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Coda - 12x08 LOTUS

Twenty-three days pass before Dean caves.

He’s tried so hard not the break, to say nothing outside of the regular updates in his prayers. That he’s fine, that Sam is fine, that they’re working on a way out and that hopefully Cas is working on the same. That he’s being treated well.

I mean, it’s not exactly the Hilton, but they get fed and there’s a bed and sometimes when he was growing up, that wasn’t always a thing, so he can’t complain.

But the one-sided conversations quickly wear him down and one night, Dean just breaks.

“Cas, I, uh, hope you got your ears on,” Dean’s voice breaks as he presses his cheek to the cool concrete of the cell wall. “This whole prison thing… its wearing me down, man. I hate being away from you.”

He closes his eyes to try and hold back the bitter tears that are threatening. He won’t cry. He won’t.

“I miss you, Cas. I miss being able to hold you at night. I miss making you coffee in the mornings and watching you frown at the paper.” Dean pauses to huff out a laugh at the memory. “And I know that you’d be all making with the rescue if you could, but I hope you’ve got something in the works right now, because I gotta tell you… I got nothing.”

Pulling the blanket over himself, Dean lays down and curls up into a ball, trying to block out the rest of the world.


At the bunker, Castiel’s fist loosens its tight grip on Dean’s pillow and he silently promises that they’ll be reunited soon.


Oh my god

Clark: “What was I supposed to do, let them die?”

Johnathan: “Maybe.”

Lois: “If that thing is making earth more like Krypton, won’t you be weaker around it?”

Clark: “Maybe… But I’m not gonna let that stop me.”

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None of my friends will watch Yuri on Ice because it's "too gay"??!??? What does that mean??? Do they hate happiness???!! Nothing is "too gay"!!

I.know your predicament my man. some people just dont understand.

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It really makes me uncomfortable with the idea of Aizawa really having romantic relationships. Like also beyond just my headcanons it doesn't make sense. Like in the manga loads of people have said he's really logical or practical and it just doesn't make sense he'd allow himself such a big weakness. Sorry these were my thoughts and if you disagree with them please feel free to share!

lol i headcanon him as ace/aro (and possibly sex repulsed) so no worries dude, i totally understand

he’s just shown absolutely no interest in having any sort of romantic or sexual relationship, and literally all the dude wants to do is sleep. not to mention, his horrified reaction to Ms. Joke’s silly marriage proposals do nothing but strengthen my view of this, haha

the poor man just has no energy or desire for these sorts of relationships

please, just let the poor tired hobo man sleep. he deserves his rest


New Speedpaint! Pain to do it lol

Check out this Super Progressive guy I saw in front of me.

The far top right one says “I’m the gun owning god fearing American Obama warned you about”

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what you hate abt sports anime?

oh man, oh here we go.

I fucking hate that there is such a formula to sports anime it becomes tiresome (which is part of the reason why I like ping pong so much)

ok, I’m just gonna talk about baseball anime specifically first. WHY THE SHIT, is all baseball anime about a first year pitcher!! I don’t give a shit about that. god damn, like give me something about a second year catcher or a third year who’s the person that’s like STEAL THAT BASE NOW! (that would be such a worrisome series and I’d scream the whole time in anticipation for that tbh). like I’ve yet to watch battery but like even something like one outs is about a pitcher. princess nine, pitcher, OOFURI IS GOOD BUT IT’S STILL ABOUT A GOD DAMN PITCHER. like I want something else?

in general, sports anime lacks…variation. like I said, formula. boys, natural ability to some degree, first year. whenever there’s an anime that vaguely deviates from that, it’s usually kinda not picked up by a lot of people (yoi is an exception) and just kinda always falls flat. (good examples of different variation imho are one outs (even though I wasn’t wild about it), giant killing, oofuri, ppta, and the princess nine ending is terrible but it’s still a fun series. ALSO HOLY SHIT, REAL IS REALLY GOOD). I’ve tried to read some other stuff (hanebado, gothic sports, etc (I cannot remember the name of this one girl based basketball manga I tried to read one time) but they’re just usually pushed aside. even shit like prince of stride seemed so promising for me but then it just became about first year boys AND I WAS SO PISSED.

uhhh tbh, I haven’t been watching as much sports anime (I still need to watch days, all outs, battery, tiger mask w, and so on but like I’ve been lazy) as I used to but what can you do. there are really good series out there (please, for the love of god read real) but for the most part, I feel like it’s a really unexplored genre and I think we need some new ideasr in it.

this is more of a rant than hate. also…haikyuu’s pacing sucks ass.

  • someone: you can tell a lot about someone from their favorite fictional characters!
  • me, nervously shoving all of my sarcastic trashbag characters with daddy issues and poor decision-making skills out of sight: um