i hate this cast so much

How the heck are there still people out there trying to say that Amy Adams is a nobody??? Like she’s the definition of unproblematic, she’s been through so much in her life, and now she’s a 5 time academy award nominated actress, who is a part of a huge franchise and is the OG live action princess. Not to mention she was just the lead of one of the smartest alien arrival movies that I’ve ever seen, which made a bucketload of money at the box office, which is massive for a female actress over 40.
Like I get it though, you hate women who don’t punch people in superhero movies, but chill the fuck out.


i will never be over how cute class 1-a was while eating together in the mess hall???

  • shouji’s so big that he takes up as much space as denki and kirishima combined (and he’s eating with his mouth hands omg)
  • todoroki pointing at something in front of kouda like??? is he asking for something?? either way the idea of them chatting is adorable
  • sero having Absolutely No Table Manners At All
  • i love that mina and aoyama are sitting next to eachother; she might talk over him all the time but she’s the only one he really interacts with, it’s cute to think they might be friends
  • kacchan still sat next to izuku, which i adore
  • you can see??? toru’s food go down which is mildly terrifying and amazing
  • iida sittin there with his face stuffed full of food, how Uncouth

seeing the way everyone gets along and the little groups of friends that are always evident is just really cute and i love that horikoshi made this class feel like an actual close-knit class of students

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Let’s title this “When your cast *literally* does not give one fuck”

Interviewer: “Why is everyone so dead all the time?”

Marie: “I don’t write it. I’m not sure, but apparently viewers want to be *shocked* nowadays and that’s the only way to do it.” THE SARCASM IN HER FUCKING VOICE OMG


One of the things I hate the most about the sex positive movement is this irrational, iron-hard insistence on severing any relationship between sex & love/intimacy. There’s just so much focus on how to fuck & how to get off & the biggest problem for these people is not being ashamed about it. You can’t talk about the pressure to participate in hookup culture or male entitlement to casual sex with women without sex pox idiots screeching about “slut shaming.” It’s exhausting. God forbid we acknowledge that having sex actually affects you emotionally, that someone treating your body like a toy to play with & cast aside when they’re bored is potentially deeply hurtful & psychologically distressing. But nah, if you even suggest that being in a loving relationship enriches sex, you’re a grim, conservative puritan brainwashed by religious prudery. Sex pozzies want to introduce BDSM in sex education & encourage teenagers to watch porn because tying up & beating your partner (& being unashamed!!!) is more important than stupid love & feelings. Sex pozzies are garbage & I hate them all.

The overwhelming call for the redemption of Kylo Ren on tumblr is very much reflective of a culture of toxic white male privilege that I would venture to say most users would probably claim they reject. Ben is a wealthy white boy, the son of war heroes, the son of a princess/senator/general. He came from a loving privileged background. He had the best opportunities. He had an uncle who trained him to be one of the only Jedi in the universe. That wasn’t enough for Ben, so Ben becomes Kylo Ren.

In America, we see it one week after the next. A white suburban guy in his early 20s decides to take his resentment out in the form of murder. “He was such a nice boy, such a quiet boy.” The smiling childhood picture. His mother cries on camera, rather than the mothers of his victims. He gets a sensitive instagram picture on the cover of newspapers and magazines rather than his mugshot. “Bring our boy home.” How many innocent people has your boy killed?

So the desperate clamoring for this white boy who had it all and chose that he preferred the path of mass murder is a very profound, very deliberate choice of villain in a movie with a very deliberate lead cast – a woman, a black man, a latino man. I think this is a really fascinating subject, but it’s not the conversation that’s happening here on tumblr. Instead we talk about his fabulous hair and his absolutely essential redemption arc and his “temper tantrums” as if they’re not completely real and completely representative of something very sinister in our culture.

It’s not just a movie. Good science fiction never is. We all know that, otherwise we couldn’t care so much. 

Honestly tho as wonderful as jem’s ‘WOT FANFICTION’ comment was, p l e a s e don’t talk to/ask actors about fics, and P L E A S E don’t mention any specifics. Writers put up their work bc they feel it’s safe to do so away from the actors/creators, and it’s unfair to overstep that boundary in ANY way. Cool thanks bye


why have i never seen this before i hate these people so  much

It’s so dumb because everyone and their grandmas saw Suicide Squad just because of the BIG NAME CELEBRITIES in the movie , the action, and maybe the sound track and it was literally just a movie that was made just for the money and had racist stereotypes but when Power Rangers (2017) has a diverse cast and never assigned a specific race to any of the characters BC ppl are more than stereotypes and they really invested time into developing the characters and ppl dont care ? High key when do u ever see a cool flirty Chinese character like that (when y'all kno the stereotype is that they’re supposed to be awkward and nerdy) or a Black autistic teen that all of his friends love and respect or a Gay Latina superhero, or an Indian character who isn’t restricted by any stereotypes and kicks ass like bro …this movie is a gold mine, when are u ever gonna see characters like this? And the message is that all these teens who experience life differently and better together. Everyone loves a good story abt misfits becoming friends and begs for diversity and yet? Ppl aren’t watching it BC Trini “isn’t gay enough “n don’t understand how a franchise works bc they’re not gonna put all character development in the first movie and like she was questioning her sexuality and has homophobic parents, she’s not gonna automatically be all out and that’s okay u freaks. Its realistic and ppl say they don’t care abt diversity BC "its power rangers” as if y'all never was into power rangers ever and don’t care abt every other superhero movie that kids enjoy smh

JK Rowling gets so much hate for lack of racial representation in Fantastic Beasts, but from what I’ve seen it’s mostly non-British people who complain about it. You do realise that JKR is English, as am I, and we don’t get told anything at all about American history? Like ever? She could have researched, but that doesn’t mean she gets to change the entire cast just for you. You guys wouldn’t be happy if she did anyway. Stop thinking you’re entitled to say who to cast in movies based on HER books and HER world.

Anime Anti-hero™: I’m dark, brooding, and exceptionally talented. I hate the protagonist of this series (and his stupid, optimistic attitude!) because I’m edgy and angry and bitter all the time! I’m the best, and I’ll always be the best, and I’ll destroy anything in my path that tries to get in my way!
Rest of Anime Cast™: Wow….that’s the anti-hero for you. So cool. So mysterious. All the girls are falling at his feet. Including our protag’s love interest. Let’s give this boy a medal. Two medals. For being so cool and mysterious.

Kacchan: I’m dark, brooding, and exceptionally talented. I hate the protagonist of this series (and his stupid, optimistic attitude!) because I’m edgy and angry and bitter all the time! I’m the best, and I’ll always be the best, and I’ll destroy anything in my path that tries to get in my way!
Cast of BNHA: Literally shut the fuck up Kacchan and go to sleep it’s like 3 am we’re all exhausted and we don’t care

i’m gonna be THAT person who says this...

but most of tumblr hates la la land for the same reason they love moonlight.

take a second and imagine if the roles were reversed. if la la land was a jazz musical featuring two poc’s as the love interests and justin timberlake as the token white boy. would you still hate it then? how about if moonlight was about the story of two gay white men? would you be dragging it through the mud instead?

i feel like most people hate la la and for being white the same reasons they love moonlight for being full of poc’s.

most of the people hate la la land haven’t seen the movie. they listened to the bullshit synopsis the internet gave about la la land that it’s about “white people saving jazz music” and it’s not that at all. or saw that the cast and immediately went naaaaah.

as a poc who had dreams of being an actress when she was younger and is working in this industry now, i cried at la la land cause it as a love story about the world i love so much. i’m a dreamer. and yeah…i’m a sucker for a good ass musical and love story. but in the same breath moonlight was a mesmerizing and important movie because of what it represents. how rare it is to see DARK men of color portrayed in such a vulnerable light. how it touched on the issues of homophobia that the black community avoids like the plague. how my mother was uncomfortable watching two black men kiss but still loved the movie and the conversation we had because of it.

representation is important. no one is denying that. but a movie isn’t automatically bad just because the cast is full of white characters. hate to break it to you internet but there are talent white actors in this industry. we SHOULD call out hollywood for it’s lack of inclusion in hollywood, but for once, this isn’t the case. moonlight vs. la la land isn’t black vs. white. it’s literally just two really good fucking movies and y’all turned this into some race war. they both deserved the recognition and accolades they received.

i wish the internet would fucking watch a movie objectively or at least watch the fucking moving in general instead of being so goddamn simple and seeing black/white and labeling it good/bad. this is the best oscars line up we’ve had in yeeeeaars in terms of diversity and quality of films. 

i’m so upset that moonlight’s win is overshadowed by the academy’s screw up and it hurts that la la land is being dragged and reduced to a meme. 

y’all wanna praise leto for working towards the portrayal of his joker by sending disgusting gifts to his co-stars, including bullets to viola davis (despite knowing full well the current hazardous situation for many black people with the recent police shootings) but y’all sleep on all the work of the rest of the mostly POC and female cast who worked x10 harder than leto did to get into character, and were a x100 times less gross about it. jay hernandez and adewale akinnouye agbaje spent 3-5 hours each in makeup on top of a 16 hour work day. karen fukuhara had to learn how to swordfight. the cast had to basically bare their souls and tell each other their weaknesses which would be exploited by the director and other cast members in rehearsals. but sure because leto harassed his cast mates apparently he deserve all the praise…….right.