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If you are my friend I want nothing but the best for you even if we have had a falling out I’m still rooting for you. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean that I would go out of my way to send hateful anons to you or your friends or anyone else you know in an attempt to hurt you. Maybe it’s just me but that’s not how I go about things. If we have issues we talk it out and move past it I don’t hold grudges well except one person and she knows who she is but besides her I forgive everyone eventually because holding hate in your heart is too much energy and not worth it. It has been a month or so since all that drama went down and I feel like I shouldn’t have to keep sounding like a broken record when I say stop with the anon hate. It’s not that serious it’s really not.

I woke up to some not so nice messages this morning and it didn’t even make me sad it made me exhausted it made me feel drained like I don’t have the mental and emotional capacity to keep doing this anymore. Rp is rp. Everything that happens ooc doesn’t have to do with rp. If something in rp hurts you so much personally that you spend a month on a witch hunt stalking and personally attacking other people you might want to reevaluate if rp is for you.

I’m sorry I’m rambling but this needs to be said. I’m just so tired you guys if you still have issues let’s talk about it I have Skype and we can text or whatever but don’t tick that anonymous button and don’t force me to keep having to turn it off because you can’t be mature. If you have feelings or words about it let’s discuss it I’m not a mean person I have nothing left to give you all I have is the truth and I’m willing to talk about it with whoever needs to hear it to just move the fuck on.

That’s it

To Anons

I’m extremely disgusted at the amount of hate that’s going around today. I woke up to this, and I’m on the verge of going on a fucking rampage. The beautiful people @marvelatthepeople @denialanderror @crappy-camel @denialanderror @thenightmarebeforebucky and @buckys-fossil do NOT deserve insults in the slightest bit.

You contribute NOTHING but negativity, and you’re hiding behind an anonymous persona. You’re the type of person that we’re constantly told not to be, yet you’re consistent in it. I’m not even sure if you’re the same person, though if you are, that’s even worse, because I’m not sure how ONE PERSON can contribute all these disgusting comments. You have a horrible personality-may I ask you why you’re like this? What is wrong with you? How could you be so mean, low and nasty? One thing is for sure-your type of personality is never, I repeat, NEVER WELCOME HERE. Your aim may be to try get a reaction out of people, but do you know how that affects them? Also, your comments are very untruthful.

The people you have put hate on, have done nothing to deserve this-they aren’t perfect but they are all amazingly beautiful goddesses, they put loads of effort into their writing which makes their writing so damn good, and people like them because they’re gorgeous and they’re kind. Kindness is something you don’t have yet, and you’re yet to learn it. You should start looking at your own flaws before you pick on other people’s nonexistent ones. As I said, if you just wanted a fucking reaction, then you have gotten one. But I warn you, each reaction you get out of me the next time you hate on my friends, won’t be pretty. I don’t care if you hate on me, but NEVER insult my friends if you want to survive. I will send you to hell and back every. damn. time. you. do. this.

So I’m warning you, if you keep on spreading hate, you’re gonna have to face a whole community and get backlashed instantly. You’re the worst kinds of people in this society and stop spreading untruths and hate. Watch out next time you do this, though I hope there won’t be a next time.

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ok so imagine after Starcrushed Tom asks Marco about whats been happening. Could you write a fic about this???

Okay you guys are actually going to HATE me for this one. I can’t believe I wrote this and I actually want to cry from it. I hope you guys don’t hate me, there is heartbroken Tom and unrequited love. I know, but trust me, I think it’s pretty good.

Tom ran into Marco’s room with a concerned look. Marco had called him over twelve times and sent him at least thirty texts. But Tom had his phone off, so when he saw he got scared something bad happened. Tom ran over to Marco and looked at the young human. “Marco! What happened?” He asked. Marco looked up and practically jumped into Tom’s arms. Tom was caught totally off guard; he didn’t know what to do with this. It was odd, having somebody just tackle him in a hug like this. But when Tom heard Marco crying he took a breath and tried his best. He hugged Marco gently. “H-hey, i-it’s okay. It’s alright.” Tom tried, unsure.

“She’s gone.” Marco blubbered. Tom pulled away a little bit and looked at Marco curiously.

“Who is gone?” He asked. Marco burst out into tears again and hugged Tom again.

“Star left! She-she had to go back to Mewni!” Marco sobbed. Tom gasped and held Marco closer. Marco was confused; he thought Tom would laugh at him. Maybe that meant that he won the game, and this meant Star would get back together with him. But that didn’t cross the demon’s mind right now.

“Oh Marco, I’m so sorry.” Tom told him. “But… why did you call me?” He asked confused. He and Marco weren’t exactly on good terms.

“I… don’t know.” Marco stopped and actually thought about this. “You were just… the first person I thought of.” Marco admitted. Tom tried to hide his little smile and he felt his heart flutter. Did that mean that Marco liked him? Did somebody like Tom? Tom felt himself get more excited as he thought of all the possible ideas from this. He had a friend! A real friend!

“Well… I’m here for you.” Tom promised. Marco smiled through his tears and dashed back into the demon’s arms. This time Tom didn’t waste anytime in holding him close and comforting the human. “We’ll find her, we’ll find Star. Okay? We’ll get her back for you, and it will all be okay.” Tom promised. Marco smiled again and nodded, he took Tom’s hand and pressed his head against the demon’s forehead.

“Thank you, Tom.” He whispered. Tom felt his heart race at the close contact. Marco felt so warm, and he was so close. Marco was holding him close, and he wanted him, Tom was wanted. Marco squeezed Tom’s hand and the demon let all these new feelings swirl around in his head. Maybe Marco wasn’t a bad guy. Maybe he was really nice and sweet, and made Tom feel… something new.

Tom leaned in slightly, thinking maybe this would be perfect. Maybe they could become closer, and Marco would keep making him feel this amazing feeling he got. Maybe he could kiss him. But before the demon could try to make his move Marco spoke and his daydream crumbled away.

“She told me she had a crush one me.” Marco wiped away a tear. Tom froze and bit his lip, now getting a little nervous.

“W-what did you say?” Tom asked.

“You aren’t mad?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head and Marco continued. “I-I didn’t have a chance to say anything. She ran off too fast.” Marco admitted. Tom nodded and looked down; he felt a little spark of hope when he saw Marco was still holding onto his hand.

“And… how do you feel about her?” Tom asked. His voice was just a shaky whisper.

Marco looked away. “Well… Star has been my best friend for so long, I guess I never thought of her like that.” Marco admitted. Tom felt he could relax, but then Marco continued. “But if I’m being honest… now that I think about, I guess I do have a crush on Star.” Marco finished.

Tom felt his entire world crumble down and very thing shatter. He has heart the expression ‘broken heart’ before, but now he understood. That’s what it felt like, a horrible painful cracking in his chest. He felt heavy, like he couldn’t move or breath. Just sit there and look at Marco. Every bad feeling he could think of, he felt, sadness, embarrassment, anger, despair, humiliation, and any formation of them. Marco looked up and saw Tom’s blank look.

“Are you angry?” Marco asked. “Look I know you like Star but-“

“I’m not mad.” Tom said way too fast. This surprised both of them. Sure Tom felt anger, but it wasn’t really the same thing, and it wasn’t directed at anyone. Not Marco at least. “I’m… thrilled.” Tom choked out.

“Really?” Marco asked, not buying it. Tom put on the biggest fake smile he could.

“Of course. I really do love y-Star!” Tom corrected himself fast. “And if I do, even thought I’m… let down… that this is what’s happening.” Tom used the biggest understatement of the century. He didn’t think he could be so broken at fifteen, but Marco managed to do it in less than ten seconds. “I just want the people I like to be happy, and I want to help them be happy. So if you like Star and want to be with her, let’s go find her! For you… so you two… can be together… and be happy…” Tom finished. He fought back tears as hard as he could.

Marco smiled big and tackled Tom in another hug. “Thank you, Tom! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Marco cried. “We’ll really find her?” Marco asked. Tom’s breath hitched and he nodded.

“Of course.” He promised.

“And you aren’t upset? Not at all?” Marco asked. Tom smiled again, but pulled Marco into another hug so he couldn’t see the tear that were escaping.

“I’m nothing but happy! I swear!”



“Marco!” The duo ran to each other and smashed together in a big hug. They laughed and spun around, happy to be reunited after such a long while. They both forgot about Tom completely, who was standing by the Mewni castle entrance. He was acting as if he would die once he stepped inside. Like a (literal) demon entering a church.

“I’m so happy to see you again!” Marco exclaimed. He and Star started hugging again and talking about how much they loved each other a mile a minute. Every word they spoke was like another knife in Tom’s chest. It was hard to believe it was only metaphorical, Tom could FEEL it. He could feel that pain.

Marco turned around and motioned for Tom to come in. “Tom helped me find you! He didn’t stop until we were together again!” Marco exclaimed.

“He did?” Star asked. Marco nodded and Tom approached them meekly. He wanted to leave; he wanted this to be over. Star smiled big and gave him a hug. “Well then I guess you’re over being into me.” She joked. Tom forced a laugh.

“Yeah, I definitely don’t like you anymore, princess.” He jabbed with a teasing tone. Star laughed and shoved him playfully. It all seemed like a big joke, and Tom was keeping it that way. Marco would never know. He could never tell him.

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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:


blunt as hell