i hate this ps and laptop

  • Starbucks girl: What will you order?
  • ENTP: *order*
  • Starbucks girl: what about you?
  • INTP: *hesitating*
  • ENTP : lemme guess your gonna order black espresso without sugar and as strong as possible
  • INTP: Why are you saying that?
  • ENTP : cause your dead inside and you're the type to drink coffee a as dark as your soul or something like that.
  • INTP: *deep reflection*
  • INTP: *evil smirk*
  • INTP: a caramel latte macchiato with extra caramel and whipped cream please.
  • ENTP: * "are-you-serious-kinda-gaze"*
  • Starbucks girl: what's you're name?
  • INTP: Ruki. R-u-k-i
  • INTP: *evil smirk vol.2*
  • INTP: Add a little heart at the end pls
  • ENTP: really?
  • INTP: You don't know me bitch.
  • Ps: I hate Starbucks so much but I've been dragged here by my friend because "I'm pretty sure you haven't met civilization for at least a month "
  • I wanna go back to my dark room with my laptop...
Tap Tap Tap (A.Ham x Reader) modern au

A/N: Alright I’ve hopped the Ham train two years vERY late but after kind of immersing myself into the fandom and particularly its fan Fics and one shots, it really inspired me to write a little again. This is so short but it’s inspired by a post that said something about “cAN YOU IMAGINE IF A.HAM LIVED IN THIS ERA AND HAD A LAPTOP HED BE NONSTOP!!!1!1!1!!"and yeah. Yay hope you like it. If you have requests I’m more than willing to write probably longer than this as I wrote it on my phone lol.

(Ps: I live for how Eliza/Pippa sings Alexander’s name. My brothers name is Alex so I kind of just do it to him on random when he’s doing stuff. He hates me.)

A soft groan of approval escaped your lips as you plopped onto the mattress, eyes slipping closed and—

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap

Another groan escapes you now but no longer is it approving its more or less, disapproving. There is never a time of day where you don’t hear the constant tapping of keyboard keys from the next room over. But today, after a long shift at the hospital and numerous crying babies, you felt you deserved some quiet and maybe even a cuddle or five.

After a few more minutes of trying to ignore the inevitable you hoist yourself out of bed and make your way into Alexander’s office.

As always, he was hunched over his desk surrounded by papers and open books, with his laptop open in front of him. The faint glow of the LCD screen made the bags under his eyes more prominent.

Your heart softens at the sight of him, focused on whatever case, reviewing evidence and writing up reports and drafting testimonies.

You thought of your college days together where you both had met, him an aspiring law student and you an aspiring pre med student. Ten years later nothing had seemed to change but the fact you now both wore rings on your left hands symbolizing vows made in front of your families.

After watching him for a few minutes you knock on the doorway. "Alexander,” you say gently, careful to not scare him out of his current state of mind.

Slowly he turns to you, his hands stilling on the keyboard for a moment. A tired but happy smile takes over his face, “Yes?”

You scoff teasingly, “What? No ‘my darling’ or 'my love’?”

He sighs and motions for you to come over and you oblige, mainly because your feet were hurting and also you could never say no to sitting with your husband.

You slowly slip into his lap, your fingers automatically slipping up to his scalp, gently massaging as your eyes slipped closed again. For a few seconds you both stay quiet then you break the silence, “Take a break and come rest with me.”

Your voice is soft, full of lethargy. His hands rest on your waist as he once again sighs, “I have work to finish, I promise I’ll be done soon.”

“You say that every time Hamilton,” you point out pulling away to opening your eyes to look at him, “you’re always working and writing like you’re running out of time.”

His brows raise at the old nickname you used to call him back in school but you continue to look at him, eyes heavy with sleep but determined to get your husband into bed.

“Well I am gonna be thirty—”

“Shut up you’re not dying on me, not yet,” you mumbled, poking him on the chest.

You feel him relax underneath you, a sign that you were winning the argument. “Please love,” you say gently, placing a kiss on his nose, “Let’s get some rest.”

Following a few too long seconds you feel him rise as he adjusts your in his arms, walking in the direction of your shared bedroom.

“Glad you see it my way,” you laugh looking up at him again. He chuckles and settles underneath the covers with you. You snuggle into him and let the lull of sleep bring you—


Your eyes snap open again only to see your husband tapping away on his phone he catches glimpse of you and laughs nervously, “Emails?”



The Ladies Have Landed: an endless list of beautifully complex women
↳ Eve Rothlo from How to Get Away with Murder

“Because part of me is still in love with you. It’s pathetic, I know. We were forever ago, but… I guess I’m just stuck. Yes, I’ve been with plenty of other women, buried myself in work, but you show up again in my life, Annalise, and I’m just done. You still have me, and I hate it. I don’t hate you, but I… I hate how you make me feel because I can’t have you.”

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SOBI prompt; sick hoseok and yoongi taking care of him

wc: 1.7k (im having no luck keeping these things under 1k lol)

ps: again, will post under a read more when i get to my laptop (and i swear, i have a laptop but it hates me, so that’s why i keep typing these things on mobile, apologies.) apologies for this drabble, too. it’s nothing but dumb. and fluff. and doting.

hoseok feels like shit.

actually, he feels like he’s standing in the middle of hell (he’s burning up and breaking out in cold sweat, it’s terrible) and somebody from up there, or somewhere, is continuously dumping cold water on him.

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In your FAQ you said you sometimes used photoshop. Do you have any brush settings for that program? I'd really love to know because my colors always look so flat.

I use ps very rarely because my laptop hates it, usually just for colour adjustments. But whenever I draw in ps (like actually draw) I just use the regular brushes, I change flow or something but I never think about it. I downloaded some brushes from deviantart but it turned out there is too much of a good thing now and I get lost in all these brushes x) So, I guess I’m not the best person to help you with this.
However, I don’t think the brush is the main problem when it’s about colours. Of course it makes a difference but still. If you experiment with colours a little you’ll notice that even pretty soft, round brush can create some depth. Here’s the example. This is the (sai) brush and sketch I used:

And here you have two different ways of colouring:

The first one looks flat because the colours used for shading are just darker shades of the same colour, no diversity, no other colours, plain and boring.
The second one has more colours, warm yellows, oranges, reds and browns, not too bright but not too desaturated either, also some blue shades. It looks more alive.
So maybe try with references, colour understanding, dunno… Anyway, good luck :)


So hum, it’s Ink’s birthday today and I wanted to draw something… AND THIS DRAWING WAS AWFUL! Seriously, my laptop crashes when I finish the line… AND THIS ARM XSDDCGRH I HATE DRAWING ARMS THIS IS AWFUL. But well this is not that bad, so it’s cool. Just a little gift meheh

PS : (french) Oui le nom du fichier est “JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE INK TU ES ABSOLUMENT ADORABLE SERIEUSEMENT COMMENT DES GENS FONT POUR TE RESISTER JE NE SAIS PAS TU ES TROP CUTE AAAAAAH j'ai besoin d'un verre d'eau” je trouve que c'est totalement legit pour un nom e_e (et puis j'étais à moitié droguée quand j'ai fini le dessin, comprenez moi un peu :’) )

(FR) “J’ai besoin d’un verre d’eau”

Ptain même moi faire plus random j’aurais pas pu sur le coup LMAO


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“Winter Settles Over Maria”

Happy to call this one complete!  And I don’t hate it, which is a miracle [and hopefully a good indicator that I am just about past this art-block nonsense!].  I’ll actually be offering this piece up soon as a print, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in snagging one <3

I really hope the colors come across right on other monitors…  Between my laptop and the desktop there’s a stark difference 8C [sweats]

Thanks again to all who helped inspire me and keep me plugging along;  I definitely couldn’t have gotten through this without you guys.  

( PS: watergirl1968, I’m not sure if Louis had any distinguishing markings, or specific breed so I opted for ‘Black’ as mentioned and for more Fresian-esque.  VIB was stunning;  I am literally in love.  Thank you for being so talented, and sharing it with us xoxo )

( PSS:  I really want Winter back.  Really, really bad. )

Image © Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2014 | lovelybonezproductions.tumblr.com

Calum imagine for caraloveslaughs :) ps kind of based off of little things by one direction



“What’s wrong” I asked though I knew what it was. The fans were hating on her. The girl I loved was being hurt by the people who “loved” me.

She shook her head and blinked a few times getting rid of tears. “Nothing, I’m fine I swear” as she closed her laptop. She had been on twitter I knew it. There were awful things written about her I had seen them and they disgusted me.

I knew what I had to do. I sat down next to her.

“I love your hair the way it looks in the morning with the sun light on it is amazing. I love the fact that it’s curly because I love to play with it and sometimes I think they’re little springs and stuff which is really stupid I know”

“What are you doing” she asked with a confused look yet she was blushing. “Just hear me out”

“I love how sarcastic you are sometimes. You make me laugh and I love how sassy you are sometimes. You just don’t realize how witty you are” I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes, she was beginning to realize what I was doing.

“I love that you love music just as much as me. If I’ve had a bad day, or want to play with someone I can count on you to jam with me even if you don’t know the words.”

“I love everything about you, I love you, I am in love with you. Every time I see the hate get to you or make you upset I feel like I have failed and I’m sorry you have to go through that. I feel like I’m so selfish sometimes-”

“Calum” she cut me off “I wasn’t crying because of hate you don’t have to apologize” she said with a giggle. “I was watching a video and it was sad” she said.

I flushed looking down, I had read this all wrong. “What, er, what video were you watching?” I asked.

“It’s called "Forever In My Dreams” by Sawyer Hartman" she said with a smirk.

“I’m sorry about that” I said.

“Don’t be sorry and I love you too. Besides a list of things you love about me? I’ll take that anyday.”