the water, landing face first as Ali helped her up, Emily just pulling her down with her as they laid in the sand and kissed each other, the activity of swimming all but forgotten as the sun brightly shone on them, the remaining three girls quietly disturbed, but mainly filling with happiness, at seeing something that had been in the making since the very first day they met.

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For the record, I'm totally gay for girls with bad posture. Idk why, I'm a comp sci major so a lot of the people i work/study are always hunched over their computers. It's a character trait: maybe u work at a desk all day, maybe u hate ur boobs ( same tbh) but it's still cute? I mean, i don't wanna get joy from the fact that people have back trouble or hate their body, it's just like i instinctively wanna give a girl a backrub or something

this is literally the CUTEST shit I’ve ever gotten in my inbox self consciousness resigned!!

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Uhh I hope this doesn't sound weird but I ... Look a lot like otacon w like my long over due haircut bangs parted .. curly messy hair and big nerd glasses (and I'm embaressimgly into anime too) and I rlly hate going out bc I look so ugly n gross but like...Ur art w him and snake makes me feel good bc he can love him looking like he thinks he's just perfect .... Maybe someone will think I'm beautiful the way I am one day....HDFJEJDNDNAJ SORRY UR SHIP ART JUST MAKES ME FEEL BETTER ... ABT MY LOOKS

:’’) NOO ITS NOT WEIRD.!! IM.. HAPPY I MANAGE TO DO THAT FOR U…. and idk if it makes u feel better but i and a lot of people think otacon is cute as hell so!! im sure they will!!!!!! 

so i’m quitting tumblr, and i wanted to make one last follow forever as a way to show my love for the people who made this hellsite fun. here’s to the people who i’ve been following for literally ever, and to all my friends. thank u for being one of the few good things about my tumblr experience. i luv u all so so so much, u dont even kno. 

*i’d like to say that i went from following 200 people (most of which i was pretty friendly with and had at least one conversation with) to 100 in the last few months. a lot of people deleted, a lot of people changed urls (and as a result i didn’t know who they were so i unfollowed), or their blog content changed, or they stopped posting, etc. i have love for those people too, but i’m only including people who i’m currently following.

@alwaysfob: i’ve always admired you a lot, your edits are fantastic and fobcc was such a brilliant idea and i’m proud of how far it’s grown cuz i remember when you posted the very first one (and i entered and never submitted smth bc i was uninspired and i bothered me for months) so it’s cool to see all that creativity on my dash & know that you’re the cause :)

@anervousboyslife: oh god. i wanna bring up smth from the group chat but i forgot all our lil memes & inside jokes :( thank u for the sims btw. that made me so so happy for like a week & then guess what? my laptop took a shit like. immediately after & i havent been able to play on it since :( im tryna get it fixed but. eh. but it was extremely thoughtful & im still grateful lol. thank u for bein funny & nastay, we’ve had some good times

@angelboyfrnk ahah i just got distracted looking thru ur blog, it looks v nice, like the color scheme? i dig it. anyway idk we havent talked in a while but we were in that group chat right?? that was fun. good timezzz. anyways i hope ur havin a good day bb. i get 2 call u that cuz ur younger than me haha ahh

@arohurley omg angie…we hav been mutuals literally 5ever. i’ve always thought u were so kind & so talented & i look up to u a lot, idk, i lowkey used to consider my mutuals to be like. my family & u were kinda the too-cool big sis, idk? but regardless i got a lot of love & thank u for bein one of my longest mutuals, like i wouldve unfollowed me by now so ty <3

@blooshie omg hannah..ive always admired u for how genuinely nice u r, like u just come off as a pure person, ive always lowkey been jealous of that. ahahhh weren’t u the one who told me abt ducks & their corkscrew dicks. lmaoo jeez

@blowfob u never come on anymore, but i couldnt not include u. u were one of the first people i followed, & one of the ppl i admired most. u & kate & some other ppl. i remember, it was like june 2014 & u got hundreds of asks & i thought u were the coolest person ever. u were super super funny & i literally screamed when u followed me, like i wanted u to follow me for over a year so when u did i lowkey died bc that was like. my big dream when i got into bandom. i just wanted a follow from u. so ty lol. ur so talented (coder, app creator, musician??? list goes on, fuckin crazy) & amazing, i just. i got a lotta love. thank u for bein u i guess. god im sappy pshjs

@boyfriendstump oh my g o d. ur one of the nicest ppl i know, like srsly u’ve always been so kind to me?? also ur taller than me ;-; u fucken string bean. idk i have fond memories of u, thank u for always bein so rad & freakishly nice to me, u always put a smile on my face, real talk. thank u for that

@brandnews omg karlie!! my fav!! ur literally so wonderful, ur blog is fantastic (it’s just. so nice to look at? like it’s the perfect combo of things, it makes me happy), ur a funny and nice person & ur so cute, ur just rlly gr8 im gonna miss u on my dash & u in general aw

@bulletproofatbest did u kno ur the only 21p blog ive stuck with?? thats how gr8 u r. ur fantastic, oh god i cant gush enough. i dont think we’ve ever talked but i have nothing for respect for u, ur edits r gorgeous & ur such a kind human?? i just. i got a lotta luv |-/ :)

@bznedrine my san fran loving fav! ur so beautiful & so kind, aw. remember when u tried to hook me up w fob tickets?? i do. that was so nice of u. thx for always bein so gr8 chloe <3

@cabbagepatrick ive kinda come to the conclusion ur like a robot or smth bc u’ve literally never posted anything personal, in fact it used to alarm me & i almost considered unfollowing u a few times, but i just love u & ur enthusiastic tags way too much haha. ive been following u a long time & u just consistently put good posts on my dash & mix up the content & i just love u a lot for that. thnk u

@centurese i dont think uve logged on in a while but we’ve been mutuals & fanfic writing buddies for a pretty long time & i still admire u a lot, ur a fantastic writer & a rlly good person & ur rlly cute i hope ur doin ok <3

@cocoamocha omg im lovin ur new theme it’s so simple i luv it. ok so ur just rlly sweet & ur art is soooo good & i remember bein super duper psyched when u followed me bc ur such a wonderful artist & ive always looked up to the bandom artists & ya

@corktree i still cant believe u follow me. i still look up to u & think ur just as rad as i thought u were before, but since we’re mutuals now im less intimidated. but omg i used to think u were like otherworldly bc 1) ur super gorgeous i literally live for ur selfies 2) u’v been a fan for so long & ur still so passionate abt fob thats so admirable i lose interest in shit so quickly lol. but ya ur just. actual fob queen & i think ur amazing

@deathofabvchelor aw cami. ur bday’s sorta soon so first i wanna say happy early bday! uh idk i dont think we’ve talked much but u’ve been one of my fav blogs for a while & i loved havin u on my dash thx for bein so gr8

@donthurtyoself again i dont think we’ve talked much but ive always admired u ur rlly nice & i luv ur aesthetic & the stuff u post. thx for bein a mutual of mine :)

@falloutofvegas aye vegas buddies! ya we’ve never talked much but we’ve been mutuals for a long time & i always liked ur blog. thanks for stickin w me so long :)

@ginasfz aw i luv u & ur blog & the content u post & i dont have too much to say bc i didnt rlly know u but i always enjoyed u on my dash so thx for bein mutuals w me

@goldenstump i got two camis on this list & i luv em both!! gosh ur just rlly pretty & i luv luv luv ur fashion like ur selflies r what i think of when i see ur url & specifically how cute u r & how cute ur clothes always r & i hope ur doin well

@gothish we used to be mutuals but it’s ok, i still go a lotta respect for u & admire ur luv of andy & ya thanks for always bein so rad & nice to me in the few times we did talk

@holidaybassline we have been mutuals a long time, & u post a lot of sj stuff these days which normally i hate but i ended up sorta liking it, like u kept me up to date on discourse shit & it was surprisingly nice cuz i like bein informed so ty for that. & for u urself, i dont think we talked much but u always came across as nice & i always respected u so. ya.

@ilyena-rose uve been following me a long time (unfortunately if i remember right it was a while until i followed u back eh :c) but u always stood out in the sea of notifs & finally i followed back & im so glad i did, ur just awesome, i luv ur blog & i luv u, keep bein amazin ok?

@jerseypunk ur so freakishly pretty like it’s unnatural how beautiful u r not to mention ur an unbelievably nice person w a fantastic blog. we’ve had good times aw im nostalgic. stay rad & ilu <3

@lukeallvez ah i was so happy when u followed me omg ur such a fantastic artist (srsly so talented like how??) & ur just a rlly good person idk ur gr8 & i hope u kno it

@milkhealy imani ah im gonna cry. i cant even. put words to how much u mean to me. uve always went above & beyond for me & never failed to make me smile & im gettin a lil teary rn cuz it’s not often yanno that ppl care that much to do that for a person? ur just rlly special & this sounds corny but i legit cherish u. thank u so much for everything. ily.

@nofunclvb i was super duper psyched when u followed me, i admire u a lot & im so jealous of all the shows uve been to thats so impressive. idk ur so pretty like ur face is just. Rlly Good. and ur blog is Rlly Good too ur just amazing idk thank u for dealing w my nonsense on ur dash

@ohvegeta ok can i just say thank u?? so much, like the whole fic thing, im still so grateful for that, i love that damn fic sm & u were so incredibly nice w that whole situation (which im sure was annoying & a pain in the ass), and u continued to be ridiculously nice to my annoying lil self so? thank you for that.

@ouijafrnk i still look up to u & ill always admire u, ur so beautiful inside & out & i couldnt explain why but uve always been an inspiration, like just how u handle urself, idk, it’s 2am & im havin a hard time bc i love all these ppl sm but idk how to put that love into words lmao. idk ur just wonderful in every way i hope u kno that. 

@patty-strump again it’s 2am so mixing shit up out of exhaustion but im 70% sure u sent me a rlly sweet message when i said i was leaving & it was rlly nice, i dont think we talked too much but i loved ur blog a lot & ur a sweetheart

@payingnaivety bri uve been so nice & funny and like im not the kind of person who actively seeks out ppl to talk to so when u just started messaging me one day i was a lil offput but then i ended up loving ur stories & ur personality & idk im gonna miss u a lot thank u for bein so amazing 

@philsass phil sass or phils ass? the world will never kno. aw ur just rlly sweet thx for bein mutuals w me <3

@pstumph aw jaden ilu. ur so cute & so nice & ur blog is awesome, im gonna miss u a lot ur an awesome person & we haven’t talked recently but we used to & i always enjoyed our convos :)

@punkfob ur so pretty & ur blog is fantastic. when i think of ur blog ur selfies & ur lyric edits come to mind & both were always nice to look at haha hope u have a gr8 2k17 :)

@quicksilvcrr i have new found respect for ur url after an evan peters binge watchin fest back in october lmao. ofc assuming ur url is abt the xmen quicksilver. if not that’d b awks. anyway ur rad af k bye

@radicalrumps we’ve been thru a lot, mostly good times & a couple bad times, but u were always gr8 no matter what. ur funny, nice, beyond talented, & i loved hearin ur stories abt ur crazy life. thank u for sharing it w me. ily.

@rapunkzle ive been following u almost my entire time on here & never stopped loving ur blog for one minute, thx for bein gr8. btw i luv luv luv ur theme it’s so adorable omg

@ribbonwentz sarah u & i hav been thru. A Lot. i remember when u told me what cummies were .-. that was cruel. but idk ive always respected u a lot ur info-finding skills r beyond impressive (become a detective or smth legit ur good at it so get paid for it) & idk ty for fun talks & stuff

@saverockanroll that message u sent me was literally so sweet, thank u sm for that. ur a wonderful person, & ur literally so pretty, ur def goin places. i believe in u! ily thanks for bein amazing 

@sayyoprayers vegas jew buddies!! aw ur funny & memey & u come off as so chill & fun i hope u have a good 2017 & let’s hope maybe it snows here in satans ass usa??? thatd be nice psh

@semiwentz u kno of all the blogs im following ive been following u longest?? thats pretty impressive. i never even considered unfollowing, thats how rad u r. thx for bein a quality blog for 2+ yrs.

@sixteencandlez aw my lil hayley williams loving fav :) ur just rlly gr8 & ur blog is awesome idk ily a lot

@slimshadylamps oh god uve always been so, so nice to me im gonna miss u sm. thank u for always bein there for me & srsly so kind & fun i def appreciate all the times we talked ty for those convos.

@soulpunkboxes ur rlly sweet & super cute, ty for always bein a nice friend even if we didnt talk too much & good luck w ur vinyl collecting & ur music makin :)

@spaceboyfrnk i couldnt believe it when u followdd me & i still cant, like ur blog is so good, ur edis r fuckin rad, u deserve every single follower u have. ty for makin me feel cooler than i am every time i remembered u & i were mutuals lol.

@stillfeelthatrushinmyveins ur such a happy person, like idk u just give the impression that ur rlly optimistic & fun & i kinda like associate u w happy things like sunshine so like. idk thanks for bringin ur metaphorical sunshine & great content to my dash

@stumpelstiltskin ah man we’ve been friends for a long time & i hope ur not too upset abt me leaving. im sorry we havent talked that much this year but i always valued u as a friend & our skype calls were always fun. pet ur cats for me ok? ilu.

@swiftembers omg ur so nice & ur edits r legit incredible like i love the things u create & post & when u followed me i was psyched enough bc of ur original content but then i found out ur an incredibly nice person & i was like???? how dare u be so amazing??? keep up the good work.

@theballadofmonalisa ah another case where i dont think we talked much but i loved u a lot anyway?? u post #goodshit & ive always loved ur blog

@thexstyles idk we rarely talked but theres a couple of blogs that i would never unfollow even if they stopped posting yanno & ur one of them. i just rlly luv ur blog & u 

@throam i still cant believe u got that url. thats so impressive. we’ve been mutuals for a long, long, long time. like, im pretty sure ur one of the first ppl i was ever mutuals w. thx for that.

@ticksinbeat ur theme is so cute omg i luv it. hey ok i dont think we’ve ever talked but i luv ur blog a lot yahhh

@trohvocaine remember that time i misspelled ur url. lmao idk how that’s possible but i did it psh. ur just rlly fantastic, i remember when u followed me i was soo happy cuz i looked up to u sm, still do, ur rlly nice & ur selfies r always so good (ur so pretty!!) & ya thx for bein ur amazing self

@washingtonsqpark i look up to u sm, like ur snapchat is my actual favorite thing & the fact that ur like besties w bill beckett like??? i just have a lot of respect, ur a super kind person, ur rlly beautiful, & idk. thanks for talking to me all that time ago. keep bein amazing & chances r ur probably goin to a show soon so have fun lmao

@winterwentz aw fuck ilysm. ur just so wonderful, w havent talked too much recently but i used to love our conversations a lot. ur a gr8 person, i hope ur doin well ilu.

@xmasdallon aw tessa. ur a good way to end this. i luv u a lot. ur so cute & talented (pls keep makin music ur so good at it) like legit i live for ur a capella stuff, it’s so fantastic. idk ur an actual treasure ily

ily all, thank u<3

So here is a new fic rec list since I accidentally deleted my other one that had 155 fics in it. This one has 325 fics in it and is updated with some super great new ones! Please please always read the tags on a fic before you read it. I’ve tried to warn for anything that could be triggering but only you know what you can handle so please read the author’s tags!

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Hey Kaylie! Okay so #1 I absolutely adore you and your blog is so lovely (: #2 Okay so i’ve come very far in being self confident but I dislike my smile a lot (picture one) #3 I also don’t think my bangs suit me very well and #4 I’m super self conscious about my freckles (you can see them in the third picture on my chest I hate them) 💛 Okay Kaylie have a good day I love u so much (:

ur sile is gorgeousssssssssss!!!!!! like half smile all the way to full- gorgeous. i also love ur bangs. if you dont like them u can always grow them out or pin them back!!!! ur hair is honestly so cute,,, and ur eyes are so shiNY AND PRETTY AND UR NOSE I WANNA BOOP IT GEGEGE UR SO CUTE AND UR FRECKLES LIKE FRECKLES R THE BEST THING TO HAVE DONT FEEL DOWN ABOUT THEN FRECKLES ARE GORGEOUS LOVE URS BC IT MAKES U STAND OHT AND MAKES U HAVE CUTE UNIQUE THINGS ITS THE BEST

hi if u wanna compliment click here


Yeah sure I give Lillie a lot of shit but honestly I love her so much you dont even know
Shes so pure and strong and what she and Gladion go through and what they endure is so noble
And despite how her mother treats them and throws them away she’s willing to save her
Shes not a trainer but she wants to protect the ones she loves including Nebby
She and Gladion go through a lot of development and I just love them so much u guys
Her theme song is so cute???
I just dont want u guys thinking im like some lillie hate club over here
Nah its far from that u guys i love her
And how Plumeria apologizes for the way she treated Lillie bc it was by her mothers orders i just???
This game hits me in the feels u guys
-Admin G🌸


today is quite a special day. one of the most special days in fact. and that is because today. is. tuesday. but not any tuesday. today is the tuesday myrah’s birthday falls on. let me tell u that this kid is really damn cute. she just like is?? she’ll just laugh and i’ll be like akdhjdhhf💘💞💘. but also. she a dick. i hate her with all my heart. and u know what? i really wish i never met her. that was a lie. i’m so happy she’s a real person and that i met her and i wish i could see her in person(knock on wood). have an amazing day bitch and i hope u know that i really love u a lot. @taesdick

manicpixiedreampharaoh  asked:

8, 10, 11, 14, 17, 36, 45, 48, 50, 55, 56, 57, 81, 83 :* ilu

8: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS U TRAITOR…… ok so cute and gentle and smart

10. Nope it’s not love if you dont know each other!! Love is a relationship between people, you can feel attraction, desire, admiration but not love~

11. I mean… yeah it would be nice but probably won’t happen

14. I hate u (jk but rose pls :///)

17. I mean a little kiss goodbye in public is cute, but just sitting there and kissing is a little… awkward~

36. Yeah, it was A Mistake ™

45. probably a lot, Im a terrible person D:’ wait, how old was I back then? Yeah, still, I have no idea. I just erase all memories of the past, but I know I had pretty bad dating habits.

48. I’d be fine and support them and tell them it’s adorable and I hope they like them too

50. Nope, although I would understand their reasons now.

55. My first love was a girl I met online, we lived pretty close to each other so we met a few times. I was like 14 and I was a huge dumbass (even worse than now) but she looked at me… with such happiness in her eyes. Like her eyes actually sparkled. I still remember her face. But yeah, I fucked it up because I was terribly jealous and possesive. I’m glad I’m a better person now.


1) one time I spilled hot tea over my boobs and I still have faint scars

2) I can touch my nose with my tongue, it’s impressive i know

3) i have smol hands i guess

4) I used to hate my face because it’s not very cute and soft, my features always reminded me of… birds

5) Im 157 cm tall

57.  to stay away from be or Ill punch him. and Ive never punched anyone in my life. I really wanna know how it feels though???

81. Do they have to be real??? :P I guess irl I find people with squishy cheeks cute. It’s really important. :P Otherwise… lemme think… SUDDENLY I DONT REMEMBER EVER BEING ATTRACTED TO ANYONE. HELP. 

83. a friend who came visit me, I knew her from myspace hahahaha :P 

I hope noone reads these because Im embarrassed to even post thIS 

brownkhaleesi  asked:

i'm not doing this on anon but my first impression of u was wow she's so cute and quiet and her makeup is always fleeky AND she likes one direction she's my new best friend!! and then i saw ur blog and saw that u liked teen wolf as well and we just had so much in common including like the ships we liked and stuff and just :') ur my best florida friend i love u a lot

SHARIKA MY BABY!!!!!!!!! I love u so much u were always so cute when i first met u freshman year :(( and u right i rarely talked at our lunch table dfubhjdfnff i hate myself.. i’m still the same tho :) i miss u every day… ur the bestest and i love love u bubs always hoping ur healthy and happy bc that matters a lot to me! 💖


we’ve been together so long, I can’t imagine life without him anymore


2016, for me is drawing to a close! there is about 1hr 10 minutes until 2016 is done and dusted and i just wanted to do a little follow forever including all the blogs that made my first year on tumblr incredible. from blogs that i could scroll through for hours, to actual friends that i have made and treasure v much.

those who are bolded i have a lil message at the end <3


@agustdeeeznuts, @areumdaworld, @astro-child, @attackonmomo, @baek-hoe, @bangtan-tan, @bangtans-snail, @busanie, @chickenchest, @chittaphon, @chokemejimin, @cosykims, @cutiepiebts


@dancingnabi96, @darlingtaeyong, @eggbaek, @elevator–is–not–worthy, @etherealcvlt, @fluffyjjk, @frostytae, @gaystarwhales, @geography-degrees, @glowinghobii, @gukiss


@heyheyhaleigh, @hob-e, @hobibliophile, @hobih, @hobipd, @hobistummy, @hopefully-y, @hoseoks-lip-freckle, @i-am-your-angel-i-am-your-dope, @itsjhope, @jacksonisbae, @jaehyunsucks, @jewhope, @jghs, @jhopesblackwife, @jihope-inthestars, @jiminglebell, @jinkook, @jisunglebells, @jungflower, @jungjaehyunswife, @khhchild, @kibumslilfreak, @knjsillest, @kookibuns


@lollipop-tae, @markle-ee, @minfrosti, @mochimincepie, @mochirapgod, @natural–trash, @omojinyounghobi, @ouchwinwin, @park-thatasshere, @parkchanyoyo, @parkjiminbiased, @parkjiminsugamon, @partlypeachy, @pastel-yoongs, @physicallytrash, @polywog-of-platitude, @prince-seamus, @profoundfelicity, @renjunn


@queenjunghoseok, @rapdaegu, @rideparkjimin, @ridethatjhorse, @rninyoonqi, @roodseok, @sanyeol, @saranghaeyeols, @shy113, @sofarawcy, @sonrisadelsol, @spacejae, @squishteen, @sugamcn, @sugapium


@tae-hyungstongue, @taehnwnho, @taeisvcute, @taeyongshi, @taeyonggi, @tenshisu, @tensmicrowave, @theguardianleader, @tonguetchnology, @tres-naif


@wang-lizard, @war-of-hormoan, @winwins-icecream, @yoongschii, @yoongishappiness, @yuksleighs, @yutaish

AND ESPECIALLY @hoseok-net, @lgbtkpopnet, @hyungsidenet, @btsvocalduonet, @busanboys-net @longassnetwork


@shay (bangtans-snail)

thank you a lot for being one of the sweetest gals i have ever met. you are genuinely kind and care for everyone a lot. there is a reason i call you cootie shay !! lob u bby

@ daddy zish (i-am-your-angel-i-am-your-dope)

we haven’t known each other for long and i never really talk to you anymore but you are seriously one of the funniest ppl i have ever spoken too plus like your obsession for strawberry milk and juice makes me cackle. i stan you so hard and im jealous that you have graduated. i love u daddy, my #1 hype man

@rach (jisunglebells)

MY DAUGHTER. you were one of the first people on tumblr to hold a proper conversation with me and you are honestly so niCE I MISS YOUR ASS I ALWAYS GO TO MESSAGE YOU BUT I FALL ASLEEP BUT I PROMISE IN 2017 IMMA SPAM UR ASS GIVE ME UR KAKAO IF YOU HAVE IT LIKE I WANNA KEEP IN TOUCH. thank you for being kind and warm, your blog is one of my favourites love you xxxx

@soo/yike bud (minfrosti)

yo yike bud, you have been a source of memes and comedic relief for the last couple months. your laugh is seriously contagious and i still have you saying the word “yike” saved on my phone. you singing high school musical is the best and ur lil sheep getup is the sweetest. keep being cute and know you can always talk to me. thank you for being so kind to me in the chat from the beginning. love u yike bud


okay so this girl right here wrote “Pretty in Pink” and is currently writing “My Lovely Lilac”. “Pretty in Pink” is one of my all time favourite ao3 reads and i followed her stuff avidly. i actually got the chance to message her and she is extremely nice and sweet!! i just guess i wanted to say thank you, for writing something that i became so invested in and have shared with my friends. 

@guin (renjunn/chokemewinwin)


@jen (queenjunghoseok)

thank you for organising rabbit’s and always having something nice to say. you are not only extremely talented, but you spread your contagious happiness with us all. you made me feel welcome, quite like a dad in a way ;) thank you xx

@amanda (ridethatjhorse)

MAKEUP SKILLS/10, KINDNESS/10, GR8 BLOG/10. thank you for being so active and being so nice when i messaged you xx

@hails/hoe (sonrisadelsol)

woah, i think i can say that i became v close to you in the last couple months. we bonded through our love of i.m and vicyuuri. thank you so much for tagging me in cute photos/videos, for using my photos as memes, and making me laugh. you are honestly so rad and i love u a lot. i will visit vegas one day just you wait xx 

@pey/vegemite anti (yoongschii)

okay, like you might be a vegemite anti, and i may want to fite you, and yes, out of me, hails, vegemite and the devil himself u would prolly say you hate me most- BUT i still love the bants and the chats we have. you’re full of sin and it’s great. keep doing what you’re doing you disgusting vegemite anti

@syd (hoseoks-lip-freckle)