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Preference #11 - Best Friend's Brother - Requested




“I swear you only actually drag your ass over here when Ashton gets back.” Y/BFF/N said over her shoulder as she walked into the kitchen in her house. I laughed dropping my sleepover bag in the foyer.

“I can’t be blamed. Your brother is hot.” I said laughing more as I hopped into a bar stool.

“He thinks you are too. God, it’s infuriating.” She said handing me a bottle of coke.

“Y/BFF/N! You have swim practice!” I heard her mom screaming and I laughed.

“Fuck, can you just stay here for a couple hours? I’ll be back.” She said hurried running back toward the front of your house.

“Sure, Ashton can just entertain me!” I called after her. She flipped me the bird as she grabbed her swim bag running after her mom.

“Why am I entertaining you?” Ashton said walking in from the back yard, wiping the pool water from his face.

“Y/BFF/N just left for swim but I’m hanging out. Someone needs to entertain me.” I said taking a gulp from the coke bottle drinking in more of Ashton’s abs than the coke.

“Aren’t you eighteen? Entertain yourself.” Ashton said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“How do you suggest I do that?” I said leaning over the counter toward him raising an eyebrow.

“Join me in the hot tub after you get on a suit.” He said laughing reaching out and taking a swig of my coke.

“It’s a date.” I said whirling around and grabbing my bag before running up to my friend’s room. I hurriedly tugged my bikini on before I twisted my hair into a messy bun. That teaks so much effort. I took a towel from the bathroom before making my way back downstairs to the hot tub next to the pool in the backyard. Ashton was sitting in the tub, the bubbles on, with his head tilted back and his eyes closed as he listened to the radio.

“Hey,” He said lazily sitting up as I slipped into the water near him but not quite next to him.

“Hi,” I said with a small smile. Suddenly I felt nervous. Here I was, alone in a hot tub with my friend’s hot brother that I had a crush on since boys stopped being gross to me.

“Nice suit.” Ashton said his eyes glancing down to my chest, languidly taking their time before they returned to looking into mine. I found it hard to breathe either from the hot water or Ashton. Probably Ashton.

“Thanks. I got it this year…” I said nervously adjusting the straps a bit. I heard him clear his throat so I looked up at him. He looked uncomfortable. “What?”

“Don’t do that.” He said in a strained voice.

“Oh uh, why?” I said dropping my hands into the water my heart racing.

“It’s… Turning me on…” He struggled to admit.

“Oh, then I probably shouldn’t stop doing that.” I said my tone shifting to teasing.

“I never pegged you for a tease.” He grumbled his eyes locked on watching.

“I can be a tease.” I said lightly. I felt the water move as he slid closer to me on the bench in the hot tub.

“They say you shouldn’t tease people.” He said in a low voice leaning closer to me. His arm was draped behind me on the edge of the hot tub.

“They also say you shouldn’t give people chest pains.” I countered hoping to be sassy but my voice was too weak.

“So, I give you chest pains?” Ashton whispered leaning closer. His lips had to only be a couple inches apart as his nose brushed over mine.

“You uh…” I couldn’t seem to form a sentence and he smirked, moving closer.

“Finally… I love when you get tongue tied around me, just like I get…” He murmured before I felt his arm dropping from the edge to drape over my own bare back. One more millisecond and his lips had finally met mine like all the dreams I had in his sister’s room late at night, wondering about boys, and then all my older dreams as I too got older. The guy I’d liked for years was finally kissing me. I was so happy I met him as my best friend’s brother.


“How come you’re so easy to convince to come to my brother’s football games?” My best friend asked as we were laying down on the hill near the soccer field to watch the games. We’d set up a blanket to rest on. I was fixed on watching Calum move on the field until she spoke.

“Maybe I just like soccer.” I countered turning back to look at her.

“You make a stink eye watching it on TV.” She said right back.

“I uh don’t like those teams.”

“You like Calum.” She said bluntly.

“…That transparent huh?” I said softly glancing back at her brother celebrating a goal with his teammates. I loved his chocolate brown eyes, his fluffy chocolate hair, his tanned skin, his full lips, his smile… Basically I loved the whole freaking package but he was my best friend’s brother.

“Not like I’ve known you forever or anything.” She said laughing leaning closer to me.

“What?” I said a little uncomfortable of the sudden closeness of my friend’s face.

“He stares at you like you stare at him sometimes.” She said in a low voice. “Of course I’m not supposed to know my brother likes my best friend…” She said leaning back with a coy smile.

“He doesn’t. I’m younger and he’s so… hot and I’m so… well not.” I said waving my hand as if to put the labels on our heads.

“I think you’re hot. He always gets happy around you too.” She said glancing down at him pointedly.

“What?” I said looking down at the field.

“He’s coming up.” She said laughing. My heart stopped.

“Hey sis! We won!” He cheered animatedly running up his water bottle in his hands.

“Congratulations!” My friend said with a big smile.

“You looked good out there.” I added energetically.

“Thanks Y/N, you staying the night with us like usual?” Cal said squatting next to me. I felt his hand drop to my upper back. Warmth spread through my body as I felt my cheeks begin to blush.

“Planning to.” I said with a smile. He beamed at me.

“I’m thinking you and I should celebrate together.” Cal said with a wink.

“Get a room.” My friend cat called.

“We could, you spend the night in my room.” Calum said with another big smile.

“Wait…” I stammered. He laughed.

“Kidding, but I still might steal you away.” He said with another wink before jogging back down to his team.

“He wants to bone you.” My friend sang out loud repeatedly as we folded the blanket. Later at their house, I was just coming out of the bathroom when I was faced with Cal in the hall and he seemed less confident than he had on the field coming off of the high from winning a game.

“Hi.” He said scratching back of his head.

“Hey…. You really did look incredible out there today.” I said with a soft smile. It occurred to me I was in my sleep clothes and with the heat that only meant I had on a thin strap tank top and girl boxers over my underwear. He could probably see most of my skin.

“I always like it, and work harder, when you come to my games.” He said in a quiet voice not looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I said slowly.

“I mean… I want to impress you because I like you and it pushes me harder when you’re there…” He confessed only meeting my eyes when he had finished speaking.

“You know I am your sister’s best friend though?” I whispered.

“And she wants you two to have kissing and fun together tonight while she runs off with her boyfriend.” My best friend said suddenly popping up. She handed Calum my sleepover stuff and winked at me.

“What the hell?” Calum said to his sister.

“What? I want to go bone my boyfriend and you two want to bone each other so hop to it.” She said waving us toward his room. “At the very least, finally fucking kissing each other and leave me in peace to enjoy my boyfriend. Loves.” She said waving as she disappeared.

“Well… Maybe sex would rush it, but she is not wrong when she says I want to kiss you.” He said a little pink in the face.

“That sounds good to me.” I whispered slowly following him into his room. Who would have thought, my best friend’s brother.


“You come over and all you want to do is eat pizza and play video games.” My best friend sighed as I parked my ass on their couch picking up one of their controllers.

“So?” I said also picking up a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I already have one Michael. I don’t need two.” She sighed heavily before resigning herself to go along with me.

“I wear skirts and make up and do not dye my hair the whole colors of the rainbow.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Inside you are a teenage boy.”

“Just because I make dirty jokes and like video games and pizza…” I countered laughing.

“I hate you sometimes.” She sighed lifting herself up off the couch. “I’m going to do homework.” She said going to the stairs.

“How’d I end up with such a lame sister?” Michael said loudly coming down from his room.

“I got brains and you got the stupid.” She countered just continuing on up.

“Hey Y/N, only here to use the xBox again?” Michael said throwing himself on the couch beside me already taking a slice of the pizza in his hands. I tried to quell my racing heart. Truth be told, I became like this when I got my crush on Michael, my own best friend’s brother. I wanted him to like me and I was deep in it for him it was so easy to just enjoy the things he liked.

“You know it, want to play me?” I asked handing him the second controller.

“Loser gets to answer the winner’s question.” Michael said setting the rules. We usually did that. Loser has to feed the other pizza. Loser has to say a dirty joke to my friend. Loser has to sit upside down until next game is over and so on.

“Fine.” I said settling in to play. Michael still easily beat me.

“Who do you like?” He said looking at me calmly.

“I uh… I can’t tell you that.” I said looking down blushing.

“Why?” He said leaning closer to me. “And why are you blushing?” Because you’re trying to make me tell you my crush when you are my crush and I am embarrassed I wanted to scream at him but my lips were closed tight. “Y/N, you can tell me. I just really want to know.” His tone was different than anything I had ever heard him use before and it prompted me to look up. He was looking at me seriously.

He looked serious.

I’d never seen him look serious.

Be still my beating heart.

“Please… I just want to know…” Michael continued his hands dropping down to hold my comfortingly.

“I uh… Why do you care?” I finally whispered looking into his light eyes.

“I want to know if I have a chance.” He confessed not wavering from staring deep into my eyes. If there was a moment my heart would have stopped it would have been that moment.

“You are my crush.” I finally whispered in the heavy tension between us.

“So, that means when we play video games, we can share the same pizza, play games and loser kisses the winner, I’m always allowed to cuddle you and I can hold your hand and kiss you, right?” He said moving his hands to interlock our fingers together. I nodded slowly.

“I want that…” I whispered and he smiled coming closer to me.

“Can I start with kissing you now?” He said raising our hands together to run his thumb over my lips. I nodded slowly. I didn’t have to wait long for the moment I had been waiting for years for, the moment our lips finally met. The moment we first kissed. Him. My best friend’s brother.


I was slipping out of my best friend’s bedroom from a sleepover. It had been an emergency sleepover of course, she had another problem with her boyfriend. As the friend of sound mind I was called to fix it. To cure her of her problems with him. They were on the phone together now. Despite being the girl that seemed to be able to cure everyone else, I couldn’t cure myself of my crush on Luke, my best friend’s brother. I tiptoed down the stairs hoping I had left my notebook down there. It was full of my poems and stories and I had forgotten it while I was fixing my friend’s relationship.

Then I walked right into someone.

“Sorry.” Luke said moving to let me by. I was frozen staring up at his gorgeous face as my whole body began to blush. Yes, that is completely possible.

“It’s ok. Have you seen my notebook?” I asked and he moved his hand from behind his back. He had the notebook in his hands.

“It was on the coffee table. It had your name on it.” He said looking downwards as if he couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Thanks. You didn’t read it, right?” I said and he shook his head.

“It’s private. Not something I have the right to read.” He shrugged.

“Oh ok, thanks.”

“So why are you down here and not in my sister’s room?” He asked twisting his fingers together as we talked.

“She’s talking to her boyfriend. I figured they should have privacy. I came down here to write in my notebook until she was done.”
“You can come to my room.” Luke said shyly.

“I can?”

“I don’t have a no girls allowed sign you know. Feel free to knock whenever.” He shrugged walking ahead of me toward his room upstairs and I followed him up the stairs.

“I like your room.” I commented as he moved to move all the scattered clothes into a pile.

“It’s small and a mess and mom moved the play station.” Luke muttered. “Sit wherever.” He said gesturing around. I just sat on the edge of his bed and he sat on the bed with me.

“It’s you.” I said looking around at the guitars in the corners and the posters on the walls to the scattered papers. I bent to pick up the closest one thinking it was homework but it was something written in Luke’s scrawl.

“Don’t!” He cried going to snatch it from me. I let him take it without getting so much as a peek.

“What?” I said quietly holding my notebook on my lap.

“It’s just personal. I don’t think you should read it.” He said turning a pinch pink.

“Why?” I asked in the same quiet voice.

“I wrote those lyrics about a girl… But they’re stupid.” He said shaking his head and crumpling the paper.

“I could help. I write poetry you know.” I said gently slowly reaching for it.

“Please don’t.” He said with a desperate plea in his quiet voice.

“OK.” I said retracting my hand.

“What do you write about?” He asked suddenly.

“The guy I like.” I answered simply.

“Oh, who is it?” He asked nonchalantly as he shifted on the bed too look at me better.


“Or you can’t tell me.” He said looking down.

“I’m sorry.”

“Here. Let’s both write our crushes on pieces of paper and hand them to each other.” He said and I nodded ripping a sheet in my notebook. He handed me a pen and I wrote ‘you’ on it.

“Here.” I said slipping it to him. He slipped me his. On it was the same word I’d written.

“No way…” He breathed next to me while I just tried to calm my heart.

“Luke…” I said slowly and he turned to me.

“Y/N…” He said cupping my cheek in his hand as he leaned in. His lips finally met mine if only for a moment before he pulled away.

“I’ve wanted to do that forever.” He whispered with a chuckle. I giggled too reaching out to finally touch him the way I wanted to. “Can I do it again?” He whispered sucking his lip into his mouth. Needless to say, I nodded.


Eric and Dylan both followed the throbbing bass of techno, electronica and industrial, whether the beats were melodic or hard-driving. Eric called his favorites - Rammstein, KMFDM, 242, Orbital, and Loreena McKennitt - “fairly unique” although in truth they were still plenty popular. (…)
  And there were other reasons behind Eric’s favorite music. He said he enjoyed Rammstein because they were German and he could understand their words. But in his own mind, any German band, no matter the band’s actual beliefs, probably made him feel closer to the Nazis.
  KMFDM takes the initials from the German phrase Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid, or No Pity for the Majority. The band does not give permission to reprint its lyrics, but Eric wrote that he liked them “because of the points they are trying to get across.” He listened to the song “Son of a Gun,” before he played soccer, and noticed that it, “shows the way I feel about myself.” The song’s fast, tough and overdone beats talk of explosions, apocalypse, and through it all, a superhero. 
  Eric, in true fashion, also pontificated about the bands he hated: 311, Aquabats, Blink 182 Less Than Jake, Pietasters, Reel Big Fish, and “Puff freaking daddy!!! He sucks! He can absolutely NOT rap!!! No one can, because rap is GAY,” he wrote in one of his Web diaries. 
  And he didn’t like rap videos: “They are all the same!! 5 stupid cheerleaders in color coordinated nylon outfits dancing around infront of a curved orblike camera with a dumbass guy walking around swingin his arms sayin ‘uh huh yeyeah werd up you know what im sayin uh huh mmmmhm yeya babey." 
Dylan wasn’t so much into lyrics. When it came to techno, says Devon, "Like, the more bass he could get in that music, like subwoofers and stuff, the better. He really liked that. A lot of it is mostly instrumental, which he liked a lot. He didn’t have to deal with all the lyrics and stuff. He wanted to make up his own mind what the music was about. He did not like to be told what to be feeling. He was an individual. He always strove to be an individual. He didn’t always succeed. You can just lose yourself in techno music. I remember nights staying up with him and he just drifted off. Music shuts off the outside world." 
  Sue Klebold says she once asked Dylan about a poster of shock rocker Marilyn Manson in his room and he replied that he didn’t really listen to the lyrics, but the music. Another one of his favorite bands was the Chemical Brothers. And at one point, he talked with Devon about going to one of their upcoming concerts. But Devon notes, "He obviously never ended up going to it because it came in summer of 1999." 

- Columbine: A True Crime Story by Jeff Kass.
(Drawings; Eric’s drawing of Orbital and Rammstein & Dylan’s quoting of Beautiful by The Smashing Pumpkins in his day planner)

I don’t wanna see that stupid Kodak Black video on my dash anymore. I get that he is a symptom of a bigger problem and that he is voicing a lot of what black men on social media and otherwise say all the time, but the discourse is getting boring. Colorism in itself is ugly and hateful and the issue needs to be resolved - but through the right lens. Not focusing on what some dusty, gross, mediocre rapper has to say, but focusing on the broader issue and how to solve it.

Writing a dissertation about how and why a rapper is dusty and dark skinned women aren’t checking for him is irrelevant in the space of a huge issue that needs to be corrected.

The discourse is boring and irrelevant at this point because it’s so focused on what Twitter Niggas™ and some rappers have to say.

Liveshow 29.03.2015

Favorite Quotes/Moments:

Note: They released some info about the book and said that Just Dance will probably be coming out tonight (Dan teased Phil about spoiling it in his liveshow last week), but that’s not really what I want to talk about here.

“A big thing happened in our life!”—Phil

“I swear to God, that is like 90% of the reason I’m on porridge right now, is because you can’t secret-eat it.”—Dan

“Gerard, what about me?!”—Phil, when discussing Gerard following Dan on twitter

“Much like we stalk all of your blogs and know what you’re saying 100% of the time….”—Dan

Phil, repeating user question: “What was the last movie I watched?” *turns to Dan* “What was the last movie we watched?”

“Shh, shh, shh!”—Phil, holding up a finger and shushing Dan

Phil: “Do you reckon you’d die before me?” Dan, gets a slightly unnerved look on his face: “You mean like in life, or in the Hunger Games?”

“Did no one even say, ‘Are you okay?’ British people!” Phil, indignant after Dan retells his escalator-falling story.

“Here we go, here we bloody go!”—Dan, to Phil, about anime

Phil killed his Tamagotchi. Dan: “I don’t care about Tamagotchi.” Phil: “Dan! For shame.”

Phil: “My mum says I have dextrous fingers!” *wiggling fingers* Dan: face-palms

“Just gonna let you wallow in your strangeness for a minute.” Dan, to Phil

“Quietly phallic if you put it the wrong way ‘round.” Phil, about his cactus

Their ensuing argument about where Phil puts the cacti.

“Phil bought an automatic air freshener and I HATE IT!”—Dan

Their fixations with the color changing candle Phil bought

Dan said something about Phil becoming Voldemort (video froze for a sec, so I didn’t quite catch it)

They took a hideous polaroid together. “Look how long my tongue is…I didn’t know my tongue could be that long.”—Phil

“I don’t want to leave!”—Dan, who had originally planned on leaving early to finish editing Just Dance, but decided to stay til the end because he was having so much fun.

“Let’s frame it!”—Dan, about the polaroid, in a weird voice and making a stupid face

“Do you want to eat the chicken nuggets, or the dog?”—Phil, doing a Lancashire accent

Phil and Dan looking at their elbows, and Phil being confused by Dan’s elbow

“You’re bad, you’re terrible, you’re a bad friend…. Bad Phil! Don’t buy cookies!”—Dan, to Phil about delicious Tesco cookies

“Domestic arguments”—Dan, singing

“You always talk to me about animal facts.”—Dan, to Phil

“If you say you have a broken toe, then you don’t have to do it.”—Phil, about P.E.

Dan, singing/humming annoyingly: “D’you like my lobby music?” Phil: “No.”

“The murder of Dan and Phil.”—Dan singing while Phil checks on a weird noise

They made firework sound effects while Dan was drawing

Dan: “How d’you spell scissor?” Phil, teasingly: “I’m not telling you.”

They thanked everyone for their support, said that the liveshow had been a lot of fun, and that more info about the book/tour will be coming out over the next few months.

General Observations:

They just looked really, incredibly happy. They were both laughing and smiling and grinning, and just seemed more relaxed and cheerful than I’ve seen them in ages. It made my face hurt from smiling so hard back at them. They also said “we” like five thousand times, and Phil used the phrase “our life.” It was the best liveshow I’ve ever seen with them by far, and I’m just so glad that they’re really comfortable and enjoying themselves right now. You should all go watch it now!!

The Best Friend Tag (Sam Pottorff & Kian Lawley)

 Word of the Day: 

[hap-uh n-stans]
1. a chance happening or event.

  “No Sam! Stop! This is a new shirt! Don’t you dare!” Kian pleads to Sam who has a heavily frosted cupcake in his hand. He is threatening Kian to throw it at him. Knowing Sam you know he won’t hesitate to do it.

    “Then say your sorry for pushing me off my bed!” He blackmails. He keeps holding the cupcake up, ready to just fling it at Kian. You stand up from the bed to move away from Kian because you don’t want to be a part of that mess.

    Kian can’t seem to stop laughing because he’s debating whether he should actually cave and let Sam win. He then finally puts his arm down from his face and apologizes. “Okay okay! I’m sorry I pushed your lazy ass of the bed.”

    Sam let’s his arms down, now relaxing. “Good. That’s what I like to hear.”

    You are laughing, but you feel like you should do something. An idea pops in your head. You start to walk “past” Sam, trying not to act suspicious. Then, before you pass in front of him, you push the bottom of his hand that is holding the cupcake up to his face. The blue frosting spears all over his face. You burst out laughing, along with Kian.

    “(Y/N)! Oh my God!” He is trying to sound mad, but he can’t help but laugh.

    “That’s what you get for blackmailing. Now, we should get started with the video.” Then you sit back down next to Kian who gives you a big high five.

    “I hate you guys sometimes, you know that?” He tells the both of you.

    “Ya we know,” Kian says. “But that’s why we are best friends. Now come sit your ass down so we can start.”

    Sam wipes off the cupcake remains with a dirty shirt and goes to sit with the both of you, on the opposite side of you. He reaches for the camera in front of you guys and turns the view finder so it’s facing the three of you. You are all in view, so Sam presses record.

    “Ready?” Kian asks.

    “No Kian,” Sam jokes. “Let me finish petting my lama first.”

    “You know what Sam!” Kian reaches over you and tries to punch Sam on the shoulder, but Sam moves. They are now both trying to hit each other, you having to be stuck in the middle.

    You are feeling squished so you push your arms as out to get in between them. Then you yell, “Guys! Stop! You guys can kill each other after the video!”

    Kian stops and says, “This is so going in the video.“

    “Just start!” You nag.

    “Okay okay.” Kian looks straight at the camera and introduces himself first. “Hey guys, it’s Kian!”

    Then Sam follows. “What’s up you guys it’s Sam!”

    “And (Y/N)!” You say last.

    “We are back on our collab channel today! We have been getting a lot of requests from you guys telling us that you want us to do the best friend tag!”

    “So,” Sam continues, “Here it is!” He grabs the grocery bag from the floor. “But as always, we put a little twist on the tag.” He takes out the three items from the bag. He first takes out a can of whip scream and hands it to Kian. Then he takes out a large container of pudding. You take it from his hands. Then he takes out a box of cupcakes, with one missing.  “We are going to be asking each other questions. The best friend who does not answer first gets one of these delicious items all over their face.” 

    “So without any further a do, let’s get started!” Kian finishes.

    So then the three of you take out your phones, where you guys have the questions. “Ready to lose boys?” you taunt them. 

    Both of them chuckle. “You wish,” Sam says. “I’m gonna stay squeaky clean until the end.”

    “Okay,” Kian starts. “I’ll go first.” Then he looks at his phone for the first question. He asks, “What is my favorite season?”

     As soon as he finishes his sentence, you go right up and blurt out, “Summer!” Sam didn’t even get a chance to answer.

    “Correct,” Kian says.

    “What? Summer is your favorite season? Why?” Sam questions, sounding annoyed that he couldn’t answer the question. 

    “Because, I love summer clothes. But anyways, you ready to get whipped?!”


    Then Kian stands and steps to the opposite side of Sam, still in camera view. He pops open the can and starts to shake it vigorously, taunting Sam. He puts out his hand and begins to spread white whip cream until it makes a small stack. "Okay,” he says, “On three. One! Two-”

    He doesn’t wait to three when he smashes his hand on Sam’s face. He head pushes back and whip cream goes everywhere. “Oh my God Kian!” Sam starts laughing again as he wipes some off his eyes so he can see. “I’m gonna get you back bitch.”

    You then wipe off some whip cream from Sam’s face and eat some. “Hey, you taste pretty good,” you tease

    “Ha ha very funny,” Sam sasses.

    “Okay, it’s my turn.” You turn your phone back on and search for a good question to ask. After scrolling for a bit, you find one. You look to the camera and ask, “What is my favorite ice cream flavor?”

    At the same time, both boys answer. Sam answered, “Cookies n’ cream!”

    Kian answered, “Rocky Road!”

    “It’s Rocky Road,” you reveal.

    Sam looks confused and it makes you laugh. “What?! But I remember you telling us it was Cookies n’ cream! We even shot a video with you acting like an ice cream maniac and you wanted to eat your favorite so we bought cookies n’ cream!”

    You are laughing so hard now because Sam seems so confident in his answer even though he’s forgetting a few details. Then you explain between your laughter, “No. If you remember well, I wanted to get Rocky Road but Kian didn’t want that color of ice cream for some stupid reason so he made me eat cookies n’ cream and I had to say in the video how much I liked it.”

     Sam just looks at you. “Dammit.”

    “Ready pudding boy?” You take the lid off and you can smell the sweet aroma of chocolate. You dig your hand in and scoop some out. You look to the camera, then smear the pudding all over Sam’s already sticky face. You smear it as much as you can before he pushes your arm away.

    “You guys seriously hate me don’t you,” Sam says.

    You and Kian look at each other and shrug.

    “Well, now it’s my turn and you guys are gonna get cupcaked so hard.”


    Eighteen more questions were asked. Cupcakes were thrown and the pudding can is emptied out. Your clothes and you are covered in dessert. You guys finished and the video came out perfectly.

    “I feel like a cupcake gone wrong,” Kian jokes.

    “Yeah,” you add. “Me too. I need to take a shower.”

    “Guys, wait,” Sam sounds optimistic. “We should go to the pool and clean ourselves off there.”

    “Now?” You say. “It’s already dark out.”

    “So? The sun doesn’t tell when we can’t have fun. You guys in?”

    You and Kian turn to each other, and you both grin. Of course you’re in. You hope Kian is thinking the same thing when you give him a small nod. Then you both bolt. You start running after Kian, out of the room and down the stairs.

    Behind you you hear, “Hey! Don’t leave me behind!” But you keep on sprinting. As you continue on, you take off your top shirt like Kian is doing at the moment, and you are left with your under shirt. Kian opens the clear door to the backyard and you are right on his tail.

    You and Kian stop right at the edge if the pool and you both take off your pants, and you take off your undershirt.

    Sam finally catches up and undresses himself as well. When he pulls of his tank top he throws it at your face. You throw it back, but he swats it and it falls into the water.

    Then,you all give each other a look. You all know what it means. You all run back a few feet, the speed off. With a running start, the three of you take a high leap off the ground and cannon ball into the pool. You quickly realize that the water is freezing, but you are having so much fun that you don’t care. You hold your breath as you go under.

    When you come back up, you don’t see Kian or Sam on the surface. When you look around, you are caught of guard when you feel a tug on your leg. Then you are forced back under water. This time you open your eyes. Sam and Kian are both by your legs. Kian smiles and his mouth opens. And air bubble comes up that makes you want to laugh. But all that comes out of your mouth are bubbles too. Then Sam swims towards you and tries to tickle you. He touches your stomach when he just stops. He is heading upwards. He probably needed to take a breath. Kian is going up to so you follow.

    Now on the surface again, you realize you are now just wet. Not sticky or smelly anymore. “Well that was better than a shower,” you smile.

    “It’s so cold though,” Sam says.

    “Yeah, it kind of is,” Kian says. Then he tells the both of you, Hold on, I’ll be right back.“ Then he starts to head for the edge of the pool.

    He pulls himself up and runs inside. As he gets close to the door, his slippery foot slides in front of him, and he loses his balance. If it wasn’t for his quick reflexes when he grabbed the door handle to catch himself, he would have had a bad accident. You and Sam burst out laughing.

    When Kian comes back, your body feels like it’s frozen. But luckily, Kian’s hands are occupied with a few towels. "Come on,” he gestures.

    So you and Sam get out of the pool and take a towel from Kian. Kian has an extra one.. He hands it to you as he says, “Go lay this towel out on the grass. I’ll be back.” He goes back inside once again before you or Sam can ask why.

    You and Sam shrug it off and head for the grass area of the backyard. You and Sam takes both ends of the larger towel and set it flat on the grass.

    Then you notice that it’s starting to get even darker around you. You turn back to the house and you see lights turning off, one by one, until there is no light illuminating from the house.

    Kian comes back outside and meets up with you and Sam. “Why did you turn off all the lights?” Sam asks.

    “So we could see the stars better.” The Kian starts to take a place on the towel and lats down flat.

    Without argument, you and Sam lay with Kian, you in between them. You take a moment to take in a deep breath and just look at the night sky. You take this time to relax. “It’s so beautiful,” you memorize.

    “Yeah it is,” Sam says in awe. “Nothings better like looking at the infinite number of stars with my two best friends.”

    “You know it,” Kian adds. “Today was just a perfect day. It’s been a while since the three of us have hung out like this.”

    You sigh. Then you say, “Yeah. Our schedules always interfere with each other. Sometimes being an adult is hard.”

    Sam adds, “Tell me about it. I liked it when we were in high school and we went out like every weekend. Man, those were the days.”

    “Guys,” you say to both of them. “I don’t want to move from this spot. Today was so much fun. This made me realize how much I’ve missed you guys.”

    “I know,” Kian says. “But at least we haven’t let ourselves grow apart from each other. I don’t ever want to split up. I want to be best friends with you guys forever.”

    “Me too,” you say. “Looking at this beautiful night sky makes me think about life. About where it could take us. Sometimes, I think about where I would be if I never met you guys. I think I wouldn’t even be here in California.”

    “But you did meet us,” Sam argues. “It wasn’t’ by happenstance. You met us and look where we are now. We are here at Kian’s freaking amazing house after we just jumped into his pool. And we are all still together. We are still best friends.”

   You reach for Kian’s and Sam’s hands. “I love you guys,” you whisper.

    “Nothing will ever separate us,” Kian promises.

    “Ever,” Sam agrees with him

    There’s a small moment of silence between all of you. The only warmth you feel is the heat coming off the guy’s hands. Then Sam sits up and says, “I want to stay here too. I’m going to bring some blankets and pillows so we can sleep out here tonight, just like old times.”

Confession: I can’t put into words how little respect I have for those people who bash and belittle confessors who dislike or hate Isabela. I have romanced till the end Isabela, I read all the comics and books available about DA, so I know everything there is to know, to date, about Isabela. Most of my wardens are very dark skinned, and two of my most favorite video game characters are Fran (FF12), and Xemnas (KH2). I love urban-fantasy books, and most of the time the main protagonists are female (with Kate Daniels, Harper Connelly, and MacKayla Lane being my favorites). So YES, I have gotten to know Isabela fully, YES, I equally love all skin colors, YES, I love women and especially strong willed women, and yet, I still hate Isabela. Everyone has the right to like, or dislike whoever they want. This does not make the confessor “stupid”, “a failure in their own life”, “a racist”, “a woman hater” or whatever some of you like calling people who hate Isabela. It just makes the confessor human and free to accept or reject whoever they want! That some of you are not able to respect this simple human right, speaks a lot about you.

Rachel Dolezal: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


1 She is was an advocate for Black rights.

2. This fiasco has caused the nation to once again seriously consider race relations in America.

3. She looks a million times better with her new look. (Honestly!)


1. 10 years of deceiving people in this manner. 

2. Despite her lies, she was not raised in South Africa, and has never even visited.

3. She claims that, as part Native American, ¨she had been born in a tepee and was required to hunt and gather her food as a child¨.

4. Rachel dislikes the movie ¨The Help because ¨A white woman makes millions off of a black woman’s story.“ JUST. WOW.

5. She somehow still takes privilege, minus all the real suffering we´ve had as African Americans dealing with stereotypes, racism, colorism, and discrimination. (But revokes it for financial gain.)


1. She got a full-ride scholarship (to historically Black college, Howard) by misrepresenting herself, and never speaking up about it. Breaking News: After graduating, she sued them for Racial discrimination after losing the tuition!! In her Today Show interview she claims it is ¨injustice¨ that they´d rather the scholarship go to Blacks. Unconscionable.

2. Using Affirmative Action, She took a paying position as a police/community relations person in her community.

3. She claims her parents beat her with wooden boards, and her siblings with a something like a ¨baboon whip¨ (describing a slavery weapon) to ¨punish us by skin complexion¨. She said that a punishment could be ¨confinement for 2-3 months, with nothing but a mattress and a Bible.¨ What person invent such gruesome stories about their parents for christssake ?

4. In 1 of 5 videos for the thesis of a student interviewing Rachel on race relations in America she makes a shocking comment: Light skinned privilege is similar to white privilege … that might not be there for somebody of a darker complexion. And as much a I hate that that exists [*smiling*], I always see at as… okay, I have an opportunity to use whatever works. Wait a second. Did she literally just AGREE with the premise of colorism??? That explains that lawsuit!

5. On the Today Show she says that she regrets NOTHING she´s done or said, aside from stupid responses to some interviewing questions. This to me sounds like saying I wish I could have told better lies to not get caught. Okay, lack of empathy? Check. Outrageous attention seeking? Check. Pathological manipulation… ? I could go on and on.

6. The NAACP somehow wants to make her deceit a non-issue, when it most certainly is. They are pacifying the very person whom they should be vilifying. Whether or not she is qualified as a white person to fill her NAACP position is a moot point. It was their duty to make a more profound statement about Dolezal´s character and reputation by denouncing her. After all, WHAT DOES DONALD STERLING´S OPINION ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE TO DO WITH HIM OWNING A SPORTS TEAM? Yet he was suspended for life from basketball, while for Mrs. Dolezal there is zero recourse from the goddamn National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?? Tell me NAACP, how has implicitly condoning such behavior with your non-action and nonchalant words advanced the situation of my people? I await your response.

7. She has gone to the police NINE TIMES claiming that she is the victim of a hate crime. One she claims involved guns being pointed at her; one claims that white supremists have ¨burglarized ever home she´s ever ¨lived in¨; another claim of a noose on her porch; a new claim of swastikas on a building; yet another claim an envelope of 20 pages of notes including pictures of lynchings. This was a tangible note however. That somehow didn´t have any postal markings or stamps on it… So she created it herself to take to police??? And some of you want to EXCUSE this woman?! Our women can barely speak up about sexual assault without being thought liars or exaggerators, yet when a white woman speaks of vicious emotional assault like hate crimes (without evidence to back it) no one thinks twice. The reach of White privilege is never ending. 

 Why do Black people get demonized for assimilating to a societal ideal of the White person, but when the tables are turned people like Rachel Dolezal get a pass? In what world is one more acceptable than the other?

Oh, America.

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can u not re-gif everything that's already been done and put your stupid captions on it thnx

Unfollow me then?

I gif everything that I want to color and look at in slow-mo and have as a gif to use later. I don’t do it for you, I do it for fucking me.

In any case, that scene wasn’t giffed in HD, and I hate gifs made from low-quality videos (which they all were), so I don’t even consider it a re-gif.

Edit: Also, I don’t think there are ever enough Broad City gifs, and most people appreciate being directed to a source for gifsets of season 2 (I could be linking people to my /minebroadcity tag, but I direct them to the s2 tag so I can direct people to everyone’s gifsets, not just mine).