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Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence
Ardyn Izunia/Lucis Caelum Ft. Darin De Paul
 Ardyn's Voice (part 3) Train Sequence

Working on audio files where we have got the pleasure to listen to Ardyn’s voice only. (And in the meantime trying to grab all his lines. If I forgot one, do not hesitate to tell me so and I’ll try to find it/edit it in.)

Now that I know chapter 13 is a long sequence, I have no doubt it will exist out of more than four parts. Chapter 13′s audio file is eight minutes long so far and I haven’t even replayed it yet to see if I missed something >.<’

Henceforth, this is part tree! (part 1) (part 2)
It covers the entire train sequence. Next part will hopefully be Chapter 13 100% I’d hate to cut it cause of Tumblr’s MB limit. (Might even make a full compilation and put it on YT once done.)


Promotional Trailer for The Raven Cycle as a Netflix Original Series 


alexhoeghandersen: Knock knock @historyvikings


                                            What if you you try to live a normal life…
                         But it ends up in a disaster, because your secret got found out… 


12/365 days of Jung Daehyun : Kingdom