i hate this piece of shit president so much

you know what drives me crazy? people that be standing up here saying “we need to give him the benefit of the doubt, we need to give him a chance and see how he leads”

I’m sorry, do you want the world to just fuckin…ignore the hate trail he ran as a campaign? we just what, pretend the last 18 months didn’t happen and his behaviours and attitudes and cabinet picks are not indicative of the man he is and the administration he’s going to run?

if someone treated you like shit every day at work, made your life hell, bullied you, objectified you, harassed you, and then got promoted and became your boss, do you just forget that happened because he might treat you better now he’s in charge?

nah fuck that, power doesn’t change a person for the better, it just makes the type of person they are more obvious, and idk how much more obvious it can be that he’s a hateful piece of shit, so fuck giving him a chance or the benefit of the doubt. fight back. resist. don’t ever accept this man as president. acknowledge it happened and fight to fix it, but don’t accept it. acceptance indicates something is okay, and this? absolutely isn’t.

We’re fucked.

The thought of Donald Trump as president is terrifying, literally terrifying. What’s even more terrifying is the fact that so many Americans would actually vote for a man filled with so much hate, racism, and a general lack of respect for our basic civil rights. Please pray for America. I can’t even imagine what our country will be like 4-8 years from now.

I hate that entire family so much.  I hate the stupid anti-Christ kid this country actually made President– I hated every day of the shitty 8 years we had to put up with that fake-cowboy male cheerleader.  I hate that weakling Jeb.  I hate that Savings & Loan piece of shit that no one ever talks about.  I hate their granddad, the Nazi collaborator.   I hate their mom– yeah, you know what, fuck that old lady, too– George Washington called, you stole his look, lady.   Bush Sr. … Republicans have gotten so much worse since him that he almost seems quaint, his kids made me like him in comparison, but still… stuff like the Willie Horton ad?  That’s still one of the most racist thing I’ve ever seen happen politically.  It’s still the “worst case scenario” for a political campaign ad.  

I hate these people in a very real, clumsy-but-true way. All of their miseries are cause for celebration. Not having to hear his name anymore is cause for celebration.  Knowing the next time we hear about them in the news is when their mom dies is cause for celebration.  (Or maybe if a loving God ever shows mercy and sends Dick Cheney one last extremely-painful heart attack, then their names come up then too, I guess– it’s all blue skies from here).  

Whatever else can be said about him, watching Donald Trump lay into that little shit during the debates was such an unmitigated pleasure – unmitigated even knowing that guy is a vulgar fascist and unmistakable sign-of-the-end-times.  I seriously think at one point during the last debate, I heard Trump tell Jeb “your mom should run [instead of you]”…!  I never imagined that could feel so good to watch… 8 years I spent, waiting for a Democrat to treat them like that and except for one time where they let Stephen Colbert near a microphone, it never happened– Hillary Clinton wanted to probably, but she was too busy voting for the Iraq War to get around to it. As one of our country’s greatest historical figures John Spartan once put it, “send a maniac to catch one.”  And this time, America did that.  America finally listened to the Demolition Man

Knowing that a political party and a country that family personally helped make vulgar and stupid and hate-filled enough to take Donald Trump seriously is what finally tripped them up… it’s s like the end of some beautiful Greek play.  I just sincerely hope Jeb cried some more when he realized how disappointed his dad probably was in him.

Music!  Drinks!  Life!