i hate those shirts

a really important thing to remember for men who want to engage with feminism/show allyship to feminists is that they are not automatically entitled to women’s comfort. while not all men hurt women, all women are hurt by men. that’s not something that’s just going to go away because a guy in a “the future is female” shirt shows up at a rally.

you know what i fucking hate? those cookie cutter ass shirts that range anywhere from “it’s a [family last name] thing, you wouldn’t understand” to those 5 paragraph shirts that are like “im a badass ELEVATOR OPERATOR with THREE GRANDKIDS who look up to me, i may have HEMORRHOIDS but i still SUPPORT OUR TROOPS“ and read like a fuckin homestuck character intro


HE DOES. also that is the cutest thing i have ever read

I have a question for Jellal. Why do you wear so many layers?

We can navigate the stars back home (Sam DrakexReader)

Note: Takes place after the last chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy




“So…anyone has a plan on how to get back?” Sam slowly gets up from his spot on the ground, stretching his arms up for relief.

“Where’s the 4x4?” Nadine looks around, a questioning gaze is directed towards the other.

“Asav’s men blew it up, had to run here.”

“Well that’s certainly convenient.”

“I say we walk,” Chloe pushes herself up from the ground, placing her hands on her hips. “We could use the exercise.”

“We’ve been running for god knows how long all day, I’m done with the exercise!”

“You saying you can’t keep up with us, Drake?” Nadine taunts, a smirk on her face. “I guess retirement’s calling your name.”

“Is that a challenge, I hear?”

“It is if you can handle it.”

“Well then, on-”

“Alright children, stop fighting.” Chloe starts walking ahead of the two, observing the beautiful surroundings around her. “Time for us to-” She halts in her tracks, spotting something peculiar from far away.

“Shit, there’s still more them?!” Sam quickly takes his gun out, as a 4x4 heads their way. The three of them take cover from whatever debris they could find.

“Is it more of Asav’s men?” Chloe questions, she hears the engine stop and the sound of someone hopping off of the vehicle.

“On my cue…” Sam mutters before signaling towards the intruder. As they all stand up and point their guns, the three are met with an unsurprised look.

“Hello ladies…and Samuel.” She greets them, nonchalant about the guns pointed at her. “I’m betting you had a pleasant trip?”

“(y/n)?!” Sam drops his stance and trudges towards the latter. “What are you-how? Jesus, we could’ve shot you!” He places his hands on her shoulders, still trying to piece things together in his head.

“I tracked your phone down at first but I lost the signal. Good thing I heard a huge explosion at the bridge,” (y/n) emits a chuckle at Sam, who had his mouth was hanging slightly open. She caresses his cheek, closing his mouth while at it. “Close your mouth, Samuel. Don’t want any insects to fly in.”

“Still, I thought you were meeting a client. Weren’t you-”

“It was cancelled. Can’t really get anywhere since the Indian army’s constantly patrolling the area. But on the bright side, I did manage to bargain some gorgeous fabrics in the flea market.” (y/n) glances behind Sam, smiling at the two of them.

“Oh right. This is-”

“Chloe.” (y/n) cuts him off, greeting the said woman with a warm smile.

“(y/n).” Chloe returns the smile with a glint in her eye.

“Nadine.” (y/n) nods off towards her direction, as Nadine greets her as well.


“It’s been a while, having fun without me?” (y/n) crosses her arms, pulling off a hurt look at Chloe.

“Couldn’t really bother someone who’s busy being a designer, now could I?” Chloe purses her lips, before quickly tackling the other in an unsuspecting hug. “It’s been a while, love.”

“A long while indeed,” (y/n) chuckles, wrapping her arms around the brunette. Chloe joins in on the laughter.

“Heard that you hit it off with Drake, of all people.” Nadine interrupts the both of them. (y/n) lets go and faces the latter with a smirk. “Didn’t believe it at first but I guess it’s true.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? And what-what’s going on here? (y/n), you know these two?” Sam looks at her, his brows furrowed downwards in confusion. “Can someone explain something to me?”

“Well, Chloe and I, we go way back. When I still had the time to go hunting for treasure.” (y/n) places a finger on her chin, “It was Shambhala, if memory serves me right. Our first hunt together.”

“Shambhala is correct,” Chloe nods off.

“And Nadine, well…a couple of incidental meetings, and later on I became her source of information.”

“Information?” Sam questions, laying an arm around (y/n)’s shoulder.

“Information.” (y/n) repeats once again. “Anyways, we can continue the chitchat on the way back. Now, hop on.”

“Where did you get a 4x4 anyway?” Chloe takes a seat at the back, with Nadine doing the same thing as Sam takes the front seat.

“Borrowed it from the Indian army, I’m sure they won’t miss it.”

“You stole from them?!”

“Oh relax, they have tons of 4x4’s. They won’t even know that one is missing.” (y/n) lifts her sunglasses up with her finger. Her eyes directed at the makeshift route she was taking. “I almost forgot. Chloe, Nadine, I brought you some clean clothes. They’re in the trunk. There’s a medkit and water bottles as well.”

“You are a lifesaver,” Chloe sighs in relief. She helps Nadine with the trunk, handing a bottle at Sam.

“What about me? Did ya bring me some clothes?”

“You call those hideous Hawaiian shirts of yours ‘clothes’?” A look of disgust is clear as day on (y/n)’s features, Sam looks at her with widened eyes. “One day, I swear I’ll burn them all when you aren’t looking.”

“That hurts, (y/n). Those shirts are pretty ama-”

“If you continue what you’re saying, you’re going to walk all the way back home.”

“Yes, ma'am.” Sam zips his mouth in an instant, craning his neck towards the view before him.

“So, a designer huh?” Nadine closes the cap of the water bottle, tossing it back into the trunk. “And here I thought you’d still be out there adventuring, looking for lost treasure, making history.”

“The high is nice, but I’d rather not do the whole adventuring thing 24/7. But if you do get another interesting treasure hunt, I’ll be available.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Nadine chuckles lightly, a small smile on her lips.


“O-Ow! Jesus, take it easy! It hurts, you know!” Sam tries to move away from (y/n), not liking the burning sensation from whatever it was that she was applying to his wound.

“For pete’s sake, Samuel. It’s not that painful, just slight prickling.”

“I feel like my skin’s about to fall off.”

“You’ve climbed on top of cliffs, swung across mountains, and engaged in active war zones, and you’re complaining about me cleaning your wound?” (y/n) raises a brow at him, taking hold of his arm to finish up the bandaging.

“Hey, it really does hurt! Whatever that liquid shit it is you’re pouring…”

“Hydrogen peroxide,”

“Yeah, that.” Sam reiterates. “Either way, it hurts.” He turns away from her, (y/n) could swear that he was pouting like a kid.

“Samuel.” (y/n) calls out but the latter decides not to hear her out. “Sam.” He turns to you with a pointed look on his face.


“I’m glad you’re alright,” A smile makes its way, and his lips turn upwards. Sam sighs, tucking a strand of (y/n)’s hair behind her ear before placing a kiss on her forehead. He laughs as her face starts to flush with red, but stops when he feels her soft lips on his.

“I still hate those Hawaiian shirts of yours though…”

i hate those posts that popular blogs reblog that are photosets of shirts and clothing but from those really sketchy cheap clothing sites because 1. its always like the same 10 shirt designs and 2. theyre really sketchy cheap clothing sites and maybe if i want one of those shirts i probably wont get it!

Shopping with their S/O

A/N: Pretend like everyone is happy and in a modern au and alive :’)

▪Is poor af but wants to spoil his s/o so much
▪He will drain himself for them
▪"Eren, I really don’t need new shoes"
▪He also likes to window shop too, preferably on weekends. It’s a good way to spend time with his s/o and he enjoys it a lot because since he isn’t busy, they can spend the whole day together
▪Just genuinely loves spending time with them
▪Would totally knock kids out for his s/o during good sales

▪Is actually the best for shopping
▪Doesn’t ever say a word though
▪She’ll go into a changing room with them and they’ll put their pickings on
▪"What about this?”
▪-sits in silence-
▪"You’re right, it doesn’t flatter my arms.“
▪Is really good at finding discounts
▪"Babe, this is on sale”
▪Her s/o always tries to get her scarfs, but they know she probably won’t wear it, yet they keep trying

▪Is super good with calculating sale prices
▪Also budgeting
▪"Ok this is 35% off, that’s $20, you can spend $126 more and still pay rent"
▪He always invites Mikasa and Eren and they graciously accept because tbh they love his s/o and the two like to sit with them and watch Armin fight for a pair of pants

**If his s/o Is plus-sized**
▪He sees his love trying to pick things out but they keep putting them back because they’re too expensive
▪He, of course, being the cutie patootie he is, will buy it for them
▪But he will also take note of the store name and write a long ass letter about how they shouldn’t be overcharging people when the clothes don’t cost much more to make than those sold to people of a smaller size (He did the calculations)
▪His s/o finds out and cries and kisses him because that is so sweet

▪Hates shopping
▪But will do it if his s/o asks
▪Is BRUTALLY honest with them
▪"Oh my God put that back, yellow is not your color"
 ▪Frequently makes these faces to let them know what he thinks:
-Approval: ( ͡° o ͡°)
-Disapproval: (´-ι_-`)
▪Is great at picking things out and is weirdly good at guessing sizes
▪Also crazy hella amazing with makeup. That boy knows if his s/o is a summer or autumn or whatever

**Wedding shopping**
▪He doesn’t want to go with his s/o to pick out a dress/tux because he hates shopping
▪So he sends his mom
▪She tells him absolutely nothing because if he didn’t want to go, then he has to wait.
▪He takes care of the registry
▪Like the whole thing, fills most of it with necessary stuff, but also some stuff that isn’t needed
▪S/o looked at a KitchenAid Mixer for longer than 3 seconds, BAM!! It’s on there

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So Scott sleeps with no shirt on and I'm honestly so endeared by that? I mean it's obviously fanservice (dear jesus this boy is beautiful) but it's just. So sweet. For some reason. I imagine the nuzzliest sleepovers with Stiles tbh.


How about Scott initially wearing a loose T-shirt when Stiles starts climbing into bed with him? (I’m thinking they’re in that liminal space where they’re a couple, but don’t have the words for it yet.)

Scowling down at the fabric before he pulls it over his head, but he doesn’t want to make Stiles uncomfortable, doesn’t want to presume. Stiles is almost always layered up, so he’d expect that of Scott right?

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I walked into my class to grab my longboard so i could ride home and my teacher was confused while reading my Who Killed Markiplier shirt. I just said it was a thing, and someone in the back of the dark room said “oh he’s one of those”. What does that even mean? What’s wrong with the shirt? Fight me, random kid.

The thing about Slytherins

So I know there’s a massive stigma with Slytherin! We’re evil and mean spirited, and selfish. But can I ask you guys to think about something?
I’m Slytherin, totally and completely but when I was 7 years old and reading the HP books I always thought I would be ravenclaw because I loved reading so much and my grades were perfect or gryffindor because I wanted to be brave and I liked doing things like climbing the biggest trees or jumping off the swing when it was as high as it could go!
But things changed. That was about the same time I started getting bullied in school. I was a nerd because I was always walking around with a book. I was annoying because I was brave enough to speak my mind or I played loudly or dumb because I approached an big stray dog on the playground. By the time I was in high school I had changed because of the way people treated me. Instead of being the sweet little kid that got perfect grades and took chances I was the antisocial teen that was particularly talented at tricking others into doing what I wanted. I was the girl that, when taunted or made fun of, struck back with as much force as I could muster because at some point something inside had broken and I could no longer stand being bullied. I BECAME the bully in order to try to protect myself.
When I took the Pottermore quiz and got Slytherin I was genuinely confused at first. What was left over from when I was little expected Gryffindor or Ravenclaw but when I stopped to think about it I realized that the bullying I constantly endured turned me from a sweet little kid who wanted to read books and have fun into an adult who watched everyone like they posed a threat, the kind of person who no longer took the abuse, the kind of person who is motivated by ambition to prove to the kids that made fun of me that they aren’t any better than me.
A question I often wonder is did the bullying make me gain traits that I never had? Ambition? Cleverness? Resourcefulness? Or did it bring those traits to the forefront in order to keep myself safe?
Imagine being an eleven year old kid and being made fun of for being chosen for a house that people think is evil. Being made fun for something that you really can’t help. Imagine that the sorting hat saw those qualities hidden deep down and choosing Slytherin for that kid. Then the constant bullying from the rest of the school brought out those qualities that may not have ever really surfaced? What if the sorting hat yelling “Slytherin!” is some massive self fulfilling prophecy and that the reason that many (not all. There are family influences too– See Draco) Slytherins become the way the way they are is because they constantly hear people saying bad things about them so that they eventually harden up to protect themselves or even BELIEVE what other people say about themselves because “if ¾ths of the school believes I’m evil how can I not be?”
Something my Shakespeare teacher said really sticks with me when I think about this. “What is reputation? Do you create your reputation through your actions? Or does your reputation influence the way you act instead? If you constantly hear that you’re a bad person will you eventually become one because ‘why not be what they all say I am anyway?’” Kind of like Sirius trying to kill Peter. Why not be guilty of what I’ve been punished for years for?
Think about what kind of person is more likely to be mean, someone who is told from age 11 that they are a) brave, courageous, great b) smart, intelligent, clever c) kind, humble or d) evil, bad, in the same place that all bad people come from (because no one ever compliments slytherin a for being ambitious or cunning even though those aren’t terrible traits depending on how you use them)
Imagine being sorted into a house that 75 percent of people think is evil. Wouldn’t that make an eleven year old kid think that maybe they’re evil or bad? (Not the case for everyone. Umbridge and voldy were straight up evil)
And here’s the thing, I’m not evil but I AM mischievous, I’m not bad but I DO have a temper, I’m not a particularly selfish person but I’ve learned to put myself first then to focus on the problems of others because how can I help if I can’t focus? (Helping animals comes before me though, the fluffers AND the scaly ones)
At this point in my life I’m cunning, ambitious, and resourceful but I’m not evil or a horrible person (unless you mess with my bff who’s a hufflepuff because then I’ll end you) and I hate when people see my Slytherin shirt and go “oh those are the bad guys!” Yeah? Well so was Peter and Andromeda was a Slytherin and she gave birth to Tonks so sod off!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that as horrible as everyone seems to think Slytherins are, think about the fact that someone out there made them that way.

I saw something the other day and I have opinions on it

So I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, and everytime I think about it I get insanely pissed off.

Look, I understand cishets going to pride in certain situations, I really do. If you’re there with your friend, family, or partner who didn’t want to go alone, good for you for supporting that person who wanted/ needed you there. Or if you work for a company that’s sponsoring or has a booth or something like that, I get it. You’re there doing your job.

But if you show up at pride wearing a shirt that says “I may be straight, but I don’t hate” fuck you. Especially if you are four grown ass women dressed up in ridiculous skirts that you obviously made yourself from shitty material you got at Michael’s and the shirts have obviously been made for this occasion because someone with no experience in design chose the childish font those terrible words are printed in because this is just a fucking party to you. Fuck you and everything you represent.

But wait, good for you for not hating people who are different than you for simply existing. You deserve a medal for reaching the incredibly low bar.

Which is obviously what this is to you, a chance to show off what an ally and good person you are. You didn’t show up to support us, you showed up for a party, and wild stories to tell, and likes on your social media accounts.

Here’s the point: if you have to show off and brag about how you’re an ally and a good person, you obviously aren’t as good as you think. If you were really that good, people would already know, you wouldn’t have to prove it. You do not get points for doing the bare minimum and not hating us. (Now, if this were 30 years ago, yeah, different story, but today? Nope.)

If you want to support us, you can do something to stop the protesters we had to walk through to get to the festival. You can help LGBT people who are in shitty situations, like getting kicked out of home or losing their jobs or getting killed. There’s tons you can do, not hating us doesn’t help as much as you think. Actions help us, not words.

Also, people who aren’t straight aren’t the only people in the LGBT community you need to be supporting. Why not make a shirt that says “I may be cis and straight, but I don’t hate” and include trans and non binary people?

Basically, I hate everything about the existence and context and meaning of those shirts.

The Troublesome Trio


Chapter (6/?)

Chapter 1 (x)                Chapter 4 (x)

Chapter 2 (x)                Chapter 5 (x)

Chapter 3 (x)                Chapter 7 (x)

Summary: The reader and the boys like to celebrate the new year.. differently than others.

A/N: alright sorry this chapter is such a mess. I had an idea and then another idea and i kept getting distracted. Hope it’s not as bad as i think! This chapter is also a bit lengthy!

“PLEEEAAASSSEEE?!” you begged your two best friends. You were on your knees as you clasped your hands together.  You jutted your bottom lip out and gave them the best puppy dog eyes that you could.

Your family was throwing a big masquerade ball, to celebrate the New Year of 1940.  A Bunch of highly classed families and friends would be there; which meant, big ball gowns and suits.  Although you didn’t mind the formality, Steve and Bucky did.

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Accidental insult starters

“Heels really make a difference. I had no idea you were this short.”
“Wow, I expected you’d be well hung– Shit, sorry.”
“I hate that shirt! Please tell me you didn’t order it already…”
“Those glasses look so stupid on you, hahaha! Oh wait… they’re not fake?”
“How stuffed is your bra, because they looked way bigger befo– Damn, did I say that out loud?”
“I see your little sister shares your Spotify account, that’s so sweet!”
“You have to be so stupid to not know that! I can’t believe he didn’t have the answer. I mean, you knew that one, right?”
“Haha, why are you wearing that in your hair?! Take it off, you’re making me feel embarrassed.”
“I’ve got plasters against blisters. Seeing you walk like that in those shoes is making me cringe.”
“I can’t believe people who’re into bondage. I mean, what’s wrong with them?”
“I can’t believe people who’re only into plain vanilla sex. How boring do you have to be for that?”
“Who made these cookies? They’re awful!”
“Why aren’t you ready yet, we have to leave! …Or are you going like that?”
“What do I keep smelling? Someone forgot to wear deodorant today.”
“Is it really raining that hard? Your make-up is all over the place.”

Pretty Lady (Chen) - Part Two

In case anyone was wondering; the blonde boy; the girlJongin and Sehun’s performance; Yixing’s Solo Performance and Tao, Yixing, Luhan and Minseok’s performance

Enjoy part two and if you haven’t seen it already, check out this post from a little while ago. 

Part One / Part Two / Part ThreePart Four / Part Five / Part Six

Kim Jongdae had the laugh of an angel, but the maturity of a nursery class. 

At break, you met Oh Sehun – “Is that a girl? Junmyeon talks to girls?” – and Kim Jongin – “I reckon Baek pulled her with his hapkido.” – and are reassured that the two would take good care of you in your next lesson, standing either side of you as you made your way there. Both were tall and slender, and in comparison to the three smaller boys you met first (and Chanyeol), you felt incredibly tiny, but still, safe.

“I’m going to assume you got stuck with Junmyeon as a guide, right?” Jongin suggests, getting a nod in reply. “And that means you had music first, too, right?” Another nod.

“Do you ever speak?”

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