i hate those shirts

So I usually hate these weird crossover shirts with the off kilter art…but this one makes me mad because….

Fear…..why???why are you…the…Riddler? why…why are you not??


Tony Goldwyn on Periscope for Vidiots Foundation 11.15.15



Went to go check on my moms and she was going through a bunch of old pictures (caribbean mothers aka hoarders) and she handed me these. Oh high school days, shit I looked pretty ok. But skins over here @teiganrgreen LMAOO. She was so annoying. It was like having another younger sister. Had all ha shit in my room, smelling like mad cucumber body spray and shit. Good ole days.

Side note: I HATED those fucking shorts. She had em in every color B!

A few weeks ago I was in Walmart and they were selling those “cool story babe now go make a sandwich” shirts so when nobody was looking, I took all of the shirts off the display, crumpled them up and threw them underneath the shelving unit so they can burn in the deep, dark misogynistic hell that is Walmart’s floor, never to be seen or worn by teenage boys again.

i hate those t-shirts that guys with sunglasses and cargo shorts wear that look ‘distressed’ and have things written in them in a really manly font. do u know what i mean? today i saw one that said “ROGUE STRENGTH” wtf does that even mean