i hate this entire team

One of the best parts of Overwatch forcing Actual People to interact with (slight retch) Gamers is watching those gamers made to feel like the Odd Man Out in what they consider to be Their Space. The ensuing tantrum when they say some shit about “noobs” or “you’re a girl? WE’RE GONNA LOSE LMAO” and you respond “hey, it’s just a game and everyone’s gotta start somewhere” or “she’s playing better than you, it’s almost like women are as good at video games as men?” and your entire team and also their entire team agrees with you? So satisfying. I hate gamers

Things i hated about Attack on Central City

1. Barry and the entire team acting like Barry has never killed before and that killing Grodd was some horrible thing. I didn’t appreciate the writers using Iris to say such unbelievable bullshit. 

2. Which makes the entire “if you kill, you’ll never come back from it” bullshit purely contrived drama because the bitch has killed before and he did come back from it and we were all fine with it. 

3. The entire don’t-kill-Grodd-even-if-he-is-trying-to-murder-millions-of-people-and-has-done-multiple-horrid-stuff-because-he-is-a-sentient-being just sounds like white nonsense and PETAs byline. 

4. Harry making fun of HR for not knowing science. He was super ableist and elitist and it made me detest his character. Basically, he would have to take a bullet for Iris and die for me to ever like him again and i still won’t. HR should have punched him and stabbed him in the face. Also, no one called it out and the narrative supported it.

5. Just kill the damn gorilla. Barry interferring with Solovar killing Grodd was white nonsense because all he was doing was pushing his own hypocritical and irrational morality onto Solovar and gorilla society. Maybe killing Grodd was their way of justice Barry! Did you think about that you arrogant dick? 

6. The entire gorilla nonsense. I’m going to pretend it never happened because it was some bad writing. 

7. Iris coming down from bed with her hair looking great and make up on. Like, dear flash writers and hair and make up department, that is not even tv realistic. 

A week in the life of a Liverpool fan.
  • Sunday: I'm so excited, I can't wait for the next game.
  • Monday: I love Liverpool. This team is my life.
  • Tuesday: Red or dead!
  • Wednesday: Our players are so wonderful. Moreno's such a cutie pie, Martin is the hardest man in football, and Mignolet hates everyone, lol. I love this entire team!
  • Thursday: *general incomprehensible crying about Steven Gerrard*
  • Friday: Cut me open and my veins bleed Liverpool red!
  • Saturday: Honestly, this piece of shit team. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU.