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I Hate You (Harry Hook X Reader)

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A/N: I was actually really happy with how this one turned out. I hope you guys like it xxx
Request: Yes!
What about about something with Harry and the daughter of Meg and Hercules? Idk with that wit I feel like they would be a good pair ya know!
Words: 3700 (Holy shit this was a lot longer than planned)
Warnings: Swearing and Fluff

“Ben! I said no. Which word don’t you understand?”
“Come on Y/N, I’m desperate. What am I supposed to do? Turn him away?”
“Come to think of it that’s not such a bad idea”
You knew something was up when Ben called you to his office that morning, he only had meetings there when he wanted something from you. And sure enough, there you were, being sucked into some plan you wanted nothing to do with.
“Y/N it’s not permanent! Just until we make some other arrangements” he said, looking at you with wide eyes, a tactic that usually caused you to cave in.
“I don’t see why it always has to be me!” You fired back, crossing your arms over your chest in protest.
You refused to back down. Being the daughter of Hercules and Meg meant you were fiercely competitive in a way that was often confused for blatant stubbornness, and felt less than enthusiastic to take orders from somebody else. You liked to make your own rules.
“Well, you’re the only student left who doesn’t have a room-mate”
“Fine. Then I’ll take Uma. She seems to just want to keep to herself which is perfectly fine by me.”
You didn’t mind really compromising too much, you’re mothers nature as much of a part of your personality as your father’s.
“She’s rooming with Mal and Evie”.
You spluttered and tried to stop yourself from laughing, knowing full well that living arrangement wouldn’t last for long.
“Queen of hearts daughter?”
“With Lonnie”
You rolled your eyes and sighed
“Okay then, never mind. What about Gil? Gil seems pretty harmless”
“With Jay and Carlos”
“Leah Gothel?”
“Staying with Jane”
“Come on Ben, work with me! What about… um … I don’t know … Hayley Facilier?”
“She’s with Audrey. Look Y/N, I’m only asking because there’s no other option. We’re all out of rooms!”.
You tapped your feet, there was no way you were giving up that easily.
“I swear there’s a rule about boys and girls having separate rooms”
“ Y/N, I’m King, I make the rules”
You huffed once more, taking another deep breath before making a decision you knew you’d regret.
“Okay fine! I’ll room with the pirate!” Ben’s eyes lit up  "What did you say his name is again?“
“Harry. Harry Hook. Thanks Y/N! You won’t regret this!” He said, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you to your dorm.
‘Hmmm” you answered, not entirely convinced the King was right.

You stopped and turned to Ben one more time before opening your dorm door.
“This is going to end badly,” you said flatly.
‘You’ve already said that"
“Yeah, well it seemed worth repeating”.
He chuckled at you, clearly thinking you were joking. You weren’t.
“Come on. He can’t be that bad,” Ben replied, opening the door for you and peering inside your dorm. He nearly jumped out of his skin. “Oh ..wow! This is, well… Different”.
Different was an understatement. You felt your blood start to boil as a you were faced with a tall, red leather jacket clad brunette, swing from your light fitting, painting a red line onto the ceiling that travelled down the walls and across the floor. Most of the walls were tagged with black and red graffiti reading “We ride with the tide” and the floors were already cluttered with miscellaneous pirate paraphernalia. It was safe to say you lost your cool.
“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ROOM!” You screamed charging towards the boy, leaving Ben sheepishly in the doorway.
He dropped from the ceiling so he was stood in front of you, twirling a paintbrush in one hand, a silver hook in the other.
“I decided to make some, how do I put this, improvements. Didn’t think yeh’d mind” He grinned at you taking another step towards you, putting his face uncomfortably close yours. “The names Harry Hook … And you are?”
“GOING TO KILL YOU!” You pushed him backwards “Get this off my walls right now!” You yelled gesturing to the spray paint covering every surface as you charged around the dorm.
“Aren’t ye just a ray of bloody sunshine” he retorted, whistling an unfamiliar tune as he strutted over towards you. “Oh, and seeing as we are skipping the introductions, I thought I’d tell yeh, you’re on my side of the room darlin’ ”.
Your eyes darted towards the pirate, to Ben, and then to the red line, separating one section to the other room to the other. He couldn’t be serious.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me” you muttered, starting to square up to Harry who was still grinning at you like a lunatic. He reached forwards, biting the air in front of you.
“Trust me when I say that I don’t do jokes” he replied, barely above a whisper, pushing his hook into the centre of your chest. You shoved it away.
“Ben!” You yelled expecting the King to say something, anything that would be of any use to the situation. He didn’t.
“Well, I’ve got to be going” Ben replied nervously, starting to walk away “I’ll leave you two to… um.. work things out for yourselves”
“Ben! Don’t you dare walk away from me right now!” You shouted after him but it was too late, he was already gone.
“I wouldn’t waste your breath princess, he’s gone”
“I’m not a princess” you growled, charging towards the door after Ben “I’m the daughter of Hercules which makes me a goddess” you added pointedly.
“Ooo, I’m so incredibly sorry your Royal highness. Do forgive me for forgetting to bow down” he replied sarcastically pretending not to have heard you, waving his hook flamboyantly before curtsying.
“I’M NOT A FUCKING PRINCESS! Now look! In fact you know what.. Forget this.”
You charged out of the room but stuck your head, back around the door frame. “This isn’t over Hook”
“Ready for round two when you are…” He paused for a second and smirked “… Princess”
You screamed at him as you stormed down the hallway, knowing full well that life just got a whole lot more difficult.

When you returned to your room later that night, you vowed to prepare for an all out war. Harry Hook was by far the most snarky, inconsiderate human being you had ever met and despite the fact that, yes you found him wildly physically attractive, you wanted him as far away from you as humanly possible. Your plan, as genius as it was, was relatively simple. Annoy the shit out of him until he had no choice but to leave. It was going to be fun.

The pirate pulled himself up from his from his bed, clutching at his ears, glaring at you through the darkness. Struggling to stand up properly, he reached for the light switch, flooding the dorm room with light. There you were, casually vacuuming the carpet in the middle of the night, making sure to create as much noise as humanly possible.
“I THOUGHT, YOU KNOW THE PLACE COULD DO WITH A LITTLE CLEAN UP,” you yelled, competing for your voice to be heard above the whirring of the vacuum.
You smirked to yourself, the look on Harry’s face was priceless, a mixture of anger and pure confusion.
“Nope!” You said in a sing song voice, continuing to move the vacuum up and down across the carpet.
“Y/N I said turn it off now!” Harry growled, charging towards you and taking it from your hands.
“You know, I don’t find you at all intimidating while you’re stood in pyjamas with tiny pirate ships on them” you cooed at him, squeezing his cheeks “Coochy Coochy coo!”
Harry looked down at himself, bare chested wearing only a pair of rather embarrassing shorts. You chuckled at his scowl.
“I could hurt yeh” he said, pulling himself closer and teasing through your hair with his hook “My enemies don’t usually last this long before I hook their pretty little faces”
“Oh how sweet of you! You must really love me then because the last time I checked my face was still in tact”.
You placed a piece of gum you were chewing on the end of his hook and danced on back to bed.
“You’ll regret doing this Y/N,” he said bitterly, pulling the vacuum chord and trudging back over to his bed.
“Sure I will. Right, well I do love having these little chats with you but I have an important meeting with Fairy Godmother in the morning so I’m going to sleep”
With that the lights turned out and you collapsed backwards into bed, feeling slightly accomplished.
“You don’t know what you’ve started princess” whispered the pirate inaudible “You don’t know what you’ve started”

King Ben didn’t really know what to expect when he trudged back up to Y/N’s dorm room the following morning. There had been noise complaints all night from neighbouring rooms on the same wing so he had guessed they still hadn’t worked out their very apparent  differences. He knocked on their door but after no reply he pushed it open himself. He had no idea what to say when he walked in on you pelting Harry with your shoes.
“I swear down Hook where are they?” You howled, picking up a flip flop and throwing it in Harry’s general direction.
He dodged it, virtually crying from laughter as you continue to stomp about.
“I have absolutely no idea what yeh talking about Y/N” he chuckled, clearly lying, catching a high heel and lobbing it back towards you.
“Harry! Please! I have to go, where are my shoes?” You begged, trying to reason with him.
“They’re all over the bloody place!” Neither of you had even noticed Ben standing there observing your thought-provoking behaviour.
Harry convulsed with laughter again until a ballet pump hit him in the face mid-flight.
“Now was that really necessary Princess?”
“I’M NOT A PRINCESS FOR THE LAST TIME!” You yelled at him, finally deciding that you would just have to go barefoot.
You spotted Ben “I told you this was a bad idea” you said, waggling your finger at him. The poor King was speechless.
“Prin-cess, prin-cess,prin-cess…” Harry started chanting in a whisper, causing you to shoot round and glare at him. He was still smirking.
“It’s okay Harry,” You said as you left with Ben, “Because last night, after I finished vacuuming, I fed your pirate hat through the paper shredder”

You and Harry refused to speak to each other until the next morning, when you continued your plan to irritate Harry until he had no choice but to move out. Subtlety was key in your opinion, so all of your moves were small and calculated.
“Morning Harry” you said as sweetly as you could manage, “I made you coffee”.
The boy, furrowed his eyebrows, confused by the gesture but took the mug anyway.
‘You ever hear of a little bit of gratitude?“ You mumbled as you made your way into the bathroom to brush your teeth.
“Apparently not. Please, enlighten me. Give me the benefit of ye vast wisdom” he replied sarcastically, following you.
“Keep rolling your eyes Hook, you might find your brain back their”. You ran your toothbrush under the tap as he winked at you through the bathroom mirror.
He took a sip of his coffee.
“Did you?” He spat the whole thing out “Ye petty little shit. Replacing sugar with salt. I bet ye finding this so very funny aren’t yeh” Harry said completely deadpan.
“Hilarious actually” you remarked, putting the toothpaste onto the bristles and starting to brush your teeth.
“You know what’s even more hilarious?” He started, so you turned your head to face him. The corners of his lips tugged up into a smirk. “Last night, I used your toothbrush”        

“Ben I can’t do this anymore!” You complained to your best friend as you headed to the Tourney fields.
“What do you mean?”
“I woke up this morning to find that he had covered the entirety of my side of the room in pink post it notes, including me, when I was sleeping!” you said, throwing your hands up in the air
Ben gave you a stern look.
“Y/N you’re even worse. Yesterday, when you took his hook, he spent the whole day traipsing around campus with a pirate map you gave him, trying to find it. After all that you’d hidden it under his bed!”
“That was pretty funny though” you said, trying to contain your giggles.
“See you’re just as bad as each other. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you even liked him”
You punched the King in the arm playfully. As much as you wanted it not to be true, you had a sneaking suspicion that Ben was right. All you could think about was Harry, whether it was good or bad, and in some very strange way you began growing fond of the pirate. It was very worrying and you wanted more than anything for it to stop
“Ben you don’t know anything”

You returned back to your room that night, carrying the next stage of the plan. Smiling to yourself as you propped open the door with one hand, cradling Harry’s surprise with the other.
“Honey I’m home!” You screeched jokingly.
“Aren’t I just over the moon” Harry replied, jumping up from the sofa holding one of my dresses which he had cut holes into.
Then he looked at me.
“What the hell are ye holding?”
“Oh this,” you said, setting it down on the floor “This Harry is a cat.”
The kitten looked at me before darting off, springing up onto the window sill and curling up into a ball to sleep.
“I know it’s a fucking cat Y/N.  I want to know why ye brought it into our room” he said, quieter than you would have expected, bringing his face extremely close to yours again. You could feel his breath against you skin.
“Do you always use flirting as an intimidation technique or is it just me who’s personal space you invade on a daily basis”
“Y/N! I’m allergic to cats”
“Oh really! I never knew that.” You lied.
Of course you knew, that was the whole reason you got the cat in the first place.
“Mr Shnookem’s is staying exactly where he is”
“I’m telling ye now Y/N, the first time you take yeh eyes of that thing I’ll…”
You pushed your index finger to his lips, taking him by surprise.
“ Shhh I don’t want to hear it Harry”
You dropped your hand and walked to Mr Shnookem’s, just as he sneezed hysterically, giggling to yourself as you felt his eyes burn into you.

*Short time skip to the end of the week*

“Geez Y/N, with the amount of times you scream my name a day next door probably think we are…”
“What have you done with him?”
You had woken up to find Mr Shnookem’s was no longer sat at the foot of your bed like he did every night, and had spent the whole morning searching for him. You had checked everywhere the kitten could have wander off to, to no avail, with Harry being the only logical culprit for his disappearance.
“Yeh not seriously talking about that mangey cat are ye?” He asked barely looking up from the bowl of cake he was eating
“That cat never did anything to you” you spat “Well, tell me! What have you done with him?”
Harry raised an eyebrow at you, still not moving.
“I didn’t touch the stupid thing. Ye probably scared it off with ye non-stop scre…”
“I HATE YOU!” You slammed your hands down on the table Harry was sat at.
You loved that cat and were becoming more concerned and annoyed at Harry every second he refused to tell you where it’d gone. Harry slammed his bowl full of cake down and stood up, to stare you in the eye.
“Oh, ye hate me?” The pirate began “Join the club! There are weekly meetings at the corner of Fuck You Street and Kiss my Ass Boulevard”
“And to think I was finally warming up to the idea of becoming friends with you,” You said, but the tone was far more dispirited than you had expected it to be.
You turned and started to trudge away, before the pirate could see you tear up.
“Can ye stop accusing me for one min… Wait, are ye crying?” Harry’s voice softened towards the end of his sentence, a hint of confusion etched into the Scottish accent.
As much as you tried, you couldn’t help but cry. You looked back at Harry with blurry eyes, watching his shift in demeanour as he tried to work out what to do about the situation.
“I want my cat back!” You wailed like a toddler, your face crumpling as you wiped your running nose, no longer caring what he thought of you.
Harry dropped his smirk and instinctively pulled you into a hug, wrapping his strong arms around, and stroking the back of your head.
“Ye know I really didn’t do anything to him” he started, squeezing you a little tighter. “But if that stupid cat means that much to ye, I’ll help ye find it”
You shuffled backwards a little, looking up at Harry who towered slightly above you.
“Thanks,” you said meekly “I’d like that”.

Harry took your hand as you scowered the grounds of Auradon Prep for the runaway cat, purposefully ignoring your gaze as your palms brushed beside one another. It had become dark by now so the two of you began calling out for the kitten, pointing a torch in the direction of any trees or bushes where he could have been hiding.
“MR SHNOOKEM’S!” Harry called out, “Ye couldn’t have picked a more ridiculous name now could ye?”
“Hey! I think it’s cute,” you defended “Ridiculous, yes, but cute. MR SHNOOKEMS!”
“Sounds like somebody I know” the pirate mumbled.
“Did you jus…”
“MR SHNOOKEMS!” Yelled Harry cutting you off mid-sentence.
Your eyes lingered on Harry’s face, fixated on the blue of his eyes. He caught you smiling at him.
“What?” He asked.
“Nothing it’s just, maybe you’re not as bad as I thought”
“Are ye softening up to me Y/N?” Harry joked, a hint of cheekiness leaking back into his accent.
“Shut it! The word bad is still in the sentence” You laughed, lacing your fingers tighter with his.
“Oh thank god! I would have had to cancel my war plans if not. Ye should see what I have planned for tomorrow”  
“Of all the possible villains, why did I have to get you?” You sighed theatrically, clearly joking.
'Of all the princess’s why did I have to get…“
At the mention of the word princess you shoved Harry backwards, causing him to stumble and fall head first into one of the flowerbeds surrounding the castle. You burst into hysterical laughter, before offering a hand to the pirate, who was whispering profanities to himself
“Yeh way stronger than you look ye kn… Well, well well, look what we have here!”
From the flower bed Harry pulled a very scruffy but easily recognisable Mr Shnookem’s, scooping it up in his arms and handing him you. Immediately, you nuzzled your face into the cats fur, wrapping it in a warm embrace. A beaming smile spread across both of your faces, as the two of you let out an ecstatic cheer, Harry grabbing one of your hands to twirl around in glee, celebrating at your success.
“We found him!” You giggled.
“I found him,” Harry corrected, sticking his tongue out at you and reeling you in closer with the hand he had been spinning you with
You pouted.
“I love you” you said, barely above a whisper.
“If ye tell that damn cat ye love him one more time, I swear I’ll…”
“I wasn’t talking about to the cat”
There was an uneasy silence that seemed to last a lifetime
“Y/N, your lip’s bleeding”
“How can that possibly matter?,” you said panicked at the confession you accidentally made and the fact that Harry wasn’t reacting “Did you not hear what I just sa..”
He didn’t give you time to react before he leaned in and kissed you, a subtle taste of metallic blood lingering across your lips. He ran his hand down your neck and along your collarbone, pulling away and blinking at you. You flung yourself into his arms, Mr Shnookem’s and all, letting go of the remaining reservations you had about the pirate boy . You ran your fingers along Harry’s cheekbones, down his chest and curving onto his back, tracing the contours of his shoulders blades. You felt him shudder slightly at your touch creating a the buzz of electricity. You reached for his hand, pressing your thumb against his wrist as he snuggled into your hair. You could feel the blood going through his veins, an indicator of how fast his heart was beating.
Neither of you moved until the kitten climbed between the two of you and began to lick Harry’s face. You laughed a little.
“See, Mr Shnookem’s does like you”
“I’m still allergic to the bloody thing” Harry shot back, pushing you playfully by the shoulder to get the cat away from him.
“It’s a good job I picked up these for you then,” You said, reaching into you back pocket and shaking a tub of allergy medication at Harry.
He titled his head at you, staring into your eyes with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.
“What?” You said, picking at a thread on your jumper nervously  "You forgot to pick up your prescription”
Harry let out a hearty belly laugh and wrapped you back into a hug, squeezing you until you have to pull away for air.
“Daughter of Hercules”
“Son of Hook”
“I. Love. You”. Harry brushed his lips gently against your forehead sending you into another fit of giggles.
“Does this mean we can get rid of the red line in our dorm room now?”
“Ye know what, that doesn’t sound like the worse idea”

Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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I like Final Fantasy XIII and idc if the whole Western hemisphere hates it. I fucking love it and Lightning too. And I love that the overall plot is about Sisterhood. And that the female protagonist isn’t actually paired with anyone cause romance is not her character’s drive. And there’s a canon lesbian couple who’s not fetishised. And all the men in the story are supportive and amazing and one of them got a Chocobo in his afro?? And the protagonist actually found work as a model in our world after the game ended?? No but really Lightning is so iconic and anyways I love Final Fantasy XIII. Byee

Soooooo i fell in love with this boi Michael Mall  Mell. I just love him so much, and i saw the outfit he wears on Halloween, so i knew that i need to draw him. Tada! Also what´s this fandom thing about hating Michael in the book? I know that in the book he´s kind of an asshole but idk what he did.

Anyway, i´m just musical trash in general, so if anyone wants to recommend me musicals feel free to do it.

Obsession {Part 2}

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hello!! Can I please request a Harry Hook imagine with a female reader as Mal’s younger sister who Harry has an obsession with and he just loves her but she doesn’t like him back and he maybe kidnaps her? Anything you want in the story though! Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Mal’s plan doesn’t work out very well, (Y/N)’s and Harry’s past is revealed.

Warning(s)- Kidnapping, Cursing, Hating Uma, Talking about abuse.

Words- 2178

A/N- I’ve decided to make a part 3 or maybe even a miniseries, idk which one yet.

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Hiii great work!! can u do one about her not being liked by the fans??? Or something like that? Thanks xo

Warnings: Angst?? Dissing? Idk?

A/N: Ok so this might not be one of my best work but like pls bear w me, I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!!

“And now we’re back with the one and only, Shawn Mendes!” The interviewer announced making Shawn smile and wave at the camera

“Hello!” He said not being able to wipe the smile off of his face

“Lovely to have you here! We also hear that you are now officially on the market again!” The interviewer said enthusiastically 

“It’s good to be here! And… yeah I’m single.” he said trying so hard to not let his smile fall

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Ravenclaw x Slytherin

This is my personal favorite pairing! Idk, I just see Slytherclaw ships as power couples.

• It would be one of those hate-at-first-sight relationships where they begin as enemies and end up head over heels.

• It would be because of something like a double-booked Quidditch field where the Ravenclaw is pissed because they KNOW they reserved it first.

• Or because the Slytherin is super competitive and can’t stand that the Ravenclaw has the best grades in their year.

• But they gradually fall in love and suddenly they’re kissing each other and their friends are snickering in the background.

• After that, they’re the newest couple in the school, and the Slytherin makes sure everyone knows it.

• But they do argue a lot, and it ranges from old couple bickering to full on rows with flying pottery involved.

• It’s usually the Ravenclaw who starts the arguments, but the Slytherin ends them skillfully and holds the longest grudge imaginable.

•Then the Ravenclaw is the first to apologize because the Slytherin is stubborn af.

• Dates include: Going to the arcade, playing mini golf, going to the pool late at night, going to a festival, etc.

Idk, they’re just so👏cute 👏

I Miss Her Too

@crowleysfavoritehuman asked: hello! im not sure if you do pennywise imagines but maybe you can change the characters if youre not comfortable? i’ve been listening to the song Every 27 years from the It soundtrack and it got me wondering. what would happen if the reader and pennywise(90s or 2017 version, doesnt matter) had like a relationship of some kind and reader dies unexpectedly maybe like car accident idk? like how would they react? totally get it if its not your style, but thank you for reading!!

Pairing -> Bill Denbrough x reader (A/N)

Warning -> sadness, the feels(😭) I actually cried while writing cause I hate sad things cause I’m too sensitive to people I love crying.

A/N: So this was originally a Pennywise request but I’m not that comfortable writing about Pennywise so Bill it is! Also, they are all about 17 in this. Also, italics mean it’s you and Bill talking in the past. Also(😂) this is an imagine kinda if this is okay cause I got this idea while reading the request☺️

F/C = Favourite Colour


Bill stared at the drawing he had drew of you when you were both fourteen. It wasn’t an accurate drawing, hardly no one’s was, but he couldn’t help but just stare. The way the hair colour resembled yours or the clothes that you loved wearing. He sighed and placed it back onto his shelf, throwing a old crisp packet from about a week ago to the floor. Bill hated it. The feeling of emptiness. He felt full when you were around, laughing and smiling, and now, he felt nothing. His two favourite people were gone.

“Bill! Richie’s here!” Mrs Denbrough shouted from downstairs.

Richie. Bill’s best friend. Bill knew what would happen when he went downstairs. Richie would ask him to come with him, he would say no. So when he headed down the stairs and soon saw the whole Loser’s Club standing there, Bill recoiled.

“Bill, I know you’re gonna say no, but we’re not listening anymore. Lets go” Eddie says, grabbing Bill’s wrist.

They headed along Derry’s street and turned down an avenue. Your avenue. Bill slowly came to a stop when he saw that they were going to your house. Stan stopped and turned towards him, giving him a sympathetic smile. Holding his hand out, Bill grips it and carries on walking until he reaches the garage where the Loser’s stop, but Bill. He carried on walking.

Inside your family’s garage was hundreds of your things. Your Polaroid pictures were hung up around the garage with your fairy lights. Your F/C blankets were scattered neatly onto the floor with your pillows and teddy bears while a projector was sitting on top of your old dressing table. Standing in the middle was Lisa; your eleven year old sister. She was holding a box full of something and walked towards Bill, holding them out to him.

“Hey Billy. I made these in school today and i didn’t want to eat these by myself”

“W-why not L-Lisa?”

“Because me and Y/N use to eat these together all the time. But now i can’t so I want to eat them with Y/N’s favourite person. Please?”

Opening it, Bill saw it was chocolate chip cookies, your favourite. Bill knew that if he opened his mouth, it would just come out in a sob so he just nodded, letting Lisa grab his hand and take him inside the garages, pushing him down onto the blankets. The Loser’s Club followed in after, Mike closing the garage door and settling down. Ben pressed play on the projector and soon enough, pictures of you popped up with everyone. The way you rolled your eyes at Richie, towered over Eddie, laughed with Beverly, helped Ben, read with Stan, looked at the animals with Mike and, most importantly, smiled at Bill.

“Who came up with this?” Bill asked quietly

“All of us, but mainly Richie and Eddie. Beverly and Lisa did the decoration” Stan answered

“Thank you” Bill replied, smiling lightly

Soon enough, a video came up and started to run through. Bill stared at it as he reminiscent the days.

“Billy! Lets go!” You shouted

Running from behind cameraman Stan, you jump onto Bill’s back and start laughing, your dimples showing to a huge amount. Bill placed you onto the ground and smiled down at you. Reaching up, you kissed Bill on the nose and ran after Beverly, who had stolen your cookies from you bag.

“Marsh! Get back here!”


“Guys! Smile to the camera!” Ben says

All turning away from the fire with marshmallows in your hands, you all beam at the camera while you and Richie struggle to keep the marshmallows inside your mouth. Bill hugs you and you grab his hand with your free one, laughing and spluttering chewed up marshmallow everywhere.

“Say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!” You shout, smiling over at the laughing boy

“Happy birthdays mickey” Richie splutters, earning a playful punch from you and Eddie.


“Lisa! Guess who’s here to see you!”

You run in and grab your nine year old sister, swinging her around and leading her outside. She squeals as she sees the Loser’s Club standing there, smiling sweetly at her.


Lisa squirms from your grip and sprints over to Bill, wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging Bill tightly. Bill bent down and hugged Lisa back, her small arms not reaching all the way around his shoulders.

“SISSY! COME JOIN US!” Lisa shouts over to you

Laughing, you run over and engulf both in a hug. Eddie and Richie join in, then Beverly and Stan, and finally Ben and Mike.


By the end of the video, Bill was crying hard. The tears were making their way down his face easily as he quickly wiped them, even though more kept coming. Lisa crawled up to Bill and snuggled against him, crying into his shirt. Richie knelt down against Bill, tears in his eyes as well as he hugged Bill. Eddie, Stan and Beverly followed along with Ben and Mike. Sobbing into his hands, Bill glances up at the screen to see the ending picture. You and him.

It was the last day of school this year before the school holidays. About two weeks before you had died in that fatal car accident. Your mum, dad and Lisa were in it, although you were the only one to die. Your dad was intoxicated and had had an argument with your mum, so driving home he was angry. It was raining heavily that night so as your dad was speeding, you car collided with another, sending yours tumbling off the edge and down the ditch. Police had said that it looked like you had covered Lisa’s body with yours to save her. Trust you too do that.

No one spoke for a good few minutes.

Everyone was crying.

Everyone was aching.

Everyone was hurting.

Everyone missed you.

“She didn’t deserve this” Stan

“She was too kind for this world” Ben

“Y/N was too caring” Mike

“Y/N deserved to have the world” Beverly

“She was so strong” Eddie

“She understood me too much” Richie

“B-Billy-y I m-miss h-her” Lisa whimpered, sobbing into Bill’s shirt

Looking down at her, Bill could see Lisa’s bloodshot eyes, wet cheeks and runny nose. Hugging Lisa tighter, Bill buried his face into her hair, just like had done with you to comfort himself.

“I m-miss h-her t-too”

And Bill did. He really did. After Georgie had gone, you were his main reason to get up everyday. And now…

He had nothing.

Filler episode idea

I just need a filler episode where they all go to the altean pool (Allura shows all then how to use it).

- I fully expect a line up with a colorful anime background with everyone in a character appropriate pose in swimsuits.

- Allura in a bikini so we can see once and for all if there are any other beautiful altean marks and where they are

- finding out who are great swimmers and who hates the water (lance would be a great swimmer, maybe something about him having once been on a swim team. And I think pidge or hunk might despise the water, idk why)

- water splash fights with lots of laughing and intense strategizing (Allura and shiro would team up, so would keith and lance, and pidge and hunk. Also possible pairs is lance and hunk and pidge and Keith. Pidge and Keith could be pretty ruthless. Coran would be the judge/ moderator watching it all. Imagine a intense referee)

- maybe more of the dolphin sound effects with lance?

- Keith and lance obviously challenge each other to a race. (I think lance would win)

- Hunk would make tropical drinks for them all to drink pool side

- Allura would wear her hair up in a pony tail

- Keith would wear his hair in a ponytail. (Please I NEED this)

- All the paladins would wear color coordinated swim trunks. (i.e. Lance: blue, Shiro: black with a purple stripe down each side, Keith: red, etc…)

- a game of chicken fight. Allura on Shiro’s shoulders and Keith on lances shoulders. (Allura and Shiro would win by shear size alone, also maybe Allura cheated a bit by growing a few inches)

- Coran being the fun space uncle he is and playing pranks on the paladins and getting them wet by whatever means necessary (I mean he is deadly with a water gun)

- honestly I just need a filler episode where everyone is having fun and not worrying about dying or saving the universe. Just smiling, laughing, and bonding


Request: “can i request a angry!makeout session with credence? idk maybe you’re fighting or something.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: it get’s HOT AND HEAVY ok, be prepared. ALSO cocky Credence (in more than one way).

With a final grunt, Credence let his arms fall. Newt simply brought a clammy hand up to his face, rubbing over the lethargic feeling that was beginning to seep in.

“I’m sorry. I know I can do it.” Credence apologised. “I just need to get really angry.”

Newt paced down the stairs and into the specially devised glass box. He hated putting the boy in here. “It’s quite alright. Go get some rest. Perhaps you’re just afraid because you’re thinking about it too much.”

It was partially true. No matter how many times Newt had reassured him that the box would contain his Obscurus when it came out Credence always had that same deep-rooted fear. The fear that his black seething power would break out, and implicate him by hurting someone he cared about.

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67 Chevy Impala

A/N: So I’ve finally written my first fanfic (I’m so nervous rn), hope you like it! Constructive criticism is fine, but no hate please:) Please send in requests! School is starting soon so I may not do them right away, but I will as soon as possible. I’d love feedback, even an emoji to see if you liked it or not, thanks:) One more thing and I’ll stop rambling, please no reposts, ok I’m done now. Enjoy!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Winchester!Reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Supernatural

Summary: When a new family rolls into town, one member catches Peter Parker’s eye. But something’s off about them.

Words: Idk but it’s sorta long sooooo

Warnings: Overprotective brothers, vampires, cutting off heads

Part 2

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She Hates Me

A/N: Is this terrible? Idk maybe, really it’s up to you to decide, but I do think the idea is good. Cole said that they were probably going to play the Ethel x Jughead angle on Riverdale in an interview and the idea of a Jealous!Ethel kinda inspired this thing + I’m playing off on the shadiness seen in 1x03 
Feedback is always greatly appreciated! 
p.s.- I apologize if there are any mistakes. 

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader x Ethel

About: Ethel targets reader’s anxiety when she feels like the reader’s relationship with Jughead is much more than friends, and maybe she’s right causes the reader to avoid Jughead

Warnings: I think there’s a swear in there somewhere and the beginning might be a bit triggering as it’s Ethel being a meanie + mention of anxiety

Words: 2,500, give or take a few

masterlist | prompts

           You’re too much of a nervous mess to make sense in any sort of conversation, aren’t you? No wonder he never talks to you, he probably just lets you hang out with him out of pity. Your anxiety is a damper to be around so how about you just leave Jughead alone. He doesn’t need you in his life and he sure as hell doesn’t want you in it either, so maybe it’s time for you to finally get the memo.

           Ethel’s words echoed in your head as you walked home with takeout from Pop’s, a place you had loved to take refuge in, now an environment full of negative emotions– too much of them to bare all at once. Jughead and you had been close friends since middle school because of the sitting arrangement in your English class at the time. You didn’t think anything had changed between the both of you, well not until Ethel crashed joined your quiet nights at Pop’s with Jughead.

           She’d constantly make conversation with Jughead, and crack jokes that made him laugh chuckle. You were happy there was a girl interested in him, except that she was a total bitch to you. Scratch that, Ethel didn’t even acknowledge your presence or the comfortable silence that there was between you and your best friend before she got there. Jughead either didn’t notice or didn’t care and would just continue to type away on his laptop while listening to Ethel talk.

           Then the incident between you and Ethel happened whilst Jughead was in the restroom. This was the first time you and Ethel were left alone with each other. You wanted to start a conversation with the girl who showed such fondness towards Jughead, but found it hard to start a conversation with Ethel as she glared at you. You had already felt incredibly uncomfortable and felt close to tears seeing Jughead not need you as company anymore, but when she let those harsh words out you left immediately. You didn’t understand why she had it out for you, but she definitely seemed to embody the voice in your head. You could barely walk as you were struggling to breathe, so thank God Archie had found you on his way to Pop’s.

           It had been five days since you and Jughead had spoken. You had tried to distance yourself from him and Jughead had noticed your efforts. He tried to talk to Archie about it, but he said that he promised you not to meddle. Archie didn’t agree with what you wanted, but he also didn’t want to see you in that state of distress again. Jughead wasn’t sure what he did wrong as he hadn’t noticed anything off the last time you guys hung out. You had left early because of some family issues, but family issues always seemed to arise more often nowadays. 

          Ethel seemed to appreciate the time alone with him, but Jughead felt uncomfortable being there with her by himself. Not to say that Ethel wasn’t great company, which she was, but she kept on interrupting his thoughts every time she spoke. Jughead rarely heard you speak when the both of you were at Pop’s, but he liked the way your voice was smooth every time you ordered despite knowing that you felt terrified that you were going to say it wrong.

          Jughead somehow managed to make eye contact with you despite being in the middle of a crowd, but you quickly looked away. You didn’t want to face Ethel or Jughead, but having a class with both of them and Riverdale being such a small town made the endeavor extremely difficult. You had a feeling Jughead knew what you were doing and was just letting you be, but you secretly hoped that he’d get fed up with your antics.

           “Y/N!” you heard Veronica call after you, so you turned around and waited for her. “It’s been a while girl, what’s been up?” Veronica said as she linked her arm with yours. Veronica was very kind to you and you appreciated the kindness she showed not only to you, but to all her fellow girls (unless they somehow managed to not deserve it).

          “Nothing really, just that meandJuggiearen’tfriendsanymore,” you say quickly.

          “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I caught any of that,” Veronica let out a small laugh and pulled you aside from the crowds of students walking in the halls.

          “I said that Jughead and I aren’t friends anymore,” you took a deep breath while Veronica looked more confused than ever.

          “You and Juggie were so close, though. Kev and I were even hoping the both of you would end up together,” Veronica admitted. After the whole Ethel ordeal, you had started questioning your feelings toward Jughead, sure, but you had only confused yourself further.

          “Well it doesn’t matter, Ethel brought some interesting points up last time I hung out with Jug,” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. Jughead saw you again, this time speaking to Veronica, and had decided to talk to you to figure out how to salvage the friendship between the both of you. Of course, neither you nor Ronnie noticed the boy walk towards the both of you.

          “Really? What exactly were they?” it was Veronica’s turn to cross her arms across her chest. Her eyes were narrowed as if she knew that you weren’t about to say anything good. She was right, of course, but that didn’t make it any easier. “Wait if you and Jughead were hanging out, I definitely hope you would call it a date, but why the hell was Ethel there?” her face was scrunched up in disbelief. Veronica once thought of Ethel as brave, and she was, but now she was beginning to wonder how much shadier that girl is. Jughead was at earshot at this point and started to piece things together in his head, stopping in his tracks.

          “It wasn’t a date Ronnie, you talk in those. Jughead and I hardly speak when we’re at Pop’s. As for why Ethel was there, she just sort of self-invited herself I guess. She asked me what I was doing one day and then she had just decided to tag along. And then she started to tag along for all of the times Juggie and I were at Pop’s,” you shrugged, your arms no longer crossed. You hadn’t noticed how much it bothered you until you said those words aloud. “Anyways, she just told me that Jughead probably only hung out with me out of pity, why else wouldn’t he speak to me when I’m obviously sitting across from him?” Veronica noticed you biting your lip from saying anything else.

          “Is that all she said Y/N?” Veronica asked, and you shook your head looking down at your shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world now. “Tell me what she said right now or I’ll get her to tell me herself,” Veronica’s tone was deadly, so you sniffled and mustered up all the courage you had to tell her.

          “She said that Juggie doesn’t need me in his life and that he doesn’t want me in it either,” Veronica’s face softened at your words. You had started crying so Veronica hugged you. “She was so mean Veronica, I mean who says these kinds of things to someone?” you pulled away from her embrace, cleaning up your face and wiping the tears away. You knew that you had told yourself those things, but it was easier to brush off when you could blame it on your anxiety. You definitely knew you looked like a complete and total mess because of that brief crying session. “I don’t even like Jughead in that way, I think. I’m just so confused and I don’t know how I feel and I just- it’s been five days and I miss him, Ronnie. Why do I miss him so much?”  

          “Because you care about him, and I sure as hell know that he cares about you, okay?” Veronica says reassuringly. “I think the best thing for the both of you right now is to talk to each other.” Archie had said the same thing, but you made him swear that he wouldn’t tell Jughead a thing. 

          “I doubt he’d want to speak to me, I’ve been ignoring him all week,” you let out a humorless laugh. Your face was blotchy, but you were no longer crying just sniffling from time to time. You felt the anxiety building up in the pit of your stomach just thinking about it.

          “I’d like to disagree,” Jughead said from behind you, making you tense up. “How about we ditch and go to Pop’s to discuss this Y/N, think of it as a way to repay me for the avoidance.”  

          “Go,” Veronica insisted as the bell rang. You nodded and sent her a small forced smile before turning to face Jughead.

          “Lead the way,” you mumble, keeping your head down.

           Sitting in a booth at Pop’s next to Jughead made you feel sick. You wanted to curl up in a ball and cry while hoping the earth would swallow you up whole.

          “Earth to Y/N,” Jughead snapped you out of your thoughts. Your eyes felt droopy so you didn’t bother to turn and look him in the eyes, not like you would have been able to anyways. You hummed to let Jughead know you were listening. “So now you’re spacing out on me?”

          “Sorry,” you mumbled an apology. You had to try to stop distancing yourself from the feelings this place brought or else no progress would be made. Your therapist had told you that before, and now you were finally taking her advice.

          “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jughead asked, wanting the answers he should have asked for from the very beginning.

          “Tell you what exactly,” you weren’t about to start talking about the wrong thing, especially considering the fact that it wouldn’t have been the first time you did that.

          “About Ethel. Why didn’t you tell me she basically targeted your anxiety?” it was hard for Jughead to get through asking the question.

          “I didn’t want you to confirm what she had said,” you said quietly, shifting in the booth.

          “You actually believed her?”

          “I didn’t want to, but then I started analyzing everything and I noticed how our dynamic had changed from talking at all times to now hardly even saying any words when we’re near each other–”

          “That’s because we can literally make eye contact and have a full conversation Y/N… I don’t hang out…,” Jughead trailed off again, the words he was about to say felt as if they were burning his throat. He sighed, “Y/N I enjoy your company, just sitting across or next to you is good enough for me. I don’t need to have full conversations with you because you know me well enough to know that whenever I start whining like a baby when you get up it’s because I want you to grab me more food, or that when my hands are carefully tapping at the keyboard of my laptop it’s because I don’t know how to continue. You start talking about your day in hopes that I’ll figure out what to write and if I still haven’t started typing anything you start listing words alphabetically, which actually does help.

          “I’m the only one who knows that you only get the crease in between your brows when you’re trying to remember something you forgot and that when you start to fidget with your hands it’s because something is bothering you and making you feel uneasy. Y/N, I never want you to feel uneasy when you’re around me,” Jughead grabbed your hands. You hadn’t noticed you were fidgeting with them, you also hadn’t noticed that you were barely breathing.

          “Juggie I don’t know how I feel about y-you being this close to me,” you had said, barely above a whisper. You didn’t know what compelled you to tell him this information, but you felt the need to acknowledge it.

          “You think I do? I’m not even sure why I’m still holding your hands,” he said, his voice sounding deeper as he spoke at the same volume you did. He didn’t let go of your hands and instead, you quirked your eyebrow at him. He smirked, knowing that you were recalling the last time you held hands with each other. You gave him a small smile and noticed his eyes flickered towards your lips. You felt the need to do the same, and you remembered a time when you wondered what kissing was like.

          “Remember that time you let me kiss you?”

          “I remember the kiss, I don’t recall letting you,” you laughed at his reply, your forehead resting on his chest and your hands still intertwined.

          You were both no older than 13 as you walked next to each other on your way home. The friendship between the both of you had barely reached its first year of existence, while your anxiety was hardly existent. When you finally filled in the silence with a question, it was definitely not one Jughead saw coming.

          “Have you ever kissed anyone?” Jughead had scoffed, but you were genuinely interested.

          “Oh you’re being serious,” he said, as if he was surprised when you were indeed inclined to know.

          “’Course I’m being serious Jug.”

          “No Y/N, I have not kissed anyone. Have you?”

          “Nah, but I wonder what it’s like.”

          “It’s like exchanging saliva,” you gave Jughead a shove as the both of you laughed lightly. You guys neared your house and you were bummed you had to leave Jughead’s side.

          “Thanks for walkin’ me home Jug.”

          “It’s not a problem, you should know that by now. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

          You smiled and he seemed satisfied with that response when you planted a kiss on his lips. He was so surprised he didn’t even get to kiss you back, but you were happy with what you had gotten.

          “Not like exchanging saliva at all,” you grinned at him and skipped your way to the door. “Bye Juggie, I’ll see you tomorrow!” and with that you went inside.

          “When did everything get so complicated?” you ask, looking up at the boy. Your anxiety levels grew exponentially a month after that because the arguments between your parents grew just as much.

          “When we started to experience different types of feelings at the same time probably,” you hummed in agreement and a quiet fell over the both of you. You sat up straight in your seat, making eye contact with Jughead, but neither of you could explain why there was a feeling of panic being shared between the both of you. Maybe it was just nervous jitters that you were both feeling, but it felt a bit too suffocating to just be that. The both of you seemed to make a subconscious effort to lean in, but separated from each other, hands no longer being held either.

          “We should figure out how we feel about each other first?” you say but it comes out as a question instead of a statement.

          “Yeah,” Jughead said quickly, which made you laugh. “I mean, yes. We should definitely get our feelings straight before moving ahead.”

          And with that, you guys shook on it.

ssaemchu  asked:

idk if u know my love daehyun from BAP but daniel is his dongsaeng so as ur friend requesting a fic w y/n as daehyun's sister and he introduces u to daniel (if u can HAHA)

[thank you for bringing this prompt into my life because writing this was a delight! huhu i’m cry daniel is the most precious. also i have a follow-up post in the works!! hehe]

(image credit)

pairing: kang daniel x reader (childhood friends au)
genre: fluff
summary: It all starts with a tree, a beetle, and a bug-hating Kang Daniel.

one | two

  • when you were little, your brother daehyun always played with this boy your age
  • all you knew about him was that daehyun called him ‘niel-ah’ and he was afraid of bugs
  • on the first day of grade school, your brother brings you to the classroom and a small boy with a bunny smile runs up to the two of you
  • “who’s this, daehyun-hyung?” he says, and you pout, pushing him
  • “he’s my big brother, not yours!”
  • eventually you and daniel become friends when he gets stuck in a tree and can’t come down because there’s a beetle on the trunk
  • “come on, Y/N, please!”
  • and you stick your tongue out at him for a good minute
  • but you can see the tears welling up in his eyes and you want to see his cute bunny smile again
  • so you take the beetle and place it on a nearby bush
  • he comes down and hugs you really tight, and you decide that maybe he’s okay
  • daniel has the best snacks
  • he’s also friends with all the school cats and kittens
  • everyone’s always crowding around him, especially the girls and boys from the higher grades
  • and you’re okay with that because it gives you time to read, which you can’t do when daniel’s there
  • “what’s happening now, Y/N? who’s winning?”
  • he’s a bit of a slow reader, at least compared to you, and you do want peace and quiet sometimes
  • besides, you know that his time after school is reserved for your adventures with daehyun
  • and the three of you run around, watch cartoons together, and eat all the ice cream in the fridge
  • at some point in fourth grade, though, boys and girls start to split into groups, and daniel starts to hang out with other people even after classes
  • you’re tempted to tell your brother about it but you feel like it won’t make much of a difference
  • you have a good cry about it one night because you’ve lost your best friend somehow
  • but after that seeing daniel doesn’t make you angry anymore, just a little bit sad
  • the other girls ask you about him often, and all you do in response is shrug
  • “we used to play together when we were kids, i guess, but I don’t really know him”
  • the next time you really get to talk is when daehyun graduates middle school
  • there’s a going-away dinner at your house because your brother will be dorming at the performing arts high school he’s attending  
  • and daniel keeps glancing over at you
  • you smile blankly at him once or twice but you’ve gotten so used to not talking to him
  • before he and his family leave, he pulls you aside and tells you that he’s going to the same middle school
  • and you pretend to look annoyed but inside you’re a little happy because maybe you’ll be friends again
  • daniel sees how your eyes light up and he grins widely
  • “i promise we’ll hang out every day,” he says, holding a pinky out
  • you make a face, not really believing him, but you grasp his pinky with your own anyway
  • but daniel keeps his promises and you see each other every day, even if it’s just during your walk home together
  • he always slings his arm around you and it makes your heart skip a beat
  • when you’re studying together and need to concentrate, you bite your lip, not catching how daniel stares at you
  • neither of you really has enemies, so no one teases you, but everyone thinks you’re together
  • on valentine’s day in your ninth grade, right when the school year’s about to end, you decide to get him a gift
  • you’re at home about to deliver it when he doorbells, holding out exactly the same thing
  • a valentine’s edition of the gummy snacks the two of you always eat
  • you’re both grinning like idiots and you pull his shirt so you can give him a kiss on the cheek
  • “i—“ the both of you start, and you gesture for daniel to go first
  • ‘i like you,’ you expect him to say because that’s what was supposed to come out of your mouth
  • but he frowns, looking down
  • “i’m leaving”
  • and that’s when it all spills out of him
  • daniel’s going to the same performing arts high school your brother studied at
  • he applied in secret at the start of the year and didn’t think he’d get in, but he’s on full scholarship
  • and everyone knew about it except you
  • and you’re smiling at him but there are tears streaming down your cheeks
  • “c-congrats,” you say, still smiling, “i have to go”
  • throughout his first year he keeps trying to visit you, but you don’t really want to see him
  • it’s unfair to him but you feel like you were left behind, especially because he left you in the dark till the last minute
  • when your brother’s home, he and daniel spend time together, dancing and singing in his room, and you feel your heart ache
  • at some point he stops dropping by and though you miss him, you feel a sort of peace
  • you miss him from time to time but you know your paths are unlikely to intersect, and it’s better if you stop thinking about him
  • when university application season starts, you apply to a prestigious university in seoul, excited for the opportunity to see a bigger world
  • you’re accepted, and daehyun swings you around the room proudly when you find out
  • daehyun brings you to seoul and helps you decorate your dorm room, making sure it’s a little piece of home you can return to
  • he drops you off at the university on your first day, reminding you not to forget about him and to call him every week
  • you enter your first classroom for a general math class, taking a seat beside a sleeping boy with peach-coloured hair
  • when the professor enters, you try to shake him awake
  • he starts to sleep-talk and you blanch because you would know that voice anywhere
  • the boy lifts his head up, and here he is, with the same bright smile
  • “daniel?”

is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

liltoothbrush  asked:

Oh boy, what do we have here, I WANT ALL OF THEM jk can i request a 30 for kacchako? You're the best 💖

I think this is gonna be the toughest and shortest one out of them because this is too tight as plot-wise and… idk? It turned out to be a bit clumsy. I’ll just let my imagination fly. And you are the best hon, where did your creativity come from? WRITE ME A FIC TOO.

Bakugou Katsuki hated libraries.

This was general knowledge among all students that dared come near the blonde– which reduced the count to, like, a pair of people? which was a bit sad actually. But Bakugou didn’t mind having a lame social life as long as nobody took him to a library. He had actually tried some tutoring with Kirishima some months ago and trust him, being kicked out of the quietest place on Earth was everything but pleasant.

Today, however, he had no other option but stay there, in the jampacked library full of nerds listening to music or reading books like their life depended on it. All tables were taken around him: shelves were surrounded with people swarming for tons of emboilled wording, tables were packed to the brim with bags, sheets and notebooks. There was this lingering scent of wood, pine, and closeness around him, silence that tried to be silent but ended being composed of hushed murmurs.

He knew why,

It was because of his table.

His table had the best spot in the entire library. It was near enough to the entrance, but not as close as to let winter breezes reach him. There was a big window by his side, letting night snow be seen, but cars weren’t heard this late in the evening. It shows that Yuuei was going through it’s final exams– Bakugou had, no joke, been there from sun to sun and he was too tired to deal with people.

They whispered.

They whispered because his table was completely devoid of any people but him, everyone too scared to approach him lest he threw a tantrum over personal space and threw them off the window. The fire king was fierce, had possesion of the best table around and was undeniably untouchable.

Bakugou, again, hated libraries. They weren’t as silent as they preached to be, there was always this subtone of hushed voices that spoke no pragmatic matter, only petty gossiping that brought no good to his ears. He was easy into focusing, and quirk to do his homework, but that little toneless chatter was pestering him– hell, if he couldn’t stand Deku’s mumbling for a living, how was he going to condone such generalized murmuring all around him?

Another of his pencils broke in twain when he heard his name being pronounced among a pair of girls. Maybe his pencil breaking business was what got him so isolated. There were people sitting on the floor, as if truthfully fearful of the explosion boy.

Suddenly, a low voice came beside him.

“Can I sit here?” oh, he could recognize that voice anywhere. “All other tables are full.”

He pulled the chair out for Uraraka to take, and she gladly jumped in with a stack of hero law books tucked in his arms. She silently tidied her place with a little smile– people could only stare at her, mouths agape, as if she had dared to cross a forbidden threshold for all humankind. His response to her presence was almost inmediate and utmost unkind. “Don’t make any fucking noise, Uraraka. I can sniff your chatter urges a mile away.”

She rose an eyebrow to him. The first thing he noticed was the lack of spark in her brown pools, a evident sign of exhaustion that he had learnt to tell apart from other ocular displays of her– blinking ‘I need your help’ eyes, doe eyed ‘you’re so cool’ eyes, or the now ‘please I am tired don’t be too hard on me’ eyes, devoid of shine and only full of the brown color of her soul. Drowning in them was the only pathetic way he was willing to die

“I have better stuff to do other than talk with you, you know. As I said, I only sat here because there are no other tables available.”

“You can sit with all those fuckers down on the floor.” he stiffled in a yawn. “I don’t give a damn.”

She decided not to answer that and decided to focus on her books. Uraraka had decided to come to the library mostly because she was too tired to make her way to the dorms without getting some rest. Admittedly, she had expected to find the place empty so she could nap for a pair of minutes in a corner– her plan obviously backfired when the library ended up being full and she had no ther option but sit by Mr. FireHell Blondelocks.

As far as she was concerned, Bakugou’s dorm was being repaired due to some of his angry fits being thrown towards a wall, making his dorm look creepily open. That huge hole by his bed was all but tranquilizing. She should have known he would be in the library while his dorm was under repairations, because he couldn’t stand noise while studying and the crew taking care of his room would sure make too much of it.

Brief story: she was stuck with Bakugou until she finished her homework. And time was passing by way too slowly to her liking.

There was a moment when people started leaving the room. Stars twinkled outside the building and threw some shadows across the wooden floor, and lamps lit up the cozy place with a dim, orange light. Uraraka found this to be a bit too pleasant for her tired senses– there was a second in which her head fell a bit too down for Bakugou’s liking, who had been watching her silently as she started to doze off.

“Oi.” he nudged her rudely, and her head snapped up again. “Don’t go falling asleep on me.”

She started messing with her hair sheepishly, making Bakugou fidget uncomfortably in his seat. That antic of hers drove him insane: she was always doing it in front of everyone, in front of teachers, in front of fucking Deku. And he sometimes wondered what the fuck did that bastard have to make her so nervous when he couldn’t wake a single of her hairs up while being by far the most fearsome boy in their class.

“I’m sorry.” whispered she. He saw her grimace, keeping a yawn in– and it made him outwardly yawn, hand covering his mouth. “It’s been a rough day, today. I’ve been going from one place to another and I just couldn’t wait to crash the bed.”

And Bakugou understood the struggle. He was also fighting the exhaustion away, barely keeping it at bay and the fact that the staff had decided to royally mess with him by turning on the heat was not fucking helping. He had already removed his jacket and he was still a bit too warm to his liking. Knowing Uraraka and how sleepy she was, the fight must be tougher for her.

He shuffled a bit closer to her, feeling himself more tired than ever. “There’s not much people around.”

Her head rested on her palm now, looking at him with an interested gaze. “Mhm.”

“You can have your damn sleep, now.”

This– this startled her. He could have a heart, too? What was the world coming to that night? “Are you suggesting to keep watch on me… and actually let me have a little nap?”

“I am not gonna be your fucking babysitter.” spat he, crimsom eyes glaring at her despite the kindness within his flames. He eyed her unkempt hair and the dryness of her pretty stars, and her skin suddenly seemed paler than usual. “You look like a car ran over you. If you can’t take care of yourself I’ll have to show you how to fucking do it.”

He legit slammed her head against the wooden table, making a loud terrifying noise. Somebody could have mistaken that with a murdering attempt. Uraraka, however, laughed at his antics while watching the snowflakes drop before her. “I could use… some sleep.”

Bakugou almost didn’t catch what she said, as she was inmediately out of commision the moment her head crashed against the table. “Stupid woman.” mumbled he, taking a last glimpse at his diagrams and summaries while keeping an eye on her. Her hair was a mess, and he could tell it was bothering her.

Bakugou caressed her cheek with his fingertips and quickly brushed some strands away, the notion inmediately bringing him close to rage with this newfound feeling of intimacy. “Fuck this girl, fuck her!” he glared at her. “Fuck her in hell…”

But the way she was sleeping was kind of cute, too. Her head rested atop her hands, even breaths fanning some locks away and her face in peace for the first time in a while. He had never seen her so relaxed until now, and the image filled him with a sense of peace that he didn’t know he could feel until he stumbled with her.

His back was throbbing. He bet hers wasn’t right now.

She must be… comfortable, too.

Bakugou looked away and started cursing colorfully as he took his jacket from his spot on the chair’s back, and put it on top of her quiet body. The thought of her scent impregnating his clothes wouldn’t occur to him until midnight clocked by– and he would fall asleep thinking about her, too.

The blonde blushed, and all he could think about now was about how good a nap would be to him and how nice her warmth would be– he was half a meter away from her and he could already feel her whole self lulling him to sleep against his will.

That had to be illegal. His heart shouldn’t be racing as hard as it was.

Eventually, Bakugou gave in and his head ended up on his arms too, both teens closer together than they had ever been– and Bakugou had taken her sweater as a paid back, he thought tiredly and without much logic, and draped it across his back. 

Uraraka shifted closer to him in her sleep, and he was only drawn to her scent. The sound of snowflakes melting against the windowpane made him remember that he hated libraries, but he would never hate this spot and he could forget about this hatred for a while as long as Uraraka was by him all the time, too.

She had had tons of space to sit at– floors and on top of shelves. But all tables had been full and, at the end of the day, he couldn’t find the heart to complain.

Aizawa eventually found both kids fast asleep on the table and sighed. “Man, kids these days. They grow up so fast.”

Breathless //Draco Malfoy Imagine//

Requested by: @calumswigglewoggle

Request: could I get a Draco imagine? Lots of fluff and cute, and he could he kinda snarky to me whenever anyone else is around, and we kinda just act like friends, but when we’re alone it’s really cute and fluff, like, he could just mess with my fingers or something, idk. xD

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: None

A/n: I have been so uninspired lately so i’m sorry if it takes me awhile to get to your imagine! Hope you like this!

Draco Malfoy had a reputation. It was a reputation that earned him great respect and honor among the right wizarding families, but detest and hatred among others. Draco never minded the fact that there were people out there who despised him. He always remembered something his father told him when he was just starting school, “It doesn’t matter who hates you as long as the right people like you.”

All through his so far six years at Hogwarts, he’s mostly managed to uphold his oh so glorious reputation as the Slytherin Prince. There was only one small distraction and her name was Y/n Y/l/n.

From the very first day of school, Draco had noticed her right away and even at the age of eleven he thought of her as the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on. He listened carefully, ignoring Crabbe who was pulling at his sleeve, demanding his attention as Mcgonagall lifted the sorting hat towards her head only to have his heart shattered by the hat screaming “GRYFFINDOR” just as quickly as it had called Slytherin when placed upon his head.

He had quickly cleared his mind of her, or so he thought. As the years aged, so did they and what had once been a silly, childish crush became much more. Draco knew he couldn’t have her. He knew that everything about his attraction towards her was strictly forbidden by his parents and by everyone who looked up to him but even the thought of their disapproval didn’t diminish the strong feelings he felt for the Gryffindor girl.

There was something different about Y/n that Draco couldn’t quite figure out. She never shied away from him when he teased her and she never called him out on any of the reckless things he did to maintain his reputation. He didn’t take pleasure in taunting her and he only ever did it when he had company. He rarely ever got to be alone with her but he had promised himself that no matter how rude he acted towards her while accompanied, he would always make it up to her when they were alone.


Draco sauntered through one of the many stone corridors that lead back to the Slytherin common room, Crabbe on his left shoulder while Goyle staggered behind on his right. Draco never asked them to accompany him. Most of the time he would really rather they stay behind and let him be by himself, but there was always at least one person that took the pleasure of tagging along.

“Draco, look.” Crabbe spoke, pulling at Draco’s arm and pointing down the corridor to a small group of Gryffindor girls that were most likely walking back to the Gryffindor common room.

“Of course.” Draco muttered under his breath as his eyes fell upon Y/n, her gold and scarlet scarf tied around her neck and her Gryffindor robes just barely dragging on the ground behind her. Even from across the hall Draco could see the light in her eyes and the uncontrollable happiness behind her smile. Sometimes the only thing he wanted in the entire world was to be the reason she smiled.

Draco forced his eyes away from her as he straightened his shoulders and picked up his pace, Crabbe and Goyle following his lead. A hush fell over the group the instant Draco and his loyal followers pulled up and even though Draco wanted nothing to do with this, he was the first to speak.

“Look Crabbe, Goyle. Looks like we’ve stumbled upon some of Dumbledore’s pets. Should we bring them back to him you think?” Draco sneered as Crabbe snickered. Draco smiled as he watched the girl’s faces change as they grew angry but one girl remained unaffected.

“No thank you, we can walk ourselves. Good day. Let’s go girls.” Y/n smiled as she took the wrists of two of her friends and pulled them down the hallway, away from an impressed Draco and two confused dumbbells.


Draco let a sigh escape his chapped lips as he took the steps to the observatory two at a time. For the first time in what felt like years, he was finally alone. No annoying Crabbe constantly pulling at his sleeve or Goyle’s constant chewing. No Dean telling him the same story over and over again and best of all, no Pansy to ogle him while she thought he wasn’t looking.

He jumped slightly when he reached the top, surprised to see Y/n sitting on the ledge, her Gryffindor skirt pulled tightly over her knees and her hair just barely blowing in the wind.

“Draco,” she spoke, her voice soft and sweet. Draco couldn’t take his eyes away from hers. The dim light of the setting sun above cast a beautiful glow in them that intrigued him immensely. She smiled at him. “What are you doing here?”

Draco cleared his throat, pulling his eyes onto the floor in front of him. “I just come here to get away sometimes…but I can come back, y’know, if you’re doing the same.” Draco winced at how loud he was compared to Y/n and he cleared his throat in embarrassment.

“No, please stay. I don’t mind. We can get away together.” Y/n replied, motioning towards the ledge opposite of her. Draco relaxed slightly as he moved to it and sat down across from her. They weren’t more than a foot away from each other now and a tranquility set in Draco’s mind that he rarely ever felt.

“Y’know, you kinda surprised me today,” Draco spoke, linking his fingers over his raised knees. “When you were with your friends..”

“Yeah, I just knew that Sarah would have beaten you up if you had gone on and even the notorious Draco Malfoy couldn’t take her on in a fight.” Y/n replied, a giggle escaping her lips that caused Draco’s heart to float.

Draco hung his head, concealing the smile that tugged at his lips. Y/n’s smile immediately faded as she bent her neck in hopes to catch a glimpse of an oh so rare Draco Malfoy smile.

“This reputation you have….I understand it but…you can’t even smile Draco. Not really anyway..” her voice sounded like it was laced with frosting it was so sweet.

Draco lifted his head, his smile replaced by a modest frown. “It’s hard to keep it up…it’s like I’ve built a wall around my true personality and no one is allowed to cross it…not even myself..everyone just sees me as the cocky, impudent, mud-blood hating Slytherin Prince and not as what I would really like to be seen as…they see me as if…i’m a monster.”

Y/n pressed her lips together, her eyes alone saying everything he needed to hear. “I don’t..” she spoke, her fingers busying themselves in the hem of her sweatshirt. “I see you as Draco Malfoy..the boy who had…no choice…the boy who secretly cares more than he should. The boy who would actually sacrifice himself for anyone, who gets a little too attached. You’re not a monster Draco. You’re misunderstood.”

Draco’s lips tugged into a smile that even he couldn’t conceal. Y/n stood from her ledge and walked to his ledge. She sat herself beside him and leaned herself against his chest. Draco could only stare at her for a minute, completely shocked by the situation. This was all he ever wanted. He shook his head, clearing his mind as he wrapped an arm around her waist, his eyes staring out into the darkening sky, the beautiful colors on the horizon perfect reflecting the way his heart felt. Breathless.

anonymous asked:

Today I was on twitter, and I saw one thing about how liking Draco is tasteless/bad, and that pairing him w Harry is bad bc they have no chemistry anyway. And I know it's all been talked about before, there's lots of opinions, its just silly pairing stuff, but for some reason it made me feel so.. upset. I like the pair, it makes me happy, for a bunch of reasons, some even personal. Idk. Just needed to share this with someone it felt weird in my chest.

Um….rude?!? Like, first off, any movie or show you watch where the main female and main male character hate each other at the start, you just know they are going to get together at the end. Even if there’s no chemistry. It’s such a widely accepted trope for straight couples but clearly less believable when it’s same gender couples.

But despite the fact that the enemies to lovers trope can sometimes be harmful, especially if there is an unhealthy power dynamic followed by no redemption or apology or forgiveness element in between, I still much prefer it to the common - love at first sight bullshit, or let’s loop these two characters together because they’re both unattached and of the opposite gender.

With the enemies to lovers trope, at least in my mind, there has to be development on the part of both characters before you get to the romance part. They have to learn to understand each other first before they fall in love. And in my mind this is a deeper love than falling in love with the idea of someone or someone’s looks and then the rest falling into place later.

Anyway, I agree that the pairing could be distasteful if presented in the wrong way - if Draco never got over his prejudices, if he continued to bully Harry then of course that would be unhealthy. But the way I view Draco as a character, and the way I like to write him is always remorseful, maturing enough to grow out of his family’s prejudices and making up his own mind. And in the process understanding his own feelings better. And of course falling head over heels in love with Harry James Potter (or finally realising he already did long ago).

Sorry long answer.🥃 Tl;dr I love drarry and you shouldn’t feel bad for loving drarry. Sorry that it made you feel upset. 💜💛❤️

pink ears + peanut butter (college!au I.M)

hello i am back w/ college!au changkyun bc i was just thinking bout it ok

pairing: im changkyun x reader (f)

genre: fluff pretty much

notes: there’s some swearing so sorry bout that also this is pretty long sorry also i didn’t proofread i’m just here posting it thank u

word count: 1.8k

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