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Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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prompt: “we should cuddle… for warmth.”
pairing: nalu
dedication: @theanimangaofitall (my first and only patron!! i love her!!)

“Why does it have to be so cold?! I hate the cold!”

“Repeating it won’t make it go away, you know.”

Lucy shot Natsu her best death glare. “What would you know,” she hissed and tugged at her jacket in an attempt to get it even tighter around herself, which was an entirely impossible undertaking. “Do you even know what it feels like! I’ve never liked the cold.” 

“And I’ve never liked Gray, so that’s pretty much the same thing.” 

Ignoring that particular remark, Lucy chose to further concentrate on her own suffering. “Can’t you light a fire or something? Or set me on fire; I don’t care at this point!”

Natsu snorted. “You know what you are? A drama queen!”

Turning towards her, he began pulling at his miniscule vest and did a Lucy-impression that turned real-Lucy’s face a bright red. 

“I-I’m not!” she protested weakly.

“There, you look much better already!” He grinned deviously, and Lucy pouted, placing her hands on her cheeks.

“You’re so mean!” 

Natsu seemed to ponder this information. For a few minutes he became quiet, and they sat in silence. The only sound was the chattering of Lucy’s teeth. 

“I… could help you” he said after he’d let her suffer long enough. 

“Of course you could,” she whined, punching his arm when he laughed. 

“But only because I’m starting to feel cold myself, you know,” he informed her, sounding awfully clever. Lucy dreaded what was to come. She knew that look.  There was an impish gleam in his eyes.

“We should cuddle… for warmth.” He looked at her triumphantly.

A little smile crept onto her face. "If you say so. I guess I could warm you up a little.”

Natsu cackled. “As if I’d ever be cold! Lucy, I’m hurt! You doubt me!” Turning his face away, he gripped his scarf and tried to look offended. But at the same time he scooted closer and pulled her against his side, so Lucy just snorted. 

“When did you become so considerate…” she mocked him, trying not to show the wide smile on her face. The heat that wafted off him could be felt easily even through his leather jacket, and Lucy snuggled into him contently. Had she looked up, she would have seen the smug expression on Natsu’s face. 

But she did not, and it was just as well.

#1 My Neighbor's A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 421 (ik it’s short but the rest will be longer than this)

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: nothing drastic

Author’s Note: New series 🌚 This was supposed to be a Lance x Reader, but I decided otherwise. Idk if people would like it with Lance. But I think Bucky can portray a perfect jerk so 🤗 

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this gif is (not mine*) so accurate y'all will see, once you read this 😂 

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The first time you met Bucky Barnes, you wished it was your last time. But apparently, your fate was looking down at you and laughing.

Who’re you kidding, Y/N?

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She Hates Me

A/N: Is this terrible? Idk maybe, really it’s up to you to decide, but I do think the idea is good. Cole said that they were probably going to play the Ethel x Jughead angle on Riverdale in an interview and the idea of a Jealous!Ethel kinda inspired this thing + I’m playing off on the shadiness seen in 1x03 
Feedback is always greatly appreciated! 
p.s.- I apologize if there are any mistakes. 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader x Ethel

About: Ethel targets reader’s anxiety when she feels like the reader’s relationship with Jughead is much more than friends, and maybe she’s right causes the reader to avoid Jughead

Warnings: I think there’s a swear in there somewhere and the beginning might be a bit triggering as it’s Ethel being a meanie + mention of anxiety

Word Count: 2,500, give or take a few

           You’re too much of a nervous mess to make sense in any sort of conversation, aren’t you? No wonder he never talks to you, he probably just lets you hang out with him out of pity. Your anxiety is a damper to be around so how about you just leave Jughead alone. He doesn’t need you in his life and he sure as hell doesn’t want you in it either, so maybe it’s time for you to finally get the memo.

           Ethel’s words echoed in your head as you walked home with takeout from Pop’s, a place you had loved to take refuge in, now an environment full of negative emotions– too much of them to bare all at once. Jughead and you had been close friends since middle school because of the sitting arrangement in your English class at the time. You didn’t think anything had changed between the both of you, well not until Ethel crashed joined your quiet nights at Pop’s with Jughead.

           She’d constantly make conversation with Jughead, and crack jokes that made him laugh chuckle. You were happy there was a girl interested in him, except that she was a total bitch to you. Scratch that, Ethel didn’t even acknowledge your presence or the comfortable silence that there was between you and your best friend before she got there. Jughead either didn’t notice or didn’t care and would just continue to type away on his laptop while listening to Ethel talk.

           Then the incident between you and Ethel happened whilst Jughead was in the restroom. This was the first time you and Ethel were left alone with each other. You wanted to start a conversation with the girl who showed such fondness towards Jughead, but found it hard to start a conversation with Ethel as she glared at you. You had already felt incredibly uncomfortable and felt close to tears seeing Jughead not need you as company anymore, but when she let those harsh words out you left immediately. You didn’t understand why she had it out for you, but she definitely seemed to embody the voice in your head. You could barely walk as you were struggling to breathe, so thank God Archie had found you on his way to Pop’s.

           It had been five days since you and Jughead had spoken. You had tried to distance yourself from him and Jughead had noticed your efforts. He tried to talk to Archie about it, but he said that he promised you not to meddle. Archie didn’t agree with what you wanted, but he also didn’t want to see you in that state of distress again. Jughead wasn’t sure what he did wrong as he hadn’t noticed anything off the last time you guys hung out. You had left early because of some family issues, but family issues always seemed to arise more often nowadays. 

          Ethel seemed to appreciate the time alone with him, but Jughead felt uncomfortable being there with her by himself. Not to say that Ethel wasn’t great company, which she was, but she kept on interrupting his thoughts every time she spoke. Jughead rarely heard you speak when the both of you were at Pop’s, but he liked the way your voice was smooth every time you ordered despite knowing that you felt terrified that you were going to say it wrong.

          Jughead somehow managed to make eye contact with you despite being in the middle of a crowd, but you quickly looked away. You didn’t want to face Ethel or Jughead, but having a class with both of them and Riverdale being such a small town made the endeavor extremely difficult. You had a feeling Jughead knew what you were doing and was just letting you be, but you secretly hoped that he’d get fed up with your antics.

           “Y/N!” you heard Veronica call after you, so you turned around and waited for her. “It’s been a while girl, what’s been up?” Veronica said as she linked her arm with yours. Veronica was very kind to you and you appreciated the kindness she showed not only to you, but to all her fellow girls (unless they somehow managed to not deserve it).

          “Nothing really, just that meandJuggiearen’tfriendsanymore,” you say quickly.

          “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I caught any of that,” Veronica let out a small laugh and pulled you aside from the crowds of students walking in the halls.

          “I said that Jughead and I aren’t friends anymore,” you took a deep breath while Veronica looked more confused than ever.

          “You and Juggie were so close, though. Kev and I were even hoping the both of you would end up together,” Veronica admitted. After the whole Ethel ordeal, you had started questioning your feelings toward Jughead, sure, but you had only confused yourself further.

          “Well it doesn’t matter, Ethel brought some interesting points up last time I hung out with Jug,” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. Jughead saw you again, this time speaking to Veronica, and had decided to talk to you to figure out how to salvage the friendship between the both of you. Of course, neither you nor Ronnie noticed the boy walk towards the both of you.

          “Really? What exactly were they?” it was Veronica’s turn to cross her arms across her chest. Her eyes were narrowed as if she knew that you weren’t about to say anything good. She was right, of course, but that didn’t make it any easier. “Wait if you and Jughead were hanging out, I definitely hope you would call it a date, but why the hell was Ethel there?” her face was scrunched up in disbelief. Veronica once thought of Ethel as brave, and she was, but now she was beginning to wonder how much shadier that girl is. Jughead was at earshot at this point and started to piece things together in his head, stopping in his tracks.

          “It wasn’t a date Ronnie, you talk in those. Jughead and I hardly speak when we’re at Pop’s. As for why Ethel was there, she just sort of self-invited herself I guess. She asked me what I was doing one day and then she had just decided to tag along. And then she started to tag along for all of the times Juggie and I were at Pop’s,” you shrugged, your arms no longer crossed. You hadn’t noticed how much it bothered you until you said those words aloud. “Anyways, she just told me that Jughead probably only hung out with me out of pity, why else wouldn’t he speak to me when I’m obviously sitting across from him?” Veronica noticed you biting your lip from saying anything else.

          “Is that all she said Y/N?” Veronica asked, and you shook your head looking down at your shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world now. “Tell me what she said right now or I’ll get her to tell me herself,” Veronica’s tone was deadly, so you sniffled and mustered up all the courage you had to tell her.

          “She said that Juggie doesn’t need me in his life and that he doesn’t want me in it either,” Veronica’s face softened at your words. You had started crying so Veronica hugged you. “She was so mean Veronica, I mean who says these kinds of things to someone?” you pulled away from her embrace, cleaning up your face and wiping the tears away. You knew that you had told yourself those things, but it was easier to brush off when you could blame it on your anxiety. You definitely knew you looked like a complete and total mess because of that brief crying session. “I don’t even like Jughead in that way, I think. I’m just so confused and I don’t know how I feel and I just- it’s been five days and I miss him, Ronnie. Why do I miss him so much?”  

          “Because you care about him, and I sure as hell know that he cares about you, okay?” Veronica says reassuringly. “I think the best thing for the both of you right now is to talk to each other.” Archie had said the same thing, but you made him swear that he wouldn’t tell Jughead a thing. 

          “I doubt he’d want to speak to me, I’ve been ignoring him all week,” you let out a humorless laugh. Your face was blotchy, but you were no longer crying just sniffling from time to time. You felt the anxiety building up in the pit of your stomach just thinking about it.

          “I’d like to disagree,” Jughead said from behind you, making you tense up. “How about we ditch and go to Pop’s to discuss this Y/N, think of it as a way to repay me for the avoidance.”  

          “Go,” Veronica insisted as the bell rang. You nodded and sent her a small forced smile before turning to face Jughead.

          “Lead the way,” you mumble, keeping your head down.

           Sitting in a booth at Pop’s next to Jughead made you feel sick. You wanted to curl up in a ball and cry while hoping the earth would swallow you up whole.

          “Earth to Y/N,” Jughead snapped you out of your thoughts. Your eyes felt droopy so you didn’t bother to turn and look him in the eyes, not like you would have been able to anyways. You hummed to let Jughead know you were listening. “So now you’re spacing out on me?”

          “Sorry,” you mumbled an apology. You had to try to stop distancing yourself from the feelings this place brought or else no progress would be made. Your therapist had told you that before, and now you were finally taking her advice.

          “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jughead asked, wanting the answers he should have asked for from the very beginning.

          “Tell you what exactly,” you weren’t about to start talking about the wrong thing, especially considering the fact that it wouldn’t have been the first time you did that.

          “About Ethel. Why didn’t you tell me she basically targeted your anxiety?” it was hard for Jughead to get through asking the question.

          “I didn’t want you to confirm what she had said,” you said quietly, shifting in the booth.

          “You actually believed her?”

          “I didn’t want to, but then I started analyzing everything and I noticed how our dynamic had changed from talking at all times to now hardly even saying any words when we’re near each other–”

          “That’s because we can literally make eye contact and have a full conversation Y/N… I don’t hang out…,” Jughead trailed off again, the words he was about to say felt as if they were burning his throat. He sighed, “Y/N I enjoy your company, just sitting across or next to you is good enough for me. I don’t need to have full conversations with you because you know me well enough to know that whenever I start whining like a baby when you get up it’s because I want you to grab me more food, or that when my hands are carefully tapping at the keyboard of my laptop it’s because I don’t know how to continue. You start talking about your day in hopes that I’ll figure out what to write and if I still haven’t started typing anything you start listing words alphabetically, which actually does help.

          “I’m the only one who knows that you only get the crease in between your brows when you’re trying to remember something you forgot and that when you start to fidget with your hands it’s because something is bothering you and making you feel uneasy. Y/N, I never want you to feel uneasy when you’re around me,” Jughead grabbed your hands. You hadn’t noticed you were fidgeting with them, you also hadn’t noticed that you were barely breathing.

          “Juggie I don’t know how I feel about y-you being this close to me,” you had said, barely above a whisper. You didn’t know what compelled you to tell him this information, but you felt the need to acknowledge it.

          “You think I do? I’m not even sure why I’m still holding your hands,” he said, his voice sounding deeper as he spoke at the same volume you did. He didn’t let go of your hands and instead, you quirked your eyebrow at him. He smirked, knowing that you were recalling the last time you held hands with each other. You gave him a small smile and noticed his eyes flickered towards your lips. You felt the need to do the same, and you remembered a time when you wondered what kissing was like.

          “Remember that time you let me kiss you?”

          “I remember the kiss, I don’t recall letting you,” you laughed at his reply, your forehead resting on his chest and your hands still intertwined.

          You were both no older than 13 as you walked next to each other on your way home. The friendship between the both of you had barely reached its first year of existence, while your anxiety was hardly existent. When you finally filled in the silence with a question, it was definitely not one Jughead saw coming.

          “Have you ever kissed anyone?” Jughead had scoffed, but you were genuinely interested.

          “Oh you’re being serious,” he said, as if he was surprised when you were indeed inclined to know.

          “’Course I’m being serious Jug.”

          “No Y/N, I have not kissed anyone. Have you?”

          “Nah, but I wonder what it’s like.”

          “It’s like exchanging saliva,” you gave Jughead a shove as the both of you laughed lightly. You guys neared your house and you were bummed you had to leave Jughead’s side.

          “Thanks for walkin’ me home Jug.”

          “It’s not a problem, you should know that by now. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

          You smiled and he seemed satisfied with that response when you planted a kiss on his lips. He was so surprised he didn’t even get to kiss you back, but you were happy with what you had gotten.

          “Not like exchanging saliva at all,” you grinned at him and skipped your way to the door. “Bye Juggie, I’ll see you tomorrow!” and with that you went inside.

          “When did everything get so complicated?” you ask, looking up at the boy. Your anxiety levels grew exponentially a month after that because the arguments between your parents grew just as much.

          “When we started to experience different types of feelings at the same time probably,” you hummed in agreement and a quiet fell over the both of you. You sat up straight in your seat, making eye contact with Jughead, but neither of you could explain why there was a feeling of panic being shared between the both of you. Maybe it was just nervous jitters that you were both feeling, but it felt a bit too suffocating to just be that. The both of you seemed to make a subconscious effort to lean in, but separated from each other, hands no longer being held either.

          “We should figure out how we feel about each other first?” you say but it comes out as a question instead of a statement.

          “Yeah,” Jughead said quickly, which made you laugh. “I mean, yes. We should definitely get our feelings straight before moving ahead.”

          And with that, you guys shook on it.

Only Us (Part Four)

Originally posted by lauraharrier

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 2170

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

“Not your best Y/N.” Mrs. Linden passed me placing my recent algebra test on my desk. I turned it over revealing my score. I groaned internally as I read it. D-, I hated algebra. “See me after class.” She added before carrying on giving the rest of the students their tests. I cowered furrowing my eyes at the paper as the end of class drew closer. The bell rang out signaling the end of the class. I stood up as I grabbing my test walking to the front of the room. The rest of the class slowly made their way out of the classroom. “Y/N.” Mrs. Linden nodded sitting at her desk. “I had asked you if you would attend tutoring lessons. And obviously you haven’t taken me up on that offer.”

“I don’t really have time—”

“School is very important Y/N. You need it to get further in life.” She responded. I opened my mouth to reply before she started again. “That is why I am giving you no choice. Ned has agreed to tutor you—I believe he talked to you already.”

“Yeah he did.” I responded.

“Good.” Mrs. Linden smiled and stood up. “Meet him in the library. He should be expecting you.”


“This is the only option Y/N Y/L/N. You will fail unless you start getting better and it seems like you aren’t putting forth any effort. So this is your only option.”

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Ravenclaw x Slytherin

This is my personal favorite pairing! Idk, I just see Slytherclaw ships as power couples.

• It would be one of those hate-at-first-sight relationships where they begin as enemies and end up head over heels.

• It would be because of something like a double-booked Quidditch field where the Ravenclaw is pissed because they KNOW they reserved it first.

• Or because the Slytherin is super competitive and can’t stand that the Ravenclaw has the best grades in their year.

• But they gradually fall in love and suddenly they’re kissing each other and their friends are snickering in the background.

• After that, they’re the newest couple in the school, and the Slytherin makes sure everyone knows it.

• But they do argue a lot, and it ranges from old couple bickering to full on rows with flying pottery involved.

• It’s usually the Ravenclaw who starts the arguments, but the Slytherin ends them skillfully and holds the longest grudge imaginable.

•Then the Ravenclaw is the first to apologize because the Slytherin is stubborn af.

• Dates include: Going to the arcade, playing mini golf, going to the pool late at night, going to a festival, etc.

Idk, they’re just so👏cute 👏

anonymous asked:

i saw this today and i think it's so so true: "children on tumblr expecting me to present a 5k words essay on my mental health status, my queer card, and my abuse survivor membership as reasons why I’m allowed to like what to like tbh. I hate this mentality."

Yeah!!! I 100% agree as well.

It really pisses me off that people lowkey feel entitled to my life story just because I like a certain thing and, more than that even, it pisses me off that people think my “status” as a mentally ill queer abuse survivor gives me more of a right to consume certain types of content. Like… I don’t “ship to cope” or w/e people think makes me shipping SangBum or Thramsay etc is “permissible.” Idgaf if people do ship unhealthy pairings for that reason but I don’t think they’re the only people “allowed” to ship certain things and I honestly hate that there’s people who would think my voice “matters more” because I was abused and shit. Like yeah maybe I can speak to that experience in a way other people can’t, but I don’t think that means I’m the only person who is allowed to talk about the relative morality or whatever the fuck of shipping unhealthy relationships or consuming Problematic™ content.

Yeah idk as I’m writing this I’m realizing how much I really resent the implication that I MUST ship to cope or w/e because believe me I definitely Do Not. But anyway that’s the whole other story. Thanks for the ask! ❤

anonymous asked:

hi~ i read your about page where you said you might write up your reasons for not liking some ft ships like the whole debate with fraxus/miraxus & chendy/rowen but i couldn't find anything on it on your blog so i wondered what were your thoughts on that? i know there's fandom arguments about homophobia and crackshipping there too. i’m a multishipper but i really like your anti posts for naruto so i thought if you had any ft ones then they might be as good! �

Thank you! I’m really glad you that like my Naruto posts. They’re pretty controversial, so nice comments are always appreciated! 😅 Dude, I haven’t updated by ‘about’ page in months, so doing that write-up completely passed my mind… Thanks for being interested though! I guess I’ll spill:

Right, this might be quite controversial, so remember that any opinions expressed are just personal preferences/reasons, right? ⚠️

Like I said on my page, “I have a ‘manga > anime’ complex thanks to Studio Pierrot, so I only read FT. I wanted to avoid filler brainwashing, bias and only know of canon with this series, after the mess with Naruto…” Therefore, I only really ship that which I believe is substantially depicted/suggested in canon, and kind of have a bit of a pet peeve for anything outside of that.
[ #1 justification disclaimer! ]

( 1 ) Mir/axus [ & Fraxus ]

So I was genuinely surprised that Mir/axus was even a thing when I started searching the fandom’s tag, once I’d caught up. I don’t know if they’ve been implied in filler, but they were non-existent as a romantic pair in the manga. Honestly, they hardly had any on-panel interaction… Like, the only evidence that came to mind for “logical” reasoning behind them was chapter 380’s cover art. (Maybe 329’s, at a push.) I even tried to find some supposed “moments” under their Wikia page, but that listed was merely scarce interaction with no romantic subtext; each synopsis was pretty much grasping for straws.

Here’s the thing – you mentioned the fandom discourse of “homophobic” accusations, right? Now, the I too hate when shippers (in any fandom) cry that, simply because others don’t ship a queer pairing. Like, c’mon. But, in this case (and Wendy’s), I must admit that I do find it somewhat relevant… Idk if this ship’s popularity (and, more so, acceptance alongside the actual semi-canon pairs) is because most have been influenced by external material or if it’s just because there’s no other member of the opposite sex that they’re paired with, but Fraxus was actually suggested in canon; emphatically from Freed’s point of view! Even on Laxus’ side, numerous chapters have moments that – here’s the thing – anyone would undeniably accept if either Freed or Laxus were female*.

[ My volumes are enclosed in my bookcase, but luckily I have 49 – 57 (Avatar – Alvarez) on-hand beside my bed, so I skimmed through to find (max.) five pages to evidence Laxus’ P.O.V. ‘cause this post will already be long enough. ]

Chapter 416: “At this rate, I won’t be able to protect what’s important to me.”

It’s also worth noting that the official tankōbon/volume translation of this reads: “I’m not strong enough to protect the people I love yet.”

Chapter 460.

Chapter 462: “But that ain’t important now. All I’ve got on my mind… Is bringing the pain to the bastard who took out Freed and the others.”

Chapter 472: “So you’re the one who did a number on Freed and the others?”

Chapter 473: “Thanks a lot, Freed… There’s no wizard that could break your spells…”

*That’s the key consideration – that if you were to replace either’s gender for that of the opposite sex, it changes how they’re perceived. These panels, for example, are dismissed by those who oppose Fraxus, but they would be regarded as “ship moments” and a validation of Laxus’ affection if you were to replace Freed’s name in the dialogue and/or presence in the panels with a female (Mira)!

That’s why I can kind of understand these claims, ’cause the existence and general fandom acceptance of these ships is very heteronormative in that respect (i.e. ignoring present queer pairings for heterosexual ‘crack-ships’) which makes it kind of discriminatory; reminiscent of homophobia perhaps. [ Although, I agree that term is a little extreme, as it doesn’t seem intentionally prejudiced. ] Whilst Freed is emphatically portrayed as LGBT+, Laxus’ sexuality is a little more implicit, yet he is assumed straight by default… It’s ironic/hypocritical because the majority of ships are founded upon one character’s feelings, whilst neither Mira nor Laxus have shown said romantic interest in each-other.

( 2 ) Ro/Wen [ & Chendy ]

Again, I hate Ro/Wen due to a similar reasoning. Finding out that they even existed as a ship was baffling, tbh! I mean, at least Miraxus had the cover as some rationale, but Ro/Wen is based solely on them being the same age… Talk about heteronormative? Also, technically, that’s an incorrect claim, due to the seven year time-skip in which she remained frozen. Like, she’s actually the same age as Sting & Rogue. But you don’t find her forced with them. Why, because they’re older and that’s frowned upon? You know, despite the same premise applying to Ro/Wen; since Romeo was half Wendy’s age when she was introduced (6 & 12).

The ship can’t even be supported with evidence, since they had no significant canon interaction until the Alvarez Arc. Their only other contact was in an omake. Yet their age difference is evident in both; dismissing any reach at romantic subtext. In the omake, Romeo refers to Wendy as “nee[-chan]”. Similarly, she is presented comforting him like a child, with him looking up to her as that same sister figure in their Alvarez panels. I have seen some of these shippers disregard Chendy as being “platonic”, when Romeo and Wendy’s dynamic is actually – canonically and strictly – such.

Chendy, however, do have a substantial, visibly & literally present, mutual bond. They have extensive, plentiful interaction, as well as an actually present romantic subtext… I know that it may be difficult for (I guess) anyone outside of the LGBT+ or a truly ‘open’ community to understand, due to our heteronormative society – as Chendy are often disregarded as “just friends” (🙄) – but many of their moments transcend platonic affection and bear intense likeness to the other romantic pairs’ depictions. For example, they are also featured alongside the semi-canon couples in art-work, like Mashima’s couple sketches on Twitter.

Not to mention that friendship is the foundation of any healthy, romantic relationship! Of course they’re going to be best friends before engaging in such, particularly in the case of same-sex pairs. Yet no-one uses this dialogue (of labelling each-other as “friends”) against NaLu, despite them stating the other as that same description on numerous occasions. But despite that mentioned above, Chendy are still dismissed. Again, if either were the male, then it would be a different situation… I mean, since people ship characters based solely on covers and all – chapter 421’s cover (among others)?


Obviously there’s nothing wrong with crack-shipping! And, no, not liking a queer pair [more than a straight one] doesn’t make you “homophobic”. But – in the case of Fraxus 🆚 Mir/axus & Chendy 🆚 Ro/Wen – I think that there is something kind of messed up with arrogantly defying a character’s canon depicted/suggested sexuality and/or romantic interest(s). There is something somewhat discriminatory about disregarding their other prevalent, significant and actually developed bonds, to the extent that someone’s heteronormativity is so severe that they substitute a same-sex character for an irrelevant one of the opposite sex, who does not even have decent interaction with the character in question; fabricated entirely from the ridiculous, inaccurate [R/W] rationale of them being “the same age” or merely sharing a chapter cover.

That sounds much harsher than I intended, I’m so sorry! Btw, I don’t blame shippers – everyone is (obviously) allowed to ship what they want! What’s stated above is simply why I’m against Mir/axus and Ro/Wen, especially as an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and a bisexual myself.

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Paired Up - Yoongi (suga)

Ahhh idk i dreamt about Yoongi and i decided to share my awesome dirty dream with you guys, i feel so blessed! 

Group assignments are a pain in the ass. Everybody knows that and everybody hates them. However, you thought it would get a little more bearable now you’ve been paired up with the hot, mint haired guy in your class. You didn’t really know what he was like though, he never really said much and was mostly napping during class so you didn’t get the chance to get to know him very well. You thought he didn’t talk alot because he was shy and didn’t like to be in the spotlight, but boy were you wrong.

He turned out to be quiet because he just generally dislikes people and simply doesn’t feel like interacting with them. You discovered that soon enough when you two went to the library each day after class hours. Today was one of those days.. You didn’t like working with Min Yoongi. You couldn’t say he didn’t contribute to your project, but he only does his part and that’s it. It would be nice if he’d offer you some help since he knew you did most of the work anyway. But he didn’t. Again. He just finished his part and got ready to sleep again while you still drowned in a pile of work and you were sick of it. It was quiet in the library. All students immediately went home after school except for you guys, since Yoongi didn’t invite people to his house and you couldn’t bring boys over

‘Done.’, he murmured, shoved his papers to your side of the table and folded his arms to lay his head to rest on them.

‘Seriously, Yoongi?’


‘You’re just going to take a nap again?’

‘Yeah, so what?’

‘I’m still having so much work! You never ask if you can do anything!’

‘Uhm.. i don’t know if you noticed but i just finished my part.’

‘For fuck’s sake. Fine. At least get me that book i told you about, it’s on the third array to the right.’

He just rolled his eyes dramatically and got up slowly and theatrical while sighing deeply, making you roll your eyes in return. Yup. This was how your group project with the hot, mint haired Min Yoongi was going. Not exactly what you’d expected.

After twenty minutes of waiting, you were beginning to wonder if he got lost in those mere 15 meters he had to walk to get the book. You sighed and got up to go find him. Walking past the mentioned array, you saw a hint of mint flashing by from the corner of your eye. You quickly turned around to see Yoongi talking to a woman on the outside terrace. You’ve never seen this woman before so she couldn’t be a teacher. Neither have you seen her around in the library before. You tilted your head in confusion but decided to go check on him anyway. You got outside, the setting sun throwing a warm, orange light on his face. His troubled face. His…panicking face?

‘Yoongi, we still have to write a recapitulation of what we did today. Come on.’
He looked at you but the woman was still talking to him so he looked back at her, forced a smile on his face and nodded to everything she said. He wanted to get out, you could tell. You stepped closer until you were standing next to Yoongi, looking the middle-aged woman straight in the eyes.

‘As I was saying, why aren’t you working in the model industry? A handsome young man like yourself, it’s a shame. I can pull some strings you know, i know important people so i can probably get you in. Ah, how i wish i was young again. Well, it’s not that i look old now right?’, the question at the end of her nauseating sentence flowing out into a horrendous loud and shrill cackle that made you cringe. Yoongi was actually dying inside as he realized he had to answer her ridiculous question. Ofcourse she looked old. She was at least 50 and you couldn’t really say she had aged well. She was making him unbelievably uncomfortable and you were starting to pity him and his situation.

‘Yoongi, we need to get going or we’ll never be able to finish our project.’, you announced loudly while grabbing his sleeve and getting ready to head for the exit of the terrace before being stopped abruptly by the anonymous woman. You snapped your head back and glowered at her.

‘Excuse me, who are you? I wasn’t done talking to mister Min here.’

‘Who am I? The question is: who are you? Are you allowed on this property? What are you even doing here?’

‘I’m scouting for an important agency, ofcourse i’m allowed to-‘

‘No no, see, what i’m looking at right now is a thirsty cougar who’s trying to pick up young, hot guys by intimidating them with your age. You know they can’t disrespect their elders and you’re an elder alright.’

She looked at you, fully shocked and offended, but she wasn’t planning on letting herself get scolded by someone half her age.

‘Why don’t you let him tell me that, hm? I’m sure he’s man enough to stick up for himself if he needs to.’

‘He’s not interested, it’s obvious. Why don’t you just leave him alone already, okay?’

‘What makes you think you have the right to-!’

You rolled your eyes, grabbed Yoongi by his collar and yanked him forward to smash your lips on his. His eyes widened in shock and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. You softly moved your lips together and he fluttered his eyes closed, just going with the flow. You actually lost yourselves there for a few seconds until you remembered the obnoxious lady, still eyeing you both with an astonished expression on her face. You gently pulled away from Yoongi’s soft, plump lips and he leaned forward a little, not really getting the fact you were actually stopping the kiss. You pressed your lips together to suppress a giggle.
‘I’m his girlfriend.’, you dryly stated as you looked her dead in the eye. She gulped uncomfortably, murmured something and scooted out of there. You sighed in relief, glad that this whole awkward situation was gone. Now you had to deal with another. You turned around again to face Yoongi and apologize but just as you opened your mouth to say something, he grabbed you by the waist and pressed his lips on yours again. This time it was your turn to be utterly suprised. Small whimpers escaped Yoongi’s needy moving lips as they moved against yours forcefully. Your hands moved up to tangle your fingers inside his mint green hair, pulling his locks softly. You stood there for a minute, devouring eachother, although you had no idea what the hell was going on. You thought he disliked you and now he was practically eating you up. Not that you were complaining.

After a while, he pulled away a little to catch his breath and look at you.

‘Yoongi…’, you breathed.

‘Lets go back inside.’ He grabbed your arm and pulled you with him back inside the library, carefully closing the terrace door after him before yanking you against him and attacking your lips again while smashing you with your back against the nearest bookshelf. You yelped a little from the shock and he groaned into your mouth at the sound. His hands roamed all over your body until they found your breasts. He stroked them lightly before gripping at your collar and tearing the two halfs of your blouse apart, making little white buttons spring everywhere. You whined against his lips, annoyed by the fact he just ripped your shirt but you couldn’t break away from his lustful kiss. You didn’t want to either. He smirked before taking your bottom lip between his teeth to play with it as his hand massaged your breasts. You mewled at the feeling of his hot hands kneading your bust and your hands found their way into his hair again.

‘Mmh, you like that baby?’, he whispered as he kissed his way down your neck.

‘Yes…’, you sighed out and you pulled on his hair again. You couldn’t help it, it was so soft and inviting.

‘And how about this?’, his hands sliding down to your thighs and slowly back up under your pleated skirt. He cupped your heat, his middle finger stroking your clothed slit as he bit down onto your skin.

‘Fuck Yoongi…’, you whined desperately. You needed more.

‘Fuck ____-‘, he taunted. ‘You’re so wet already, got that pussy all dripping for me? Did I get your cute little panties all soaked like that?’

You couldn’t answer properly, partially because you were embarrassed and partially because his small, soft movements were banning any thoughts other than you wanting him to keep going. You just nodded intensely and pulled him closer, his hard bulge poking into your hip as you held him against your body. He smirked against your skin. It was all going way too slow for you though. You needed more of him and you needed it right now. You snatched his head back so you could ravage his mouth again, lips and teeth wildly colliding in a messy makeout session as you held on to his hair and he to your ass. He quickly lost his composed and teasing manner as he drowned into an ocean of lust, sounds of moans and whimpers merging together in a lewd harmony. He grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted you up against the bookshelf, making you clench your legs around his waist. His mouth wandered down your chest to kiss, suck and bite the flesh of your breasts sticking out above your bra. You tilted your head back against the books and grinded your hips against him, aching to have him inside you.

‘Are we really doing this?’, you questioned, breathing heavily and half chuckling because you didn’t expect this to happen at all when you came here to study with him.

‘Fuck yes, we’re doing this. Hold on tight.’, he growled as he released your thighs to hook his long, thin fingers around the waistband of your panties to take them off quickly. You held on to his shoulders as he continued to shove his own pants and boxers down as well. He stroked himself a few times before placing his tip at your dripping entrance. He softly brushed the head between your folds, getting it all wet and slippery and rubbing it against your clit, making you twitch up against the shelf.

‘Yoongi, don’t tease..please!’, you moaned as you tried to lower yourself down on him.

‘Fuck you’re right’, he breathed out as he guided himself inside you at last. His hands moved back to your thighs and gripped them thightly so he had more control over how fast or slow he would let you sink down on him. It became fast. He practically slammed himself inside of you with one, hard thrust, not being able to restrain himself any longer. He was losing control, as were you since you were both moaning loudly and prolonged.

‘Fuck ____-… so tight…’, he panted as he started thrusting up into you. Your mind was blank, you didn’t notice anything other than the pleasure he was giving you, gradually ramming his thick cock inside. A string of curses flew out of his mouth as he picked up his speed, bucking his hips up into you in a steady, fast rhytm, making the sound of colliding flesh echo through the empty arrays of books. You leaned down to capture his lips with yours, your kiss heated and rushed when you both felt yourselves climbing towards your orgasms. Your moans, punctuated with each hard thrust, muffled by eachothers lips.

‘Yoongi…faster…’, you moaned in his mouth. He groaned but complied. He started slamming into you forcefully and with an incredible speed that made you see stars. You felt your walls getting ravished from the inside, his wide tip rubbing at your sweet spot, hitting it over and over again with practically no time inbetween to recover, just the way you liked it. A hot feeling started brewing inside the pit of your stomach and you knew you were getting awfully close. Yoongi was as well, judging by his moans against your lips hightening in pitch and his thrusts inside your throbbing core snapping up quicker and sloppier.

‘Fuck… _____-… I’m gonna…fuck!’, he grunted before letting his head fall down on your chest, gripping your thighs so hard it hurt and holding you down on him as he erupted inside of you with suppressed groans. Your own orgasm snapped when you felt him twitch inside you, releasing ribbons of hot, white liquid all up into your burning core. Your head fell back onto the books behind you again as you moaned and lightly squeaked at the feeling of being filled with his hot seed. You stayed like that for a while. Your hands resting on his shoulders, his head on your half naked chest and his cock still inside you. You panted heavily as you tried to catch your breaths until Yoongi started laughing lightly.

‘What is it?’, you asked him, amused.

‘Well, i know for sure i’ll be doing this assignment with way more energy and excitement like this.’

‘You just got yourself a deal.’, you winked and placed a kiss on his lips.

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Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 2,373

Written For: @thetourguidebarbie [fic giveaway #3]

Pansy meets him on the very first day of junior high.

Her summer sunburn is peeling off the freckled tops of her shoulders, and her hair is freshly cut, sleek and slightly stiff with baby-pink glitter, and Draco Malfoy—who now smells like mocha Frappuccinos and the Hugo Boss counter at Nordstrom—is red-cheeked and haughty and furious as he calls Harry Potter ‘four-eyes’ in front of their entire morning-block math class.

And it isn’t a particularly funny, or witty, or clever insult, but Pansy still giggles like it’s the best thing she’s ever heard.

Draco smirks.

Potter glances at her like she’s an insect.


Draco breaks up with her at the eighth-grade dance.

It’s humiliating, and she’s shrill and breathless and a little hysterical as she pours most of a can of Diet Coke all over the front of his ugly mauve and green Express button-down; instantly, he’s pouting, glaring at her like she’s the one who’s betrayed him, and she spins on her too-high platform stilettos before stomping out of the badly lit assembly room and heading blindly for the very last place anyone would think to search for her.

The soccer field.

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So here’s the thing lovelies: All I want is the anti ‘ANY’ SHIP posts to end. I don’t want people (at least in this fandom) to make a post and then TAG it as ANTI. ( I’m only referring to certain ships in this post bc I’ve seen the most antis here, but this does not mean all the other ships are not included.) I may be a Bughead shipper, but I’m not only gonna support one ship in this context and completely ignore the fact that there are certain Bughead fans too who send out hate to Beronica or Jarchie fans. (and vice versa)

Why do that? What would anyone gain from that? Why not take all those efforts into doing something fruitful, like idk, SHIP YOUR OWN PAIRING? You chose your ship, the other person chose theirs. If your interests conflict so much that you can’t have a civil/polite conversation then DONT interact in ways which can be demeaning.

Of course, as viewers of a show, we all have right to express when we don’t like something, be it a couple or a scene orsomething else, but that should not be considered the same as attacking the involved characters or the writers or fans.

We as a fandom can be more mature than that guys. Come on.

Another mini random anti tvd rant

I am still bitter we never got Bonkai hate sex. I mean Elena fucked Damon not even 24 hrs after breaking up with his bro Stefan , Caroline fucked Klaus in woods even knowing shit he did to Tyler. Look, everything in this show was problematic af. Idk why it was taboo for queen Bonnie to have some sexy goooood hate sex with handsome devil , Kai Parker.

Also, I get they try display Bon has “good girl” in trio but to me it’s really off putting how they had her have less sex scenes. Compare Bonnie Bennett love scenes to Elena/Caroline’s. All I remember is Bonnie sleeping with Jeremy and Enzo and those love scenes seemed rushed and cut short?? While we have seen these longer sex scenes with Elena & Caroline pairings. Am I making sense or just only one that notice this????

“Obviously, he doesn’t even know who she is.” is what Daisy Ridley says in an interview when talking about Luke. And hasn’t it been said before that Rey’s parents don’t appear in ep7?

Idk to me Rey being a Skywalker is not interesting. We already have enough Skywalkers; Luke, Leia, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. On the other hand I love the theory behind Rey Kenobi. Not just because I like Obi Wan or the similarities, but because where there is Kenobi, you will always find Skywalker not far behind, and I feel it would tie up pretty well.

Either way, no matter which direction they go with Rey’s parentage I’m excited to see tlj. I know antis are desperately hoping for Rey to be a Skywalker so that reylos will disappear, but I for one won’t abandon ship.

weird rant about a Kirby pairing lmfao???

U kno I was going to make a twitlonger about this but I can just type my feelings here

Ok I fucking hate sectonia/taranza honestly like romantically or platonically listen to this
I am totally thinking way too deep about a cartoon villain but listen the whole way it was written and presented reminds me so much of an abuse narrative or an unhealthy relationship

Hear me out !!! Ok so they were both like best friends , it’s even romantically implied (albeit one sided) but yadda yadda sectonia became corrupted and evil

Now taranza ! He, still remembering all the good times and memories and his relationship stayed w sectonia even doing deeds for her just to get her approval. Now it’s I guess typical of a royal figure and servant but like they were best friends at some point ¿ and sectonia self proclaimed herself ruler of the people of the sky so

Idk and the ending cutscene breaks my heart bc she just throws him aside like nothing and he has to reluctantly ally with Kirby to take down sectonia

I guess it’s understandable ppl view it as a like tragic pairing or w/e but I just !! I see so much weird “”“femdom”“” type art and it’s weird bc ppl fetishize the fact women can be abusive into some weird kink or cute pairing >w<

I get it it’s Kirby and def not meant to be that deep but it just makes me uncomfortable !!! And maybe some other ppl too?? Cuz I know I can relate to the fact of being close to someone , an clinging on desperately to good memories from the past to still be around them and try o make them happy. But they’re not the same anymore and no amount of good memories make it justified to still stick around if someone is treating you badly

ok now I also get it that like it’s not entirely her fault cuz yea magic mirror corrupted her and stuff to make her evil buuuuuuttt yeahhhh this is just my over analysis !!! About !!! This!!


where a superhero decides to defeat they’re super villain nemesis with  ultimate kindness. it somewhat effective…

“i got you hockey tickets - they’re cheap seats but it’s the best i could get last minute”

“you’re giving me hockey tickets? i’m robbing a bank. right now”

“well, yeah, but i already foiled that. so here’s a consolation prize”

super villain suspiciously walks away with tickets


“you should really bundle up on a night like this”

“what are you doing here?”

“well, watching you freeze while casing the national art gallery. coffee?”


“with coconut milk. i know you’re lactose intolerant”

“don’t expect a thank you”

“wasn’t even thinking you’d offer. hey i got a spare pair of gloves. i mean i don’t need them what with my powers. so here, i’d hate to see you get sick”

“if i get sick, i wouldn’t be a thorn in your side”

“well can’t have my favourite criminal out of commission. then i’d be left with that wannabe with who can’t even banter properly. i mean not even one pun!”

“their last caper was lacklustre”

“i know!”

Plus One

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 390

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: John X Reader where Reader needs him as a pretend date for I dunno, a business meeting? And then John confesses that he doesn’t want to pretend anymore and asks the reader out? That would be cute. You can choose whatever reason why reader needs a date, I’m not that creative XD Thanks!

A/N: I’m so sorry for not posting idk where all my motivation went but I promise I’ll try to get things out soon aaaaaaaa I hate myself

F/N: Friend’s Name

“So tell me again why you need me to be your pretend boyfriend.” John sat on your bed as you paced impatiently.

“Because I checked +1 on the wedding invitation and I don’t have a date!” You explained once more, collapsing on the bed beside him.

“Alright, fine.” John agreed, wrapping his arm around you. “Babe.”

You stood nervously in front of John’s door, knocking urgently.

He swung the door open, grinning wildly.

“Ready?” You nodded, leading him to your car.

The ride to the wedding was filled with a tense silence.

“Y/N, you made it!” F/N squealed, wrapping you in a tight hug.

When she pulled away, she noticed John standing next to you.

“You actually brought a date.” She gave him a warm smile, shaking his hand politely. “I’m F/N.”

“John.” He introduced.

She leaned close, whispering something in his ear before disappearing into the crowd.

The rest of the night went smoothly; you stayed close to John chatting idly.

“Wanna dance?” He offered suddenly, taking your hand.

“Sure.” You tried to hide the blush that crept onto your cheeks as he pulled you towards the group of dancing couples.

Music played softly as the two of you calmly danced, each of you smiling softly. In a swift motion, John pulled you close to embrace you. Heat rose to your face as your cheeks burned a deep red.

“I don’t want to pretend anymore.” He whispered, causing you to tense up.

“W-What do you mean?”

“I want this to be real.” He continued, keeping you enveloped in a warm hug.

“I-I do too.” You mumbled.

He spun you around, pressing his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around him, smiling into the kiss.

You could get used to this.

anonymous asked:

Penn zero for the fandom ask thing?

The first character I first fell in love with: penn hhearhgyhg
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: aLSO EVERYONE LMFAO I NEVER EXPECTED ANY OF THIS TO HAPPEn
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I’M not answering this one
The character I love that everyone else hates: my problematic princess,, of my Heart
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: my love only grows stronger
The character I would totally smooch: lma o .bye
The character I’d want to be like: o geez ok uhm. look at vonnie and brock and tell me they’re not hashtag goals but they’re also stuck in tmdwi which is? not so nice?? actually all the characters have traits i’d like to have too so idk lmao hh
The character I’d slap: rippen kinda deserves it doesn’t he
A pairing that I love: captain super captain x sheriff scaley briggs,, but also sashi x amber,, also all my friends’ self ships lmaoooo
A pairing that I despise: not answering this one eitherrrr

Sweet Tangerine

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 5,019
Warnings: cooking failures, language
Summary: You don’t know how to cook, and Bucky offers to teach you. @buckities sent me: I wish you would write a fic where…a let’s-cook-dinner-together! night starts out all funny and light-hearted, moves to an honest-to-god breakdown over overcooked pasta and ends with a heartwarming love confession. (don’t hate me. i just love random prompts.)
Author’s Note: Fun fact: I almost set the house on fire when I left the cardboard on the bottom of a pizza I put in the oven. I’ve also burnt water. Idk how I’ve lived to be 25. Dedicated to @rogersxbarnesx, as usual, who will hopefully still love me even when I don’t cook for her when she visits me in October. 

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Hey yo so I’ve basically unfollowed a lot of people who were fueling the fire in the Voltron family, so I need more people to follow.

Please reblog/like this if you post any of the following but also don’t HATE on any of the following ty

-Keith in general!!!
-Lunk/Hunce/Hance?? Which is the pairing name idk omg but I love it
-Shklunk (as I’m typing these out I’m realizing how awful these ship names are dear god)
-Shunk (why do these pairing names sound like i dropped something)
-Voltron in general!!!!

Thanks loves!