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ive finally decided to grow a pair and off myself, i just cant do it anymore, everything hurts to do. i cant do the most simple of tasks, i am an embarrassment to my entire family. i am a horrible person, i dont deserve life. i dont know what to do anymore, i cant do anything right and i am sorry, i had a panic attack today over a fucking doctors appointment, so thats fun :)) also thanks to the terfs and other nasty people for encouraging this. it made me realize how truly hated i am, the attention was fun for a little bit.

Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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Under One Condition - Carl Grimes Imagine

request: Carl x reader where they hate eachother so its sassy and get stuck somewhere, so reader suggests a way to get out. Carl agrees, but if their idea fails Carl gets to do what he wants. Idea fails, carls idea is to make out.

pairings: carl x reader, best friend tara x reader

a/n: this is really stupid and unedited and lame and dumb idk read at your own risk. i didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but i never do lmao… i hope you guys still like this :-) 

word count: 1,655

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers 

You stood against Michonne’s back as Rick forced open the door of an old store with a crowbar. Your knife was drawn, but you didn’t feel the need to get in fighting form. Michonne felt the same way–standing casually with her katana on her back. 

The door swung open with a pop, and Rick drew his gun from his holster, leading your group into the small convenient store. You waited until everyone was in before entering, making sure to leave the door cracked behind you. Tara was waiting for you at the front door when you came inside. 

Tara was your best friend. She had been since she joined your group after the Governor destroyed the prison. You were young, but you had been around the apocalypse for long enough to understand that you weren’t a kid anymore. At least, you didn’t expect to be treated like one. 

Tara and you connected almost instantly. She was a childish adult, and you were a mature child. You two balanced each other out, and you could never be without her for more than a day or two. You two even shared a house when she was with Denise, for you wouldn’t let her live in a house without you. 

“Hey, kids, come help us pack these up!” Rick called happily. Whenever you found a plethora of supplies, Rick would light up like a Christmas tree. You were going to have to give half of it up, of course, but you had to grow accustomed to scavenging for someone who didn’t care if you lived or died. 

As you reached for a bag of food to pack into a box, your hand brushed up against Carl’s. You both rolled your eyes, and you moved your hand to find another bag to begin packing. You and Carl had never really gotten along, to say the least. 

You were lonely when you met Rick’s group, and everyone expected you and Carl to get along great because of your ages. They were right, at first. You and Carl were best friends for the first few years you knew him. He was your best friend, and he was always kind and took care of you. 

Carl changed when you two were around thirteen years old. You grew to dislike him more and more each day. You wouldn’t say you hated him, but he sure as hell seemed to hate you. Whenever you would even try to be civil, he would throw all respect to the curb. 

Tara knew how much he bothered you, but she managed to remain his friend over time. You wouldn’t have minded being his friend, but you were afraid of talking with him about it, to begin with. You would never hear the end of it if he was completely unwilling to be civil with you. 

A crash was heard from outside the store, and everyone turned their heads towards the sound. You tossed the bags of food you were holding into a box and picked it up, preparing to evacuate the store before you were discovered by whatever was outside. 

“No,” Rick said, holding his hand up to you. “Let us get the boxes. Carl and (Y/N), I need you to stay in here with Tara. I’ll drive the car to the front of the store so we can load everything up, then we’re gonna leave. Michonne, grab a box. Tara, watch the kids and make sure nobody gets in here.” 

You and Carl both sighed in sync, giving disapproving looks at Rick. Rick and Michonne were out the door before either of you could complain, though. Tara began packing food and supplies into her backpack, and you and Carl each followed in her lead. 

A second crash sounded from outside the store, and Tara huffed through her teeth. “Alright, guys, stay here. I’ll be right back.” You almost told her to wait, but you hesitated for too long, and she was out the door. You glanced at Carl, who was already looking at you. He turned his head quickly. 

“Why do you hate me?” you asked calmly. “I don’t wanna start a fight or anything. I’m really just curious. Did I do something to you that I don’t remember?” As soon as the words left your mouth, you realized how stupid they sounded. 

“I don’t hate you,” Carl snapped. He walked away from you, but you followed him. “I just don’t think we have to be friends because we’re the same age. That’s all.” 

“Well, yeah. I agree on that, but we used to get along so well! What happened?” Your voice was becoming more and more expressive as you thought about how stupid the rivalry between the two of you was. Carl chuckled and shook his head at the ground. You waited for a response, but he didn’t give you one. 

“What happened?” you repeated, a little quieter than the last time. Carl must have noticed the change of your voice’s tone, for he looked up at you with a confused, yet endearing look on his face. 

Carl shrugged his shoulders. “We grew up.” 

The car could be heard pulling up in front of the store. Carl walked towards the door, leaving you in the back of the store. You heard the door swing open and quickly zipped up your backpack. Before you could stand up straight again, you were pulled further into the back of the store. You stood yourself up quickly, recognizing Carl as the person who was dragging you. 

“Carl, what the hell!” you exclaimed. 

“Shh,” he demanded, still holding you by the upper arm. “A car just pulled up outside, and it wasn’t dad.” 

Your eyes widened as you heard the door swing open. Carl looked around quickly, then pulled you into a room in the back hallway. Just as he shut the door and locked it behind you, the front door could be heard swinging open. Carl wasn’t satisfied with the door being locked, though. 

He scanned the room quickly and grabbed a chair tucked beneath a dusty desk and pushed it beneath the doorknob. You pushed yourself up so you were sitting on the desk. Carl turned around and began walking around the room, searching it for anything useful. 

The room was quiet until you decided to speak up. “Carl?” 

He looked up at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“What did you mean earlier? When you said we grew up, what were you talking about?” Your feet hung off the edge of the desk, swinging back and forth. 

Carl laughed to himself, shaking his head and sliding his hands over his chin. “You got hot.” 

Your eyebrows raised, and you swore you could feel your cheeks flush pink. 

“I got scared when I started thinking about you as… I don’t know. It was different, though. We were always best friends, and something just switched in me, and you were more than just pretty.” 

Your face was probably red at that point, and you couldn’t seem to bring your eyes up from your shoes. You could have sworn that he hated you, but you were apparently far from right. 

“Sorry,” he sighed with a smile. “Didn’t mean to make it weird.” 

“No,” you said, raising your eyebrows. “I just… wasn’t expecting that.” 

The silence that swept over the room made it easy for you and Carl to hear the sound of a shelf falling over from inside the store. You flinched when you realized how close the unknown people were to you. You had never been so alone and so scared before. There was always someone like Rick or Glenn with you to make sure you were safe, but you and Carl were alone that time. 

Your eyes swept over the room once more as you searched for a way to escape the room you were stuck in. You only noticed two possible ways out, and they were both extremely risky. Your first option was to go out the door into the store and try to fight off the people to get to your car. Your second option was to climb out the window, which was only about one foot by two feet big. 

“I wanna get out that window,” you stated. You hopped off the desk and told Carl to help you move it beneath the window to use as a stool. 

“(Y/N), you can’t be serious,” he huffed. “There’s no way we can fit through that tiny window.” 

“Well, we don’t really have any other options,” you said, letting go of the desk and deciding on climbing an old shelf instead. 

“Yeah, we do. We’re just gonna wait this out until Dad brings a group back to get us out. He’s not just gonna leave us here,” Carl argued. You knew he was right, but you didn’t want to wait it out. You wanted to get out of the small room and back to Alexandria. 

“(Y/N), get off the shelf. I’ll help you climb out the damn window,” Carl said, giving in to your idea. 

“Thank you,” you replied. 

“Under one condition,” Carl added. “If this plan of yours doesn’t work out, then I get to kiss you.” 

Your eyes widened, and your face flushed pink once again. “All subtlety out the window, I guess.” 

“You wanna try your window idea or not?” 

If you were being honest, kissing Carl Grimes wasn’t the least appealing thing you would have had to do. You would easily pick that over several activities you had been forced to endure. 

Carl helped you pick up the desk and move it beneath the window. You climbed on top of it, so you were face to face with the small glass frame, and it was clear to you that there was no way in hell you could fit through it. 

“This isn’t going to work.” You turned back to him, and saw the noticeably apparent smirk on his face. 

“You know what that means, right?” 

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#1 My Neighbor's A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 421 (ik it’s short but the rest will be longer than this)

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: nothing drastic

Author’s Note: New series 🌚 This was supposed to be a Lance x Reader, but I decided otherwise. Idk if people would like it with Lance. But I think Bucky can portray a perfect jerk so 🤗 

Main Masterlist

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist

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this gif is (not mine*) so accurate y'all will see, once you read this 😂 

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The first time you met Bucky Barnes, you wished it was your last time. But apparently, your fate was looking down at you and laughing.

Who’re you kidding, Y/N?

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Second Chances

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Prompt: Reader is the only one in Scotts pack who dosnt hate Theo.She gives him a second chance.

Pairing:Reader x Theo Raeken

Warnings:idk Swearing?


I slammed the door of stiles jeep shut, briskly walking up Scotts driveway.Liam had called me about twenty minutes ago, telling me to get to Scotts as soon as possible.Lydia stopped at the front door waiting for me to catch up.

“y/n do you have any idea why we are here?”

I shrugged,pulling out the key Melissa had given me to the McCall house,and fitting it into the keyhole.I turned the knob swinging the wooden door open, and walking inside.Lydia following close behind.The minute I stepped into the foyer I could sense something was off.I raised my head a little, inhaling.

“It smells like blood..”I said turning to look at Lydia.

Before she could even open her mouth to respond I could hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh.Even without were-wolf hearing I could see that Lydia had heard it too.We locked eyes for a moment before I dropped everything in my hands and took off running towards the dining room,Lydia at my heels.I turned the corner, ebruptly stopping so that Lydia almost runs smack into my back.

“Theo?”I ask, my eyebrows knotted in confusion.

Sitting…well more like laying in front of me in non other than Theo Raeken .Blood was running out of his nose, and coating his lips.My view of his is partially blocked by the figure of Malia who is winding up to deliver another swing to his face.Theo chokes, slowly looking up at Malia, then me.

“its ok, You dont have to stop.”He sighed, closing his eyes, waiting for the next blow to be delivered.I watch as malia begins to bring her fist down, but I stop her, grabbing her wrist tightly.

“Stop it! Stop it right now!” I scream.

A deep silence settles over the room as I turn to lock eyes with Malia who is looking at me with a mix of anger and confusion.I drop her wrist. seeing that i left claw marks I turn away staring at the rest of the group.Liam,Lydia,hayden, and Scott are all staring at me, and I can tell that Theo is too.

“What…The…Hell?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

And it was as if a great dam had broken, that Liam and Hayden begin talking really fast, trying to fill me in.but I close my eyes signaling for them to stop.

“Get out.” I state flicking my fingers towards the door.Liam tries to protest but Scott locks eyes with me for a moment before agreeing.

“Come on guys, we will wait outside.”

Scott turns walking out the door, with Lydia and Hayden close behind.Lima hesitates for a moment before grabbing Malias arm and towing her out the door.I turn quickly, kneeling down next to Theo.

“Hey there Raeken, you miss me?” I ask, a smile dancing across my lips.

“Why’d you stop her?I deserved it…”He sighed deeply.

And just like that I knew he wasnt the same Theo that had tried to kill us all.I could see it in his eyes.I pulled him up so he was leaning against the door frame before sitting down across from him and pulling a few tissues out of my coat pocket, and handing them to him.He took them, and then looked over at me.

“I stopped her because as of right now I am the only one in our group that believes in second chances, and so that is what im giving you.A second chance…”I looked over at him. He had lowered the cloth from his nose and was now just staring at me.After a moment of silence I pointed towards his forehead.”You have a cut.”I got up, walking over to the kitchen sink and grabbing a wash cloth. I kneeled besides him as I pressed gently on his forehead with the cloth.I lowered my eyes to see that he was still looking at me.I dont know why but i sunk lower so that I rested on my knees, and so that our faces were level. 

“Thank you for giving me a second chance.” He said quietly.

He then fell silent as I leaned forward connect my lips with his.It was a soft kiss, but still full of meaning.I pulled away, not taking my eyes offf his.

“Of course Raeken.”

A Plan Gone Wrong

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Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Prompt: “You save Newt from a hex.”

Warnings: Reader is hit with a curse

A/N: Idk if I liked how this ended, I might rewrite it later…

Thanks to Mod K for the awesome prompt!!

-Mod E

You were crouching behind splintery wooden crates with Newt, watching the poachers before you shove a squealing baby dragon into a cage. You clenched your fists, hating the way the poachers laughed at the dragon’s misery. They discussed the huge sum of money they were about to get without showing a bit of remorse for what they were doing. You had reached for Newt’s hand, trying desperately to keep yourself from just rushing out into the open and snatching the dragon away from them.

The two of you had a plan; wait for them to fall asleep, then snag the poor caged dragons. But then it all went wrong.

You had leaned forward just a bit, trying to see if there were any other captured creatures when one of the crates shifted, creaking loudly. You froze.

“Who’s there?” One of the poachers shouted. You slowly shifted back onto your heels, but then the crate decided to topple all the way over and crash onto the ground. The poacher drew his wand, creeping up on the stack of crates. Newt put a hand on your shoulder.

“We need to go,” he whispered urgently. “Now. We can come back later.”

You nodded reluctantly, beginning to creep back with Newt. But then the poacher appeared around the boxes.

“Hey!” the poacher whipped his wand, sending a bright flash of red light toward you. It exploded against the ground, right next to your foot, sending a wave of dirt into the air. Newt scrambled to his feet, helping you up with him. You shook your wand out of your sleeve, firing off a quick curse at the poacher. It hit him squarely in the chest, sending him crashing into the boxes. More men began to appear around the crates, growing angry when they saw their fallen friend.

“We can’t let them get away!” One shouted to the others. You fired off another spell, Newt drawing his own wand. He turned to you, holding out his free hand to you.

“Let’s apparate!” he yelled over the explosions of spells. You reached for his arm, but then noticed a hidden poacher appearing from the shadows outside of their camp. He pointed his wand directly at Newt, his mouth curling into a dreadful snarl as he sent a burst of white light toward the Mazoologist. Your eyes widened, your muscles reacting before your mind could fully comprehend what was going on. You lunged in front of Newt, desperately blocking the curse with your own body. You winced when the spell hit, sending shockwaves of pain through you. You fell back, Newt catching you in his arms. And with one last look around, he apparated, holding you close to him.

He landed in the shed of his suitcase, immediately carrying you over to a rough cot. He cleared some books off it, laying you down carefully. His hands were shaking violently, his face absolutely panicked. You had never seen him like this before.

You yelped when another bolt of pain sliced down your back.

“Hold on,” Newt said, going to his cabinets full of bottles and herbs. He rummaged through it, drawing out a tiny red vial. He examined the contents quickly before carrying it over to you.

“Try this.” He flicked the lid off, helping you sit up and take a sip of the liquid. It was cool, like fresh mint. Almost immediately, the spell faded away. It left you dizzy and shaking, soaked in sweat. Newt put a soft hand on your cheek, wiping away a stray tear that tracked down your face.

“Oh, Y/N,” he murmured. “Why did you do that?”

“To save you,” you said, your throat constricting with every word. Newt closed his eyes. You moved your hand to cup his own.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Newt said.

“It’s okay,” you said. “I’ll be fine.”

Newt looked down at your intertwined fingers for a moment, trying to summon up the words to explain the fear that twined through his chest. “I shouldn’t have brought you with me.”

“It was my idea,” you said. “I just didn’t think it through. Besides, this job does come with some danger.”

Newt sighed, standing up. “I know.” He turned around, getting a soft blanket from the top of the cabinet. He unfolded it, tucking it around you securely. Your shivers began to decrease a bit to slight trembles.

“I’m just glad you’re safe,” he murmured.

“What about that dragon, though?” you said sleepily. “He’s not safe.”

“We’ll go back for him when you feel better,” Newt promised. “Next time, with a bit of a better plan.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Of course.”

Only Us (Part Five)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1917

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

“Get the fuck out!” My Dad yelled as a glass shattered on the wall. I flinched in my room hating the sound. I swallowed turning my stereo up as I sat on the floor my homework expanding around me.

“Shut up!” My mother shouted back over the stereo.

“You slept with him didn’t you?” My father yelled as I glared at the door as sound escaped from it. School today had been a drag and I had worked for 5 hours after school and was almost done with my homework. I glanced at the clock. 8:21. And my parents were fighting—again. It was a daily thing for them.

“So what if I did?” My mother yelled. The carried on for a moment before silence I realized that they were probably on the floor. I shook my head my eyes squeezed shut. I looked up pushing my books off my lap walking toward my window to go to the roof. I stopped suddenly looking at the my window that was webbed…again. Sorry. Roof? It read. I rolled my eyes a smile on my face throwing the window up running up the stairs.

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Paired Up - Yoongi (suga)

Ahhh idk i dreamt about Yoongi and i decided to share my awesome dirty dream with you guys, i feel so blessed! 

Group assignments are a pain in the ass. Everybody knows that and everybody hates them. However, you thought it would get a little more bearable now you’ve been paired up with the hot, mint haired guy in your class. You didn’t really know what he was like though, he never really said much and was mostly napping during class so you didn’t get the chance to get to know him very well. You thought he didn’t talk alot because he was shy and didn’t like to be in the spotlight, but boy were you wrong.

He turned out to be quiet because he just generally dislikes people and simply doesn’t feel like interacting with them. You discovered that soon enough when you two went to the library each day after class hours. Today was one of those days.. You didn’t like working with Min Yoongi. You couldn’t say he didn’t contribute to your project, but he only does his part and that’s it. It would be nice if he’d offer you some help since he knew you did most of the work anyway. But he didn’t. Again. He just finished his part and got ready to sleep again while you still drowned in a pile of work and you were sick of it. It was quiet in the library. All students immediately went home after school except for you guys, since Yoongi didn’t invite people to his house and you couldn’t bring boys over

‘Done.’, he murmured, shoved his papers to your side of the table and folded his arms to lay his head to rest on them.

‘Seriously, Yoongi?’


‘You’re just going to take a nap again?’

‘Yeah, so what?’

‘I’m still having so much work! You never ask if you can do anything!’

‘Uhm.. i don’t know if you noticed but i just finished my part.’

‘For fuck’s sake. Fine. At least get me that book i told you about, it’s on the third array to the right.’

He just rolled his eyes dramatically and got up slowly and theatrical while sighing deeply, making you roll your eyes in return. Yup. This was how your group project with the hot, mint haired Min Yoongi was going. Not exactly what you’d expected.

After twenty minutes of waiting, you were beginning to wonder if he got lost in those mere 15 meters he had to walk to get the book. You sighed and got up to go find him. Walking past the mentioned array, you saw a hint of mint flashing by from the corner of your eye. You quickly turned around to see Yoongi talking to a woman on the outside terrace. You’ve never seen this woman before so she couldn’t be a teacher. Neither have you seen her around in the library before. You tilted your head in confusion but decided to go check on him anyway. You got outside, the setting sun throwing a warm, orange light on his face. His troubled face. His…panicking face?

‘Yoongi, we still have to write a recapitulation of what we did today. Come on.’
He looked at you but the woman was still talking to him so he looked back at her, forced a smile on his face and nodded to everything she said. He wanted to get out, you could tell. You stepped closer until you were standing next to Yoongi, looking the middle-aged woman straight in the eyes.

‘As I was saying, why aren’t you working in the model industry? A handsome young man like yourself, it’s a shame. I can pull some strings you know, i know important people so i can probably get you in. Ah, how i wish i was young again. Well, it’s not that i look old now right?’, the question at the end of her nauseating sentence flowing out into a horrendous loud and shrill cackle that made you cringe. Yoongi was actually dying inside as he realized he had to answer her ridiculous question. Ofcourse she looked old. She was at least 50 and you couldn’t really say she had aged well. She was making him unbelievably uncomfortable and you were starting to pity him and his situation.

‘Yoongi, we need to get going or we’ll never be able to finish our project.’, you announced loudly while grabbing his sleeve and getting ready to head for the exit of the terrace before being stopped abruptly by the anonymous woman. You snapped your head back and glowered at her.

‘Excuse me, who are you? I wasn’t done talking to mister Min here.’

‘Who am I? The question is: who are you? Are you allowed on this property? What are you even doing here?’

‘I’m scouting for an important agency, ofcourse i’m allowed to-‘

‘No no, see, what i’m looking at right now is a thirsty cougar who’s trying to pick up young, hot guys by intimidating them with your age. You know they can’t disrespect their elders and you’re an elder alright.’

She looked at you, fully shocked and offended, but she wasn’t planning on letting herself get scolded by someone half her age.

‘Why don’t you let him tell me that, hm? I’m sure he’s man enough to stick up for himself if he needs to.’

‘He’s not interested, it’s obvious. Why don’t you just leave him alone already, okay?’

‘What makes you think you have the right to-!’

You rolled your eyes, grabbed Yoongi by his collar and yanked him forward to smash your lips on his. His eyes widened in shock and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks. You softly moved your lips together and he fluttered his eyes closed, just going with the flow. You actually lost yourselves there for a few seconds until you remembered the obnoxious lady, still eyeing you both with an astonished expression on her face. You gently pulled away from Yoongi’s soft, plump lips and he leaned forward a little, not really getting the fact you were actually stopping the kiss. You pressed your lips together to suppress a giggle.
‘I’m his girlfriend.’, you dryly stated as you looked her dead in the eye. She gulped uncomfortably, murmured something and scooted out of there. You sighed in relief, glad that this whole awkward situation was gone. Now you had to deal with another. You turned around again to face Yoongi and apologize but just as you opened your mouth to say something, he grabbed you by the waist and pressed his lips on yours again. This time it was your turn to be utterly suprised. Small whimpers escaped Yoongi’s needy moving lips as they moved against yours forcefully. Your hands moved up to tangle your fingers inside his mint green hair, pulling his locks softly. You stood there for a minute, devouring eachother, although you had no idea what the hell was going on. You thought he disliked you and now he was practically eating you up. Not that you were complaining.

After a while, he pulled away a little to catch his breath and look at you.

‘Yoongi…’, you breathed.

‘Lets go back inside.’ He grabbed your arm and pulled you with him back inside the library, carefully closing the terrace door after him before yanking you against him and attacking your lips again while smashing you with your back against the nearest bookshelf. You yelped a little from the shock and he groaned into your mouth at the sound. His hands roamed all over your body until they found your breasts. He stroked them lightly before gripping at your collar and tearing the two halfs of your blouse apart, making little white buttons spring everywhere. You whined against his lips, annoyed by the fact he just ripped your shirt but you couldn’t break away from his lustful kiss. You didn’t want to either. He smirked before taking your bottom lip between his teeth to play with it as his hand massaged your breasts. You mewled at the feeling of his hot hands kneading your bust and your hands found their way into his hair again.

‘Mmh, you like that baby?’, he whispered as he kissed his way down your neck.

‘Yes…’, you sighed out and you pulled on his hair again. You couldn’t help it, it was so soft and inviting.

‘And how about this?’, his hands sliding down to your thighs and slowly back up under your pleated skirt. He cupped your heat, his middle finger stroking your clothed slit as he bit down onto your skin.

‘Fuck Yoongi…’, you whined desperately. You needed more.

‘Fuck ____-‘, he taunted. ‘You’re so wet already, got that pussy all dripping for me? Did I get your cute little panties all soaked like that?’

You couldn’t answer properly, partially because you were embarrassed and partially because his small, soft movements were banning any thoughts other than you wanting him to keep going. You just nodded intensely and pulled him closer, his hard bulge poking into your hip as you held him against your body. He smirked against your skin. It was all going way too slow for you though. You needed more of him and you needed it right now. You snatched his head back so you could ravage his mouth again, lips and teeth wildly colliding in a messy makeout session as you held on to his hair and he to your ass. He quickly lost his composed and teasing manner as he drowned into an ocean of lust, sounds of moans and whimpers merging together in a lewd harmony. He grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted you up against the bookshelf, making you clench your legs around his waist. His mouth wandered down your chest to kiss, suck and bite the flesh of your breasts sticking out above your bra. You tilted your head back against the books and grinded your hips against him, aching to have him inside you.

‘Are we really doing this?’, you questioned, breathing heavily and half chuckling because you didn’t expect this to happen at all when you came here to study with him.

‘Fuck yes, we’re doing this. Hold on tight.’, he growled as he released your thighs to hook his long, thin fingers around the waistband of your panties to take them off quickly. You held on to his shoulders as he continued to shove his own pants and boxers down as well. He stroked himself a few times before placing his tip at your dripping entrance. He softly brushed the head between your folds, getting it all wet and slippery and rubbing it against your clit, making you twitch up against the shelf.

‘Yoongi, don’t tease..please!’, you moaned as you tried to lower yourself down on him.

‘Fuck you’re right’, he breathed out as he guided himself inside you at last. His hands moved back to your thighs and gripped them thightly so he had more control over how fast or slow he would let you sink down on him. It became fast. He practically slammed himself inside of you with one, hard thrust, not being able to restrain himself any longer. He was losing control, as were you since you were both moaning loudly and prolonged.

‘Fuck ____-… so tight…’, he panted as he started thrusting up into you. Your mind was blank, you didn’t notice anything other than the pleasure he was giving you, gradually ramming his thick cock inside. A string of curses flew out of his mouth as he picked up his speed, bucking his hips up into you in a steady, fast rhytm, making the sound of colliding flesh echo through the empty arrays of books. You leaned down to capture his lips with yours, your kiss heated and rushed when you both felt yourselves climbing towards your orgasms. Your moans, punctuated with each hard thrust, muffled by eachothers lips.

‘Yoongi…faster…’, you moaned in his mouth. He groaned but complied. He started slamming into you forcefully and with an incredible speed that made you see stars. You felt your walls getting ravished from the inside, his wide tip rubbing at your sweet spot, hitting it over and over again with practically no time inbetween to recover, just the way you liked it. A hot feeling started brewing inside the pit of your stomach and you knew you were getting awfully close. Yoongi was as well, judging by his moans against your lips hightening in pitch and his thrusts inside your throbbing core snapping up quicker and sloppier.

‘Fuck… _____-… I’m gonna…fuck!’, he grunted before letting his head fall down on your chest, gripping your thighs so hard it hurt and holding you down on him as he erupted inside of you with suppressed groans. Your own orgasm snapped when you felt him twitch inside you, releasing ribbons of hot, white liquid all up into your burning core. Your head fell back onto the books behind you again as you moaned and lightly squeaked at the feeling of being filled with his hot seed. You stayed like that for a while. Your hands resting on his shoulders, his head on your half naked chest and his cock still inside you. You panted heavily as you tried to catch your breaths until Yoongi started laughing lightly.

‘What is it?’, you asked him, amused.

‘Well, i know for sure i’ll be doing this assignment with way more energy and excitement like this.’

‘You just got yourself a deal.’, you winked and placed a kiss on his lips.

- Admin E


Wolfstar for “You’re too young to hate the world”

requested by @mrncwton

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Word count: 2241

Warnings: Angst, a bit of kissing (idk if kissing needs a warning, but better safe than sorry), slight canon divergence* 

* The incident with Sirius trying to get Snape to enter the Whomping Willow is said to have found place early into their Hogwarts years. In this fic, it happens during their sixth year, sometime right before ¾ marauders become animagi, which I also moved forth a year. Sorry about this to those who prefer things to stick to canon 100%.

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Plus One

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 390

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: John X Reader where Reader needs him as a pretend date for I dunno, a business meeting? And then John confesses that he doesn’t want to pretend anymore and asks the reader out? That would be cute. You can choose whatever reason why reader needs a date, I’m not that creative XD Thanks!

A/N: I’m so sorry for not posting idk where all my motivation went but I promise I’ll try to get things out soon aaaaaaaa I hate myself

F/N: Friend’s Name

“So tell me again why you need me to be your pretend boyfriend.” John sat on your bed as you paced impatiently.

“Because I checked +1 on the wedding invitation and I don’t have a date!” You explained once more, collapsing on the bed beside him.

“Alright, fine.” John agreed, wrapping his arm around you. “Babe.”

You stood nervously in front of John’s door, knocking urgently.

He swung the door open, grinning wildly.

“Ready?” You nodded, leading him to your car.

The ride to the wedding was filled with a tense silence.

“Y/N, you made it!” F/N squealed, wrapping you in a tight hug.

When she pulled away, she noticed John standing next to you.

“You actually brought a date.” She gave him a warm smile, shaking his hand politely. “I’m F/N.”

“John.” He introduced.

She leaned close, whispering something in his ear before disappearing into the crowd.

The rest of the night went smoothly; you stayed close to John chatting idly.

“Wanna dance?” He offered suddenly, taking your hand.

“Sure.” You tried to hide the blush that crept onto your cheeks as he pulled you towards the group of dancing couples.

Music played softly as the two of you calmly danced, each of you smiling softly. In a swift motion, John pulled you close to embrace you. Heat rose to your face as your cheeks burned a deep red.

“I don’t want to pretend anymore.” He whispered, causing you to tense up.

“W-What do you mean?”

“I want this to be real.” He continued, keeping you enveloped in a warm hug.

“I-I do too.” You mumbled.

He spun you around, pressing his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around him, smiling into the kiss.

You could get used to this.


Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 2,373

Written For: @thetourguidebarbie [fic giveaway #3]

Pansy meets him on the very first day of junior high.

Her summer sunburn is peeling off the freckled tops of her shoulders, and her hair is freshly cut, sleek and slightly stiff with baby-pink glitter, and Draco Malfoy—who now smells like mocha Frappuccinos and the Hugo Boss counter at Nordstrom—is red-cheeked and haughty and furious as he calls Harry Potter ‘four-eyes’ in front of their entire morning-block math class.

And it isn’t a particularly funny, or witty, or clever insult, but Pansy still giggles like it’s the best thing she’s ever heard.

Draco smirks.

Potter glances at her like she’s an insect.


Draco breaks up with her at the eighth-grade dance.

It’s humiliating, and she’s shrill and breathless and a little hysterical as she pours most of a can of Diet Coke all over the front of his ugly mauve and green Express button-down; instantly, he’s pouting, glaring at her like she’s the one who’s betrayed him, and she spins on her too-high platform stilettos before stomping out of the badly lit assembly room and heading blindly for the very last place anyone would think to search for her.

The soccer field.

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They Hate Us

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Request: hello hi! i’m no sure if you’ve done one similar but if it’s not too much trouble could you write an imagine where y/n and hayes get hate because fans don’t like them together? and it’s giving the reader anxiety a lil but they both switch their phones off for a day and just cuddle and it’s all okay?

a/n; tbh I think everyone has written imagines like this but it’s okayyyy, I’m gonna join the club (that gif though omg *cries*)

Word Count: 252 (idk what happened I couldn’t focus)

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I scrolled through my Twitter feed, knowing I really shouldn’t, the hate fans were giving both Hayes and I, was ridiculous. I mean I understand me, but Hayes? All he’s doing is being happy and they’re giving him hate?

“Hey, babe.” Hayes mumbled, coming up next to me, I smiled at him. “Don’t look at that.” He sighed, pulling my phone out of my hands. Turning it off before handing it back, I raised my eyebrows as I watched him do the same thing. “They don’t know what they’re doing.” He mumbled, not meaning to sound rude about his fans, but sometimes it’s just a lot to handle. 

I nodded slowly, “I guess.” I answered. “Come here.” He murmured, pulling me down with him as he laid back on the couch, I moved my head around a little bit until I was comfortable. “Do you think they’ll get over it?” I asked, looking up at him through my eyelashes, “eventually, yeah.” He said with a small shrug. “It makes me anxious.” I paused, tilting my head up to look at him easier, “like when we go out, I’m afraid someone will say something.” I explained to him. 

 He frowned, “they won’t do that.” He said, I gave him a look that said “really, you honestly believe that”. “Okay, maybe some of them would, but not all of them are like that.” He said, more confident in his answer this time. “That’s what I thought.” I sighed, burying my head in his shoulder. 

the last two character concepts of the greek myth au for bangtan! 
eros is a sadist
athena is constantly bombarded by people running after him wanting advice, and he just wants a break from owls scratching up his back.

also!! this au is gonna be all rare pair ships,,,,, u name the ship ill have it,,,, (im putting some self indulgent yoonseok though lol) 2seok, namgi, namseok, junghope, taegi, namkook, yoonjin, jinkook, yoonkook, etc. idk what a yoonmin is. jimin is a sadist and yoongi hates him and would kill him if he could tbh

if u want to know more abt the au pls feel free to send me an ask!

Keeping Promises {Calum Hood Smut}

REQUESTED: Yes! It took fucking forever, I’m so sorry :(

I’ve had major writer’s block since August, ugh :/ but I finally finished this, and I sort of love it, yet sort of despise it so…anyways, let me know what you think!


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Torture.// Draco x Reader

Title: Torture.

Request: “like what if your nevilles sister and you’re dating draco and like you’ve been dating him for a longtime, and he asks you to go to dinner to meet his parents. You’re a Gryffindor and Lucius already hates you. Narcissa is nice and insists on you staying for dinner then Bellatrix shows up.”

Pairing: draco x reader

Warning: ummm torture, maybe its too graphic idk?

A/N: I have to write so much omg

“Draco,” you whispered to your boyfriend of five years, his eyes drifting down to your eyes, “Yeah?” he whispered back. You felt your eyes water, “I don’t think I can do it, meeting your parents I mean.” You looked down at your hands, fumbling with your fingers. His grey eyes watched as you messed with your fingers, “I know you can do it,” he grabbed your hands, lacing his fingers with yours, “If I love you, they’ll love you.” He reassured. You smiled, looking down at both of your hands.

Draco had been in your room all night, when Ginny came back with the Golden Trio and Neville, they were all mostly confused. Everyone knew you were dating; hell some people even thought you were amazing together. Even Hermione thought you both were great with each other, and she hated Draco.

By the time Draco had left it was around five a.m. and he didn’t even want to leave. “I’ll come back later, okay?” he said smiling, you nodded as you laid your head back on the pillow. You had been left alone in your shared dorm, it was Saturday and you weren’t doing anything today, other than meeting Draco’s parents.

By the time Draco came back, you had fallen asleep. He laid down beside you, cuddling into your side. He slowly started waking you up, at first it was small pecks on your cheek, then it was him tickling you, of course, that woke you up. “Draco stopped,” you breathed out with a laugh. “No, you have to get up, we’re going to leave in two hours.” He smiled; you had a huge grin on your face as he tickled you. “Okay,” you laughed out opening your eyes to meet his as he stopped tickling you.

“Go get ready,” he smiled; you nodded getting out of your bed. You had picked out a black dress that flared at the waist, and was tight on the top. You put on a pair on black heels with red on the bottom; Draco had bought them for you on your fifth month anniversary. You put your hair into a high ponytail, doing a nude smoky eye and a dark red lip. Sitting on the ground by your bed you pulled out the purse Draco had bought you, you’re sixth month anniversary present from Draco, putting the lipstick, phone, and such inside it.

“I’m ready.” You smiled at him. His face lit up as he got off his bed, adjusting what he was wearing, a black jacket with a black shirt and dress pants. His normal attire. He grabbed your hand as you smoothed out your dress, grabbing the leather jacket you had laid out, “Come on,”

You both appeared in front of his house. It was huge, and it scared you.  You’ve always been the one to get lost and when Draco told you his house was big, it obviously messed with you. Sighing, you grabbed Draco’s hand, leaning into him. He looked down at you, before a elf came to open the door. You smiled at it; you thanked the small elf before walking with Draco to the dining room. It was huge.

The dinner table was larger than you’ve ever seen, and his mum and dad we’re already sitting there. Your already sweaty hand squeezed his cold ones.

“Ah, you must be Y/N.” His mum said, standing. You nodded, not trusting your voice. “I’m Narcissa, Draco’s mum.” You smiled at Narcissa, “I’m Y/N  – you, already knew that.” You sighed out.

“A girl who can’t remember a simple conversation.” Draco’s father said, making your eyes shift to the ground, cheeks glowing with a tent of pink.  “Lucius.” His father stood up, “Please, take a seat. We’d like to get to know you.” His monotone voice was scaring you, so you sat as close as you could to Draco.

“You’re Gryffindor, correct?” Lucius asked, “Y-Yes, sir.” Your soft voice confirmed, a hum came from Lucius’ throat, “Are you a pureblood?” he then asked, you shook your head no.


You shook your head again.

“Interesting.” His eyes squinted at you, “Our son, loves a Mudblood.” Narcissa elbowed Lucius at his statement, “I-I mean, it’s not all that bad. Mum and dad are very wealthy in the Muggle world.” Your voice barley a whisper, made him look at you. “That’s very lovely dear,” Narcissa softly smiled, making you smile back.

You ate dinner in a awkward silence. You were ultimately finished first, not trusting yourself to eat the rest. Narcissa and Lucius whispered to each other throughout the dinner,

She’s not right for our son.” Lucius once said too loudly, Narcissa followed with “He’s happy with her. His eyes show how happy he is.” Which made Lucius scoff.

You went through dessert, perfectly fine. No comments were made, until one person got there. You knew who she was, and you shrunk into your chair because of it. Her hair was a mess and she was wear a tight black dress. She pulled out a chair beside Narcissa, her eyes were staring daggers into you, until finally she said something.

“You’re related to that boy, Neville Longbottom is it?”

Your heart sunk, “Y-Yes,” you stammered out, her face instantly twisted into a wicked smile, “Can I talk to you in private?” she asked, Narcissa looked at her with confusion, “Bellatrix,” she whispered only to get ignored. Bellatrix stood up and walked out to the living room, you looked around before following. Shutting the door was a mistake on your part.

As soon as the door was closed, you were pushed against a wall. “You’re using him aren’t you? You’re using him for the money!” her wicked voice sounded, “No,” you cried out, repeating the word. She laughed loudly, “My mum and dad are wealthy, I don’t need the money.” You cried out, trying to keep your voice low. “You disgusting Mudblood!” she screeched, making you cry louder. Before you knew it your were on the ground, knife digging into your arm, she held your arm as you felt the knife carve the word. You took the deepest breathe you could trying not to scream too loudly.

Once she was finished she got up, kicking your sighed before leaving. ‘Mudblood’ was carved into your arm; blood was running down your arm, tears down your face.

You got up minutes later, walking to the dining room, where everyone was still seated. Bellatrix had a smirk on her face when she saw you. You grabbed your purse and jacket, putting it on quickly. “I’m going to go,” you said “It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for having me. Goodbye.” You said quickly, walking out as fast as you could you reached the entrance.

You quickly walked into the lavatory, taking off the leather jacket you put on; yelping at the pain. Looking at the markings on your forearm, sighing deeply you took water on a paper towel, dabbing it.

You took your time; walking out of the room and up the steps to your common room. Neville was in there, which you didn’t expect. He looked at you and smiled, you smiled back. His smiled quickly faded as he saw the words on you. “Who wrote that?” he asked, standing up. “N-No one. Neville, I’m okay.” You smiled again, eyes glistening with tears.

Neville wasn’t your real brother. He was your adoptive brother. You were adopted into his family, but then was adopted by your parents, who died from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, your parents and Neville’s were close, than his parents passed and your grandparents adopted you.

“Y/N,” his voice was defensive and it made me look down, “Bellatrix.” You whispered.

“That bloody little bi-” he started, but was soon cut off by himself, “I forbid you to see Malfoy.” Your eyebrows knitted together, “Draco had nothing to do with this!” your voice was shaky and he gave you a look. “He had you come, and you got hurt. You’re not seeing him again.”

Your eyes watered, “He had nothing to do with this, you do not have the right to forbid me to see the love of my life.” You turned on your heel, walking to your dorm. Lying down, you looked up at the ceiling. “I love him.” You repeated.

Sweet Slumber [Oneshot]

Pairing : Victuri / Victori / Vikturi (?? yall omg) [Yuri!!! on ICE]
Genre : Friendship(?), Fluff, Romance, Humor
Rating : G
Words : 2,445

A/n: i wrote a victuri fic in 3 hours i am both terrified and satisfied. Like i literally havent been writing fanfics in a YEAR and then all of a sudden, a few days before my national exams start, BAM here i am with the gay. Either way, idk if my followers here even know this account exist anymore, so i’ll reblog this to my main account! Enjoy! (i miss saying this omg)

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positive kent parson headcanons

i’m fucking tired of kent parson hate and headcanons about “all the bad stuff he does” so have these

• one time he laughed so hard at Jack’s dad jokes that chocolate milk came out of his nose

• his favorite color is purple

• he owns too many pairs of shoes that he’s been given for free. every year around christmas he donates them to shelters around vegas

• his mom used to call him Ken, which evolved to Ken doll, which evolved to Kendall. his sister still to this day calls him Kendall (he pretends to hate it but he loves her too much so he lets it slide)

• he once had a puppy and he loved it but his family couldn’t afford to keep it. he wants to get himself a puppy some day but doesn’t know if he would be able to train it 

• a few years before the draft, when Jack and Kent were best friends, they used to have sleepovers and they stayed up talking about everything

• Kent knew about Jack’s anxiety and tried his best to help

• Kent donates a lot of money to organizations that help teens with mental illnesses 

• Kent once bought a 12 pack of root beer, went home, and drank them with jack so they could have a burping contest. Jack won, but Kent still demands that he won because his billet mom told Kent to quiet down, not Jack