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✿♡ bubblegum and sodapop || this mix is definitely some music to chew gum and drink soda to

Bubble Pop! -  HYUNA // London Queen - Charli XCX // Welcome to New York - Taylor Swift // Rush - Kali Uchis // E.V.O.L. - Marina and the Diamonds // Shake if Off - Taylor Swift // Build It Up - Kero Kero Bonito // Know What I Want - Kali Uchis // Popular Song - Ariana Grande (ft. MIKA) // This Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen // Gold - Marina and the Diamonds // Me & the Rhythm - Selena Gomez // Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey // Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez //  Miss You - bo en // Marble Soda - Shawn Wasabi


hey guys! i’m claire and this is my intro to the studyblr community (never mind that i made this a few months ago)

•i’m a sophomore (#usa) in high school
•my favorite subject is science, more specifically chemistry &biology
•i play three instruments (bassoon, clarinet, and piano) and always want to learn more.
•english is my first language, currently learning spanish and i really want to learn asl!!

•personality types, i’m an intp, libra sun, scorpio rising, sagittarius moon, and chaotic neutral
•if you couldn’t tell i love doing personality tests
•i love drinking hot tea!! i’m such a tea snob lmao
•slight addiction to food network. and by “slight addiction” i mean it’s all i watch. i love baking.
•she/her. bisexual. life is good.
•i REALLY love space. like, it’s amazing. (hence the space stickers on this banner i threw together in like four minutes)
•my other blog is @cytoscened

•basically, i made a studyblr because i really have a problem getting motivated. i love learning and school, but i’m not at all organized and am an awful procrastinator. also, i just love seeing all the positivity surrounding studying :)

some of my favorite studyblrs!! @academla @alicethinks @areistotle @colllegeruled @grangergrades @hayley-studies @intellectus @mildstudies @queenchemistry @studyign @studysapphic @succulentstudy @universi-tea and anyone on my blogroll!!!