i hate this colouring but i don't care

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So I personally see Hermione as white or light skinned, and James as white, too. Now I don't care if anyone else sees them as black, if fact I support it! I just personally don't headcanon them as black. I'm not trying to hate or anything I just wanted to share me view and see what you thought of it, if that's okay.

i feel like i’m going to state the obvious here, but just to make it clear: you see them as white? that’s ok. you’re fancasting white people for them? alright. you’re drawing fanarts with white harry, james and hermione? cool! since their skin colour was never specified, i have absolutely no problem with people picturing them as white. knock yourself out, have fun, produce your own content! i certainly won’t criticize you for it.

my only beef is with people who feel the need to harass others for headcanoning these characters as pocs. feeling the need to FORBID others from drawing the characters as non-white - that’s a problem. trying to prove to me that they HAVE TO be white, because you can’t handle a random person on the internet drawing a black hermione - that’s a problem. and i promise you, this happens a lot. nearly every artist i follow who’s had a picture of dark-skinned hermione (or harry, james, sirius, lily, anyone who was white in the movies pretty much) had to go through these arguments.

Ok I’ve resisted making this for so long but:

I don’t care if you’re cis, trans, male, female, agender, bigender, genderfluid whatever,

I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, whatever,

I don’t care if you’re black, white, asian, red, whatever,

I don’t care if you’re gay, bi, pan, ace, straight, demi, whatever,

If you don’t treat someone with the respect they deserve just because of their gender, sexuality, religion, skin colour, ethinicity, you are a an asshole and you do not deserve my support.

Thank you for your time.

“We don’t see the same things.
You see messy hair and I see many run downs with your soft fingers.
You see the same old smile and I see the smile that gives me a new pulse each time.
You see green eyes and I see the colour of my feelings when you held their hand.
You see a simple old crush and I see, the mirror, where I watch myself fall as I sit there, admiring from a distance because that’s all I could ever do.” I told You as I admired you from a distance.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #42
Can you even imagine how priceless Jessamine's inner monologue about Sebastian and his army would be?
  • Jessamine: What an awful boy. Certainly not a gentleman. And that ghostly pallor would give even ME a run for my money. That sneer on his face really does make him look like a dying weasel.
  • And does he have some sort of possy following him? How strange. Who would want to be around such a disagreeable upstart? *sigh* Modern values are regrettably lax.
  • *endarkened army approaches*
  • Red is CERTAINLY not their colour.
  • And here I thought I hated regular shadowhunters
  • How unpleasant they are. No manners at all.
  • Is that woman... snarling at me? How unladylike!
  • Even worse than those horrible clockwork creatures...
  • *Sebastian approaches, leading his army*
  • Angry Jessamine: How adorable, he thinks he will just burst through the gates and slaughter us all. I've been down that road once and don't care to revisit it.
  • Not under my watch...

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Why are you so into this ferguson stuff?! You have no right. You have no clue what's going on on this country, just like a lot of people in America. I am so sick of everyone saying this was about race. Just stfu already.

i do know a lot about this situation and i’m so “into this ferguson stuff” because i care about the fact that people are dying at the hands of people that are meant to be “protecting” them all because of the colour of their skin. thank you for your well thought out words. love u. god bless.

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So, you don't care about 'The Flash' except that Candice is in it. So, if Iris was played by a white girl, you wouldn't watch it at all. Does that not seem a little bit racist to you? You're valuing Candice as an actress PURELY because of the colour of her skin. If I said I hated her based purely on the colour of her skin, you would call me out on being a terrible person; but supporting someone for their race is just as bigoted.

You are an idiot.