i hate this cast and their twitter pics

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Can you maybe explain what happened with Grant and/or Candice? I'm so confused cause I can't find a proper explanation anywhere

Here’s where it started:

Grant on his twitter posted a picture as usual from instagram (it was a Snowbarry pic with Danielle and himself together looking at a newspaper headline of Marilyn Monroe’s passing.)

So the first wa said this:

Next came her further mean tweet despite knowing she got caught:

Found them:

Because the next girl who defended this mean girl deleted her tweets and blocked anyone from following her, I can’t post exactly what she said, but I read them before she deleted everything. They were defending the first wa only saying she was joking and he should calm down. Bull shit. She’s only saying that because she got caught. AND she also mentioned that Grant doesn’t care about the hate (regarding racism ie.) that Candice gets and doesn’t see it or defend her at all. Funny because he does mention The Flash Cast pretty easily here. His response:

Then another person came into the discussion. This conversation has empty lines where her tweets used to be. Sneaky girl deleted the evidence.

Basically it looks messy and confusing because the girl deleted her tweets. She treated it as a joke and locked her account: (I read on her account before it was closed that she tweeted “i got blocked by Grant but it was worth it”)

continued from the previous exchange:

Basically he was trying to say he came online, saw the hate regarding Danielle and that pic, and responded to it. That’s what he means by “case by case.”

The first wa came crawling back to Candice to beg Grant to unblock her and here’s what was tweeted:

Another person (assuming a wa or her friend) was defending her childish behavior. Then a bunch of people were tweeting him wondering how he knew she was a bully, that’s what the above pic is about. More tweeted him in support too and he responded back:

To the trouble maker who got blocked Grant retweeted this:

Danielle and tons of Snowbarries get sent an enormous amount of hate every day for either playing Caitlin Snow (Danielle) or shipping Snowbarrry (get accused of being a “racist”). All Grant did was block the idiots trying to cause problems. There were tweets from that nasty fandom telling him to log off, quit twitter forever, some actually called him a racist (yawn) for defending Danielle and that pic. It’s weird because he had a tweet where he mentioned the entire cast (including Candice as she is in that cast yeah?) so how is he a racist again?

I realize hate gets sent online in truck loads, but that’s no excuse to behave like an asshole sending him all this drama directly. I can’t believe this fandom. Both of these girls were celebrating their antics together and laughing it off. This is why I can’t stand the wa fandom. These are real people who play roles on TV, you can’t send them shit like this and don’t expect to get shit thrown back at you. Grant was fair when he said “grow up.”

Makes me glad to be a Snowbarry. x)


Just wanted to say, a day later, because I’m slow- but if we’re to the point of talking about positivity among the cast we love. I’d like to speak about Michael Beach. Okay, let’s acknowledge that Michael Beach is a cute piece of cupcake, who gives us THE BEST behind the scenes videos and/or pics ever, and always congratulate his fellow cast members, and always acknowledge their amazing work, and just told on twitter that he’s never felt so comfortable among a cast on tv… - and he’s playing a big fat jerk on this show, we all hate Pike, especially after yersterday’s episode. I mean, considering that Pike probably won’t survive season 3 Octavia Blake now, we should at least take the time to talk about that. Let’s all love Michael Beach <3