i hate this entire team

One of the best parts of Overwatch forcing Actual People to interact with (slight retch) Gamers is watching those gamers made to feel like the Odd Man Out in what they consider to be Their Space. The ensuing tantrum when they say some shit about “noobs” or “you’re a girl? WE’RE GONNA LOSE LMAO” and you respond “hey, it’s just a game and everyone’s gotta start somewhere” or “she’s playing better than you, it’s almost like women are as good at video games as men?” and your entire team and also their entire team agrees with you? So satisfying. I hate gamers


I’m….. Actually crying…. I arrived at this raid with 5 minutes left only 4 players participating. Needless to say we didn’t win…. I’ll never be in such a populated place with a legendary raid happening ever again.. I’ll never get the legendaries….

defending the earth from aliens was literally item #1 on a list with 1 entry titled “this is what the avengers’ job is” and yet when someone said “so are we going to at some point consider defending the earth from aliens” the entire team rolled their eyes and The Guy Whose Brother Caused The Last Alien Invasion choked that dude. like. they shut him down until he stopped protesting that they should do the thing which was the ENTIRE POINT OF THE TEAM BEING PUT TOGETHER

like…doing cleanup duty post-new york and getting loki’s sceptre and taking out hydra are nice and all but every single person on this team Knows that something is coming and they still get Annoyed And Violent when asked to consider doing their jobs better than they are i can’t believe i didn’t see cacw coming as a concept when this was the reaction they had when this was brought to their attention by a Fellow Teammate holy shit i hate AoU for that entire scene

r*** m***** have had their fair share of injust advantages this season, but they’ve been very consistent and their squad depth is incredible, so congratulations to them

The Coach’s Daughter Part 2 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by several peeps

Word Count: 2,225

Author’s Note: I hope y’all like the second one. I had fun writing this one. Sorry, it took so long. 

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Part 1

t’s been two weeks since Liam found out Y/N was, not only the coach’s daughter, but also the one who took his spot on the team. Since then he’s done everything he can to avoid her. He wasn’t mad at her. He was mad at the situation. The fact was he liked Y/N. He was instantly attracted and drawn to her, but he hated that she was the one that took the one thing he loved most and it wasn’t even her fault. The thought alone made his blood boil and he knew he needed some time and space to cool off. He couldn’t be around her knowing he would hold a grudge every time they were together. So he did what he thought was best, avoid her at all cost.

Y/N knew why Liam was so upset and she didn’t blame him, but she wasn’t expecting him to completely freeze her out. She tried talking to him, but he always made the excuse of having to go somewhere. She eventually figured out he had convinced Mason to get to history class first and sit at the desk next to her. Liam always managed to walk into class a second before the tardy bell rang, leaving Liam no choice but to sit in the only available seat in back of the class.

She liked Liam. He was cute and he was her first friend in school. She hated that she lost the one person she felt comfortable with since she transferred schools. She tried getting along with the guys on the team, but they didn’t want to be friends with the person who took away one of their best players. Eventually she gave up on making friends and would just hang out at the library during her lunch and free period.

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i still can’t fucking believe the writers were so comfortable giving rumple a happy ending that they had him happily waltz into that dumpster fire of a family dinner like he fuckin belonged there

as if the man hasn’t repeatedly tried to kill everyone at that table and hasn’t repented or apologized for, idk, anything he’s ever done. they put killian h. jones through a three-season redemption arc and he gets dragged anytime he does something even remotely problematic, but this motherfucker gets welcomed into the fam one fuckin episode after teaming up with the black fairy to cast a fucking curse on everyone in town

what a bunch of turds. un fucking believable. i’m so done with a&e and their entire writing team at this point

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In mystery heroes I was Bastion and I went fuck, I’ve played 5mn as him. I want to be mercy. Then I got an idea. I ran up to a side door and went into his turret mode or what ever and when it opened a Genji is standing there and he freezes out of shock and I fucking waste him, and his team who ran over and I get a team kill about 7 seconds in. If I’m going to play him I ain’t gunna camp in the corner. I’ll plant my tin can ass right outside the fucking door.

hhhhhh I’m deceased I freaking hate bastion for this reason. he can literally waste an entire team in 7 sec.

A week in the life of a Liverpool fan.
  • Sunday: I'm so excited, I can't wait for the next game.
  • Monday: I love Liverpool. This team is my life.
  • Tuesday: Red or dead!
  • Wednesday: Our players are so wonderful. Moreno's such a cutie pie, Martin is the hardest man in football, and Mignolet hates everyone, lol. I love this entire team!
  • Thursday: *general incomprehensible crying about Steven Gerrard*
  • Friday: Cut me open and my veins bleed Liverpool red!
  • Saturday: Honestly, this piece of shit team. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU.