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The only thing I don’t like about season 3...

Is under cut for spoilery reasons

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Laundry: Poly Hamilsquad x reader

Note: Thanks to Oliver ( @oliveqarden ) helping me get past a few moments of writers block! I promised to tag @oliveqarden and @reallifepirate.

Warnings: google translated French

With a sigh, you threw more laundry into the basket you were carrying.

You hated doing your own laundry, let alone a week’s worth of clothes for four other people.

Grumbling, you threw a pair of Hercules’ shorts into the basket, staggering slightly under the amount of clothes.

Of course, you had to pile the clothes in several baskets and you had to make more than one trip in order to round up all the dirty clothes. And after all of that, you had to sort out the clothes into similar colors so that your laundry didn’t turn pink. Which may have happened more than once when it was Alex’s turn to do laundry, except he’d deny it every time someone brought it up.

Laughing at the memory, you set the washing machine to the appropriate water temperature and cloth type before measuring out the laundry detergent.

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The general attitude towards “su criticals” is profoundly odd to me for three main reasons

1. People seem to be under the assumption that folks are dedicating their life to hating on this show. Like, I cant speak for everyone but most people just enjoy talking/joking about the show in a critical manner. If youre not into it, avoid it. Blacklist tags n urls. Block people. It isnt that complicated

2. People are upset that it had a dedicated tag and people have blogs for it?? Uh?? Like, if anything thats CONSIDERATE if you dont like it?? It makes it easier to seek out or avoid depending on preference

Like… ppl get hate and shit if they post it on their mains, ergo they sanction it to a sideblog. Its not. Its not that important yall…

3. Yall ever seen a movie review? Critisism exists for everything and complaining abbt critisism in spaces dedicated to critisism is beyond ridiculous. Like ???

But like, look at me and tell me Kirishima wouldn’t be the type of kid that just. tags his friends in every wholesome meme he finds on facebook. Even if we only count the bakusquad as his bffs, I can totally see him tagging the four of them under some “Tag the people you can always count on!!!” picture. 

Kaminari would probably reply with some stupid overused meme, Mina uses stickers, Sero replies with tons of smiley faces and Bakugou’d be like “HOW THE FUCK DO I REMOVE THE TAG I HATE YOU DON’T TAG ME IN THIS STUPID SHIT” 

(it appears on Izuku’s feedback and he’s like “you have to go on your activity log Kacchan :)” “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO”)

Deafies, we need to talk.

 There has truly never been a time where I thought I’d lecture some in my own community, but we have a problem among us.  I love scrolling through various deaf tags on Tumblr, it’s where I can actually find a large family of people, not just dogs, or TV shows, but lately, under these tags, I’ve seen a few posts of 

We need to protest hearies not using Closed Captions on their videos by not putting them on ours when we use [your specific] sign language.”

Do you guys realize that that does far more harm than good? You’re not only prohibiting hearies from our community, you’re prohibiting our very own community. 

Do you know how many deafies are raised in hearing families? 

How many were kept from their own culture?

How many weren’t allowed to learn sign language?

How many want to learn more about themselves, after all of these years?

How many want to find others like them?  

How many hearies, as opposed to deafies, do you think actively search out for our videos? 

Approximately 10% of d/Deah/HOH are born into deaf families.

We cannot exclude the other 90%. We cannot let someone feel like they don’t fit in on either side. It’s our job to end language deprivation. It’s our job to make our deprived feel loved and welcomed.

this is the second banner i made for this and it’s not good but we’ll go with it!

can you all believe this short, half-asian woman made it to 2k? I sure can’t. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone i’ve interacted with for the almost 7 months i’ve had this blog?! I’ve met some of the most incredible people on here who i consider family, my mutuals are the sweetest people ever, and i definitely wanted to make a follow forever for hitting 2k! thank you guys so much. I appreciate everyone who sends me asks, whether it’s for advice, or to just leave a really nice comment about me or my blog, it makes my day seriously, thank you for being so kind. 🌸💕

blacklist as ashs2kff if u dont wanna see rbs, mentions under the cut!

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Heya there G fans!

I mean well but like….



Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

I was tagged by cutie pie @sim-bubble. i usually hate building homes bc i suck at it but i had a gr8t time makin this lil tiny home. clutter > size lmao

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

i tag @bratsims @allthingsgrilledcheese @vodkasimmer @keeksim @tea-sims @strawberrymark @loniden @sandy-sims  @ughplumb & whoever else wants to suffer a lil

I think they’ve missed a few tags! Let’s see, they could have added #bib fortuna #chewbacca #greedo #admiral ackbar #uncle owen….I mean, the possibilities are endless! Just tack on every Star Wars related tag you know to get your stupid post out there and reach as many people as possible! :)

professormeme  asked:

who is penny milliken and why do you hate her? i know all the problems with HER right now, i've just never heard specific people mentioned yet

Hoo boy. Let me begin, and I will try my best to make this as factual as possible, even though I hate her.

Penny Milliken is HER Interactive’s current CEO, as of September 2014. This means that the only full game produced under her “leadership” was Sea of Darkness, which was likely in production before she took over.

Sea of Darkness was, by all accounts, a generally well-liked and well-enjoyed game. Especially favored by many of us here was the small but important inclusion that Dagny is a lesbian and had a wife, whom she separated with. This, of course, has nothing to do with Penny herself, because it was almost certainly not her idea. Katie Chironis, whose brief but impactful tenure as a lead writer for SEA and MID was widely praised by many fans, was likely the person responsible for the move towards inclusivity (correct me if I am wrong, as I have always been under the impression that story piece was Katie’s doing). And this is where our troubles began, because not long after SEA’s release (and the intense hype for MID, which seemed to deliver a dark, edgy, girl-focused story that we had been clamoring for) Katie left HER after only 9 months at the company. At first, we were very concerned that her departure was related specifically to the inclusion of a gay character, but the situation was murky at best. I think she left of her own accord, especially because of the huge amount of layoffs the company was undergoing.

Layoffs which wiped out nearly all of HER’s staff, it should be mentioned. Layoffs that came right on the heels of the successful release of a game. Their Glassdoor reviews (which I don’t have screenshots of, unfortunately; worth noting, too, that the company only has “1-50 employees” which is a pretty broad way of saying ten people work there, lol) cited how the company had shifted after Penny’s supposed ascension to the throne, and how the company was basically a revolving door of employees–benefits and security were very unstable and uncertain, causing a lot of long-time employees to leave (per my understanding). And the biggest blow, the one most baffling and most upsetting, was HER’s decision to fire Lani Minella very shortly after Penny took office. It bears repeating that Lani was firedshe did not leave of her own volition–and this decision was Penny’s (see Reddit thread comments where Lani cites the “HER admin” being behind the move). It became clear that HER was on their way towards a rebrand, but it was unclear exactly what that would be.

That rebrand turned out to be Codes and Clues, an app released to help girls learn how to code with Nancy Drew. Necessary and cool? Sure. But at a time when the company inexplicably delayed Midnight in Salem (see this thread for the timing of C&C) for reasons related to “developer issues”, it became unclear how a company could produce an entire app yet have no idea what was going on with Midnight in Salem. See my post here for why it is a shitty, money-grabbing move that will not make the impact Penny hopes it would (i.e. creating a lasting fanbase that will continue to purchase their products).

The other part of this rebranding was the shift to the Unity platform. I’ve played a couple of Unity platform games, most notably The Wolf Among Us and the Strong Bad games (lol) made through Telltale Games. And I guess I can see why the shift was “necessary” to Penny, as Unity is a commonly used platform, but to me, walk simulator games (similar to Unity platform games) are fun, but they make me super sick unless I can get finely detailed controls over how the camera moves and works. And frankly, I don’t need to be able to look up at the ceiling or turn in a full circle when I’m playing Nancy Drew. That’s not why I play. But in terms of keeping up with the market, the shift sort of makes sense.

But why, then, hand this huge developer-related shift to an outsourced group of developers, rather than the, I don’t know, former in-house developing staff? LJ’s post here sort of addresses this, saying that many aspects of past ND games have been outsourced. But there is a huge, huge difference between “outsourcing” voice acting (which is not the same; recording from different locations than where the developers/producers/etc are located is very common) and handing the literal creation of the game itself to a completely unrelated team. LJ makes reference to HER hiring their own animators and artists after ICE…so then why fire them if that type of in-house work is truly as uncommon as she claims? This thread here has a great discussion of the bizarreness of this move and how it seems uncharacteristically greedy and is a very hypocritical move to make. I want to stress, again, that Penny Milliken has been the person in charge while these sudden and abrupt changes occurred; there is really no other source to pinpoint.

What else has been weird? Well, HER used Katie Chironis’s unedited story pitch for MID (would appreciate if someone had links to Katie’s original tweets about this) as an actual descriptor of the game/way to market the game, rather than, y’know, the actual story that was written, without Katie’s knowledge or consent. Katie is bound by NDA to not say anything about MID, but the game seems to have disappeared into the ether, as far as former and current employees are concerned. 

I don’t have as many sources for this, but LJ has made repeated references to the fact that the team is basically doing nothing right now…..yet claims that they’re working on stuff at the same time. This thread is particularly illuminating.

Additionally, HER makes really shitty marketing decisions on Facebook, such as running sales on games that fans already own. As far as I know, this content isn’t really being promoted to anyone who DOESN’T own the games. It’s silly to run sales on something that people….already own? If Steam ran a sale on Life is Strange, it wouldn’t tell me because I already own the game. Why would I buy it again? it’s a pretty obvious “clear our inventory because we are desperate for money” sale, which is very sad. I could go into a whole diatribe about the horrible marketing itself, but that’s more of a “PR is really bad at their job” thing than a “Penny Milliken is like Satan” thing. That being said, the fact that their marketing is this bad and Penny is fine with it (or is encouraging it) is really embarrassing.

And then we come to the comments on these posts. First of all, HER took down an advert they put up today that SEA was “the best adventure game of 2017.” I feel like I’m living under a (second) fascist regime, because that is such a blatant and deliberate manipulation of facts presented not only as truth, but as a way to “make money” (??? even though who would buy the game in the fanbase that DOESN’T own it). The reviews calling it that don’t exist. No one is saying that it’s a great game of 2017, because it was released two years ago. It’s like the “Bowling Greene Massacre”–a fake event is used to create hype for something supposedly coming in the future (although to very different ends for HI, obviously). Comments on the post calling this out were deleted, and then the post itself was deleted. It just seems absurdly, absurdly stupid to make such obvious and glaring lies the focal point of a marketing scheme to a fanbase devoted to solving mysteries.

Why does this matter, and what does this have to do with Penny? Well, many of us who have been involved with the HER fandom for years can tell you honestly that HER has always come across as a very open and accessible company that produced something near and dear to our childhood. I may never get to meet JK Rowling and thank her for Harry Potter, but up until Penny’s tenure as CEO, HER Interactive was very kind and engaging to fans who loved and supported their games so much. And it is remarkable that this game series has existed for nearly twenty years and still has the exact same people playing it! Emailing HER with questions about unanswered game plots and interviewing staff members (the interview of Kevin Manthei by thegoldengardenia I think, for example) was easy and fun. It was a mutual relationship that all parties benefited from–by having such clear, transparent access to the company that literally produced our childhoods, HER Interactive was able to maintain a steady, devoted fanbase in an otherwise dwindling market.

But now that Penny has taken the reins, all that has changed. Deleting Facebook comments, bizarre marketing moves like the “Odyssey” thing (explained here), and the seemingly intractable gulf that is information about MID (information about which is always contradictory; “we’re still working on it but we have no idea what’s happening on it” basically???) has led to an era of confusion and shunting a loyal fanbase. I would wait for MID for however many years it takes to make it if they had made it transparent and clear why it was the game had to be delayed, like many Kickstarter game startups have done in the past. I would donate money, too, if that was the problem. But by shutting fans out (especially by making an app clearly designed to shut most of the fanbase out through its intended demographic), HER has lost loyal fans, many of whom are my friends who I met through the games–friends I never thought would stop playing. Penny has single-handedly driven loyalty, respect, and trust in the company to the ground. It will be nothing short of a miracle if MID even recoups whatever it cost to make it, considering the only real market for the games (long-time fans, let’s just be real with ourselves here) has already been lost.

Anyway. I hate her, because she ruined something I respected that produced things important to me. She changed it in a way that was clearly not for the better, and she makes decisions that hurt good people–at a larger company this would be expected, but not for this tiny, tiny company. Nancy Drew has been an important part of my life for literally more than half of my life, and to see this company so clearly being run into the ground while fans’ protests are shut down is so painful. It hurts to watch something you love get ruined while you can do nothing about it, really.

So I hope that all was clear and useful! If you want to read more, I suggest this article!

Posting About Ships On Main Tags- This Issue Is Only Causing More Drama

Okay, so this is about the whole “Posting Ships on Main Tags” thing. And I’m going to address both side of the issue. As calmly and politely as I can.

First off, the people who hate it. They argue that it’s annoying and frustrating for the people who don’t ship, or dislike a ship to be scrolling through the feed of a main tag and seeing a lot of shipping stuff. For some, it may make them uncomfortable, others, it’s just a nusiance.

For the shippers who disagree, they argue that the ship is technically about the people or characters in said ship, and therefore the post they create have a right to go under the main tag. That their fanart and fan posts are less appreciated because they “aren’t allowed” to post on the big Tags- have to post on side tags many people don’t even know about.

My goal here is to be as neutral as possible, so I’m going to defend both sides, as both have as much right as the other, and each is right about some things, and wrong about others.

The shippers technically do have a right to post their stuff under the main tags, so long as it’s only the main tags involved. This is where the… let’s call them “dissagreers”, are wrong. The shippers have as much a right as any Tumblr user to post under main tags, because of the system of the site. ie subtags. For example, I’ll use the ship Miniohm.

Youtube > BBS > MiniLadd > Miniohm

The “Miniohm” tag is technically a subset of the “MiniLadd” (or “Ohmwrecker”) tag- as much as that is an aspect of the “BBS” tag. It uses a similer system to files. One large file with three files in that, and each of those files with a different picture. All different subsets of the same thing.

The shippers’ flaw is that they sometimes go to far, or don’t respect people’s boundaries.

For example, say someone created a fanfiction- a smut. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s an adult genre of fanfiction, dirty writing. A lot of people may be uncomfortable with reading this, even the YouTubers, if this is a tag about them. Things like this, or erotic fanart or super over the top (specifically sexual) posts may have the same effect. This could resort in the YouTubers or other Tumblr users checking Tumblr less often, or even leaving the site. Shippers need to be mindful and respectful with their posts. They can post, for sure, but they need to watch their words. Hardcore stuff for the ships? That’s probably better to be simply restrained to the ship’s tag.

For everyone- please respect each other. Arguing will never work, and neither side will back down. As I’ve seen, the Shippers are ton determined, and the Dissagreers don’t back off. What you guys need is a comprise, an agreement.

The shippers can post- are by all means free to do so, but must watch themselves carefully. The Dissagreers must lay off a little, be respectful of the shippers, as they truly love the fandom as much as you, albeit in a different way. Be respectful of the shippers and their excitement and effort, (you can always scroll past the posts, it’s not that hard.)

All in all, know you’re boundaries and rights, and monitor you r actions. You are all fellow people in one big fandom- rejoice with that!


um what, all i did was ask them not to post about their kink under the princess tag, and they thought it was a good idea to send a gigantic paragraph my way. also they basically put down all child abuse survivors, saying that they have “nothing better to do than hide away in their room and bother other people”. all because i tag-policed them? and people wonder why I’m anti-ddlg
they claim I’m harassing people when all I did was respond to a single post they made (i never personally messaged or addressed them)

@hate–police @spiderman-against-pedos @softanti @keep-your-kink-away @fetishpolice @feferi-hates-pedos @fluttershy-against-cgl sry for tagging people lol nobody will see my anger otherwise

Ereri Hate

SO! I have been made aware that recently, my ship’s tag has been spammed with a bunch of immature idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives, therefore will go troll on other people and be assholes for the best of it. 

BUT!! I just think they may be feeling a little under the weather. What do you guys think? ;) 

In this case, why don’t we give them a little something to cheer them up eh? HERE WE GO

Some kissing

Some more kissing

Just a liiiiiiiitle more


We can’t forget the cuddles now, can we?

No. No we most certainly cannot. 

How could we?

Aw come on, one more for extra measure.

AND LASTLY, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. A nice, good, hicky. After all, what’s a relationship without one? :3

Feeling better now? :D

From the point of view of a thespian

As a young thespian who aspires to be on Broadway at some point in my life (either by writing, acting, or singing) I am disgusted and angry about the negativity that I have seen under the Tony Awards tag tonight. It’s absolutely unacceptable to hate and bash on the shows and people who won awards because your favorite show didn’t win. I know it’s hard and it sucks but being on Broadway alone is such a huge achievement and every show has worked hard to make it to where they are now. So saying that a musical, play, actor, or actress doesn’t deserve an award just because you’re mad is low. Musicals and plays take a lot of mental, physical, and emotional energy; imagine having to go through that everyday of the week. These people have ALL worked hard to get to where they are. Shouldn’t we just celebrate that these amazing shows and people have gotten here doing what they love instead of saying ‘insert show/person’ was robbed (which really isn’t the case because they have all won just by being on Broadway) or feeling personally offended when your show doesn’t win (again not the case, your show not winning is not meant as a personal attack)? The Tony Awards is celebrating theatre and how it moves people, not about the number of awards a show gets because Theatre as a whole binds us together regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and where you come from despite the new popular belief. My words may not mean much, they may mean a lot, my words may only fuel this negativity, they may calm them down a little. Nonetheless I greatly appreciate all the shows, the actors and actresses from tonight who won a Tony and those who didn’t. I will celebrate for everyone who made it this far not by the number of Tony’s a person has received.
So to end this post I give my most sincere congratulations to those who were nominated, those who weren’t nominated, those who won awards, and to those who did not.
I’m also really sorry for the long rant that no one will probably read entirely but I just had to get this off my chest. Blowing up my friend’s phone in frustration can only do me so much. Anyway, thank you, and I really hope we have a more positive year where we can focus on Theatre instead of the number of awards.
PSA: There’s nothing wrong with wishing your favorite show got more awards, but lashing out at other is what’s wrong.

I thought I could handle it (DT)

hey guys! here’s a requested imagine for the twins! Unfortunately the original request was deleted but basically its about the hate the reader gets after they are in more and more snapchats/posts and fluffy twin comfort. hope you enjoy! 

Requested by @badwolfgirlatbakerst ILY BBY <3

Warnings: like one curse word lol, hate comments

Word count: 1199

“Y/NNNNN!” Grayson sang as he thrust his iPhone camera in my face, recording a snapchat.

“Gray, stop! I told you I don’t want you to put me on the internet!” My hands flew to my face in an attempt to conceal it.

“Oh, come on,” he whined, lowering his phone finally. “Is it really that big of a deal?”

“Yes, Grayson,” I sighed, running an exasperated hand through my hair. “I told you, do you know how much hate you would get if your fans thought you were hanging out with a girl? How much I would get? I don’t want you guys getting hurt. And you know I’m pretty tough, but I already have too much on my plate, I don’t need the extra stress.”

“Sorry,” He whispered, looking down at his feet. I sighed, realizing too late that I had hurt his feelings. “Look, it’s not your fault. I know I’m your guy's’ best friend, and you want to show me off.”

I tipped his sharp chin up, looking into those bright hazel eyes. “Ughh,” I groaned, breaking at the sight of those puppy dog eyes. “Fine, If you really want to post something with me in it, you can.” How bad could it be? I could handle it. I was a big girl.

“YES!” He jumped up and down like an overly hyper rabbit. “Can we take an Instagram picture?”

“Sure. But be careful there, sonny, or those sweatpants are gonna come down with all that jumping,” I giggled, shaking my head.

“Bet you wouldn’t mind that to much,” he said, sticking out his tongue and wiggling it.

“You’re disgusting!” I yelled, waving behind me as I made my way into the main floor of the warehouse. He followed not far after me, ready to snap a picture.

A few days later I flopped down on my bed, trying and failing several times to unlock my phone with the fingerprint, and eventually gave up and put in the passcode. Already people had found my Instagram and twitter even though the boys hadn’t tagged me, and I had gained dramatically. I opened the twitter app and scrolled through, trying to avoid the hate comments as best as I could, until one particularly nasty one caught my eye. And then another. And another.

@twitteruser: Ewww wtf is wrong with her? Do you know how many people want to be in her position. Ugly ungrateful slut

@fanacct: she doesn’t deserve to be friends with them

@fanpage: why are they hanging out with someone like her, gross

This was under a repost of the snapchat video Gray had posted of me that day, when I was covering my face.

I almost choked on my own spit. Jesus Christ, how could people be so cruel? They didn’t even know me!

And then I couldn’t stop scrolling, scrolling and scrolling through hate comment after hate comment. My Insta and Twitter were spammed with them, and even though I tried to not let them get to me, of course they did. And soon, the tears began to fall.

Goddamnit, pull yourself together! I snapped at myself. I took a quick shower to try and calm myself down, but to no avail. So what to do now? Call Grayson? No, he would immediately know something was up just based on my voice. E would too; they knew me too well.

I gave a small laugh through my wet cheeks as I thought of how the boys and I had met. I had literally tripped and fallen right into Ethan’s arms, earning the first of many snarky comments his brother would make, “Yo, did you just fall for him?”

We had talked for a few more minutes, and then agreed to keep in touch. And here we are now.

I decided to text Ethan, just to ask if we could talk. What I was going to say, I had no idea.

Y/N: hey E, you up?

It was only a matter of seconds before the three typing bubbles popped up.

Eth: yeah whats up

I typed for awhile, trying to work out what to say, but eventually gave up.

Eth: are you okay? Why did you stop typing

Y/N: oh sorry I’m fine

Y/N: idk why I texted lol nvm

Eth: do u want me and gray to come over

Y/N: no, dont I’m fine

Eth: i can literally tell youre not over text

Eth: best friend brain power

Eth: yee haw

Eth: idk what that was lol

Eth: anyways G and I are on our way

Y/N: ethan stop you don’t need to really im okay

Eth: be there in a few

Fuck. Now I had both twins already on their way to my apartment. I moped around for a few minutes, trying to configure what I would say to them. How would I explain? I was never good at talking about my feelings.

A soft knock on the door woke me from my thoughts, and I went to answer it. I looked like shit, my hair still wet, eyes red from crying, and only in shorts and a sweatshirt that I had nabbed from Ethan’s room when he wasn’t looking, but I honestly didn’t care.

“Hey,” Ethan said brightly as he entered the living room, Gray trailing not too far behind. E immediately pulled me into a hug. “What’s going on, Y/NN?”

I nuzzled into his shirt, smelling his musky scent. “I told you this would happen,” I mumbled.

“What?” Ethan said carefully, gently releasing me and taking me over to the couch.

“I told you guys this would happen. I thought I could handle it, but I guess not.” I scrubbed at my eyes and tear-streaked face.

“What happened?” Gray reiterated, sitting down on the other side of me and taking my hands in his.

“Have you guys checked your Twitter comments recently? Or the instagram ones on the photo we took to together?” When both boys shook their heads I sighed and continued. “They’re writing awful things about me, guys. Some stuff I don’t even-” My voice broke. “-don’t even want to repeat.”

Both of them looked horrified. “Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry, this was my idea, I shouldn’t have pushed you-” Grayson gushed, but I interrupted.

“It’s not your fault, Gray. But it just hurts, that’s all.”

“Listen,” Ethan said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “You are worth so much to us. So much you don’t even know.”

Grayson nodded fervently. “Don’t listen to them, Y/N. We love you so much.”

“I know, but it’s hard, ya know?”

“Oh we definitely know,” Ethan said. “But you can get through this. You’re a smart, kind, strong, and beautiful woman. And we won’t stand for this. I’ll tweet something out as soon as possible.”

“I will too,” Gray interjected.

I sighed happily, pulling both boys into a hug. “I love you guys. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” they both said simultaneously, earning a shocked look and a laugh from all three of us. We sat together for a bit, chatting, until Ethan looked down at me. “Is that my sweatshirt?”

I grinned sheepishly. “Maybe.”

This post got me thinking so much about how so many in this fandom view Jensen as only a tool to validate some ship and like to disparage him whenever he does/says something that might not go along with popular opinions of certain shippers. And I’m looking in every direction here. There are lovely people among all shippers, but there are appalling ones everywhere too. But what you ship shouldn’t even matter in this regard. What matters is that Jensen should be able to voice an opinion without hundreds of people trying to find some hidden meaning in it or - even worse - a hidden agenda that stems from internalised misogyny or homophobia. You don’t like what he says? Fine. Does it make him a bad person for having a different opinion than you? No.

People should really learn that respect goes both ways. Personally, I would feel rather distressed by so many strangers putting labels on me and trying to define who I am without even knowing me. I think the same goes for most people, especially if it’s done with such frightening dedication. Don’t tell me that you honestly like Jensen and respect him, when you try to present him as a completely different person than he appears to be and call everything he does that doesn’t fit your view on him “fake” and “hiding his true personality”. Because that actually only shows that you like Jensen for who you want him to be, not the person he is all on his own.

I could have added this to my response to the other post, but I think this applies to so many more instances where Jensen got hated on for daring to do/say something that goes against certain ships or doesn’t fit the way people want to see him. And this needs to stop!

Take that post I linked for example and look at the majority of responses and tags from other people. Look how most of them find all these theories about Jensen at least “interesting” and even more taking it as valid facts (even though the OP did say that it’s her thoughts on the matter only). I know there will always be haters who have absolutely nothing else to do than to dedicate all their free time to hate on other people. I don’t understand it, but I’m under no illusion to change that. But I do hope that if more people who like Jensen for the wonderful man he is will speak up, that maybe there will be more awareness about how wrong this behavior towards Jensen truly is.

Revenge (9)

Description: Part 9 of a (kind of) AU Marvel series

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, the works


Originally posted by vintagefangirll

Last Time: 

Steve walked back into his room, relieved not to see Y/N there, but also wishing it was all just a bad dream. He shut his door, leaning against it. He was past anger now. He was drained. Sad. Heartbroken.

He walked to his bed, laying down to face the ceiling. He tried thinking of anything else. Anything at all. But it didn’t stop the wave of tears that fell over him, wearing him out until he fell into a restless sleep.

Bucky’s night terrors had let up. He rarely had them anymore, and when he did, they were nowhere near as intense as they used to be. Now, it was his turn to be the comforter. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and all I wanted to do was be curled up on Steve’s side like nothing had ever happened. But it was a worn-out fantasy that I’d dreamed of a million times. I screwed up and I was facing the consequences. 

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I used to hide over at polyamory-resources and have the people come to me for advice or guidance. But now that I am branching off, I decided to look under the polyamory tag and I was so completely unaware of the hate in our community and how people are treating other people. With topics like “Does polyamory fall under the LGBTQ+ spectrum?” or “Is unicorn hunting bad?” or “Are hierarchies inherently evil?”, I can see the universal, polyamorous “us” bickering among ourselves rather than supporting each other and helping each other up. While I have my own opinions on these topics, and love discussing them with people, we are focusing on the wrong things.

We need to stop those who are abusing the term “polyamory” (when it’s not ethical at all or they are manipulating) and we need to help those who don’t know their rights in a relationship to know them. We need need to help those who cannot be out know that we are here and we will do what we can to support them. We have a long road ahead of us as we fight for representation and marriage/union equality… all while fighting all the horrible stigma that surrounds the way we choose to love.

There is enough hatred in this world.

-Mimzy ( @polyteaparty )