i hate those people too


I don’t care what anybody else says, Midorima’s dorky extra game haircut is super cute!! I will fight you on this!!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

      Hello there. I am going to be talking about some rather serious stuff. This is addressing a lot of the issues I have been currently dealing with on this site. In no way is this a vent or vague post; I am just letting my stance be known. This will be the one and only time I am going to speak on this matter. If you still care to read, feel free. If not, I completely respect that.

      As some of you may know, I have been getting some fairly negative anons because of how close I am to Skull ( @deathforsaken ). Quite frankly, I don’t really care. It doesn’t bother me at all because those who send them literally become nothing. They don’t matter. And because they don’t matter, I will never post them or answer them. That being said, I am talking about this because of how it affects Skull.

      I could really care less about myself but I really don’t appreciate when these things affect him? I get it. He’s a popular Reaper/Gabriel roleplayer. But we did meet before this site so even if we don’t roleplay together, what anyone says or does will not affect this. That being said, don’t just snuggle up to me to get close to him? And don’t give him shit when we thread together. That’s just not cool and you’re stressing him out.

      What I do care about is having people to interact with. I really don’t care about follower counts or anything like that. The fact that Skull is popular doesn’t matter to me. We just have fun and that’s how it should be. That being said, I’ve been noticing a lot of fake kindness in my direction. I will not point fingers or name names. That’s not the type of individual I am. That being said, please only follow me if you honestly enjoy seeing me here or want to interact okay? I don’t bite but I do not like fair weather friends who are only here with me because of pity or because I’m close with Skull for headcanons.

      Those I do chat with know that I do appreciate them greatly but I will say thank you regardless. But seriously, if you’re only here because of Skull; please just leave. You’re not worth my time to have to sift through things and I will not fluff numbers for followers for people who don’t want to interact. Sorry but that’s just how it’s going to be now. 

       From this point, I will be going mutuals only and I will likely be making a requirement of the people who would like to more seriously work with me as a roleplay partner. Casual threads don’t need to worry but anything involving ships or in depth information are going to require more.

My dash is warring about whether or not aces are LGBT.

I get a lot of messages like oh I’m a white person and I hate white people too which like idk how I feel about those. Because while I understand the sentiment and I get you’re trying to find common ground; it also feels like you’re trying to distance yourself from the “others”. Just distancing yourself does not automatically absolve you of all problems. You still receive unfair advantages in society.

29 Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

1. Take up a new hobby, like balloon-animaling or rock-collecting or, I don’t know, bugs. Then talk to all the boring people who care about the same boring shit as you.

2. Scream into a plastic bag in the park and wait until someone is like, “Same, man.” Boom. Friend.

3. Hate everything and be vocal about it so other people can be like, “Yo, I hate those things, too! Let’s hate them together as people who occasionally text and eat together!” (Examples of common things to hate: wet styrofoam, food portions at fancy restaurants, soap that doesn’t make suds, alphabet soup with a disproportionate number of vowels.)

4. Meet people from the Internet. You’ll either be murdered or you’ll end up with a new friend. You decide which outcome is preferable.

5. Go up to a stranger on the train and say, “Hello sir or madam, I am in search of a new friend with which to enjoy companionship and merriment, would you mayhaps agree to such a role?” Collect friends.

6. Take a cooking class or some shit.

7. Go for a walk alone and hope a kind stranger takes pity on you.

8. Go down to the van by the river. The man inside will be your friend, but only if you agree to put on his lipstick.

9. Join a birdwatching group and befriend an old man named Elb who will promise you he can do magic if you come down to his basement.

10. Join a book club.

11. Compliment a complete stranger on the sidewalk by saying something friendly like “you have the smoothest calves I’ve ever seen on a grown man” and then step back before you get hit in the face with some big, fat, throbbing friendship.

12. Get comfortable with going to a bar by yourself, even if all you’re doing is dining on the unlimited hot wing buffet. Talk to strangers who are there for similar reasons.

13. Just, I don’t know, imagine one. That was enough when you were a kid, why you gotta be so needy about it now?

14. Get a cat and start your inevitable path towards spinster-ship early. Join your local cat lady collective.

15. Get stranded on an island and form an emotional and physical bond with a piece of wreckage that will serve as the closest thing you have to a human connection until you die.

16. Join a gym if you’re that desperate. 

17. Befriend the flock of pigeons that hangs out around the McDonald’s play place around the corner.

18. Join a cult.

19. Make a YouTube channel. Because literally anybody can make a YouTube channel and suddenly you’re friends with all the YouTube people, apparently.

20. Go to the airport dressed as a driver with a sign that says “Marcus.” Wait around for a Marcus, convince him to get into your car, then tell him he’s your new friend while you’re speeding down the highway to the time share you bought together.

21. Befriend one of those toys that starts off as a little capsule but then you put it in hot water and it grows into a sponge animal. They make people versions.

22. Befriend the mysterious sea monster that lives in the lake outside of your stepdad’s summer cabin.

23. Get into some weird new musician, like Gavin DeGraw, and bond with all the other Gavin DeGraw fans.

24. Go to the discotheque. 

25. Befriend the cashier at Bed, Bath & Beyond who won’t give you 20 percent off without a coupon but if you come back with a coupon and your receipt, customer service can give you your money back.

26. Plant a tree and then wait 20 to 30 years for it to grow into a friend.

27. List a large item on eBay, like a handcrafted chifferobe or perhaps an elegant floor lamp. When someone buys it, get into a box and literally mail yourself instead. Legally, they have to keep you.

28. Befriend a farm pig that you intended to raise for slaughter except, instead of slaughtering her, you fall in love. 

29. Buy one. Just buy a new friend. It’s the only chance you have.

I am getting so furious with anti-shipping. My first ever otp was Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Since I finished that epilogue it has always been my favourite pairing, and you know what- that’s O-K and I’m sick of feeling like it’s not ok because of all the hate it gets. I have, and I know fellow Scorose shippers have been respectful for those who ship Scorp and Rose with other people (and if you have ever experienced otherwise, shame on them, I hate those people too), and ALL WE ASK is for the same respect back. I KNOW THE CC MADE IT SEEM LIKE AL AND SCORP WOULD GET TOGETHER! I KNOW THEY WERE SUPER QUEER!! But please, PLEASE, stop being so disrespectful with my fave pairing. Stop spamming the scorose tag with scorose hate. Stop making posts about how it’s the worst ship ever. STOP TRYING TO DISCREDIT MY SHIP BECAUSE YOU SHIP SOMETHING ELSE. I really hoped we could be better then that Potterheads. Come On.