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After the Show-Daniel Seavey

Summary: You, along with the other Why Don’t We boys make up a plan for you to surprise your boyfriend Daniel on tour. What you don’t know is that Daniel has a surprise of his own.

♥ ♥ ♥

Another jolt of excitement ran through your body and you quickly unlocked your phone to check the time again. 5:18. In just shy of a couple hours you would be reunited with your boyfriend of six months, Daniel Seavey.

The Something Different tour turned out to be an even greater success than anyone could have predicted and although you were extremely happy for Daniel and the boys, the separation was killing you.

Seeing Daniel in between shows was nice but you missed him and you realized that you hadn’t gone to one of his major performances yet. Your solution: surprise him at his next show.

This idea came to you a few weeks ago and the help of the other Why Don’t We boys and your parents made it a reality.

“Turn here remember?” You directed your mom, who was driving, in the direction of the Roxy Theater. Your house in San Francisco wasn’t very far from the L.A. venue but car rides weren’t at all your thing and you were beginning to micromanage.

“Honey we know where we’re going. You came here for your first concert remember?” She said with a smile. “Sorry mom. I’m just so excited to see him.” You admitted, shrinking back into your seat.

“Our little girl all grown up and nervous to see her boyfriend. How cute.” Your dad teased from the passenger seat and you laughed. “If I were all grown up don’t you think you guys would’ve let me drive myself?” You replied sassily.


You said your goodbyes to your parents and gave them hugs, promising to be safe and to have fun, telling them everything that parents want to hear when they leave their daughters alone in L.A. for the night. When they drove off you checked the time. 6:31. 

The should would start at 7:30 so you figured you should hurry inside to see Daniel beforehand. You flashed your V.I.P. pass Jack had sent you to the bodyguards out front and they led you to the backstage area. You saw Zach first followed by Corbyn. 

“(Y/N)!” Zach yelled, causing the other boys to shush him in a frenzy. “Zach shut up!” Corbyn scolded him and Zach playfully held a hand up to his lips. “Sorry.” “It’s okay,” you told him. “It’s great to see you guys.” You greeted and hugged each of them.

“Where’s Daniel?” You asked after a bit of small talk. “He’s with Jack. He’s been keeping Daniel busy all day.” Jonah replied. “Yeah, they should be back soon. They-” Before Corbyn could finish his sentence the door opened and in walked Jack, Daniel following close behind. 

“DANIEL!” You were instantly in his arms giving him the biggest bear hug known to man. “(Y/N)?!” He questioned excitedly, pulling you away from him for just a moment to see your face before engulfing you in another hug. “What are you doing here? I thought your internship started today?“ 

"Nope. It starts next week. I lied so I could surprise you. The boys helped me.” You pointed to Daniel’s friends who had so quickly turned to something more like brothers and they smiled. “Wow. You guys are sneaky. I literally had no idea!” Daniel smiled. 

“That’s kind of the idea silly.” You joked and leaned into him to place your lips on his. “And that’s our cue to leave.” Jonah mumbled, leading the boys out of the door to another room. “Daniel, be sure to be on stage by 7:00 sharp!” Jack warned before closing the door. 


Time seemed hobby so fast with you and Daniel just sitting on the couch talking. It was so great to just be with him and do something normal again and you were also excited to see him and the other boys perform. 

 “I’ve missed you so much baby." Daniel cooed and pulled you closer to him, so close you were practically on his lap. "I missed you too Daniel.” You said and peppered his face with kisses. 

“How was your day?” You asked as he ran his fingers through your hair. “It was good. A little boring with setting things up and rehearsing but it’s much better now that you’re here. 

How was the drive from San Fran?” He asked, intertwining your fingers with his. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but you know how I hate car rides. Pretty sure I drove my parents crazy.” You said laughing, Daniel joining in, joking with you about how you’ve always been a back seat driver. 

You went to playfully hit him in the arm but instead, Daniel grabbed your wrist and pulled you in for another kiss. “I wish we could stay like this for a while.” You admitted and just like clockwork, you were interrupted by the door opening. 

“Five more minutes Daniel!” Jack yelled, sticking his head inside the room with a smile. “Sorry (Y/N) but we’re going to need to borrow him for a while!” Zach added and Daniel rolled his eyes playfully. 

“Yeah, yeah. I know the drill!” You yelled with a smile, getting up from the couch and taking Daniel with you. With a groan, you pried Daniel from the couch. “Is it bad that I don’t wanna go out there?” He whined. 

“I know you can’t resist me but I’m ready for a show. Good luck cutie!” You gave him tight hug and rushed him out the door with a quick peck on the lips. Just as quickly as he had left, Daniel’s head popped in again.

“One more thing,” he said, his hands fidgeting with the knob and his beautiful eyes focusing in on you. “Yes Daniel?" 

"I love you.” You opened your mouth to speak. To say something, anything, but you we’re frozen like a statue. “Don’t worry (Y/N), you can say it back after the show.” He said, shooting you a wink. And with that he was gone.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: This is my first imagine on this blog. Feel free to leave me feedback in my ask box and REQUEST if you’d like! :)

Creepypasta #1297: Happy Canada Day

Length: Medium

It’s currently 1:58 am and I’m at a campsite somewhere in Central Alberta, Canada. I say somewhere because to be perfectly honest, I’m not 100% sure where we are. When morning dawns, you bet I’m going to find out in case I have to high tail it out of here. I am extremely grateful that I drove my own car here. (Don’t you hate when you ride with someone else to a location, and if you want to leave, you’re basically at their mercy? But that’s a side note, really).

A friend of mine asked if I would like to come help out at a sleepover camp for a week. If I helped, my room and food would be free. It was a camp for kids and families to learn about nature, the environment and woodland safety. I have a lot of vacation time built up at work and it had been a while since I had taken any time off so this seemed like a good opportunity to relax and to help out a few people. 

So I took the time off of, and drove with my friend (I’m going to call my friend Olivia to keep things simple) in my car to this campsite. She has volunteered at this camp for years and knows the area like the back of her hand. I do not. She gave directions to me as we travelled. I guess she came down to the camp a few days before me to help set up. She rode into town with another camp counselor to pick up a few things and then came with me. She gave directions to me as we travelled because I guess the GPS gave wacky directions.

There’s a central building where they have lodging and that’s where my room is. Seems like they are short on volunteers so I’m the only one in my room. Olivia has a room that is in a building in another section of the camp.

So far, my duties mostly include monitoring kids and making sure they don’t separate from the group when we are going on hikes in the woods. And helping identifying tree types. All in all, I’ve had a pretty good time.

So for those of you that don’t know, yesterday was Canada Day (Canada’s 150th birthday) and there were fireworks scheduled in a nearby town to celebrate. A lot of the families here and volunteers were walking/driving into town to go watch at fireworks at dusk. But my head had been bothering me so I decided to pass on watching the fireworks and go take a nap. Olivia checked on me to make sure I was alright before going to the fireworks.

I fell asleep at about 9:00 pm and I woke up at about 11:00 pm to the ending sounds of a fireworks spectacular. Lots of sparks and pop that sounded like a finale, followed by a crowd of cheers. Then I fell back asleep.

I awoke again at about 1:30 am, with such a tickle in my throat. And unfortunately, I didn’t have any water in my room. I had a 24 pack of bottled water in my car trunk so I decided to walk the short journey to my car to get some. In hindsight, I should have just gone to the bathroom and drank tap water.

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Flying Colors: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 

Fairy Tail AU: High School Marching Band

Rating: T for some language

Pairings: Mainly Nalu; Hints of Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Chendy, Fraxus

Word Count: 1k

Chapter 2: Trusting a Trumpet

“Mind if I join you?”

Lucy jumped at the sound of his voice, and did a terrible job at hiding it. She snapped her eyes to the smiling face above her. “O-Oh, you’re Natsu, right?”

He reached out a friendly hand to help her stand. “Yep! Surprised you know my name, since I moved here a few weeks ago. I’ve heard your name. Luigi, right?” 

“It’s Lucy…And Mr. Dreyar calls you out on the field a lot,” she laughed, taking his hand. “You seem to have the ego of your trumpet.” 

Natsu put on a show of being taken aback, even putting his hand over his heart as if he’d been fatally wounded. “Me?! You don’t even know me!” 

Lucy crossed her arms, and threw him a curious look. “Anyway. You said you wanted to join me? Like, for dinner? Don’t you have your other ‘brass buddies’ to hang out with?” She formed her fingers into air quotes when mentioning his friends.

“Guess they couldn’t wait to get to Taco Bell or some shit. You’re the last one here so, I guess your’e my backup plan for dinner.” Lucy gave him the evil eye when he decided to flair up his dull statement with finger guns.

“How flattering. But I’m afraid I usually eat alone, and that’s the way I like it.” She picked up her bag and started for the exit of the guard room. Natsu quickly stepped in front of her, an idea singing across his face.

He noticed her bag, covered in keychains, some of them being little kittens. “If you eat dinner with me just this once, I will let you meet my cat!” 

Lucy’s face brightened, but soon returned to a look of frustration. “Jeez, how desperate are you?” The words came out slightly harsher than she intended, and she silently reprimanded herself.

Surprisingly, the boy was not hurt at all by the question. “I don’t like eating alone! I do it too often, anyway. That’s why I like being in band. Gives me people to eat with.” His cafard words did not match his bright tone.

Lucy pondered for a small moment. I do like cats. And I kind of feel bad for him. There’s no reason not to, anyway. She lightly slapped his shoulder and called, “Alright, let’s go! I’m expecting kitty love after this.”

Natsu followed her, his eyes and mind still trying to size her up. “Where are we going?” He expected some kind of cafe or fast food restaurant, especially after a long day. He could have definitely gone for a spicy chicken sandwich.

“Baskin Robbins of course!” 

Natsu nearly stopped dead in his tracks. “Ice cream?! After a hot and stressful day in the sun? Are you looking forward to throwing up?”

“I don’t have a weak stomach. I eat there every day after band.” Lucy sometimes forgot that it wasn’t the brightest to eat dairy products before and after camp. But she stopped caring after last year.

“I hope I throw up all over you.” He mocked her moderately aggressive tone from before.

“Point that talkative mouth of yours away from me, or face my wrath,” she threatened him, while continuing her walk through the common area.  

“Ha! I could take you in a heartbeat!” Natsu said proudly.

“I’ve spent countless hours over the last six years of my life flinging a giant flag several feet into the air. I wouldn’t be so sure,” she replied with a smug grin, and a slight flex of her upper arm.

The realization from her words struck the fear of god into Natsu’s eyes. He held up his hands in a silent surrender. “Good thing we are walking.”

“Hey! I could have a car!” she retorted at the insinuation. 

“We are almost to the parking lot and you haven’t gotten keys out yet. Don’t take it so hard! I hate riding in cars anyway.” He sighed, and started messing with his phone as a distraction.

“If it makes you feel better, I hate cars, too.” Lucy looked down where they walked, studying the hot asphalt changing from grey to black. Natsu looked in her direction for a moment before darting his eyes away. 

Neither of them questioned each other, and they decided to walk in silence, leaving only the roar of the hated cars as they whizzed by.

Lucy found it difficult to keep from laughing at Natsu. He was obviously one of those people who couldn’t help but gulp their ice cream, with no concern about the mess it may leave. She felt the need to wipe away the ice cream in his fluffy hair, but restrained herself.

“I can’t believe they don’t have jalapeños on hand here,” he said in a grieving tone. 

“I can’t believe we didn’t have to call 911 after you ate vanilla ice cream topped with twelve squirts of fire sauce,” Lucy was surprised they even had sauce that spicy. She was sure that she would die if she ever tasted it. Her tongue tightened in her mouth at the mere thought of it. The confectioner definitely agreed with her, after their shared look of mental pain.

“Obviously the cream negates most of the sauce, Lucy. It’s basic science,” he swigged the cup of complementary water.

“Your brain is basic science,” she responded while chewing on the last part of her sweet waffle cone. The sugary taste started to turn bitter as she processed more of her surroundings. She nervously checked the time on her phone and panicked. “I gotta go! My dad has been waiting for me for ten minutes.”

“Wait! Are we friends now?” he called after the disappearing blonde, undisguised curiosity in his voice.

Lucy continued walking, but smiled warmly to herself. “I have to meet your cat first!” The door closed swiftly behind her, leaving Natsu to himself.

I’m hoping to post a new chapter every few days, and they’ll hopefully get longer as I get used to writing again~

Omovember Day 1: Desperate in a Vehicle

   I’m posting this at 12:02 but hey I’m counting it! XD

          Fifteen hours.  Fifteen fucking hours.  This man better be lucky I love him.

           “Come on baby it won’t be that bad.”  Chandler placed a soothing hand on Payton’s thigh. Payton, who’d spent the last four hours sulking in the passenger’s seat jerked his leg away.  The quick motion sent a jolt to his bladder, causing him to clench his legs together.

           “Won’t be that bad?” Payton scoffed, “your sister hates me now you want me to spend an entire week with her?”  He took a deep breath and pulled the seat belt away from his belly.

           Chandler returned his hand to the steering wheel, allowing the other to drop into his lap.  He squirmed a little, starting to feel the effects of his own bladder.  “Babe, you know she’s been in a tough spot since she split from David,” he argued, “it’s really hard on her with the kids and everything.  I just want to help her out.”

           “I get that but why did you have to drag me along? You know I hate long car rides and you definitely know that I don’t get along with your sister.”  Payton shifted in his seat, catching Chandler’s attention.

           “Well for one, I would hate to spend that much time away from you.”  Chandler raised an eyebrow as he noticed Payton tugging at the seatbelt.  “Plus, the long drive could be fun for us.”

           Payton glanced towards Chandler, confused at first, until he noticed Chandler stealing glances at his lap.  The thought finally caused Payton to break his scowl, cracking a smile.  “You planned this didn’t you?”

           “Why do you think I kept stopping to get you coffee?”

           Payton laughed, glancing over at his drink in the cupholder that was still half full, and remembering the three others he’d had before that.  His bladder remembered too.  He squirmed again, putting a hand on his lower belly, feeling his bladder tense under his skin.  “Come on Chandler,” he whined, knowing his whining would drive Chandler insane.

           “What is it baby?”  Chandler teased.

           “You know what.”

           “Tell me.”

           Payton groaned, flinching as Chandler tapped the breaks, causing Payton’s seatbelt to push against his stomach.  “Chandler, I have to pee.”

           “Oh, is that it baby?” Chandler sneered, “You can hold it though right?  I’m not quite ready to stop yet.”

           “Um, I-I guess so.”

           “You’re looking a little tired, maybe you should finish your coffee.”

           Payton drew his bottom lip behind his teeth, glancing again at the coffee cup.  “I-I’m not thirsty.”

           “I didn’t ask if you were thirsty baby.” Without taking his eyes off the road in front of him, Chandler reached down, picked up the drink and held it in front of Payton, making sure to tease him a little by shaking the cup.  “Now finish it.”

           Payton reluctantly took the cup from Chandler, gulping down the rest of the coffee at once, and throwing the empty cup in the back seat with the others.

           “There, there’s now four cups of coffee rushing very quickly towards my bladder, happy now?” Payton asked.

           “I’m getting there baby you just lay back and relax.”  Chandler gave Payton a crooked smile, sending his heart rate through the roof.

           Another thirty minutes passed before Payton was completely restless.  If he wasn’t squirming in his seat, he was bouncing his leg, trying to distract himself from the amount of coffee trying to fight its way out of his bladder.  Chandler was doing nothing to hide his excitement, squirming around in his own seat, but not because of the signals he was getting from his bladder.

           “C-Chandler, please, I really have to pee.”  Payton squeezed his legs together tight, resisting the urge to grab himself.

           “How bad do you have to go baby?” Chandler teased, knowing exactly what predicament Payton was in.

           Before he could answer, Chandler hit a bump in the road, and Payton whimpered, a hand flying between his legs in an effort to keep himself from soaking the seat.  “I-I don’t think I can hold it much longer Chandler.  Please pull over.”

           “Sweetheart the next exit isn’t for another five miles.”

           Payton glanced around.  It was dark, and there weren’t too many other cars on the road. “Chandler I can’t make it to the next exit so please if you don’t want to be scrubbing your car pull over.”

           “I think you can make it baby…”
           “Chandler James I mean it!  Pull over!”  The car hit another bump and Payton tightened his grip, shoving his hand further into his crotch.

           “Okay, okay, fine!”

           Chandler pulled the car to the side of the road.  Payton jumped out, but knew better than to unzip immediately.  He waited for his boyfriend to get out of the car and walk around to where he was standing. Chandler moved to stand behind Payton as he danced on the spot, desperately trying to keep his pants dry. Payton felt a hand snake around his side and land on his lower belly.

           “You really have to go don’t you baby?” Chandler whispered in his ear.

           “Y-yes I do.  Can I please go now?” Payton begged.

           A low chuckle rumbled from Chandler’s chest. “Unzip now baby, you’ve earned it.”

           Payton rushed to get his jeans undone.  Chandler waited until Payton had freed himself from his pants before pressing down with his hand, getting a whimper from Payton as a slow stream started, and the splattering onto the grass echoed in his ears. Payton sighed and relaxed against Chandler’s chest as his bladder finally emptied.

           Nearly a full minute later, Payton fought to catch his breath as he reached to button is jeans.  Chandler’s hand on his stopped him.  “Nu uh, I’m not done with you yet.”  Payton’s heart raced and he smiled.  “In the backseat,” Chandler ordered.

           Maybe this trip won’t be so bad after all…

As It Seems 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

A/N: Here’s the sequel of How Will I Know. Let me know if you want to be tagged. I am tagging those who were tagged in How Will I Know.

Steve POV Scenes, in almost all of the parts.

It’s been three years since you and Steve ran off and got married to void your contract wedding with James Barnes. Now your best friend Nat is marrying your brother Peter, it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion.   That is till everything fails to go as planned, but nobody said marriage was easy.

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Hiiii love so I'm going on a 10 hour car ride tomorrow and I was wondering if you could rec me some fics to keep me distracted and entertained?? I hate car rides, I get car sick and cramp easily, my joints hurt ughhhh I just hate it so much so this would be such a great relief 😭 I love historical/royal aus and kid fics!!! (And any potter aus????) thank u I love u pray for me

ohhh i got some goodies for you! so i’ll give you a bunch of lists that you can browse, but i’ll also share my favorite fics from each of the lists so if you’re indecisive about your options you can see what I recommend! 

unique aus sure to keep you distracted and entertained // historical fics // my favorite royalty fics // some single parent kid fics

and a  favorite fic from each (i have multiple favorites so picking one is really hard and is just dependent on my mood right now haha):

hope these help you out love xx enjoy! come back and let me know if i did good 

pinkconsultingsociopath  asked:

"Shit, are you bleeding?" Burrayette :D

It wasn’t altogether uncommon for Aaron to be dragged into fights on the rare occasion he went out with Hamilton’s crew. They were a volatile bunch and practically invited trouble. Like right now for instance.

“Gil, that’s enough!”

“Ta gueule, Burr.

Aaron bristled, glowering darkly at the Frenchman who was mid brawl against a group of freshman who made the mistake of voicing opinions in a bar with Alexander Hamilton at the next table over. They were kids and Hamilton’s crew was beating the living shit out of them.

Well, Burr wasn’t having it. 

Stepping forward into the brawl, Aaron grabbed Lafayette’s shoulder, spinning him around.

“I said that’s enough.”

Lafayette paused, staring at him with wide eyes, registering that it was in fact, Aaron, before he reeled back and brought his fist down to connect with the side of Burr’s face.

He heard the unmistakable crack of his nose and felt the blood pour out of it as he stumbled backwards into one of the nearby tables.

The bar went quiet. Hamilton, Laurens, and Mulligan paused in their deliverance of swift justice to stare, horrified, first at Aaron, then at Lafayette. Aaron moved his hand away from his throbbing face and broken nose. It came away wet, and sticky, and red.

“Shit, are you bleeding!?”

Burr’s head snapped up at Lauren’s exclamation and in a moment, his eyes were trained on Lafayette, who looked as though he were trying to decide whether to still be angry or concerned.

Aaron on the other hand, knew exactly what he felt.

“Alright you French fucker, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Lafayette wasn’t expecting it when Aaron leapt forward, throwing his elbow into the taller man’s gut. He doubled over and felt Burr’s fist strike his face, catching his eye. Turning slowly to face the smaller man, Lafayette growled low.

“Lafayette no!

Hamilton’s shouts went unheard as the Frenchman straightened, towering over Burr. He grabbed Aaron by the collar, hauling him up and throwing him down on one of the tables, delivering blow after blow to his already bleeding face.

Aaron’s hand shot out and gripped a glass bottle beside him, swinging it up and smashing it against Lafayette’s face.


Lafayette shouted out, blood pouring from long cuts on his face. Aaron hopped off the table, dazed and off balance. Lafayette’s eyes snapped up, murderous. 

“Fils de pute.” he snarled, marching towards the smaller man.

Aaron stared wide eyed, backing up until he was trapped between Lafayette and the pool table. Hamilton, Laurens, and Mulligan were shouting at them, coming closer, ready to break it up. But Aaron glared. He grabbed one of the pool sticks from behind him and pointed it menacingly at Lafayette.

“Are you going to run me through, Burr?” he laughed, grinning darkly.

Until Aaron snapped it over his head. The taller man stumbled back, glaring at Burr before running at him. Aaron ducked under his arms and kicked at the backs of his knees, sending him partially down to the ground. He had a glint in his eye.

He had been waiting quite a while for this.

Lafayette got to his feet and swept one long leg under Aaron’s, sending him crashing to the floor. Then he lifted him up by the shirt and shoved him up against the wall. Aaron kicked at him, landing blows to his chest and stomach as Lafayette slammed him back against the wood, his head cracking against it.

Finally Hercules grabbed Lafayette, throwing him back so that he dropped Aaron to the floor. Burr shakily got to his feet and started back towards him, not even close to having settled it, before Hamilton stepped between them.

“That’s enough, you two, for God’s sake!” Alexander shouted, standing in front of Lafayette with John at his side.

Hercules put a hand on Aaron’s chest to keep him back, but both men were still fuming, bloodied and battered, glaring at each other from across the bar. John wandered over to the bartender, handing him some cash to pay for the damage.

“We’re going home.” Hercules said, his voice low and commanding, “Go out to the fucking car.”

Alexander glared up at Lafayette until the Frenchman sighed, turning around and heading towards the door. Hercules shoved Aaron after him, and the three men followed, all piling into Alexander’s little car. Aaron and Lafayette continued to glare darkly at each other as they climbed in, sitting side by side in the middle as Mulligan took shotgun and Laurens sat by himself in the back.

“I hate you.” Aaron said finally, breaking the silence of the car ride.

“I assure you, little Burr, the feeling is mutual.”

“I’ve never even done anything to you. You just hate me because you’re a jackass.”

Lafayette turned slightly, facing Aaron like he was about to dispatch some awesome wisdom.

“Burr, you are the worst because you are an unreliable, indecisive, unemotional coward.”

“Excuse me?”

“You are a hypocrite with the emotional range of a teaspoon.”

Aaron scowled, his teeth clenched in aggravation. Fine, he’d show that french asshole.

He turned to face Lafayette so that they were both staring at each other. Aaron still glared, but he scooted closer and stared up at the other man. Lafayette watched him, raising an eyebrow slightly.

Then Aaron closed the gap between them, tilting his head up and pressing his lips against Lafayette’s. He made a sound of confusion, before kissing back eagerly, moving his hand to the side of Aaron’s face.

Burr hissed in pain as his fingers ghosted over the bruises and Lafayette deepened the kiss, crowding him into the corner of his seat. Behind them, Laurens’ eyes were wide and confused as he watched the exchange. 

Finally Aaron pulled away, and Lafayette blinked down at him in a daze. A small smile crept up his face and his eyes which were previously hard and cold, twinkled slightly.

“Why, Aaron-” 


The side of Lafayette’s face stung bitterly as Aaron’s hand connected with it. His eyes were wide as his head snapped to the side from the force of the blow. 

“How’s that for a range of emotions?” Burr said with a smug smile and Lafayette turned to look at him, shock evident on his face.

“You’re up, Aaron.” Alexander called from the front seat as they pulled up in front of Aaron’s apartment building.

While he was still in a daze, Aaron clambered over Lafayette and out of the car, walking with a slight spring in his step as he walked towards the door. Laf blinked, snapping out of his stupor and throwing himself out of the car after Aaron.

When he reached him, he grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him close. Aaron looked bewildered and slightly frightened. Was Lafayette going to start another fight?

Instead, he leaned down, planting a firm and sloppy kiss on his lips. His kiss wasn’t slow or calculated like Aaron’s, it was rushed and furious, and he payed no mind to where he caressed, his fingers pressing against Aaron’s broken nose, making him shriek in pain.

He pulled away, breathing hard and leaning his head down against Aaron’s forehead.

“Do not tease me, little Burr.” he warned, but his voice was unusually soft.

“I was trying to make a point.” Aaron answered, and his own voice shook slightly, both with the pain from his face as well as from his heart, which was beating a mile a minute.

“Well, you certainly did that.” and he bent down to kiss him again, slower this time, more careful, and keeping his hands away from Aaron’s bruised face. Lafayette huffed a laugh against his lips.

“You may not be the worst after all, Burr.”

They All Fall Down [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Hi, i sent you this but because ecerything got deleted, i was wondering if you could something where youre ciscos younger sister and like hes cool withyou dating barry but your family hasnt met barry so just like barry meeting yours and ciscos fam

a/n: tomorrow i have school uggggggggggggh

When your older brother, Cisco, found out that you’re dating one of his best friends, he was pretty cool with it, honestly. So, now, all you need to do is introduce him to the rest of your family. And, what better time than Dante’s recital?

To calm Barry’s nerves, you hold his hand the entire car ride. “I hate cars.” he mumbles under his breath, long fingers wrapped around the sleek gray steering wheel. You roll your eyes; he just wanted to speed there. The building comes into view and you squeal, clutching his arm as he parks the car.

He shoots you a nervous smile, hand unlatching the car door. Before he can step out, you tangle your fingers in his maroon tie, yanking him back. Your lips mold to his, sucking on his lower lip; he cups your cheeks, deepening the kiss. “My family’s right outside, Barry…” you mutter against his jawline.

“WHA-?!” Forgetting the door is opened just a crack, the scarlet speedster leans back, tumbling outside. Your eyes fly wide as you climb into the driver’s seat, black lace skirt fluttering around your waist. He groans, propping himself up on his elbows and rubs the back of his head, “Ow…” he whispers, squinting up to see your family hovering over him. You cover your eyes with your hands in embarrassment. “Hey…there…I’m Barry?” he gulps, laughing awkwardly.

Cisco has this face on that reads ‘oh my god, my friend’s an idiot’. Your mother squats down in a rapid motion, grabbing his black suit jacket; it scrunches at her hand. “Dios mío. Levántate! (My god. Stand up.)” she mutters, lifting Barry to his feet and dusting his jacket off. You giggle at his worried expression. “Y/N,” she turns to you, “Tu chico es muy torpe. (Your boy is very clumsy)”

You snort, nodding your head, eyes drifting to the lanky man. He smiles awkwardly, unsure what he should be doing. Should have taken Spanish in high school…. “Si mami, muy. (Yes mom, very)” you pat his chest, fixing your white blouse. “When does the show start?” you ask Dante, smiling brightly. Oh, good, english. Barry knows that.

“In about fifteen. Speaking of, I should probably get back stage.” Dante grins, hugging you from the side. He speed walks towards the building, entering through the big double doors.

Your mother hooks her arm with Barry’s, looking him up and down. Then she glances back at you, pouting in an approving way. “El es muy lindo… (He is really cute)” she winks, blue dress hugging her curves perfectly. “Y/N sabe cómo recogerlos. (Y/N knows how to pick them)”

Both you and Cisco groan. “Mamá!”

“El no habla español! (He doesn’t speak spanish)” Cisco huffs at the same time, waving his hands around.

She raises her eyebrow, eyeing him; Barry gulps, peering back at the two of you. “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t understand? Speak boy next time.” she laughs,tucking her raven hair behind her ear, letting go of him, heading towards Cisco.

Barry blushes bashfully, gnawing on his lower lip. “Sorry…” he says nervously, feeling your arm around his waist.

You shake your head,  “It’s okay. She just said you’re cute.” you giggle, watching him blush. “And clumsy… please don’t fall again.”