i hate this...urgh


{Happy Birthday Nam Woohyun 08.02.91}; My heart is always beating because of our fans & I can’t help but smile brightly. I’m also really thankfull they like me like this. I can get love like this from someone.  I get happy when I think something like that. 


Favorite fictional relationships: Jessica and Malcolm’s unspoken partnership (Marvel’s Jessica Jones)

A while ago, you were gonna help people || How can we help you ?   (poem)

Me and my body right now
  • Me: *Is experiencing dysphoria*
  • My body: Hey girl, are you feeling alright? *Goes on period* There, that any better? :)
  • Me: What. No. You just made it ten times worse.
  • My body: But look, it means you can have a child! Ok, since you don't like my gift, I'll try again. *Aches all over*
  • Me: Oh my god, stop. Every time you try to "help," you're making it worse. I don't want to have a kid, at least not this way.
  • My body: Please, you know that this is the best. You know what, since it's you, I'll try one more time. *Swells up chest a bit and makes that area hurt more so I can't bind* There, now all the boys will want you!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Are you f*cking kidding me right now?

i havent stopped thinking about this since he said this. i love love love love love him i love him so much i love him im so in love with him ok bye afahdjsofk

“The first time I met you what did I do?”

Robert looks down and then away from Liv pouting almost, with his jaw clenched knowing what’s coming.

Liv knees him in the bollocks without a care.

“Hopefully that will stop *that* from working ever again.”