i hate this car ride


“I hate car rides…I LOVE CAR RIDES!”

i had to lay between my guy friends legs the other day w my head on his lower stomach and my neck/shoulders was above his dick, we were in a car and had to go over speed bumps and turns so i was moving alot. it was like a 30 minute drive the first 10 minutes were nothing the longer the drive went went i would move i felt him getting harder…lol i tried to stop moving to not frustrate him. and he tried to tickle & massage me during the ride. i didnt move. at the end of the ride i got up and glanced at his waist to see he had a boner. i dont like him like that at all but we’ve had many sexual conversations so he knows i know what im doing when i tease people & basically knows me well enough to know what im thinking SO i was incredibly awkward afterwards.

Something like 10 years ago, my cousin/godfather won like $10k in a contest and we all went out to celebrate. It was a really fun time, we had a nice meal, and then they started to play some dance music and I was really excited to have fun with my cousins.

My mom, seemingly out of the blue, decided to send me home because “It’s 8 so the adults are coming out to party.” Which would make sense, if she didn’t say it in such a nasty way, in a “I don’t want you to be here” tone of voice.

Now, I remember this being only a few days after she yelled at me for “playing that stupid shit [on the piano]” and her “wasting money for [me] to learn songs [she] fucking hates”. I remember because I was incredibly upset on the car ride home.

And my dad asked me why I was SO upset that I was crying, and I told him that she never says a good word to me. And his response is what I remember.

“She will never say a good word to you. She’ll brag about you to everybody, but won’t say anything good to your face. She’s not that kind of person. And you just have to accept that.”

And as little self-worth as I had back then, I’d said, “No, I shouldn’t have to accept that. She’s the adult, she needs to learn to change her ways. How am I supposed to believe I’m worth anything or that I’m good enough if all I hear is how fat I am, and how shitty I am at everything? It’s not my responsibility to protect her from hard things in the world, it’s HER responsibility to protect ME.”

And my dad didn’t have a response. He just dropped me off at home and went back out to the party.

Like, honestly? Fuck my parents and any parents who do this shit.

Car Rides

See, I never liked car rides, they always made me feel dizzy and people always spoke of a magic I didn’t feel. But there is this time when I didn’t feel any dizzy. There is this time when I felt the magic. It was when you held my hand, pressed it closely to your chest so I could feel your heartbeats. They were fast, you skipped one and I skipped two as an answer. You looked at me and smiled, you knew. I remember myself sobbing and not feeling ashamed. I remember feeling right. But I also remember the dizziness gradually hitting me back and your ghost where you used to sit looking at me with its empty eyes and its transparent hands reaching out to me, giving me the shivers whenever they passed through me. The dizziness is back, the ghost is gone and now I hate car rides more than ever.

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Ayyy •I had chocolate chip pancakes and banana bread :0
•I'm obsessed with vanilla or really sweet scents.
•MY HAPPY PLACE IS WHEREVER I HAVE ANYTHING TO WRITE. Except school, but I mean my friends are there.
•My celebrity crush?? Lin???
•Long Car rides. I hate heights
•all the chocOLATE
 Love yOU BOO! 💛💛

reiley no joke i was about to make chocolate chip pancakes today & my lola makes the best banana bread in the universe i love her.
hah omg i may be weird but i love heights?

His New Anchor --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part 5

warnings: probably swearing


“She’s not coming with us to Lydia’s.”

“She’s a part of the pack too, Stiles.”

“I don’t want little baby wolf over here,” Stiles points to Liam. “To go out of control and hurt her.”

“She’s coming with us.” Scott says and Stiles takes a deep breath.


“Stiles.” Malia says. He looks at her. “She’ll be okay.” Stiles looks at me. I smile at him. He nods.

“Okay. Good. Um, I’ll take the violent ones in Kira’s car and Stiles, you take the nonviolent ones.” Scott says. Stiles nods. Kira, Lydia and I get in the jeep and Scott, Malia and Liam get in Kira’s car.

I jump out of the jeep. I hate riding in the back. Scott pulls up next to us and parks the car. I follow Lydia over to the door and she unlocks it. She turns on the lights. The sun is just barely going down. Everyone walks in. I sit down on the couch and Stiles sits next to me. He puts an arm around me, pulling me into him. “I’m glad you got kicked out of school.” He says.

“Me too.” I say and he kisses my head. I smile.

“How did you get kicked out of school?” Lydia asks, sitting on the armchair. Malia comes over and sits next to Stiles and Scott, Kira and Liam sit on the other couch. I sit up.

“Well you see, I was a dorm student. And after school I went back to my dorm and changed. I was ready to watch some Netflix when I realized that my dorm mate ate the rest of our snacks when she was watching Netflix the night before. So already in my shorts and my sweatshirt, I put on some boots and walked out. It was just after school so a bunch of students were still there. So I took the short cut through the field house so I didn’t have to walk in the cold, harsh winter weather. The basketball boys were walking out of the weight room and one smacked my ass.”

“What did you do?” Kira asks.

“Well that’s the best part.” I laugh. “This guy was about 6’ 6” and a senior, smacking a sophomores ass in front of his entire team and his coach. And I’m no taller than 5’ 3" so I kicked him in the shin, then in the knee and I took his arm, kicked him to the ground and I broke it. His teammates we’re congratulating me but his coach was furious. Not because he was sexually assaulting an underage girl but because I broke his players arm.“

"Did you still get your snacks?” Malia asks.

“I realized I forgot my money when I was halfway there so I just ended up taking an eventful walk.” I say.

Liam’s POV

She’s beautiful. Her laugh and her smile and her voice are implanted in my head. I figured it out yesterday. The competitive spirit, the sass, the sarcasm…her humor, her determination, her stamina. When she walked into biology this morning I was memorized. She looked so different. She looked even more beautiful. But she’s still Stiles’ sister. She’s a Stilinski. She’s my anchor and I have to tell Scott.

“Scott, can I talk to you?” I ask. He nods and we go up to the study. He shuts the door behind him.

“Are you feeling okay? I noticed that you seem to have more control tonight.”

“That’s because I found an anchor. A human anchor.”

“That’s great! Who is it?”

“It’s (Y/N).” He smiles. Not what I expected. I expected him to tell me that I should be careful because she’s Stiles’s sister. He leads me to sit on one of the chairs. He sits in the one across from me.

“Why is she your anchor?”

“She’s beautiful…she’s something I’ve never seen before. She’s real.”

“What else?”

“She knows how to leave an impression.” I laugh.

“Yeah, she does.” He pauses. “I think you found a really good anchor.”

“What about Stiles?”

“If she’s your anchor, I don’t think he has a choice but let her see you.”

“Can you tell him? Preferably when I’m not near him.” I ask and he nods. We stand up and he hugs me.

“I’m proud of you.” He says and I smile.


Dedicated to (just for fun): midnightwerewolf because I fell in love and we’re friends and if we’re not, we are now cause I said so.

I’m on a 6 hour car ride to Pittsburgh and I was finally able to fall asleep, twice, but my brother decided to wake me up both times, the first time to explain to my mom what a “gooch” was, and the second to ask if “Dr. Lipchitz” from Rugrats was a real person