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neowails  asked:

write a fanfic about how vampire matt gets sad because he can't go outside without an umbrella and he can't do some things his friends can do so they leave him home alone : (

Okay, I have shitty writings skills but I tried. Please enjoy. This is sad so heads up.

Matt lived with his two housemates, Edd and Tom. One Halloween night, something changed him forever after he was bitten by a real vampire when he was out trick or treating. Poor Matt became a vampire, himself! He didn’t think much of it until he realized being a vampire was definitely not easy.

Since the incident, his perfect round ears turned all goofy and long and were as pointy as Spock’s from Star Trek. His eyes were bloodshot red which could surely scare off a small child and his skin was as white as a blank sheet of paper. The poor vampire missed his once normal ears, piercing blue eyes and healthy skin. He looked like a monster! He was a monster. This situation was made worse when he had to deal with his sharp fangs, too. Oh how he missed his bright white smile with perfectly aligned teeth. Not only that but he only had a thirst for blood now. He’d get sick if he drank milk, his favorite beverage. Being a vampire sucked.

“Hey Matt, me and Tom are going to the outdoor market, would you like to come along too?” Asked Edd, kindly.

Matt smiled and nodded enthusiastically. He grabbed his jacket and and umbrella and hurried downstairs. His friends were waiting in the car. Matt soon walked out with the umbrella shielding him from the sun’s bright rays of sunshine. He entered from the back and sat in the back seat. He closed his umbrella. Tom noticed what he carried in his hands and chuckled lightly.

“Pfft, what’s the umbrella for, its nice out, today.”

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if you're still taking prompts but if you are maybe you could write something about Skye working in a little music store not too far from a college (which Jemma attends.) Because she can't afford her own piano, Jemma visits the store in hopes that, whoever's working at the store, will let her play on the one in there.

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