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 IU - Through the Night [Teaser] [21/03/2017]

This next part of Second Chances is taking longer than usual to bang out (first I was busy with school, and now I’m kinda sick, so), but ughh, y’all, I love this part that I just wrote so much

Ed’s eyebrows slowly cinch together, the amusement fading from his expression as his eyes flicker all over Oswald, undoubtably taking in his disheveled appearance and too-wide eyes.

“Oswald?” he asks, and the way he says the name—soft and concerned, with just a hint of a late-night rasp—tightens something in Oswald’s chest, like a fist around his heart. Squeezing.

“Yes?” Oswald manages to croak in response.

“Is everything all right?”

Oswald wants to touch him. To reach out and smooth his fingertips over the curves of Ed’s collarbones, the lines of his jaw—to bury his face in Ed’s chest, breathing the scent of him in—just to make sure that he’s here, that he’s real

But Oswald also knows, now, what the sting of Ed’s hands slapping his own away feels like—so he remains still. 

Resurrectionist (working title) - Chapter One teaser

The kid has barely moved in the last three days.

Well, barely moved if one discounts the chills, the shakes, and the screaming. If one happens to ignore all of that, then the kid has barely moved in days.

He isn’t even completely sure what the kid’s name is. He’s fairly certain that he either lived in the Richmond/Petersburg area or that he was under Beauregard’s command. There were way too many men under the general who had either been too old, too young, or too injured for any other general to take in.

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  • n: ken you dyed your hair!
  • ken: yea i wanted a change, you know for our comeback!
  • n: well it looks great!
  • ken: thanks!
  • ken(internally): little did our leader know, i actually lost a bet with hongbin. i dared him to fit 30 marshmellows in his mouth and i would dye it blonde. we learned a lot about each other that night...

Jason’s head is pounding.  Jason’s head is pounding and Tim is sucking on his neck and murmuring words that aren’t quite making it all the way into Jason’s ears.  They’re in a goddamn alley.  It’s dark.  It’s dirty. It’s damp.  Jason’s breath hitches and he turns his eyes to the street lamp on the corner.  It’s not the first time.

Muscle memory guides Jason’s fingers through the traps and trip wires inside Tim’s belt.  The movements are rote, written into Jason’s fingertips like an etching carved into stone. But Jason’s head is pounding like someone’s beating it with a crowbar and in his mind he sees Tim bleeding in the batsuit with a batarang in his chest.

Be my Robin.

“Fuck.” Jason stumbles backwards until he hits the brick wall of the building across the alley.  “Jesus fuck.”

“That was fast,” Tim says.

Jason holds his head because he thinks it may be actually splitting in two. This feels familiar, Jason thinks. This feels wrong.  “Get the fuck out of here,” he says.

“Um…,” Tim’s shadow moves closer.  Jason watches it ripple in a pool of water on the cracked asphalt. “Jason?”

“I said get the fuck out of here.” He looses the Beretta from its holster on his thigh and points it at Tim because if he doesn’t do it now he’ll do it later and if he does it later, he might actually shoot.

Gotham is never silent, not for a single fucking moment, but Jason can’t even hear his own breathing through the quiet in that alley.  Not until Tim says, “Fine,” and Jason looks up to see his eyes turn cold and his shoulders stiffen.  Then he pulls his cowl up and walks away, around the corner, out of sight.

Tim knows not to stick around when he’s not wanted.  It’s why Jason likes him.  And when Tim’s gone, Jason lets himself sink onto the cold, wet ground. Behind his eyelids, Jason watches himself beat Tim to a pulp over and over again like a film reel on repeat in time to the pounding in his head.

He wakes up with his cheek molded to the concrete of a back alley, but not the same one he was about to fuck Tim in last night – although there’s not a lot to differentiate from.  When you’ve seen one back alley in Gotham, you’ve seen them all.  This feels familiar, Jason thinks, peeling his face from the cement.  This feels right.



98. “I wish I could hate you” @nijiru


You wait for Eric to come home. He’d been out at Amity and he might as well come home feeling shitty about it. So, why not cheer him up just a bit?

You’re in your underwear and one of Eric’s shirt when Eric comes home, scowling. He tosses his bag in one corner, stomping angrily, but stops midway when he sees you like that.

“Is there something I forgot?”, he asks, approaching you slowly.

“I just thought you had a shitty day”, you say, twirling a lock of hair around.

“Well, I do, but you’re the reason I come home every night”, he says, taking off his shirt. He’d pinned you down, but tonight you’re on top. You flipped him over and take off your shirt. Eric raises his eyebrow and smirks.

“Like what you see…, Sir?”, you ask. No bra, just underwear. You run your fingers up and down, from your nipples towards your navel.

Eric rises up, pulls you close and sucks on your nipples. You moan and Eric bites them. You tug his hair, causing him to bite harder. You could feel the tingling sensation between your legs and his cock poking through his pants. You push him down and begin to unbuckle his pants. You pull them off, along with his boxer and your underwear before straddling him.

You’re bout to ride Eric when his phone rings. A call from Max. Your mood is ruined, but Eric pulls you and thrusts in. You stay there for a few minutes as Eric answers his phone and you know just the way to distract him - you begin to ride him slowly, causing him to bite his knuckles to contain his moaning.

“Is this a bad time Eric?”, you could hear Max. Eric looks at you and you glare at him.

“Kinda…, I’ll call you back”, Eric hangs up. You toss his phone aside and focus back on riding him. Eric holds your hips and helps to guide you. You can feel his cock twitching inside you and you ride him faster.

Eric grips your hips harder while his face contorts as he moans out your name. He shoots inside you as you cum at the same time. “God, (y/n) you’ll be the death of me”, Eric’s breathing is heavy.

You pull his face and kiss him. “You don’t want people to find you cum so hard that you die. If you say that, maybe we should stop having sex”, you say.

“I wish I could hate you”, he mumbles before kissing you again.

“I love you too”, you say, giggling.

peppertower  asked:

Last night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed you sent a petition to WB to release more teasers of Fantastic Beasts 2 because the waiting it is awful. Then they released what they had of the movie so far on Netflix (yeah! Weird I know!) for a limited time. We enjoyed it so much! There was so many Newtina scenes (until they got mad to each other because something Leta did). I was so happy! Hahahahah

To be honest, this is totally something I’d do (sending a petition to WB for more FBAWTFT teasers) :’D

I really hate the waiting too :/ Like, I get that the actors have other things to do like other projects and personal lives and stuff but like…? Two years between movies? IT’S KILLING ME!

I think I would die of happiness if this ever were to happen! And I really hope that we get a lot of Newtina scenes in the new film, because that would honestly make me so unbelievably happy!